Thursday, December 30, 2010

D.I.M: Revamp Stool/Leg Rest

We brought home some tiny stools from "somewhere" and the cover looked really old.

So I thought why not a make-over since I have extra fabric. Well actually I have a lot of it. Since I am thinking to close my Sewing Monster, I thought perhaps I should just utilize all the cloth around my house. So first step is to remove the "legs" from the stool.But someone else wanted to help. Well, since he is so sexy (cos he is buttnaked) I let him "help" for a while.
Oh yeah... that's how you remove the leg from the stool.
Then you measure the top and cut a square fabric.
Then you rip off the bottom skin.
and you use the heavy duty stapler and stapler the top. Stapler all around and secure it.

Then, cut a layer of fabric which is big enough to cover the bottom part of the stool. Flip it the wrong side and stapler all around it. When you are done, just pull the fabric over and secure the bottom of the stool. And screw the leg back on. And tadaaa...

You can't have too many of this kind of animal print in the same room (my personal opinion) otherwise the room would look so "stuffy". Initially I sat on my red sofa and placed my leg above this leg rest and asked Jayden to help me snap a pic.
As you can see, disaster happened. I think my thigh just shattered the lense.
Ah well...Probably this year I can teach him how to use my dslr.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Dad

My dad is a typical chinese dad. Never bath, fed, change, held hands,help with homework or talk very lovingly towards his own kids. We never need to ask if we can go to any party cos before you say anything, he already said "NO".

Yesterday, he was a cow that Moo-ed, a pig that oink-ed, A goat that bleated.


Last night when Justin said "Koong Koong, i want horse. Koong koong I want pig. Koong Koong I want cow. I want this that this that".

And he just said "Okay okay... mmmbekkkkk mooooooo neighh oink" until he gave up and said "Justin koong koong cannot do anymore. Very tired edi"

I just thought to myself "lou tau.. lei tou yau kum yat lor...ngek ngek ngek!"I just find it so funny that the very Ego Man that used to be so "MAN" in front of us, is on his knees, giving into every request of his grandson being anything he want him to be. Can you feel the love? So much till egoism can wait. ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally... a Doll house

When I was young, My dad bought me a Cindy Doll. Cindy doll is an imitation of Barbie and she was an Ugly doll. I think they failed badly on copying Barbie doll. So I hated her, I cut her hair, scribble her face with marker pen and finally murdered her which I totally forgot how. Anyway later I got a genuine Barbie and I was so happy. But the thing is, she had only one outfit. When I asked my parents for new clothes they brushed the idea off and said "to expensive" So my sister started to sew me Barbie doll clothes using scrap cloths and then I started to make them myself. I have Bikinis, Uniforms, Evening Dress whatever you need, I have it. Then I longed for a Doll house. I don't have to ask, cos I know what the reply would be. So it remained a wish that never got fulfilled until recently.... I was at my dad's workshop and he came back to the shop with a Doll House. He likes to go to the scrapyard to look for funny things, sometimes he will come back with antiques, nice decoration items that ppl doesn't know how to appreciate and much more. That day he came back with a Doll house for my kids! They cheered and said thank you and began to play.

Looking at them play, reminds me that I used to long for this. And now.. my dad really brought back one for them... to play....TRAINS!

So weird but who cares. The one that gave is happy, the one that received is happy. And the one that is looking here, is even more happier.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Biggest Looser

Drinking Milk...

Justin: I win! I win! kor kor loose ohdi...
Jayden: eh.. I don't want to win lah... I am the biggest looser ma...
Me: :S ( I think I watched too much Biggest Looser ohdi...)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Flying Dog

Jayden saw some birds in front of our house when we got home

Jayden: Mummy, why the birds are there wan?
Me: Cos they wanna eat the dog food lor
Jayden: Ah? Bird eat dog food? Then later they will be flying dog lor?
Me: hahahhahahahha flying dog. Joker la you!
Jayden: Hehe

Thursday, December 16, 2010


When I received the Trebellina's DVD from Parent Reviewers giveaway, I was so happy. Cos' its school holidays now and I ran out of idea or even DVDs to show to my kids and to keep them quiet while I work from home. Very happily they took it from me and started watching the dvd. And then I have a problem. I can't get them away from the TV!

They love it when the character- Rock Bassey calls out Trebellina's name "TREBELIIIIIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAAAAAAA!" and they would giggle and giggle. I have no idea what the dvd was about so I asked my kids in the car the other day. "So what have Trebellina taught you?" and they replied "I know about music instruments..Cabasa, Maracas, Wind Chimes, Bongos, Triangle, Piano, Congas, Cow Bell....."and he listed all the music instruments which some I have no idea how it looks like and what sound does it make. Even my 2 year old boy can say some of the complicated names like Maracas and that really surprised me.

Besides the sound of the different notes in music, this DVD also teaches about the creator of some of the music instruments such as the creator of piano is Bartolomeo Cristofori. I never know who created piano but my kids know that *shy*

Perhaps, I should sit and watch the DVD myself and learn something new later today:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sasha Cook: McD BBQ Roast Chicken

Normally when we eat nuggets in McD, they will give either sweet sour or BBQ dip sauce but we'll skip it.  We normally will just leave it there so that they can reuse it for some other customer. But that day, I tah pau-ed back and I found this sauce.
To throw like very "sayang" and wasting. So I thought keep it for future use. And I used it today to roast chicken.
I only marinated with the sauce (70% of the small container) it for an hour and roasted the chicken for 40 mins and then sapu another layer of bbq sauce on it before serve.

This is only experimental stage for me but it works! I think if i marinate it longer and add 2 packs of the sauce should be nicer.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Little BodyGuard

We're at Kenny Rogers the other day and a kid (probably younger than Justin) tried to snatch Jayden's Thomas train. So we tried to distract him from targeting at Jayden's train so we asked Justin to talk to him.

Justin : *big Smile* Hello. What is your name? My name is Justin Chan *big big smile*
The boy: *raised hand and wanted to smack Justin's face*
Justin: Ehhhhhhh! *show pointer* You DON'T TAH TAH ME AH!!
The boy: *raised hand and walk nearer*
Justin: YOU CANNOT TAH TAH ME!*show angry face*

And.... the boy's sister came and scooped him away.

You see, someone wanted to hit him and he is not even budging away to avoid it. Not scared at all. :S


Today while waiting for Justin's class to end, Jayden played at the playground with some other kids. Then Justin came and joined him after his class. Another boy pushed Jayden so..

Justin: *chasing after the boy* WHY U HIT MY JAYDEN YESTERDAY (he wanted to say Just now) ????? EH..... I SAID WHY U HIT JAYDEN YESTERDAY!

His classmate's mom saw and heard what he said. She said "wah this is a little bodyguard la. Can jaga kor kor from being bullied".
At sis's office and she is making a car from cardboard to entertain him


Yeah he is definitely our Little Bodyguard.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

How to spell sayang?

In the car last night.. while we're alighting from the car,I saw Jayden stroking Justin's hair/head gently while the small one was minding his own business coming dowm from the car. Jayden's face lit up while he was doing that and he was smiling. Then he saw me looking at him, he asked me
"Mami... how to spell Sayang?"


And then while we're waiting for my sis to show up, we saw this Sunway Lagoon Duck. I asked Justin to sit on its lap but the small one refused. The big one wanted to sit and then the small one started to complain and say he wanted to sit too. And the big one said
"It's okay Justin. You can sit on my lap" 
*he pat pat his own lap and opened his arms wide for his brother*


Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's too difficult!

I asked Jayden to help me to change Justin before we went out that day. At first it went smoothly..

And then the lil one started to get restless and wanted to run away.
The zipper got stucked.
The big one got panicked.
and he screamed


Now.. if i ask him to help me he'll say

"you do it yourself!".

Saturday, November 20, 2010


When I received an email from Parent Reviewers saying that I was selected to review Stride panty I was so happy because I really want this panty so badly! It has a built in pantyliner and I have chosen the seamless design. It means totally no VPL (visible panty line). 

So when I finally receive it, I was jumping up and down! *lol* You know why? Ever since I gave birth to my first born, I had problems with light leaks especially when I sneeze or cough. I had to cross my legs especially when I am standing in order to control myself and not wet myself in public. No Joke!

My first time wearing this was to the gym with my husband. I was running, cycling and working my Non VPL butt happily because I know that everything is A-Okay. With the OQUOS™ technology everything basically remains the same. The dryness, the shape of the panty and it also deodorizes. I just think its the perfect panty for every woman and I'm glad I own one. :)

Disclosure: This post was written solely based on my personal opinion and no monies are being paid by the said company to review this product.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Justin Oh Justin

He climbed on top of me and pretend to suck my nen nen like breastfeeding him.

Me: Eh, drink nen nen ah?
Justin: Nolah. I only drink Milo.
Me: AH? MILO?! hahahaha


I left him at my neighbour's house the other day. When I got back she told me what he said ...

Justin: Mami is missing.
D: Nolah.. mami went to fetch kor kor from school
Justin: Are you sure?
D: *terkejut*

He love to chat with me when he is doing his big business...

Justin: Wait ah. Big one coming *make face*
Me: Big one? Hahahha okok
Justin : *PLOP* ah..... perfect. Now small one coming..
Me: hahahah okok
Justin: Ah....No small one... i shee shee only. *pause* now small one coming...
Me: hahahhaha

Justin Oh Justin... you and your words is really extraordinary.....well, at least for your own mum :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peaceful Hair Pulling Moment

One fine day, just like this morning, everything is okay.

He woke up with a big smile, big hug and greeted me "Good Morning Mami".

And after that he can just turn into a tiny lil monster that screams, kicks and cry for no apparent reason.

After I changed his shirt, he was playing very happily.
Then suddenly he started crying and said he hated his shirt. He asked me to take it off and change it to a Thomas t-shirt for him.
You know.. I can just give in to him and change him and save the crying, the screaming and yada yada. But then I have to deal with 4 ppl clothes and let me tellyiu, my kids changes like they are in fashion show. Just Imagine the amount of clothes I have to wash, fold everyday. So NO! Its not dirty, its not torn, just wear it la right? No..... He gotto pusing pusing his hands into the sleve, and get stucked like this.
And we're going to pick JD up from school, so I untangled him and asked him to get  into the car and keep quiet. I took his pic and asked him "nice or not?" He said "not nice.." and sat in his car seat nicely.

Sekian Terima Kasih? Belum....

Half way, he started to cry and scream and tried to escape from the car seat.
And guess what. Pusing and pusing until hand got stucked at the seat belt.

What I did? look and take picture la. What else? Help him ah?

Yes la.. Will help la. He's my son right..... help is a must but not so soon.  Cos I know he is not in pain ma.... so Let him learn his lesson. So he got stucked in that position for like..about 10 mins? Then when I reached Jayden sch, I got down and entangled him and he quietly sobbed in the car.

Then 5 mins later, he started to scream again..."I DON'T WANT THIS SHIRT! UWAAAAAAAAAAA"

I just left him crying and his babysitter (Jayden) asked him in sooo sweet tone "Why? What Happened? What's wrong" and he kept quiet. Then he realize that it's not the t-shirt that is bothering him. It was becos......Jayden wasn't around to play with him. And now, both of them is playing and watching tele and there is no complain about the shirt anymore.

Well, there goes another hair pulling day for me. I could have screamed and started smacking him but I think I am immune and learning to be deaf. So there goes another day or PEACEFUL Hair pulling day for me.

Now really.. Sekian Terima Kasih.

Monday, November 08, 2010

its one of those days

At this point in time.. I am a bit down. I have lost my direction of what I wanted to do.
And sometimes I don't know what I am doing or what I am good at anymore.
Then as you're moving along very fine, suddenly some ppl would pop up and give you sarcastic remarks like
"How much do you make? Enough or not?"
"Fuiyoh RICH LOR!!!!" (seriously???!! haha)
"Who's going to buy your stuff?" or "Got people buy or not?"
"For what susah susah sew and then sell? Why not just buy and sell?"

When they say it to me I'll think and say to myself "keep it coming babeh, the knife is already in my body. Just push in even deeper will ya?."

And so I have been thinking, for the past 2 weeks? ( or is it one week? I lost track)
What am I doing?
I am not spending much time with my kids.
I am not earning much. (YES SERIOUSLY!)
I am sewing so much that my shoulder and neck is so stiff.
But I am still doing it.
Still sewing but not very actively.
I am taking things more slowly now.
Enjoying life with my 2 kids.
I dragged my sewing machine and placed it right in front of my tv, I  sew and watched tv a the same time while my kids run around me. Sometimes they would come for a fast peck on the lips or cheeks.

So everyday I just tell myself.. "Live everyday like its the first day I thought of the name "Sewing Monster". And as long as there is someone who buys and believe in my product, I will continue to sew.
My Ozzie Order ready to be shipped out. Thank you (you know who you are!) for believing in Sewing Monster!

And hopefully I will plant it deep into my brain and continue to pursue my dream.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

sleep edi...

Last night was a longgggg night for Justin, Hub and Myself cos the small one was cranky due to teething, fever and diarrhea.

After we put the suppository into his bum, he started scolding us and asking us to remove his diaper.

JT: Take out! Take out pampers!
Me: cannot.. you must wear pampers
JT: No. I don't want to wear pampers! take out!
Me: You must wear pampers if not the lizard will come and bite yr kukubird
JT: *paused* No. Lizard go to sleep edi! Take out!
Me: :s

Of course with him having diarrhea, we cannot let him take off his diaper and he finally doze off after the supp  and that's like.. maybe 5am? I have no freaking idea what time is it.. *yawn*

Monday, November 01, 2010

Tips from Housewife : Sliced Mushroom

My mum gave me some frozen sliced mushroom and I thought she is mad for soaking the mushrooms, slicing them thin and nicely, separate them in small packets and froze them. Then, when I used it to cook for my family, I thought it's a fantastic idea. Cos I don't need to pre soak and slice it myself. Especially when you're in a hurry and the darn mushroom is still so hard and takes forever to be soft! So, thanks mum for sharing her Housewife tips. And who says Housewives are brainless people? They think and experiment stuff like this to make the housework faster and easier for them. They make things look to damn easy and that's why everyone thought that housewives work is so damn easy.

First you soak it.
Slice it nicely
Pack it separately according to the amount that you will normally use.
Freeze it.

P/S: I'll be sharing the tips I get from my mum (and from her friends) here from now on so that I can refer it myself. Don't have much capacity in my brain, if you know what i mean. *lol*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Father and Son, same same.

Normally when I talk to Big C in the car he'll say...

Me: Bla Bla Bla
Big C: Don't talk first.. i cannot concentrate

Big C: *reach destination* okay, what did you say just now?

Last night...
Justin: Kor Kor you see that one...
Jayden: Don't talk. Don't talk first..
Jayden: Okay. I can see Golden Screen Cinema edi. Now You can Talk.
Justin: :)  Kor Kor this one.. blablabla

You see....Father and Son, same same.

p/s: I have no idea why he cannot talk before he see the GSC name on the building. Make me wonder too but his titi really wait until he say okay you can talk now, then only he continue to talk. hehe

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I won! I won!

Muahahaha These 2 months been great, cos I finally won not only one, but TWO (see it big big here babeh, T-W-O!) things.

Initially I won 1 DVD but the dvd was returned back to the company. So they resent again and added one more for me. Muahahhaha So at the end I have 2 DVDs! You say, lucky or not?

And I thought that was going to be the only thing I will ever win, and then one Sunday I received an sms from Lilhyppo's Mum and she told me that I just won the Baby Tooth Organizer!

Woot! Luck, please keep coming. I really need it!

Thanks to Parent Reviewers and Also FAB Mom & Tots for the opportunity and prizes.
Really cheered me up when I was down and gave me hope that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The small one was eating grape and he said to me...

"Mami, can you take out the brains for me?"

Brains = Seeds

what a way to describe it. O.o

My lil monster

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bring The Cane

In the Car.. reaching home

JT: Mami, bring the cane.
Me: err why wanna bring the cane?
JT: because..... I pekpek (poop) ohdi.
Me: Ah? You pekpek edi? Why you never tell me you wanna pekpek?
JT: not yet :P (translation : not yet tell.... now told you ohdi lor.....)
Me: O.o *char dou*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jayden: I like Koong Koong More

Me: Why?

Jayden: Cos he lets me play train on his body :)

You see la..... My dad really spoil my kids. My dad is very scared of being tickled but you can see he just "tahan" by biting his lips. Jayden would move the train on his n1pples, then to the belly button, then to the "Ahem" and when he cover his n1pples, Jayden will say "koong koong, open. My train want to move here *pointing at the n1pples* " and he really open for him to move the train there *slap forehead*

Monday, October 11, 2010

Popcorn and Coke

We're at the cinema the other day for Sammy's Adventure. Before the show started, the kids started eating popcorn and drinking coke. I saw Jayden sitting so comfy, so I spoke to him.

Me: Jayden, you like popcorn huh?

Jayden: Yes. I like popcorn.

Me: Do you like popcorn more.. or titi more?

Jayden: Titi more.. *sip Coke*

Me: Then what about between Titi and Coke? Which one do you like more?

Jayden: ermmmmm Coke.

Me: O.o then between Coke and Mami leh? (in head: aiyoh u better not say you like coke more i tellyiu....)

Jayden: Mami! *big smile*

Me: *phew* then do you like Coke more Or Dadi More?

Jayden: COKE!

Me: hahaha okay...

Friday, October 08, 2010

I used to grow up in my dad's car workshop due to some reasons. So besides playing with tools and greasy stuff, I used to play with the plastic covers (they use to line the car before they sit on the chair to avoid making it dirty). I used to cut it up and then stapler them together to form wedding gowns.

Nolah! not so nice but then I really thought that I am going to be a wedding gown designer one day. *cough cough* and I end up being *cough cough* a housewife *cough* that sew bags at home.
Ai...... so....damn.....disappointing.

Anyway... So yeah, I have nuthing to play with and so I played with plastic sheets. So the other day when my Justin started to use the bits and pieces of zips that I have cut off from my bags and he started using it to play with his trains. Ah.. that really reminds me of me playing with the plastic sheets in my dad's workshop. You just gotto find whatever you can find and make the most out of it.

I just hope that he will turn out to be someone useful and not like his *cough cough* mum. :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mini Me

in jaya grocer..

Justin : *picks up cucumber and throw into cart*
Jayden: eh no...don't do that. Put it back. *put back cucumber*
Justin: *pick carrots from cart and throw it back into the display shelf*
Jayden: eh no... nooo nooooooo don't do that. *pick up carrot and put back into the cart*
Me: *wondering : why sound so familiar wan?*

In the car...
Justin: mami.. i want to eat biscuit.
Jayden: Justin. No. you go home, then eat rice first. Then only can eat biscuit okay?
Justin: No. I want to eat biscuit now.
Jayden: No cannot. Eat rice first okay?
Justin: Okay.

Then I realize that Jayden is a mini me. As in the way I speak. The way I will react.

Truly, I am blessed to have him as my first born. Cos he helps me to take care of Justin, entertain him, play with him, sleep with him while I am working. He is independent, sometimes too independent (for example washing his own bum after poop but not clean enough). He seldom makes me angry, in fact I don't remember when I seriously got angry with him. He is just such a sweetie and I appreciate every moment I have with him now before he gets really big and start to look at girls :P

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What Happen After The Sick Episode

The kids been sick for the past 2 weeks. First it was Jayden, followed by Justin. I nearly got the bug too but I had my flu jab not long ago so the sickness was stucked half way. I have been popping echinacea pills to get rid of the flu bug. Caring for sick kids is really no fun. I felt as if I'm a full time nurse without medical uniforms. Dadi's shift began as soon as he reached home from work. He will remove his working clothes and I can imagine him putting the lab coats! *lol*

Thank god they are fine now. Justin still has the sniffles but its less compared to last week. We've been pulling our hair cos he is very cranky and whines all the time. In our house, he will bully his father, requesting him to stand up and carry him O.o and the father will oblige and follow whatever his son requests him to do. In my parents' house, he will request my dad to be on his fours, pretending to be cow or horse for him to ride. Whatever he says, mum will say "okay okay, can can". If I asked that when I was his age probably I get ignored. What a Lucky fella!

The chinese has a saying that every time the kid get sick, they will be naughtier cos everyone would give in when they are unwell. And I noticed that too. That's why when they are not so well, I'll give in just a little and not spoil them cos trouble comes after they recover. But anyhow, I'm just glad that they are better now :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't disturb Me

Justin is sick. He is coughing and everytime after he had his milk, and if he coughs after that, he'll vomit. Gosh... so heart broken to see him gobble down 8oz of milk and then OOEEEEK everything out. Gotto wipe him, change bed sheet, Wait for a while.. then feed him milk again. My baby is no longer.. round.

So last night,in the middle of he night he cried out. "Mami... my mouth is painpainful". So I checked his temp, and he was rather warm but not having fever. And OEKKK he vomitted everywhere. So we got up and changed him. the bedsheet and then I thought better feed him paracetamol and let him sleep.

When he saw the medicine, he covered his eyes with both his hands and said to me..

"Don't disturb Me" and pretended to sleep.


Both Big C and I got shocked with his reaction, however we gotto do what he must do. And he wailed like we're about to slaughter him in the middle of the night. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*He found a ring*

I was busy sewing my Australia's order and then Justin walked in. He quietly crawled to my working chair and sat there quietly. Sensing something not right, I looked up and he was touching his fingers. I thought "Oh no! He must be playing with my needles!" So I quickly go near and found him playing with my O rings for the wristlets. *lol*
He was pretending that he slipped on a ring with Eco-Friendly Diamonds I think. *lol* I wonder how he knew that he can use that O ring to be his ring when I seldom wear my Fancy Diamonds ring. I just can say that kids are so observant.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Does it sound funny to you?

You Very Old Edi la.

Yeah la.. you Housewife ma. Stay at home everyday until become Old edi.

Why are you so BUSY all the time?

Why so hard to ask you to come out and meet up?

Aiyah must know how to delegate ma..

Apparently some of my ex classmates thinks its funny while sarcastically saying it to me. true. I am a housewife who doesn't have a life. I look old, I looked like crap, I am always busy, cleaning, cooking, cleaning the house and the kids, and I have nothing to brag about what I bought, How much is my salary, what car I wish I can buy and so on. But you know what? At least I'm not living under my parents armpit and smelling it. 

Say whatever my friend, we'll see who will have the last laugh.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The other day, Big C and I kinda argued cos Justin spilled some milk onto his body. And he blamed me for giving him milk in cup. I digress from talking about that. :) So.. I was upset and walked up towards upstairs and Jayden followed me..

Jayden: mami...
Me: Yes?
Jayden: Are you angry mami?
Me: Yes la. I am angry and sad now.
Jayden: it's okay mami. Nevermind. Don't be angry. I love you.
Me: Aww thanks baby..
Jayden: *hold my hand* I care (for) you okay? I love you more than dadi.
Me: Wah.... okay okay Thank you ah..

On the bed (while Justin and Big C was still downstairs)
Jayden: Mami are you still angry?
Me: hmmm abit sad la.
Jayden: Nevermind. I sleep with you okay? You can be my girl friend.
Me: hehe okay la. You can be my boy fren...
Jayden: hehe

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's one of those days...

That I don't know what I am good at anymore.

And I don't know what I am doing although I have been working non stop for the pass 14 hours. No Inspiration to do anything.

Everything to me is like "half pail". Designing and also sewing.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's too tight!

That day I saw Justin making a funny face so I know that he is about to poop.

Me: You wanna orsi is it?
Justin: No!
Me: U dun bluff me. Yau mowe?
Justin :Yau!
Me: Okay faster go to toilet. You poo in the toilet ok?
Justin: Yes.
Me: *waited like 1 min* why so long wan? Yau mowe?
Justin: *in pain* mami.... it's stuck!
Me: Huh? The Shit stucked?
Justin: Yes. It's too tight!
Me: Muahahhaha

Aiyoh he cracks me up!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Let Them Try

Whenever I said I am leaving my kids alone with my hub, ppl will ask "Can or not?"

Well, at first I was worried. Then I thought, never try never know.

So I went for a funeral that day and left him alone with my kids.

When I got back, he told me stories. One of it was the Butter Pillow story. Another one was this one.

He brought them to a shopping mall indoor playground and he saw Jayden playing happily with another boy. Then another boy came and bullied Jayden, tried to trip Jayden in front of him. Of course the father was pissed and the boy stopped when he stared at him. Then Justin wanted to eat fishball so Big C brought him to buy fishball which was just next to the playground. And when he got back, he saw Jayden with vomit all over his hands. Then he asked him what happened. And the boy replied saying he vomited.....all over the playground.

I asked him "So what did you do? Did you wipe?" Cos I know he won't bring the baby bag with him.

He said "how to wipe? It was everywhere. And I don't have anything to wipe also"

I said "Then how?"

he said " CHAU AH!!!" (RUN!!)

Oh man.. I laughed like mad woman. I said "cham lor.. cannot go to that shopping mall anymore edi!"

Then he said after that when they got home, both the kids wanted to play games on the computer. So he went into the room. Probably to bath. And when he got out. He saw Poo and Pee all over the floor!

Jayden contributed the poo cos he was too into the game and wanted to hold the poo from coming out but of course PeePiakkk accident happened.

Justin contributed the Pee cos he was diaperless and no one reminded him to pee in toilet.

So the poor Chan-derella gotto clean the floor all by himself.

When I got home, I saw him sleeping- half way hanging on the bed and the kids were properly dressed and sleeping soundly. I know it's been a long night for him. But I never know it was so adventurous.

p/s: sometimes we gotto leave the kids with them and let them try to handle the kids + housework. Then they will understand and appreciate us more. ( I hope :) some might not understand and probably think that we exaggerate the story. Let them try and I bet they will understand more.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The chocolate, strawberry and butter

Big C was left alone with the 2 small and tiny Chans last Friday cos I went to attend a funeral. So when I came back, Big C updated me with alot of stories. One of it was this one..

You probably know that Jayden love to sleep on his dad's chest since baby.
(ai.. this pic is so long ago. The only difference is the size of the body and also minus the pacifier.Others all remain the same :) )
So the other day, he asked to sleep on his dad's chest again and of course the dadi say okay.

He laid down and he said

"wait. I go get butter first".
He came back with his smelly elmo pillow.

If you read before about the story of our ice cream potrait then you will know what I am talking about :)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Did You Say Bye Bye?

Many of us know that our dear blogger friend Lisa Wan passed away few days ago. When I heard the news, I was in shock and also very sad. I kept thinking about her the entire day and couldn't work. So the email came and asked who want to pay her a last visit. I have been thinking the whole day and finally I told Annie Q that we should go.

So yesterday, I prepared Jayden about it.

Me: Later, dadi will take care of you and titi okay? Mami need to go somewhere.
JD: where are you going mami?
Me: My fren, passed away.
JD: *blank face - don't understand what is passed away*
Me: Passed away means.... die edi.
JD: like chacha?
Me: yes yes. Like Cha Cha.
JD: so they dig a hole and put inside? Your fren is going to see Cha Cha?
Me: yes. So mami need to go and say bye bye to her before they put her in the hole.
JD: okay :)

So when I was on my way out, both the kids came running after me , holding to their own shoes (with Justin butt naked).
JD: Mami I want to go say bye bye to your friend too.
Me: Nolah. You need to stay home and help dadi take care of titi okay?
JD: Okay...

I went home quite late and the boys were sleeping. And I still couldn't sleep last night. It's been 2 nights since I had a good sleep. (Boy I so need my sleeping pills tonight). As soon as Jayden woke up he said to me while I was trying to sleep..

JD: *whisper* mami... Good morning....
Me: good morning baby
JD: You come back edi or not?
Me: yes baby.. i am back.
JD: so did you say bye bye to your fren?
Me: yes b, i did. I said bye bye to her edi.
JD: okay. So your fren go and see cha cha edi?
Me: yes, she is with cha cha edi.
JD: yay!

I am glad I went to bid my last farewell. I don't know why. After I saw her for the last time, I felt lighter. It's like I know she is no longer in pain or suffer. But looking at her hub and her 2 kids, makes me so sad. Only time will heal...

Rest in peace Lisa. Don't worry about your kids, I believe your husband is a superb dad. May you look after them while you're in heaven. Will always miss you and your beautiful smile.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sasha Cook: Sambal Prawn with Petai

Since I mentioned it in my previous post, all I can think of is the sambal prawn with petai. So this morning I went to the market, got the petai and zoomed home to cook them. I'm a very simple eater, I sapu anything that is served except slithery animals, hopping animals and errr organs. So to me this is good enough but just too oily. I accidently dash-ed too much oil.

If Sasha can cook so can you. Trust me.

Step 1:

Fry the big onions.
Add in prawns.
Add in Petai
And last add in ......

Rm3.50 a pack.

It's nice. Try it. Some say too sweet, but to me it's okay.

Alah.....Ready pack!

Halo what to expect, got home cooked food should count blessing edi right?

I cooked extra to give to my next door neighbour cos she always cook for me. And then while we're chatting, my opposite neighbour walked over and gave me this.

You say I should count my blessing or not?

Hidup biarlah cincai, no need to kira kira so much.

Cos life is too short and too fragile.

Appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Me, the perfect Domestic Goddess!

I woke up and I began to clean the house.

As I finished, the house sparkle.  Not even a tiny dust under the chair.

Woah, I was so dang satisfied.

The clothes, one piece by one piece I ironed it and fold it nicely. Perfectly ironed, perfectly folded.

Then I moved to the kitchen to cook.

Damn.. those petai sambal udang is so lipsmackinglicious!

Hub face glitter when he ate dinner, my kids sitting there not moving cos they're too full to move.

I asked them to go and rest, have fun while I clean the kitchen.

That night, the kitchen looked spotless. Woah! Never been so spotless before.

and I woke up.

Yeap, I am only a perfect domestic goddess in my sleep.

p/s: Nearly every night I will dream about this. Cleaning house, cooking, yada yada. Probably I overheard my hub said to himself that day "tomorrow need to clean house... sigh.. the house is so messy" He is so sweet, he didn't say or complaint up until today. But I feel bad, cos yeah I admit. I am very bad at housework..

*The Right Shoes*

When Jayden hit 1 yr old, I got him a Nike Sandals. Many said "why spend so much for a kid? Moreover kids feet grows very fast". But I went ahead and bought him one for his 1st birthday. And now Justin is wearing his old Nike Sandals. The quality is so good that it lasted more than 2 years. To me, you don't need many pairs of shoes. You just need one that is good quality that is best for whatever you're doing. Let say walking shoes, jogging shoes, hiking shoes. But that's different for me, cos I need many pairs of heels. One red, one black, one white, pointy ones, mary-janes and the list goes on. Hey, I'm already not wearing nice clothes daily cos I am stucked at home, why can't I get dressed when I go out right? *lol* Anyway back to kid's shoes.

I have sewing baby shoes in my sewing blogs. Some requested that the sole is made from anti-slip material. I agree, if the kid starts to walk then we must have anti slip soles for safety purpose. That's why when some of my customers wanted to buy for bigger kid, I refused to sell it to them although they insisted. What if something happen to them when they wear my shoes. So it's not all about money, it's about my customer being happy wearing my product and being safe. :) So if some of them wanted to buy baby shoes online, I'll recommend them to another shop.

So now that Jayden is 4yr old, I am teaching him how to put on his shoes properly. He is a very active kid and if the shoes is not properly worn, he might trip and injure himself. I'm already very busy, I don't wanna deal with a injured and whiny kid! Anyway, while I am teaching Jayden how to wear his shoes properly, the little one is listening hard and tried to wear it himself too. I am impressed, he can do better than his 4 yr old brother. *lol* Another way to teach them to put on the shoes the right way is through videos online such as video below.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It All Starts From Home

Yesterday, I went to my dad's workshop. As I was driving into the parking lot, there were 2 dogs in front of my car. A tiny puppy and a bigger dog. Upon seeing my car moving towards them, the bigger dog quickly tried carry the puppy with its mouth to a safer spot. I was stunned. Because, the puppy doesn't belong to the bigger dog(cos they are my mum's dog so I know that they aren't related) and yet she is trying to save the baby.

It got me thinking how animals can protect their own or others and we human doesn't know how. It is so sickening to see nearly everyday a baby being dumped, dead or alive. If they are STILL alive when people found them, then they are lucky. Let's not talk about those that didn't make it , be it - still in one piece or half eaten by monitor lizard.

I have people asking me "Why not have a girl?Why not have the 3rd one?" And my answer to them is "Its not about the quantity. It's about the quality. It's not about making a baby, it's about whether I have enough attention for each and every of my kid or not, you know what I mean?" Many says that even the poor with very little pay can have a dozen of kids. Yes, I know. But how many of the ones from dozen turn out well? If you wanna know if they are going to turn out to be a fine young man/woman, just look at the parents. If the parents guide them well, of course. Cos It all starts from home.

Many questioned "to have sex education or not to have in school". Ding Dong Ding Dong. Why wait? Why can't we teach our own kids? Why wait for teachers to teach? I mean, do we really need teachers to teach everything? And don't even mention about the quality of teachers in Malaysia. We even have a headmistress that teaches students to call other races names in school openly. tsk..tsk...tsk...

We should teach our kid the meaning of life, to cherish life and also to respect others no matter what skin colour, religion, poor or rich. What I noticed with youngsters nowadays is that, they take life so lightly. Mat Rempits and Baby Dumpers are mostly youngsters. Imagine, these people are our future and they are doing all these stunts, be it "Superman" at highways or "breast-massage" session openly in school and they even share it proudly in Facebook. To them "eh aku suka la!". No shame, no sign of remourse, no fear. Die, die lah! Whatever!

To me, everything starts from home. Not only the parents, the relatives, the elder brother or sis can teach. I remember very clearly about the incident that I once threw the ice cream packaging into the drain. My sis asked me " Do you know it's wrong to throw rubbish everywhere?" I replied to her "Ah, its nothing la." She then taught me how long it takes for the rubbish to decompose and imagine if everyone throw one rubbish into the drain, do you know how much rubbish there will be in this drain and how bad is it going to be?" From then onwards, I make sure every rubbish ends up in the rubbish bin and I am now teaching it to my kids and niece and nephews.

So sometimes when I flip the newspaper and I wonder....blame it to the internet, blame it on TV, blame it on what what day celebration, Blame on the sky, Blame moon, blame everything la. My lecturer used to say, when you point at other people with ONE finger, you forgot that there are 4 fingers pointing back to yourself. Why blame everything but yourself? If the kid is so well guided from home, why is she pregnant and dumping babies now? I don't think there is any religion out there that teaches the person that its okay to dump babies, right?

You know, my english is not that good and I'm not so highly educated and definitely not perfect in anyways. But I can still teach my kids not to call people names, not to simply throw rubbish, and must wait in queue or say nicely when you need something. You don't need a PHD to teach that. We cannot teach other people's kid but we can teach our own. Let's not wait for someone to teach our kids, let's do it from home cos it's all start from home. Let's build a strong and proper foundation for our kids to guide them and hopefully the future is brighter for them.

P/S: I don't what made me posted this but its been ding dong-ing in my brain since I saw the big dog carrying the puppy. I better write it out cos it's taking too much of my memory space in my brain. *lol*

Friday, August 20, 2010

Verbal Self Defense

Oh man...... follow up from my earlier story today about this cili padi.


So when I went to pick JD up from school, I saw her mom picking her up in that big ass square car. No, Not Alph@ard. I was so tempted to go down and have a word with her. But I thought maybe the HM spoke to her and she stopped doing her "thing" in school. Give her a chance I said in my heart.

Once JD entered the car, I asked him him how was his day, what he had for recess, did he finish his water, what he wrote and yada yada and the final question was....

Me: Did XXX hit you today?
Me: ah? are you sure or not? ( i was thinking SO DARING? Kena kantoi from HM still wanna smack???)
JD: really!
Me: How? Like this *smack softly* cos she was calling you or *PIAKKKK hard* like this?
JD: like this *PIAKKKK Hard*
Me: HAH! Where?
JD: here, on my hand...
Me: did you tell her off?
JD: got.
Me: (wah he so pandai? teach one day so smart edi???) what did you say?
JD: I said ....... AIHH......
ME: huh?? AIH??????????? (WTF is that?????? A sigh????)
JD: yeah, i said Aih...
ME: *smack forehead* (what kind of "telling off" is that??????) Why you say AIH?? You should say "STOP! I will tell teacher K" So, What did she say?
JD: nothing.
ME: how come?
JD: because..... i said it to myself
ME: *smack forehead smack forehead smack forehead and vomit blood*  Jayden.... You cannot like this you need to tell her properly. STOP IT! STOP HITTING ME!

So after that I drove to my dad's workshop and during lunch with my niece (his fav cousin), we taught him how to tell her off.

Even my niece also vomit blood and smack forehead.

Cos he keep saying "Stop it....*laugh*.. I tell your mother *laugh*"

and then finally he got it. But he face is not that serious, still trying not to laugh.

Aiyoh.....apa maciam la...

Mr. Chan please take over.

Girl, you messed with the wrong momma

Like everyday, I sent JD to sch and accompanied him to his class. His class teacher was stationed atthe gate for this week to make sure that only students + guardian/parents entered into the sch compound. So after the sch bell rang, no one guided the kids to queue up and get into the class. There was this lil girl S (whom I really adore, cos she is so so so so so nice and she makes ppl feel like she is such a good jie jie) who initiated everything, asked them to q-up and to go to the class. And that Cili Padi, she followed another q and went the other way. So, I was with JD & S that time. I heard S called "XXX, come here. Our class is here". That Cili Padi turned and crossed her arms. Then she just showed her tongue to S and walked towards S. Showed her tongue again, this time with her face REALLY closed to S's face. I don't know what got into me. My fingers suddenly automatically raised and waved "NO! You cannot do that! It's very rude"

Guess what?

She showed it to me.

I got a shock. C'mon tell me which 4 yr old girl is not afraid of adult? If you are 4 yr old, the shortest and tiniest in class, would you be afraid of this fierce looking aunty (oh u better believe how scarry I looked when I am pissed- ask Jayden and he'll confirm it) So I said "Hey, you do that again and I'll send you to teacher H's office (the Headmistress- every kid is scared of her)" And you guess it correctly, she did it again.
No. this is NOT her. I got the pic from here

#$@$%#$% i said in my head and I walked off with S and JD. We left her at the corridor and the teacher was walking towards me. I signaled for JD and S to get into the class and I told teacher K about it. I showed her how she showed her tongue and I said it this time. "OH MY GOD! she is so NAUGHTY! I said I will send her to Teacher H office if she does it again and she did it to me with no FEAR!" 

Teacher K got shocked and said "Okay Okay" and walked towards her.

I went into the class. And again, everyone is asking JD to sit next to the cili padi. I said "NO! what if she smack you again?" All the kids looked at me. Why am I so Anal about him being bullied? Cos I was once like Jayden got bullied, and doesn't mind to be bullied then cos I just wanna be accepted and not shunned upon and I am so affected by it now (will blog about it later) So I told JD and the rest of the class "If XXX smack you all, you all must tell teacher, understand?" and everyone nodded.

So I thought I wanna go and complain to the HM. And while I was getting there, Teacher K was on her way back to the class without XXX. And I saw XXX standing in Teacher H's office and Teacher H was obviously questioning her about her behaviour.

She better get it this time, that this so-called-AUNTY here meant what she said. If she does it one more time, I'm so going to stand at the gate and wait for her parents to come. *grrrrrr*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

With LOve

Made this for Mr Chan's breakfast.

Toasted bread with butter, cucumber, chicken floss and tomato sauce.

He walked off to get something and came back with this


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If it never happen to your child..

you don't care much, right?

Okay, let me cerita you all.

The other day after I sent JD to his class, and so happen that hour was "playground" time. So we're all at the playground and I saw the smallest size girl, started scolding this boy who was about to slide down from the top of the slide. As soon as he reached the ground, the girl smacked and scolded him, crossed her arms and walked off. The guy was clueless of what had just happened.

So I wondered.. wah this girl quite a cili padi for her size and age man. So I just pointed to the teacher "This girl quite fierce also eh?" And the teacher who didn't witness the smacking incident just said "yeah, she's very fierce".

So this morning I sent JD and the teacher was away at that time. So I asked JD, so where do you wanna sit today? (cos they just merged 2 classes together, and the teacher wants the kids to mix around, so change seating position everyday) And everyone else pointed at the seat next to the fierce girl. I asked "how come everyday also sit here? I thought have to change place?" and they went "no no.. Jayden sit here wan.."

As soon as JD sat down and holding his water tumbler, the girl went to pinch his left ear, smacked his shoulder and mumbled (I can see that she is scolding him but I have no idea what she said) and she raised her voice and said "YOU UNDERSTAND OR NOT!". And my boy just nod his head and say "yes yes yes" and smilling sheepishly.

I went.. OMG? What just happened right in front of my eyes. She pinched his ear, smacked him and scolded him in front of me. Can you imagine when I am not there?

So I asked JD " what did she say to you?" He just gave me a very scared look and shook his head. I turned to her and asked her "You very fierce hor?" and she happily answered "hehe YEAH!"

I was dumbfounded and left speechless.

The teacher came back and I went to her and said "this XXX is so small size but so fierce hor?" And the teacher sighed and said "yeah .. she is... very fierce wan"
So I added "so fierce until can pinch my son's ear and smacked him in front of me. Very brave and fierce little girl" I was smiling all the way when I said this.
The teacher gave me a shocked look and turned to her and said "XXX come here. Did you pinch JD ear?"

ahhhhh so the story ended here. After that I dunno what happen but I'm so gonna lecture my son when he comes back later. Wah piang.. kena bully in school by a girl. But that's his character, very diam diam kind. *sigh*

So what am i trying to say edi ah? Shit man... the brain like abit not functioning well *read back title* Okay. So what I wanna say is.. when it never happen to your kid, you don't really care. When it happen, then it hurts. Same goes with the saying "the needle is not poking at yr flesh. You won't know the feeling".

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Jayden used to call me Shanti. Then he started calling me Annie. Then now it is Louise.

He started calling me "Louise" after he saw this on FB.

The other day we're out and he wanted my attention.

He said MAMI MAMI!

But I was busying talking to someone. So he shouted


and surprisingly I said WHAT!

Oh man.. I hate this video!

And you know what?

Jayden love to disturb me when I'm talking to my husband.

And you know what makes it worst?

Justin followed suit.

*pull hair*

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mums are Magicians

The other day I asked Jayden to go and take his own pajamas and get dressed himself and get ready for bed. He went to his cabinets and told me "Mami, no more pajamas!"

You see I did my laundry and fold em downstairs. And I normally take some up each time i come upstairs. So lately I have been so busy, I only managed to hang, dry and fold them. 

So yesterday Big C helped me (should I even use the word HELP ka?) to bring the clothes upstairs and I sorted out all the clothes and place em into the cabinets. 

So last night, he went to the cabinet and said 

"Oh all my pajamas came back!"

And Big C overheard him saying that and told me. So while getting ready for bed, I was wondering to myself..

We mums are magicians. They blink an eye, the clothes are back. Blink again the food is ready. Blink samo they are fully bathed. How I wish I blink my eyes and all are ready like the show "I dream of genie" eh?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jayden's successor

Last night, I didn't feel good. So I took panadol and went to bed at ard 8.45pm. I think the last time I slept early like this was when I was 1-3 months preg with Jayden. My usual bed time after I had my kids is 12am everyday.

Then I woke up at god-knows-what-time and I found that the lights was on, with the hoosband snoring soundly and the kids was still up playing. So I got up, walked over and offed the lights. After that I can still hear them giggling. I said "go to sleep................very late edi........."

Then in the middle of the night, I woke up again. Suddenly I remember that for sure the father will forget about putting on mozzie repellent for them. I gotto apply on them everynight otherwise they will wake up full with mozzie bites. So I went and reached for the mozzie repellent and started to apply on Jayden and then Justin. When I applied it on his cheeks, I thought "eh.. how come his face is like flaky flaky, so rough!" Then I took a closer look and I found..
omg! Thomas stickers on both sides all over his face!

and he woke up telling me "I got thomas sticker..I stick stick.. nice thomas sticker".

So I asked him "who did this to you? Is it Jayden?"

He said "Justin stick".

I asked Jayden "who did this to Justin?"

He said "Justin stick himself".

I trust Jayden cos he seldom lie and if he did it, he would have done it on himself too but there's none on his face".  One thing is.. how on earth did he  manage to stick it until so nicely, with only some overlapping? *sigh* this lil fler, never fail to amuse me. I remember I used to blog about heart-pumping moments with Jayden but I guess he found a successor edi--> Justin Chan.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Lately I am feeling down. Too many things to think about and most of it is not going my way. Its been a few weeks of disappointment (NO...I am not planning to get pregnant!) and many rejections and also some no news. Don't even wanna layan this stay-at-home-mum. Very frustrating. Very disappointed. Very Sien. Very Sad sometimes. Very no direction.

Besides that I still gotto continue my duty as SAHM, morning send, fetch afternoon, Cook, Clean (not that much- no mood lah!) , wash, hang, fold, wipe, you know what I mean. To day I am not happy woth the housework, I am getting used to it. It's been what.. 6 months? since that ex maid left. So it's better now.

I seldom eat, sometimes once a day at night. Most of the time my best friend is Nescafe. Morning once, lunch once like vitamin. Finally I bought my jeans for myself.
Not gloating here, but never in my life I wear size 25 Levi's. I think the last time I ever wore this size was like when i was 15 years old before I ballooned and became 72kgs. So it comes in a package, smaller Waist, smaller bum and of course the breast also like flat tyre O.o but the flat tyre on the tummy is still there, hard to get rid off *remind: need to do sit up ah.....*

Anyway... i just went for a hair cut. When I am feeling sad/lost/disappointed I always go for a haircut. My neighbour offered to take care of Justin for me while Jayden is in sch. So I went and chopped my hair off. Before that I was playing with my hair and tried to make fringe with my long hair at home and Jayden said "Mami u cut yr hair like this. I like" And when he saw me  he asked me"mami do you think yr hair is nice? I think not nice. Faster Go back and change it.". :( So you know how nice it is la.
I took a bunch of pics and I can't find one that is presentable except this one. Mannnnnnnn.. now i gotto go out and "kenyit" my eye all the time to look cute. If not I look like a nerd. Proly I should get a big black frame specs and go all the way. :P

Sigh.. i wonder what is next. Pls god.. make it exciting for me. Pls give me some good news!