Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who eat me?

So I was chatting with Jayden last night about how babies came out...

Me: One day, dadi put the seed into mami's stomach. And then this seed grow la..then we went to see dr and said ....Oh got hands and legs wan.. its a baby inside my stomach. Then mami always vomit and then the stomach got bigger and bigger suddenly one day mami's stomach pain and like wanna PekPek(his version of pangsai) so go to the hospital and dr said "OKAY PUSHHHH!!!" and mami Poiks like that and dr said.. Oh.. Kukubird. It's a boy.. and so mami and dadi said.. "oooh this is ... Jayden Chan JM" Like that la.. that's how you came out.

and he said....

Who eat me?

Cos u know why? Normally we eat something, then we will get the SEED. So who ate him in the first place to get the seed for his father to put in my stomach leh?

Then I said.. errr your seed no need to eat to get it wan. Before he can ask.. I said Okay sleep edi. Nights.


Thursday, July 22, 2010 scarry!

Was in centrepoint just now. Jayden went for his class and I thought "hey why not give myself a treat while he is in class?". So I went for pedicure. While doing my pedicure, I continued to design with my macbook on my lap.

I was the only customer with the boss and also a staff. So we're chatting and chatting about so many things. And then we went to this topic about missing kids. First we mentioned about Nur1n and then N1sha. We said "aiyah this one missing for so long edi.. hard to find la"

and guess what happened?


one of the glass on the floor suddenly shattered-Broken-in-to-pieces!

And all of us just went .............................

And then no one said anything.

I continued to design.

The sitaupor continued to eat.

and the staff who was sitting next to the shattered glass continued to colour my nail.

Then I said very softly.."Hou cher hor........" (very freaky)

and the sitaupor said "hai lor....."(yeah) actually what happened? How it got broken?"

And the staff said " I dunno. Suddenly just pecah"

And no one moved an inch.

I said "okay.. don't talk about that anymore. Maybe someone don't like the topic"

and the sitaupor said "yeah....this NEVER happen before"

and all shivered. I started to rub my body cos my hair were standing already.

it's just too scarry cos nuthing happened until we talked about that topic. Seriously......*hair standing*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rejected Again....:(

I was thinking if I should blog about this or not cos it involves some family members but it's just my own sadness, so why not eh? I am not blaming anyone or angry at anyone that I'm about to blog about, it's just what I think about and I need to get it out so that I can forget about it, until I read it again in my blog when I get older (by then i hope my blog is still around and I can remember my own blog url)

We're at my sil's house last weekend. So the adults were chatting downstairs and the kids played together upstairs. That was what supposed to happen and I thought was happening.

So the kids came down and they started cracking some joke and I noticed that my own kids weren't among the kids who's downstairs. So I went up and I saw my kids playing with Thomas train in my nephew's room.

So I asked Jayden "How come you never join A and YM kor kor?" He said "they locked the door". So I thought okay.. maybe they have different interest and so I need to encourage them to play together. So I waited for them to come up and they did. They went to the other room and locked the door and laughed and giggled very loudly.

I went and knocked on the door and they opened the door and said "YES????" I said "what are you guys doing here?" and they answered that they are playing some house game and using a matress as the kitchen wall. So I briefly asked them "How come you never ask Jayden and Justin to play together?" And they replied "Don't want. later he come and push our tilam down". As she said that , Jayden took a peek and they all screamed "NO!!!!!!!! Don't let him see!" 

Aiks.. see also cannot.

Then Jayden poke poke me and told me "Mami I just want to see for a while".

So I told them, "okay, let jayden see for a while okay? I will be here to see him"

So Jayden went in, walked one round around the room and got out from the room.

So did I.

and they closed the door again.

So I looked at both my kids playing Thomas Trains all by themselves.

Jayden talk to Justin, Justin talk to Jayden.

I was thinking, rejected again but what to do. Different channel.

But luckily they have each other and they have the same interest otherwise so kesian gotto play alone.

Again, I need to highlight that I am not angry with the kids for rejecting my kids. Kids are kids. They do things like this but I felt pity for my 2. That's all.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The story about neh neh neh...

was at ikea rest. just now, just started to eat and justin was  sleeping in my sling.

Suddenly jayden say Mami i want to go sheeshee NOW!

so how?

So i turned to my nearest neighbour and said "Can you pls help me take care of my food here, my son need to go to the toilet" and they gave me BIG SMILE. I said "pls, make sure they don't clear up my food". They Gave me BIG BIG SMILE and nod.

So I quickly ran to the toilet with my kids and came back. When i  sat down, I said thank u and they looked very surprised but Nod Nod again.

Then I realize..they talk sodesneh..neh neh neh.....they are japanese.

So i think they dunno what i said ke neh....and luckily no one clear my food ke neh..

The end.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The story about "fall in the longkang"

Once we walked over a big longkang (drain) and I told Jayden..

Me: I need to carry you or you gotto hold my hand and you need to listen to me. If not then you'll fall into the longkang and then I cannot see you anymore.
JD: ooo fall in the longkang then cannot find me edi?
Me: Yes. Inside the longkang got cockroaches, got rats, got many dirty things and they will bite you and you will die you know?
JD: okay.

So when My maid was sent off:
Jayden: Where is ning cheh cheh?
Me: She went home edi.
Jayden: No! she fall in the longkang edi!
Me: Nolah.. she went home
Jayden: No.. She fall in the longkang edi.

When my niece wanna go back to her own house:
Jayden: Uwaa... I don't want jasmine to go. I don't want Jasmine to go!
Me: No.. she need to go home. Cos she need to go to school ma.
Jayden: No! Jasmine fall in the longkang!

So from that onwards, if anyone or something is missing, everything is Fall in the longkang.

The End.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Buy From Tesco

in the bathroom..

JD: mami.. you're a boy. I am a girl. *teasing*
Me: oh.. if you're a girl. What is this? *point at his tingtong*
JD: this is kukubird. Buy from I-K-E-A wan.
Me: Ah? buy from ikea? Hahahahhaha
JD: yeah buy from ikea... No No..Actually you buy me from Tesco.
Me: haha tesco ah? Then titi leh?
JD: also buy from tesco :D
Me: haha

If can buy kids from Tesco, how nice eh?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mr Kacau

Cannot play.
Cannot touch.
Cannot Block ppl's view.
sit behind and peek lor....

Friday, July 02, 2010

Say it and Mean it.

Remember the incident that Jayden refused to put on his socks and I ended up being very upset with him and he was very upset too cos I left him in his principle office without any shoes on? (i brought his socks and shoes and left it there with him). I told him to put it on or I'll leave him in his principle office without any shoes. So he tested me and I meant what I said and I did it.

So this morning it happened again.

Jd: Mami. i dunno how to wear my socks.
Me: Baby you can do it. Just put it on like how you do it every morning.
Jd: But my eye is painful
Me: eh do you use your eyes to put on yr socks or you use your hands?
Jd: But my hand painful....
Me: Painful? then how come you can hold your Thomas?
Jd: ...i cannot do it.
Me: okay.. no problem. Later I'll bring you without any shoes and leave you in Teacher H's office and I'll ask her to put it on like that day... remember?
Jd: *total silence*
Me: baby?
Jd: Yes?
Me: So how? Can wear your socks now?
Jd: I put my socks and my shoes on edi.
Me: Good.