Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are U Scared?

I was in my bathroom the other night when Jayden came banging on the door. And I can hear his dadi saying "JAYDEN! NO NO!" and he totally ignored the father and continued to bang the door, harder this time with his Henry train. Again the father warned him "I SAID NO!"



Yeap, he got whacked by his dad at the bumbum.

So after I went out from the bathroom, he came running to me and hid in between my legs. (ngam ngam hou, tinggi sikit cannot masuk already) Then his dadi said "Come, Jayden". And he cried louder and reversed abit, walking further away from his dadi. Big C tried again "Come, Jayden. Dadi sayang". UWAAAA!!!! UWA!!!!!!!!!!! and reversed more. He tried again "come la...come".

So I carried the lil one and brought him to the mirror and I pretended to cry like him with my mouth open wide. Then he laughed at me. And stopped crying.

Out of no where the father come again "Come, jayden come..."

Me: OHHHHHH!!!!! u!!!!! U're so scared that he is angry at you!!!!!!
Big C: Nolah! I am not scared la *trying to be cool*
Me: YES!!!!!!!!!!! If not then why u come...jayden come??
Big C: Nolah.....No....
Me: YES!!!!!! Admit it!!!!!!!!
Big C: *giggle* Nolah... Noo Not like that..*giggle*
Me: Eyerrrrrrrrr samo u dun admit..
Big C: *laugh* Grab Jayden and hug the lil guy and he arched his body, refused to let his dadi carry him and he fell to his own bed. Big C came to our bed and hugged the pillow.
Me: See???? samo dun admit

How about u guys? You guys scared or not?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Lil J and his fav...

The other day while we're going out for breakfast, Lil J ransacked my handbag (more of like bb bag) and he found a green apple. I thought that he won't like it cos its sour compared to the red apple that he always eat. But apple is still apple, His fav!

Slowly he peel the skin (using his mouth) in the restaurant.
He continued in the car...placing the skin onto the tissue paper and then I realised that there's no sound and I turn to my left and I saw him doozing off with a small piece of apple in his hand..


And we passed by a bump and this is how he reacted to it, he moved his hand, balancing the apple and preventing it from falling.. hehe

I can't stop giggling and snapping his pic (using my hand phone). Look at this pic, drooling thinking about apple I think! haha

And while I was posting these pictures, I realised that I have posted nearly the same thing before in his blog when he was about 6 months old..check out the similarities! He was half way eating his sweet potato that time..

This is the good thing about blogging about our kid(s). You get to jot down everything including the good,bad and funny incident. "SOME" non-bloggers used to say they don't understand why I want to jot everything down, as if there's nuthing better to do. Some even commented that bloggers are geeks and nerds.(Do I look like a nerd?hahaha) Well, they will never understand why...I know and I am enjoying it :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 More Months!

I am seriously blur. I thought that Jayden is turning 22 months today. It was supposed to be yesterday! So Happpy 22 months Lil'J! In 2 months from err yesterday you will be blowing your birthday candles again! Still no plans for his birthday yet. It could be in McD? In A&W? Or just a simple one at home.


So what's new with Lil J?


He is now 11.3 kgs. I always thought that he is 10kgs. Hahaha cos I cannot see the difference. The only thing i realized is that his hair grew very fast this month. He just had his hair cut 2 weeks ago and now its long again.

Jayden speech is slowly improving. He can:

Count WA.......*pause* WEEEEEE! (one two three!) and throw the ball. He loves Baby Einstein's number nursery. (okay okay that's the only one we have!) He can on and play the DVD, and each time he will say OKAY OKAY! and walk to the bed and sit down, waiting for the show to start. Then when the show start he will say YEAHHHHH!!!!!

Says Okay! Okay! all the time!
Says KA KA? for kau kau (sleep)
Says KA! KA! for Kai Kai (shopping, jalan jalan)
Says Muck Muck Muck for Quack Quack Quack (duck)
Says WoWo for BoBo and the rest of the dogs.
Says CHACHA just for our dog, ChaCha.
Says Oh Look! Oh Look! when he wants us to see something. Picked it up from our Bangkok trip.
Says CHICHI (for chutchut) with a shy face. Maybe he is shy to ask for it also ? :P

When he does something, he will only do it with the person that taught him. For example, he will only let my BIL play the remote control car and not his dadi. If his dadi hold the remote control he will take it back and pass it to my bil. Like me, i taught him about animals so he will ask me to hold one animal while he hold one and we pretend to sing song. Dadi cannot do it, only mami can. :D

He loves our dog ChaCha. Once, I shaved chacha bald and he came running shouting CHACHA! looking for her. He cannot recognise her anymore. Big C told him that Chacha is in the basket (the fur that I've just shaved off) and he stood there looking at the fur calling "chacha?" for so long. He even wanted to hug the fur in the basket. And the poor dog is standing next to him wagging her tail, waiting for Jayden to hug her. So for few days they missed each other although they were in the same house. So one day, Chacha's hair grew longer and Jayden said "CHA CHA!!!" And hugged her and also... errrr
Sit on her. And she lets him do it. And they became good friends again...

He loves fruit and hates things like Jelly, Pudding, Cincau those wiggly food. Exactly the same as my brother. I have no idea why.
He loves chips esp arrowhead chip that my mum fried for CNY. CNY not here yet but the chips are gone already! He knows where to get them!
He loves fries and nuggets so maybe we can have the party in McD?

He still eats with his hands but he will hold the spoon and eat with his hands. He will only use spoon for Ice Cream.:D He is quite good with eating by himself but we still feed him just to make sure he gets fat soon his nutrient. Last time he used to dirty his clothes but he is getting better now. And he likes to drink water using cup. So we're training him to hold the cup and drink by himself, by pouring little bit by little bit into the cup for him. Sometimes he gets too excited and will pour water all over himself but nevermind la....mandi after that or just change clothes la.

He sleeps by himself. But sometimes he will come over to ours and roll-roll abit and when we off the light the lil boy will wiggle down and go back to his own bed to sleep. And yes, he still loves his Elmo pillow. :D

But nowadays he is being extra sticky to me. Asking me to sayang his face on and off. For the last few days, I went to bed early because I wasn't feeling to well. His dadi prevented him from going near to me. As soon as the father walks out of the room, he's next to me, waking me up (by smacking my face) and asking me to play with him. Then when the father scold him for disturbing me, he will wiggle and ask me to hug him. His dadi wil drag him and he will cry like mad DA DI DI!! DA DI DI!!!! and SMACK! his dadi hit his buttock. *heart ache* But what to do, I bolat! (no energy)

Eh, I write so much this time. Okay la now I gotto go and plan for his birthday already.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh O.....!

This Ah Pek Tong San trying to do a Baby Tiger Claw with backhand swing. How? Pass or not?

The story of Oh O!

Jayden: Oh O!

Grandpa: Why?Why Ah Den?

jayden: Oh O!!!

Grandpa: tell koong koong la why u ... ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayden: Ooooooookay! Ooooooookay!

Jayden was diaperless when my dad carried him. He was trying to tell dad that he wanted to pee but he was too late. Its funny that he told dad that "It's Okay". Cos that's what I'd say to him when he does any mistake.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A note for dadi...

Dadi, yesterday mami and bohboh(my mami's cheh cheh) and Boh Leh ( my mami's cheh cheh darling) brought me to eat dinner in Summit.

I ate chicken rice and then eat chicken wing too! The tip is the best part!

Teriyaki Sauce chicken wing!

Look dadi! No hands!

No! It's mine!

Then they serve me ice cream. After I scoop scoop I tried to drink it with straw.

Can wor...but too slow so I..

Dadi u faster come back okay? I miss u..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I is Blur!

I use my hp as my alarm everyday.
7:25am = wake up
8:15am = Get out!
6:00pm = Go home! Jayden is waiting for you!

So as usual my hp rang at 6pm. I was still chatting with Shannon that time.
So I said "Bye! Go home la!"

And I switched off my Mac and went to toilet.
Packed my bags.
Waved and said Bye to my colleagues and boss.
And they said Bye to me.
And I slowly walk out of the room.
Suddenly the colleague sitting nearest to the door said...
"Eh Sasha? Today u go home so early wan?"

I said "early meh? I'm already late 15 minutes" and I pointed at the clock.

The clock showed that it was 5:15pm.



Walk back to my table.

Colleagues and boss laughed like mad.


I turned my Mac again and saw Shannon's msg to me :

"Eh, now only 5:15pm wor..." time reply me fast fast ma......


I is blur edi! My hp also blur edi, don't know follow what country's time.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Amazing Race Holiday

We went to Bangkok to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary last week. And boy, it was like amazing race holiday. We're there for 3 days 2 nights, too short holiday but it was just right for us because Jayden was with us and not forgetting we have another 2 dogs at home, waiting for us to come home.

We flew to Bangkok on the 9th via Air Asia. We didn't take the express boarding pass so we gotto wait in long queue, LONG LONG queue cos it seems like its Bangkok season now? I don't know. We have no choice but to squeeze into the middle and window seat with a huge guy blocking our way in and out of the seat. J stayed awake the whole 2 hours flight, he liked the taking off experience and he said YAY! and clapped his hands.

We arrived at the new airport, of course new airport means higher Taxi Rate. There were signs indicating that we should not take the "illegal" taxi outside of the airport. But guess what? It cost you 1000 Baht to take the airport taxi and only 500plus Baht to take the taxi outside. So take or don't take the outiside taxi you tell me?

We stayed in Zenith Sukhumvit Hotel, the place where Arabians stay. Big C said he did a very bad research this time. But the room was okay, spacious and lots of room to roll around.

We drop of our luggages and started hunt for food. Since we stayed in Arabians Area, all food are seems to be not-so-suitable for us. So we stopped by this place (forgot what is the name) and had our first bite.


Jayden slept in the stroller although the roads are so bumpy and uneven. We went to walk around Paragon area and even went to MBK but we only had like 20 mins before the shops close.

Xmas deco was still around. Not much of CNY mood here. Look at this xmas tree.

all made out of recycle water container. Cool eh?

After that we took tuk tuk back to hotel.
It was damn hillarious looking back at this pic. Look at our faces! Jayden held both our hands in the beginning and he kept quiet. The tuk tuk sped like mad, went opposite road, zig zag, It was a crazy ride. But then my son got a lil brave and then he let go of our hands and clapped his hands and said YEAH! I think he can go on roller coaster ride soon.

One problem, we forgot to bring his elmo pillow. So we gotto let him play till he is all worn out then only he can sleep.

After the tuktuk, I decided not to bring my dslr out.
1, I am too lazy.
2, no time.
3, no hand to carry the extra bag.
4, Jayden was clingy

The next day, we went to Platinum.
The clothes = ALOT.
The price=CHEAP.
No need to bargain here cos its wholesale area. Big C was so nice to help me take care of Jayden while I kept asking "How much?" Muahahah Thanks B!

We drop by Isetan and we got Jayden's Bday pressie here. He went nuts just looking at it. Been bugging us to open it up everytime he sees the packaging!

We had tomyum everynight and each time J was asleep. Ah....dinner in peace :)
Check out my tomyum. 160Baht. Yummy!

And my shrimp rings, 100Baht!

No more tuktuk for 2nd night, we took taxi home. In Bangkok there's no such thing as METER TAXI. You need to really bargain. If you hate bargaining like me, just take the MRT/BTS la. Save saliva and more convinient. But travelling with a kid on a stroller is not easy. As most of the places is not stroller friendly. Luckily I have Big C to help me carry the stroller with J in it up and down the very high staircase.

Sat was like Amazing Race for us. Cos we went to drop by Chatuchak before we head home. The taxi driver asked us to help him "pretend" to go into the export centre and look-see for 15 min so that he can get a gasoline coupon and he will charge us very cheap price. And we end up spending more than 30 mins there waiting for my silver gold plated ring to be resized. :)

And then we went to Chatuchak and we had like 1 hour to shop. So, I headed straight to the shops (can remember roughly where are the shops cos I was there 2 yrs ago) and grab whatever I have planned to buy.

The custom checking in Bkk Airport = Very slow and crazy. So go to the airport more than 2 hours early before your flight. Otherwise you will be late. This time we bought the express boarding coupon.

I'm just so lazy to fight with the rest of the people. We got a comfy seat, 3rd from the front. And a seat for each of us. So Jayden can lie down and sleep.

And then we had our LUNCH at 3pm. RM8 Air Asia Nasi Lemak.
*sigh*....i miss my Tom Yum..

We got home at around 6pm. Took the Sentral Bus and the lil one enjoyed it so much. Dad and sis came to the Sentral Station to pick us up so that we can collect our car from my dad. Reached home, 11pm.

This trip we :
We went on AirPlane, Taxi, Tuk Tuk, MRT and Bus.
Walked like dunno how many kilometres.
Went into dunno how many stores.
Bought like dunno how many things.
Ate like dunno how many mangoes.
I lost count.

This trip was super fast, we walked super fast and shop super fast. Just like Amazing Race Holiday. But we all enjoy ourselves - being together :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's our 3rd now..

It's our 3rd Wedding Ceremony Anniversary today. So many anniversaries to remember! We have Registration Anniversary, Pak Tor Anniversary, Wedding ceremony anniversary,Birthdays! hahaha more reasons to celebrate, eat alot, have fun and get away for holidays! Coincidently, today is also Etc's Mummy anniversary too. Happy Aniversary ETC mummy and daddy!

But tonight we are not celebrating it together cos Big C gotto attend his company annual dinner.*kek sum/heart ache* But then, we will celebrate it tomorrow in another country nearby. So see you next week!

Before that let me share with you guys Jayden's latest video. Took it while we're in Giant last night. it is so funny looking at the "ketot" him pushing the cart. if you are coming from the front you will wonder how come the cart is moving! haha

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

He was once a worm...

He used to look like this ...

Now he looks like this

Look at him smiling like an ahpek!

While I was digging my old files i found this...
This was J when he was 17 weeks.

Already so wiggly, moving non stop all the time. I remember very clearly, while I was pregnant with him, during the meeting I am the only one standing because he was kicking my heart and my I couldn't breath. So everyone sat and I was the only one standing and walking around during meeting. It was crazy!

Since he was so "long" and I'm so short, he was always causing me difficulty in breathing. And moreover I had been hospitalized for fever viral when I was 6 months preggie with him. So by 38 weeks we gotto get him out coz the doctor noticed that my placenta was dying. feels like it was just 21st March 2006 yesterday and now he is going to be 2 yrs old in March 2008. Time really flies...

Friday, January 04, 2008

A night of snapping in NZX

We went to NZX on wednesday. And we went again last night just to snap some pics.

Only half of the shops are opened. Heard that the opening is this Sat. Should be more happening by then. They have clothings, Manicure + Pedicure, Kiddos toys and clothings, Hair Cut centre, lotsa buble tea place and bla bla bla

J liked one particular store because they have toys all over the floor.

Looking forward for this...
Angie...please control yrself ok?

There are stalls selling cny stuffs..
Looking forward for CNY!

Lotsa Mickeys for sale because this is the year of Mickey (Rat)!

Huge pots of Kat Chai (lime) for sale. This is super huge lime but according to the promoter, it is not advisable to eat these Kat Chais because of the chemical to spray on the Kat Chais to prevent it from falling.

And Jayden says...OTI!

Oh yeah back to the reason why I was there....

For this!


the tree is huge.....sorry not for sale yeah. Its decoration only...




Light bulb in every single flower.

I like the dots effect at the back of the flower...nice or not?

And then they have blue ones too...



But I like the pink ones better. More "CNY feel". While I was snapping pics of the flowers, I accidenly walked onto an ants nest. Snap, Snap, snap then I started jumping while holding my dslr. Got bitten by ants! And then when Iturned around I saw this man holding another dslr taking pictures of flowers (I hope he didn't snap my picture jumping up and down). So if you happen to blog hop and see my silly pic, do let me know k? *scratch leg* sooooo itchyy..

So proly you guys want to go and have a look too? here's the map.