Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 More Months!

I am seriously blur. I thought that Jayden is turning 22 months today. It was supposed to be yesterday! So Happpy 22 months Lil'J! In 2 months from err yesterday you will be blowing your birthday candles again! Still no plans for his birthday yet. It could be in McD? In A&W? Or just a simple one at home.


So what's new with Lil J?


He is now 11.3 kgs. I always thought that he is 10kgs. Hahaha cos I cannot see the difference. The only thing i realized is that his hair grew very fast this month. He just had his hair cut 2 weeks ago and now its long again.

Jayden speech is slowly improving. He can:

Count WA.......*pause* WEEEEEE! (one two three!) and throw the ball. He loves Baby Einstein's number nursery. (okay okay that's the only one we have!) He can on and play the DVD, and each time he will say OKAY OKAY! and walk to the bed and sit down, waiting for the show to start. Then when the show start he will say YEAHHHHH!!!!!

Says Okay! Okay! all the time!
Says KA KA? for kau kau (sleep)
Says KA! KA! for Kai Kai (shopping, jalan jalan)
Says Muck Muck Muck for Quack Quack Quack (duck)
Says WoWo for BoBo and the rest of the dogs.
Says CHACHA just for our dog, ChaCha.
Says Oh Look! Oh Look! when he wants us to see something. Picked it up from our Bangkok trip.
Says CHICHI (for chutchut) with a shy face. Maybe he is shy to ask for it also ? :P

When he does something, he will only do it with the person that taught him. For example, he will only let my BIL play the remote control car and not his dadi. If his dadi hold the remote control he will take it back and pass it to my bil. Like me, i taught him about animals so he will ask me to hold one animal while he hold one and we pretend to sing song. Dadi cannot do it, only mami can. :D

He loves our dog ChaCha. Once, I shaved chacha bald and he came running shouting CHACHA! looking for her. He cannot recognise her anymore. Big C told him that Chacha is in the basket (the fur that I've just shaved off) and he stood there looking at the fur calling "chacha?" for so long. He even wanted to hug the fur in the basket. And the poor dog is standing next to him wagging her tail, waiting for Jayden to hug her. So for few days they missed each other although they were in the same house. So one day, Chacha's hair grew longer and Jayden said "CHA CHA!!!" And hugged her and also... errrr
Sit on her. And she lets him do it. And they became good friends again...

He loves fruit and hates things like Jelly, Pudding, Cincau those wiggly food. Exactly the same as my brother. I have no idea why.
He loves chips esp arrowhead chip that my mum fried for CNY. CNY not here yet but the chips are gone already! He knows where to get them!
He loves fries and nuggets so maybe we can have the party in McD?

He still eats with his hands but he will hold the spoon and eat with his hands. He will only use spoon for Ice Cream.:D He is quite good with eating by himself but we still feed him just to make sure he gets fat soon his nutrient. Last time he used to dirty his clothes but he is getting better now. And he likes to drink water using cup. So we're training him to hold the cup and drink by himself, by pouring little bit by little bit into the cup for him. Sometimes he gets too excited and will pour water all over himself but nevermind la....mandi after that or just change clothes la.

He sleeps by himself. But sometimes he will come over to ours and roll-roll abit and when we off the light the lil boy will wiggle down and go back to his own bed to sleep. And yes, he still loves his Elmo pillow. :D

But nowadays he is being extra sticky to me. Asking me to sayang his face on and off. For the last few days, I went to bed early because I wasn't feeling to well. His dadi prevented him from going near to me. As soon as the father walks out of the room, he's next to me, waking me up (by smacking my face) and asking me to play with him. Then when the father scold him for disturbing me, he will wiggle and ask me to hug him. His dadi wil drag him and he will cry like mad DA DI DI!! DA DI DI!!!! and SMACK! his dadi hit his buttock. *heart ache* But what to do, I bolat! (no energy)

Eh, I write so much this time. Okay la now I gotto go and plan for his birthday already.


  1. Sasha,
    Your lil J has grown a lot! Remember I did the Jayden laughing animation? That photo can be compared to see the difference. :P

    Eh, you take care! Hope you're getting better now. :)

  2. say dunno wat to write, but also a lot mar... mami also damn blur, 11.3kg become 10kg...

  3. etceteramommy6:07 PM

    Ooo... Jayden has got 2 more brothers. No wonder you bolat :P

    *envy* J can sleep on his own... Bravo!

    Happy 22 months!

  4. Owwww .... poor ChaCha! Tell Jayden ChaCha is not horse. Is dog.

    Can you say dog? Duh-og ... Dog! Very good! :D

  5. Ahh
    At last you can post liao har
    No need my shoe

  6. love the picture of jayden sitting on chacha :p too cute! (both of them! hahahaha)

  7. Happy 22 months! Big boy already!
    Poor J, he must be missing ChaCha like mad when ChaCha is in the basket...oops, ChaCha's fur to be more precise.

  8. jayden's a good boy wor...sleeping on his own. He looks so cute w chacha in the pic! poor dog anyway!

    happy 22mths lil J!

  9. well written. a humorous account of lil J development.

    really enjoy reading J & chacha relationship :)

  10. wow..22 months already? coming to 2 yo already..so fast!

  11. Happy 22 months!
    Time flies wor, another two months J will turn 2 years old, time to plan his big day lo.
    Jayden 11.3kg, my boys only 12.5kg, sei mou? Love the picture of Jayden and cha cha.
    U take care and get well soon.

  12. adoi, why shave off the dog's fur la? looked so naked.

    you must be thrilled now that lil J started speakin d. all worries out the window! i'm happy for you too :)

  13. Happy 22 months to Jayden. The story of Chacha and Jayden is so cute. Love the photo, too!

  14. Maybe go for another short trip to celebrate Jayden's birthday..?? Time does fly eh.. :) he is gonna be talking so well really soon. Chloe didn't really talk till she was 3 yrs old.

  15. poor dog kekeke.....

    plan something big for him lah, big 2 woh ;)

  16. Oh hi,
    How have you been? Hope you get better now. Jayden knows a lot of stuffs now, I am so proud of him and you.
    Yayy! My son Nicholas and jayden going to be 2 years old soon. It's such a big milestones for them and us. haha. Too bad, I am not visiting Malaysia this year, or else we could celebrate the kiddos birthday together. Perhaps next year?

  17. hee hee hee...love the fact the he loves to eat chips.... !!! can help himself somemore!!! WAKAKAKAKAK!

  18. sasha, if u got time pls hop over I got sum ting for u :D

  19. wah so fast going 2 years dy...time past really fast wor...:-) this is the best time to talk to him....talk to him AS MUCH AS U CAN ..so that he can talk more...like my lil girl...we everyday, every minute, we keep talking to her...english, malay, chinese...now she can speak very well...even can sing cny songs..hehehe

  20. Lovely photos as always. So cute, I tell you, this age is the best.

    Reminds me of my kids coming to my bed when I was sleeping, trying to dig my eyelids opened, stroking my cheeks and then asking themselves in a soft voice, "Is mummy dead?"

    Treasure the now time! So precious!

  21. Happy 22 mths old, J! For a moment there, I thot u've got triplets. :D

  22. Happy 22 months! :)

    Your boy damn goodlah - can sleep on his own all. Mine jangan haraplaaaa.. hahaha!

    Kesian ChaCha kena bully. :P

  23. like yr humourous stories!!

    it's nice that yr lil boy is having fun with the dogs...my boys would run far far away...well, perhaps they picked the fear in pets from me......hahaha

    i'm waiting to wish him happy 2nd b'day !!!

  24. i wan play with cha cha too!!! i wan i wan i wann!!!!

    can i visit ur dogs??? =D heheheh

  25. huisia2:03 PM

    "they missed each other although they were in the same house"...

    hehe..this one very nice to read, it was like storying about a couple :)

    happy 22 months to J

  26. Happy 22nd Month old, Jayden :D hheheheh..i love the photo of Jayden sitting on Cha Cha.

  27. happy belated 22 months!!!
    the 3pics of J really look like triplets ... yey 3 Js!!!!

    take care!

  28. I know I say this a lot but time do pass rather quickly. Jayden is about 2 weeks younger from Ethan. I too haven't plan for his 2nd birthday. Couldn't have it in our house because it's too small. Might want to do it in the park.

    Jayden is very good in his speech already. Poor Ethan is still stuck with "mama" and "dada".

    It's funny because when I had my haircut Ethan couldn't recognise me as well and he stared at me like a stranger with mummy's voice.

  29. 11 kilos... hmm... my doter only 10.5 kg only... hehehe...

  30. Eh Sasha..ar you hainan ah?

  31. very fast our sons will be celebrating the 2nd birthday. not yet plan anything yet here either. must start soon, only i only say but no do.

  32. happy belated 22 months!!! grow big .. but still very thin *-*

  33. He's grown so much and has loads of hair now. Happy 22nd month.

  34. haha yea?? we went to the same primary school? but i think i'm much older than u la.

  35. haha! the part on cha cha was so hilarious.

    i can see him grow everytime you post his photos here. let us your plan for his birthday ok

  36. here a Big Bang - World Record Tag for u. Have fun.happy weekend!

  37. So funny Jayden and your dog.... he's not afraid of her and she won't bite him for sitting on her... really good friends!

  38. How time flies,Jayden big boy already like what I have said earlier he look so 'Handsome' ler!

  39. wah...time sure flies hor.

    Have fun planning his B day