Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Told My Nanny Off!

Yeap. Finally I told her off. You know lately Jayden got about 10 mozzie bites around his face and hands. On Sunday itself, both Big C and I kena from my dad, my mom, my sis and everyone that saw Jayden. Nanny nagged me about it on Monday morning as soon as she saw him. And yesterday when i went over to pick him up, there she goes again.

Nanny: How you all take care of your son ah? So many mozzie bite. So Yam Kung (pity)!!

Me : *blood go upstairs edi* :)

Nanny: You See! So Many! So Many! Near CNY samo go and make your son so ugly.

Me : *fuming hot* :) :) I also don't want this to happen right. I was doing housework so open and close the door. 1 mosquito went into the room and bite him only. We never kena also.

Nanny : CANNOT BE! Must be alot of mosquito! How can bite so many at one night. How you all take care of him wan???

Me : *angry but still smiling* You think my heart not ache izit when I see my son kena bite until like this. I also want him to be handsome during chinese new year ma. :)

Nanny : mmmmmm

Me : :) Jayden say bye bye Auntie la..

Jayden : :) *waved bye bye*

I know that she really sayang my son alot. But sometimes I hate it when ppl question me how I jaga my son. Of course I want the best for my son and of coz my heart aches more than any other ppl out there to see my son like this. I'm sure you guys know what I mean...

News: Intruder caught swimming butt naked

PJ : An intruder her early teen was caught butt naked swimming happily in a pool in Taman Mayang last night. According to the owner of the house, a "team member" of this Intruder was caught a day before and was "gently" thrown away about 10 houses away. It is known that it's very common to have Intruders intruding residence's pool during the rainy season and they will have LOUD orgy (group sex). One of the residence here, Mrs Tan (Mrs Chan's neighbour) commented; "Aiyoh! Very Bising la! They will come and lay eggs and then come back again for mating season wan!".

The owner of the house, Mrs Chan said "Oh...the day before, I caught one of them swimming in my pool. So I caught him and he gave me the innocent look. But I have no choice! Every night they will come to my house, swim in my pool and have very very loud concert! And they will mate and they make a lot of babies, and they intrude my pool and eat all my fish! I have no choice! And after I throw the guy out, I saw another one. But I didn't manage to catch her. She's a fast one! So today I waited for her..and true enough, there she is swimming in my pool again! And this time i managed to catch her. I hope this is the end of all the nuisance".

The intruder, caught butt naked.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Harvesting Apple

Since some of you guys went ...Sure or not? Can grow apples in Malaysia... *sigh* It's like this wan...This apple is Thailand Apple that's why can grow in Malaysia. My Feng Shui master asked me to plant some "fruit" tree in my garden. So was thinking what fruit to grow. If grow calamansi, damn old fashion. If grow Longang , have to wait 2 times a year to makan the fruits. So i went around looking for fruit tree, i found this Apple Tree. If you wonder how big is this tree..its very tiny. See behind my 2 Chans...That's the tree la. My house like toufu so small how to have big tree la.
Anyway, last night i brought my small C to go harvest the Apple.But..he was more interested with the leaves.Until he saw the apple.Sekali he *pap* plucked my apple edi. Sakit hati abit also but nevermind..Cos the whole tree is full with blooming flowers. Soon you can see many many small apples growing just in time for CNY. So here it goes..My son looking at the apple before i wash for him and let him play abit with the apple. He must be thinking *Apple oh Apple..I'm going to eat you soon. Sorry ok?* Look at the mozzie bites on his face and fingers. Poor fella. Kena like 10 bites all round the face and hands. But me and Big C never kena at all in our room. Weird eh? Maybe his blood is sweeter?

This apple you must eat it fast when its small and ngam ngam "water" if not sure spoil wan.

Just right for small C to chew chew and bite cos he's teething. Can lepas the gian abit.

Went back to my mum's place the other day and Jayden found a Rambutan. Look what he was doing with it.

No....he's not shitting. He was trying to open the rambutan!

Monday, January 29, 2007


Non Parents..Nothing for you here!

Yeap! Poney Warehouse sale!

Time to go and grab something C&G (cheap and good) for our kids and celebrate CNY!!!


Date : 1-4 February 2007
Time : 10AM - 6PM
Venue : Cheong Hin Business Centre (Open-air Carpark)
Taman Serdang Perdana, Seksyen 2, Seri Kembangan,
Tel : 03-89438380

Okay..okay...You can see that the paper is abit crumpled..I took this paper out from my hubby's jeans okay. That's why. Wanna have a clear picture? Okay Okay ..

Still cannot see ah ? Send me an email la. I email you la!

Triple Tagged!

Have you watched wrestling before? You know they have double tagged team. Sometimes Triple Tag-ged team. I kena Tagged Kau Kau by Mumsgather, Desperate Mummy and Lovely Mummy! So cannot lari, have to do although I've said that no more replying to tags this year. *sigh* Okay Okay Here goes.

5 TOP Favourite Malaysian Bloggers..Actually I read all the blogs listed in my feedreader. It's very long and that's why i removed my blogroll from my page.

You see la..even so small font also so long to tell which one i really like more? So what i can do is to write about the first few person who came to my blog and encouraged me to blog.

Heavenly's Blog-Only 62% Evil. Cool blog name huh? His blog was the first blog i ever read, recommended by Boontz . A blog full with superb english and superb way to "ask how yr mum's doing?"(the opposite meaning la). No particular category like some bloggers (humsup,parent,funny) he just blogs what he likes and he's also the Daddy to lil Regine.

KY Speaks. Talks about Food Food and other reviews. He eats around my housing area..try food and blog about them so Later i can go makan. He's like the guinea pigs that helps us to try the food first, then he will comment, then we go makan. This guy's blog is so femes...until one day i received an email from my working mates...copy and paste his posts into microsoft words and pass around? Sai mm Sai ah ? JUst go and read his blog la! Adoi!

Ah Pek and Linpeh. These 2 fella helped me promote my blog last time and eventually ppl start to come to my blog. I didn't have the opportunity to personally thank these 2 guys. So here goes...Ah Pek And Lin Peh..Thank Kiu Very Very Muchie! This blog varies from Humsup Hum Sup and More humsup posts ever. And like KY..some of the posts also being distributed in FWD emails...

Samm...a mommy blogger and not afraid to blog just about anything and everything. She swears if she wants to and who says a mommy cannot swear and still be a good mommy? I like to read about her everyday so exciting TVB drama series about her family members and of cos other posts about how to make yr leg sexi...*whiittt whiiittt*, how to get dark gorgeous hair and all.

Ai already 5 ah? Nevermind...One more category...Not-so-parenthood blogs.

E.g Wenn's Yummy Cooking, Ah Nel Jackie Chan stories, Fatty Poh's point of view from overseas, Kok's View from Across the sea, Kenny's rock n roll story, Ace Humsup and blur blur story, Cocka's very long only update one time blog and soooooooooooo many more. Although I'm a mother doesn't mean I stick to only parent blog eh?

And finally PARENT blogs. And the list is going longer and longer like Duracell Battery. you guys keep up the good work. Write more nice blogs to cheer everyone up..share share secret of how to keep marriage sizzling, how to prevent hair loss, how to get rid of dandruff, how to cook nicer food, and everything la. So who else belum kena ini tag? Let me think ya? kekeke samo la. You do this one.

Ah leng..Paris very nice hor. But welcome back to Malaysia and please do this tag okay?

Chumsy's Mum...Need to know u better. Do okay?

Irfan's Mummy...Lets see what u like to read besides doing fantastic scrapping!

Wenn...AhCHoooooooooooo..After make wanton do this tag okay?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Back & Still Sick.

Thank you for all the "get-well-soon" msgs and of course SMSssss from my dear Angie, Annie, Eva, Mommy to Chumsy and who else ah..if i miss anyone don't kill me..cos i abit blur blur now under medication.
This was my first MC in 2007 and a very memorable one. My first night under medication..supposed to be a good night sleep for me. Instead my medicine that is supposed to me me sleepy didn't work and Jayden for no reason having night mare, screaming and yelling on top of his lungs that night. We tried to wake him up but he can't open his eyes until we gotto use his toys with the "itsy bitsy song" to wake him up. Probably cried too much before sleep. He insisted that he want to be carried by his Mami..but I'm sick ma. And Dadi also half dead so left him cried in the play-pen for sooooooooooooo long until he go like "ishk""ishk""ishk" after crying for so long. So the whole night he had night mare over and over again!!! Imagine I'm sick and have to carry him to watch Cartoon in the middle of the night.
The 2nd day, i brought Jayden to see his paed. Surprisingly paed found nothing wrong with him just that he had mild fever. So i drop him off at his nanny's and then went to see doctor myself. I told him the pills given by my panel doctor is not working and i don't feel sleepy after taking the pills. He said nevermind.."this one very good wan. Sure u go sleep". After 2 hours at doctors place..i went home and tried to sleep. Nope. Didn't sleep for the entire afternoon and in the night and in the midnight. So here I am today...working with no sleep for 2 days already.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you say i Happy or not?????

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why am i closer to bloggers frens than to my friends

So you see, to some ppl, I'm still considered young. Being at 27 this year, many of my friends are still searching for the right one, searching for more "fun" in the clubs and some still searching for don't know what. So to them, I'm like "aunty" and only talks about "aunty" things. They seldom ask me out anymore, cos the normal outings will be at clubs...or dinner at night in the weekday?? And weekend, when I'm ready..they're half dead because "hang over" from the clubs last night. And when we sit together they will talk about liquor la...ciggs la...go where to club la...go here holiday la...and they ask me "so what's new with you"...what am i supposed to answer leh? So i guess to them, they "pity" me cos getting all tied up with family and of course my Jayden. Yeah yeah..pity me but when they're "lonely" the msn msgs comes in.. "i can see that you're happy with your baby and family, are you happy?" And i will say "Of Course!"

And many of them do not understand why i love to blog. In my blablabla i can tell what i wanna tell. If you don't like what I write, they can choose not to read and i don't get to see thier expression. And i found so many new friends that speaks the same language. Be it, motherly, funny, serious, humsup or whatever, i found them. To "some" ppl it's just a waste of time especially when I'm updating about my sakit-tary says "Alah Sasha nie..asyik asyik dengan Joyden dia.. Hair Hair ambik hari tulis apa Joyden buat". Yeah Joyden...sick to hear what they call my son right. Everytime they say my son's name wrongly i felt like throwing my super sharp heels right at the eyeballs. Haha at least i have a son to write about...

So you see...why am i closer to my blogger friends than to my have my answer.

Eh sorry la...abit sick now. Waiting for 2pm to see panel doctor. After dat wanna go home and sleep liao. Damn dizzy since morning. Oh yah..when I'm sick and tired and sian..i look at this and it cheered me up ..

i wanna go home...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Birthday Cake

As you know, Jayden is already 10 months. Means in another 2 months time I'll have total damage in my pocket. So Nadia was asking how are we doing it for him the first time. To be honest, I thought about doing it in A&W in PJ, you know the original A&W with the big A&W bear and a special room for kids to run and play games organized by the crew. Not to forget about the free gifts for playing games are provided by them too. Another thought is to do it in McDonalds Centre Point. Yup with playground and all. And thank god...don't have Ronald McDonalds running around. I hate clowns. And big fat furry walking thing like the A&W bear. I have no idea..dun ask me why.

Anyway, I'm thinking....if i were to organise in the fast food outlets..what is Jayden gonna eat? He can't drink Coke, He can't take nuggets, he can't eat burger for sure. So how? I can't do it in my house....cos its very small and the parking bay is slightly slanted u can't actually sit there. I don't stay nearby a playground or park so i can't make like jamuan there. How? How?

I wanna make one party just for family members..and another one probably during the blogger meeting when Julian arrive (there goes the surprise!). His bday will be on a have to make earlier like Sat and Sun. 2 Days in a row. Mati lor. Wait wait i slowly think okay?

But then this morning i went to look see in my SIL blog and she created this..

Happening right? I heard from those that ordered cakes from her that the cake is HUGE! i guess enough to feed everyone that is invited. Maybe I will order this for Jayden cos he loves cars..then after that he can play with his Thomas Train..

But the train is abit small and the train don't have a very important thing that Jayden likes..

Steering wheels.

Apa Macam?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Son is 10 Months! I'm Old!

Yeap! Finally small C is 10 months old. Let me show you how he look like now...

Like a big boy now. This shot was taken during our makan-makan session in Bar-B-Q plaza in BU to celebrate his 10 months old day. But it seems like Big C and I enjoyed the food there more than Small C. Hehe He was busy doing his "blowing raspberry" action and saying "NoNo" the whole night although he is asking for food. So now NoNo represent No and Yes altogether! Hahaha

I've started shopping for his CNY clothes. And children clothes are SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!! But its worth it..seeing that I'm buying for 12-18 months and 1 year old clothes for Small C is so exciting. But....I miss the Baby Small C very much. But what to do? Takkan i wanna preserve my Jayden and make him small all the time right? So the best I can do to make him HENSEM la!!!!
So I've finally succeeded in training him to quit his night feeding. Nowadays Big C and I looked more "fresh" and Small C too cos we can sleep thru the night. But somehow, he can't sleep by himself for long. At 4am every morning he will cry for us and ask us to let him sleep next to us. The worst part about him, he chase after Big C and will sleep together, touching his body. Fearing that my big "log" will turn around and sleep ontop of the small "log" i have to wake up a few times to look for him and place him next to me. And 5 minutes later, he's doing it again! *sigh*

Food...He eats almost everything. Nanny told me she gave him Char Kueh Tiaw and Nasi Lemak hoping that small C wont ask for mammam all the time when she's eating. But guess what? My small C is not afraid of chilly! So everything also hantam...what we eat, he will eat! But he's not gaining weight cos he's like a super hyper baby, moving non stop..even when he is sleeping! How to gain weight?

Speech: He calls me AhMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh and sometimes MehMeh. He calls his Dadi Didi and every other things NenNen. He will sing..Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh sometimes to the rythm of Barney's "if all the raindrops are lemondrops and gumdrops" (or something like dat) cos i can hear the "Ah AH Ah Ah " Part where the kids will open the mouth wide facing the sky ( i think shoppingmum knows what I'm talking about cos Justin loves Barney).

Sleeping: He has no fixed time for sleeping. But he knows it when i bath him at night and switch off the lights. And sings for him. Sometimes we will play kucikuci (yeah i know it will only make him more active, but i like to hear him giggle and laugh!) and he loves itsy-bitsy-spider and This-Lil-Piggy! And he will laugh at the ending although I haven't complete the sentence.

Motor skill: He began to cruise around when he was about 9 months and now he began to let go and stand for a while. And he will push his cars and walk together with the big car that we bought for him. He can jump and lift his body up higher than before. Super Kangaroo! And when he is "driving" in our car, he knows how to turn on the radio, on it louder or softer, turn on the "right" signal, wiper and horn! Brought him to the Naza carshow on Sunday and he honked in the showroom. Can you imagine all the ppl staring at us? Pai seh..... He don't like baby toys. He goes for original toys like our handphones, remote control, PSP, laptops, handbags anything that does not look plastic or looked like toys. Why are we still spending money to buy toys when he dun play with toys??

This is him enjoying himself with the "free" rides in Giant.

His top 2 teeth is coming out soon. Can see that the gums are swollen and there 2 white lines. But so far there's no fever (TOUCH WOOD!!!!) but there's poopoo indicating that he's teething again. I've been checking his "coconuts" quite often nowadays, to know if he's sick or not. Why check coconuts ah ? Later I'll blog about it. So proly there'll be 2 or 3 posts today cos today I don't feel like working.

70 Question Mia Tag? Who is the one that created this...i wanna *piak piak* you!

I have no choice. I kena tagged by Oscar's mummy and Shannon. If no do, no fren wor. You say do or not? Do lo...But i wanna highlight hor...Please do not tag me anymore for this year. Next year la..okay?

1. Are your parents married or divorced?Married ler. Still rocking the bed. YeeehAR!!!!!!

2. Are you a vegetarian?Only when there's no other food available.

3. Do you believe in Heaven? I have to have a target right...otherwise when the king of hell rejected me then i dun have a place to go ma.

4. Have you ever come close to dying? Ermmmmmmmm not really. Give birth consider or not?

5. What jewellery do you wear 24/7? My boobies. Hiaks! My RING la.

6. Favourite time of day? Go home time.

7. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Everything sapu la. Dun waste.

8. Do you wear makeup?i have no choice. I look like zombie ma

9. Ever have plastic surgery?Can someone sponsor so i can have one? I need one on the bum, on the kangaroo pouch, my lips, my eyes, my boobs, my toungu, my many things la

10 Do you colour your hair : baru coloured.

11. What do you wear to bed? T shirts and shorts. Cannot go son is nipple twister..remember?

12. Have you ever done anything illegal?Of cos la. Was stopped by a policeman becos i never stop for 2 traffic lights. told the cop that my stomach ache and think that i need to go hospital soon when i was 8 months preggie. Opppsss

13. Can you roll your tongue? WahNA SHEEE??????

14. Do you tweeze your eyebrows? Can't have bushy eyebrows, hairlegs, armpit hair, grey hair..everything also tweeze..

15. What kind of sneakers? dunno in the closet got alot

16. Do you believe in Abortions? For what reason first?

17. What is your Hair color? Coffee + egg+ henna colour lor.

18. Future child’s name? Jaydyn, Aiden, JayZen, Jay Jay Jay Jay La. As if i'm gonna have one soon! hahaha

19. Do you snore? i tell u when i can hear myself snore okay?

20. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? anywhere wher i dun need to worry about money and work and of cos with my 2 Chans la.

21. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? My hubby looks like big bear...can ka?

22. If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Shout HooRay la!

23. Gold or silver?White Gold lor.

24. Hamburger or hot dog? Ham Hot Dog?

25. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? YEE SANG! Gong Xi
Gong XI Gong XI NIE!!!!!!!!

26. City, beach or country? Beach when i can finally wear back my bikini. Country when i wanna get away from work and city when it's SHOPPING TIME!!!!!!!!! muahahahha

27. What was the last thing you touched? My nose...wanna see?

28. Where did you eat last? in front of camera..the chicken prosperity burger sucks!

29. When’s the last time you cried? U wanna know? u wanna sayang me meh?

30. Do you read blogs? Of cos la!

31. Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? why not?

32. Ever been involved with the police? Refer to question no 12.

33. What’s your favourite shampoo conditioner and soap? Pantene anti dandruff and soap any brand which is cheap and good la..

34. Do you talk in your sleep? when i sleep , and i talk, then i tell u

35. Ocean or pool?Pool la. Tsunami ah!

36. Missing Question...can i delete the rest of the Qs too? hehehhe

37. Who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend? You wanna know meh? Must be responsible for this question wan o.

38. Window seat or aisle?Aisle le. See what ler.

39. Ever met anyone famous? Annie Q, Laundryamah, Oscar Mummy, Egghead, Tracy, Rachel, Michelle, DG, Allyfeel, Mott, Angeleyes blabla bla so many ppl la.

40. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life? You wanna ask me ah?

41. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl lo.

42. Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey? Who the hell is Ricki Lake? Oprah i know la. The woman with big mouth.

43. Basketball or Football? i hate balls.

44. How long do your showers last? Fast lor. gotto rush to pick Jayden up ma.

45. Automatic or do you drive a stick? Both, anything. Bring it on!

46. Cake or ice cream? Ice cream sakit gigi. Cake Fattening.

47. Are you self-conscious? Of cos la.

48. Have you ever drank so much you threw up?Havent finish CHANG beer, want to throw up for 5 hours cannot throw up. End up went to get a jab. Can consider answered question edi?

49. Have you ever given money to a beggar? Got la last time. NOw dun give. Cheat ppl wan!

50. Have you been in love? of cos la.. then why i marry Mr Chan and have Chan junior lek?

51. Where do you wish you were?Australia..

52. Are you wearing socks?Nope. I wear Heels ma!

53. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? Choi! Tai Ka lai See!

54. Can you tango? No one to tango with me la!

55. Last gift you received? A camera..

56. Last sport you played? What is that..where got time la

57. Things you spend a lot of money on? clothes la ...for myself and Jayden. Gong Xi Gong Xi ma!

58. Where do you live? PJ lor

59. Where were you born? Pantai Medical Hospital. Level 2. Room No 8. Bed No 2. Who wants to know? I bullshitted about the last part. Hahahha

60. Last wedding attended? Hubby's colik's wedding

61. Spit or swallow? WHAT??????????? spit what? swallow what??? are u thinking bout what i'm thinking.*wink*

62. Favorite position? WHAT??????????? what position??? are u thinking bout what i'm thinking.*wink*

63. Most hated food(s)? food is nice....why wanna hate it?

64. What’s your least fav.? least favourite of what? why so ling ting wan the question?

65. Can you sing? Sing what le? U wanna hear meh?

66. Last person you instant messaged? Shannon lo..asking whether izit Amah's birthday today or not?

67. Last place you went on holiday? Holiday ah ...penang kua.

68. Favourite regular drink? Coffee and Water la.

69. Current Song?…Suki's Berdiri Di Sini..Bleh..Whole day in ERA ma..Damn 9 sian

70. Tag 3 friendsI don't want to tag la. Kena scold later.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I smell like Coffee

Okay. Since no one want to help me pull my grey hair, i have no choice. I have to dye my hair but i don't want to use the normal hair dye. 1: i dun like the smell. 2: i dun like the hair texture after effect. 3:My hair is digital if i were to dye my hair again..then my digital perm will be gone. So, i called my mom and asked her to get for the Henna that she always talk about for me to dye my hair last Sunday. So here's the ingredient..

Henna from the typical Indian Shop, Egg and Kopi O Kau Kau. You must tell the coffee fella that you want "dye hair coffee". You can't drink this coffee, otherwise you'll go to Lalaland in 10 mins! I have no idea how much the Henna costs cos my mum refused to tell me..scared I pay her back. But i guess it's cheaper then the Branded hair dye. Want a closer look at it?

Note that its written Beware of immitation! Means mine is original ! Hair dye also got original and immitation! HaHa So got all changed ( you don't wanna dirty your nice T right?) into my Old and unwanted T and started to ask my sis to comb my hair with the mixture. Of course we helped each other. And after that just wrap the head up with plastic cling wrap and we're supposed to wait for 4 hours. But this notty fren of yours of course never wait until 4 hours la. I started to dye my hair at 6pm, ate dinner with the cling wrap on my head, watch TV with the cling wrap on my head.. and went home in the car with my cling wrap on the head. Hehehe And i washed my hair at 9.30pm. So okay la.. only like 30 mins from 4 hours ma. And the result..

My hair is like this yummy chocolate diabetic cake! Less Sugar, Yet so nice and so yummy..

My hubby said my hair is abit coloured but the grey hair is not well covered. That's under Warm light in my cannot really see well. But he kept on saying.." You smell like coffee. The nice coffee smell". :)

So I came to work this morning and I asked my colik who complaint about my hair the other day, she looked so amazed with my hair. She kept on saying.."Eh, cantik la. Macam ada highlight! U punya uban pun tak nampak already!".

So am i liking it?

I Love it. My hair is not hard and dry like my previous experience with the Branded Hair Dye. The effect especially cos the colour is not flat all over.. it gives you the "highlighted" colour. So it's more happening... and plus I didn't pay a single cent! Hahahaha

But...I'll be a good girl next time and wait for 4 hours instead of 3 hours so maybe I'll super like it? Hahaha

By The Way, Since I've posted cake picture on my blog today.. it just reminded me that 2 of my frens birthday is today and tomorrow! So Happy Birthday ANNIE Q and LAUNDRYAMAH!!! Muaks Muaks for you two!!

It's Monday again so......Have a Great Week Ahead everyone!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I smell so caffeine...*sniff**sniff*

Friday, January 19, 2007

Jayden Says No No...

Posted this in my son's blog and 2 bloggers came to comment, Shannon and Annie...Kam Siah lu!'s the story morie...

2 days ago, he was abit sick..coz another boy at Nanny's place is having flu. So he's got the bug too. Probably that's why its was so difficult for him to sleep the other night plus he's teething at the same time. Fed him some chinese medicine and he loves it! I have no idea why he loves chinese medicine and will open his mouth wide for you to feed him but close him mouth tight if he see us feeding him syrup from doctor's place. Anyway, as usual he will crawl here and there and he tried to reach the plug and i said "Jayden, No! No!" And he turned around, looked at me and started to turn his face left and right. I was so surprised and i tought it was just so happened that he did that. So i asked him again..."Jayden, say no no". And he did it again. So confirm, he knows how to say No!No!

Yesterday's morning the Nanny told me that the day before she asked him whether he want to go for a nap or not and Jayden started to say No. Even if you put him on the bed and if he's not sleepy he will sit up and start to shake his head indicating that he don't want to go to bed. Here's a video of him saying no no. Yeah, very dark i know. Gotto change camera again..*sigh*

Till this morning he is still having a lil running nose espisode but last night's sleep was okay. I went home late cos AHEM! i went to do something. And when i reached home, both Chan's were happy to see me. Big Chan was very happy cos he finally can rest ...although only took care of Jayden from 6.45pm until i reached home like 8pm. Jayden was basically giggling and waiting for me to play with him. Hope today he is better...

You know one thing i don't like about sending my baby to the Nanny is...the other boy's brother goes to kindy and always get germs from the kindy and pass it to the bro and then pass it to Jayden. *sigh*

But what to do..I'm not a SAHM ma..

ANYWAY......I've submitted Jayden's ugly picture in a baby contest. NO..he's not cute enough to win. And far his vote is not the highest. This poor mother of his..keep on msn-ing asking ppl to help vote, emailing frens, relatives to help vote and I think Dadi is too shy to do anything to help the son. No.. He's not gonna win cos the other 2 boy's vote already reaching the ceiling like 350++ and 200++ over votes. But the least this mother can do is to keep his votes not too far from the winner la.. So.. pls help to vote? *malu* thank u....

Growing Apples

My Hubby always says that I'm a murderer. Says that i buy plants keep them in my garden and slowly kill them. Which at one point in time, errrrr its very true. I don't have time ma! And i depended on Rini to water 'em. But.. i don't understand, you employ one person that will water your plant every single day but the plant still die. Why leh???? And lately since I've been doing my own housechores, I noticed that my plants is blooming nicely. So..that's the difference. It's my own plant and if I'm watering it..of course I let the plants drink cukup cukup water. If she water of course cin-cin-cai-cai la! So here's what I found in my garden lately...

Baby apples growing nicely...

It's small...

Fits in your hand nicely..

I gave to my colleagues to try once. And she took these picture (last 2 pictures) instead and didn't eat the apples. She say sayang wor. The taste, not so sweet (proly coz not enough water) but its crunchy.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Business Opportunity

That day my colik behind me said "EYERRR!! SASHA!! U BANYAK RAMBUT PUTIH LA!!!!" True enough after we used 2 mirrors i managed to look at my grey hair...ALOT!!! And i cannot tahan if I see grey hair. I will try to pull it out immediately or else I'll be thinking about them the whole day. Dang! How not to get many grey hair utellme?? Rini la..Work la..This and That la..*sigh*
So, I went home and tried to do it myself. But cannot, how to hold one mirror at the back while looking in front another one and the other hand holding a clipper? So i had to go to Mr C and asked him "Babe..can you please pull the grey hair for me". As usual the grumbling and the nagging begins...."cannot see la"..."very tired la" he managed to pull a few...and he said "Wah!!" and what does that mean? Means alot la! Lagi frust la right?
Mr C : you know, you can open a business....
Me : Ah? open biz pluck grey hair?
Mr C : Yah you charge ppl , 1 grey hair 10cents.
Me : Crazy! Too much money to loose izit? I did this kinda business as soon as i know what is money for. I pluck my mum's grey hair for how many years edi...from 10 cents one to 10 cents for 100.
Mr C : Hehehehehe
Me : Siao. Dun wanna pluck say so.
So i went to try to pluck my own grey hair in the toilet. Result : Tangan sakit, leher senget, kepala gatal. Give up!!! Gonna ask my mom to buy me henna and dye my hair with eggs and coffee with that henna for 4 hours. Never done it before but i saw the results of my mom's hair. Berkilat!
So who want new biz opportunity???? Open PLuck Grey Hair Shop la..Mr Chan Recommend wan!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Funny Guy

Okay, enough about the previous angry posts. I'm gonna go check out the Jaring and other options and blog about something nice now.

After I finished scrapping this at 12 a.m, my funny boy began to cry the whole night. He was teething again and this time its the top 2. Poor guy, tossing, turning and crying the whole night through. And of course the 2 of us didn't get any good sleep either. He wanted us to carry him the whole night and when we carried him, he will arch his body. And when we put him on the bed, he began to crawl and bang his head to the bed frame. BoinkZ! Once, it was too dark, he fell in between our bed and his playpen and luckily i found him fast, and managed to hold onto his leg. Otherwise, another bungalow on the head!

Was too sleepy to handle him, so I placed him into his playpen and let him cried for abit before I'm stable enough to handle him. Of course he cried like mad and I have noticed something funny....his chutchut fell out while his mouth was wide open...and then he reached for his chutchut and placed it into his mouth again by himself ...and continued to cry. Another time..his chutchut fell out, he reached for the chutchut. But this time, he didn't put it back into his mouth straight. He used the chutchut as a steering wheel and pretended to drive, while crying! Alamak! Crying and thinking about driving at the same time! HahaHa See my son never fail to entertain me, even when he is crying.

No More Blogging At Home!

Well, its too good to be true. We will return the whole XXXXX Broadband thinggy tomorrow. Big C was furious to receive the XXXXX Bill Statement amounting to Rm200 when the GIRL that was promoting the XXXXX Broadband thinggy keep on saying that it's TOTALLY FREE to register and its TOTALLY FREE for 30days trial.

Of course you can say that it's OUR FAULT that we didn't read the fine lines of the form that we've signed when we registered for a line. But isn't it A LIE when the girl is shouting "FREE!FREE SIGN UP NOW AND IT'S FREE REGISTRATION AND FREE 30DAYS TRIAL" when the actual fact that they do charge for every item, every single item. Registration, installation, this and that. What a turn off! And I've been using XXXXX ever since I own a handphone since 1998. Not to mentioned that sometimes they will simply charge you unnecessarily if you're not checking you bill, expecting it to be the same charges (cos I'm taking the Rm75 plan) and especially when you're using a direct credit to credit card like me.

Yeah, I know. The GIRL is earning her part time pocket money through each application she gets. Every application probably gives her RM17.50 (I've worked part time for event like this and its quite highly paid). Of course she's happily giggling away when he gets her money but imagine the amount of complaint calls...that's why the line is always dead, engaged or no one picks up the call. Big C gotto use my handphone to call coz the XXXXX Broadband was not registered under my number. Quite good eh? They can track who they're expecting to call and complaint and if they sees the number, they can pretend to be BLIND? And when Big C managed to get through, he guy was not even shocked to hear about the complaint. Probably his ear drum is already numb listening to all the complaints.

And they claim that the modem can be used anywhere. Yes, can and depends on location. And depends on which tile you step on in your house. The best internet connection in my in one corner of my Bedroom, next to my TV! You can't really use it other than that small corner.
And can you believe it, we signed up on the 28th of December 2006 and expected a call from the installer for more than 1 week plus. No one called and we gotto call and ask them to come. Finally they came like 2 weeks later but started to charge earlier than before the guy even stepped into our house to install the thinggy.
The only good thing about this is that we can bring it anywhere. But the line sucks. I have to reconnect and reconnect all the time.
Okay, so the internet connection is affected by the tsunami in Taiwan or something like that, but the guy is not affected right? He could at least called and say that he should come later because of this and that. At least inform the customer of what's happening, then we won't sit there and wait for a call telling us that he's already in front of our house waiting for us.
What i can say now that is, I'm DISSAPOINTED, VERY DISSAPPOINTED. Not only I can't blog at home, my laptop will be left "not so used". DANG! Maybe i gotto sell my laptop? Who wants to buy?? And if we were to get streamyx, then i have to get a line. But none of us use fixed line..and there's no reason why we need one when both of us has handphones. Fixed line charges like Rm30 and the streamyx plan is Rm75? Wah...that's like Rm100 for using few minutes up to an hour in a day. Better go to Starbucks or internet cafe right? But no time to go. Such a headache!
Big C asked me to scan the bill and post it big big so everyone can see the detailed charges for the so-called- Free Registration and Installation Broadband. Naaaaaah...Don't waste my time!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

To All Drivers That Don't Signal..

If you're the type of driver that don't like to signal when you wanna overtake or make a turning....Jayden says...

SHY!!!!!!!! SHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Shame Shame! [thanks vien for reminding me])

Because Jayden also knows how to signal when he's driving my car. But this driver also something wrong wan...cos he will signal all the way!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Lil Update on Little Chan

A lil update on Little Chan. He begin to like Barney and any "Sing-Song" shows. The shows must be continuously singing and not stop to talk. He used to watch Barney when he was 4 months onld and couldn't do much at that time. Since he knows how to turn around and began to wonder. He won't even stop to look at the tv. And this is him on Saturday morning..watching Barney on Channel 63 Astro.

He's been poo-pooing using our adult toilet..and he will only poo poo if his leg touches the toilet cover. So i have to hold him and kangkang with him while he is doing his business. But the toilet is getting smaller, and he loves to kick the toilet cover when he kau tim his business and make me fall down from the toilet bowl. So fed up with his funny character, i asked him to sit on his own potty. But he only manage to sheeshee using this potty! and the rest of the time, trying to drive the bearbear's head and jump up and to mm mm leh?

Over the weekend I have met with so many bloggers. On Saturday itself, I've met with Ryan's mummy in BU, She's so nice. She went to the warehouse sale that I've mentioned earlier and helped me to buy 9 pcs of Osh Kosh shirt. Out of the 9, 3 goes to Jayden, 4 goes to Fearles & Cruz and another 2 for my colik. Thanks Yvonne!

And i bought another top for Jayden. His Dadi say so "Pai Seh" Cos on the T Shirt its written, GOOD LOOKING (Like My Daddy). kekekekeke Total spent on Jayden RM40, Rm 10 each T.

After that we went out to another bloggers meet in KL. Someone will blog about it watch out for pictures!

Sunday, we went for mop hunting. Actually been hunting for mop since Saturday but couldn't find it. Yalah, now that we're our own maid..need a special magic mop ma...Hahahaha and me managed to find it on Sunday. Yipee! On the same day, we wanted to get Jayden a toy car cos he loves cars but we don't have BIG ones for him to play. Search and search...we bought him this big car that he can sit on it!

Yeap my Little Chan is standing already. But still abit clumsy and sometimes he will boinkz his head on the floor and the wall. Maybe he can start to walk in his 10th month soon? We'll see...Oh..and this morning i found him like this...

That is Jayden trying to tell all the aunty and uncle..

"yeap...its Monday again. Have a great week!".

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 Tag!

Okay..i kena tagged by Wen. Actually did a tag similar to this one, but she say dun care wor. Okay la..Only for Wen only!
5 things u dunno about me.
Thing Number 1: i Used to wear Size 32 jeans.
Yeap... i used to wear size 32 jeans and my weight was 62 kgs. I managed to loose 7 kgs in 5 days before. The diet, was Milo day and night and walk for dunno how many km a day.
Thing Number 2: The shortest period i stay in a company.
Is about 3 weeks. I used to work for Malie Flance...(can't write the real name, you guys pandai pandai figure out la). The working hours is 9-7. And you don't do anything there except to go through the same advert, same woman in the advert, same list of outlets just the promotion is different. SIAN like hell. But the good was yummy. They pay me for 3 yrs experience when i only have 2. But since I'm not the type to sit around and become a "VASE" i quit and left that place without wearing shoes!
Thing Number 3: I was previously mentally tortured.
Mentally torture by my japonese boss. That man is really something, a saddist! He would call my extension and ask me to go to his room immediately..when i knock the door, he will say " Stupid orang Utan! You're late. You come hia in 5 seconds time. Not 10 seconds. Go out!" and then he can see that i have returned to my place..he'll call again and make you run. And then if you reached there like 5 seconds..he will ask "ooo....i just wondering neh...what are you doing now? Ooooo working ka? okok. nutzhing then. pleae go work". You say..izit mentally toturing or not? The torture lasted for 1 year 3 months.
Thing Number 4:i buy clothes, and keep them in my closet.
Some, i have no idea why i bought it last time. And i wear some clothes over and over again..and some not touched at all.
Thing Number 5: I'm hyperactive.
Now you know why Jayden is so active, He got it from me. I can talk non stop, move non stop, shop non stop and do many things at one go. Sai Lei Leh????
So Wen, there you go...5 things you dunno about me.
Okay..I'm gonna tag some new frens here...
Desperate Mummy
Ryan's mummy Yvonne
Shannon (dunno if you have done this or not),
Nadia...and.............i think that's all.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Orgasmic Cookie

4th Post of the Day!!!

Yesterday i went home and told Mr C about the cookie i ate in the office. Normally i do not fancy Chocs, Cakes or cookies. But since so hungry, i took a bite at this cookie. And the feeling was like ... "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (smiling face)"

Mr C : *giggles*
Sasha : *smile like baru after hum sup* the feeling ...orgasmic!
Mr C : Hahahaha Really ah? *curious*
Sasha : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now i think about it also i go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Mr C : Really so nice meh?
Sasha : Yeah after you eat..u will feel like mmmmmmmmmmmm and you will automatically say ...i wanna order 2.
Mr C : Hahahah Really??????
Sasha : yeah ..*smiling face* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Seriously this is good! This is ORGASMIC cookie made by my colik's mum. It's called Strawberry Chips. You heard of Choc Chip. This is Strawberry Chips. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


You can order if you want....but must have quantity 10 containers....RM 15. email him and ask for more.....


Then and Now..

Blog Diarrhea...3rd post for the day. If you're wondering why...cos I'm so bored here waiting for my supplier to revert onthe quotations and proposal for my catalogue. They're just SO SLOW!

Anyway, was browsing through my old pictures and noticed something. The picture i took yesterday with Jayden is nearly the same to the pictures I've taken 8 1/2 months back when he is only around 5 weeks old.

The similarity top and J's lips! Always so puckerlicious! and you can see first and 2nd picture is like he's moving non stop, very hard to take his picture. hehehe But i love the 3rd picture..I don't know why. And he was so much easier to carry last time. My J is gonna be 10 months soon.....old liao lor...

Jayden Driving

Blog Diarrhea...2nd post for the day!
Since I don't need to rush home straight after picking Jayden up from nanny's place (cos no need to jaga the Rini anymore ma), we have more time to explore other things and place besides our bedroom. So yesterday i let Jayden hang oround in my car after we reached our house..

Jayden just love the steering wheel. I have no idea why. He will lunge out towards the steering wheel, cling on it and starts to jump and down. Sometimes I'll just let him hang around like this..and he will turn the entire wheels left and right moving his whole body. Hehehe

And this is him, driving and giggling with me...that's if you wanna see la..

It's no longer safe out there.

I received this email this morning.

Dear all,

Just want to share my accident that happened to me last Monday (11/12/2006) to warn everyone to beware while on the road.

The story goes like this......

About 9.00 am, I parked my car opposite KPMG KL office along road, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights and went up to office to handle some miscellaneous administration work before heading to my client's place. I left the office and headed to my car around 9.15am. When I reached my car boot, I felt a sharp pain on my head spreading through my brain and my sight started to blur. Subsequently I lost my balance and fell down on the road while pressing my wounded head.

I realized that an Indian motorist in a blue t-shirt with black helmet used a stone weighted approximately 1 kg to knock at the back of head. He had no intention to steal or snatch my handbag as my handbag was on my left while he attacked me on my right side.

I managed to stand up and slowly walked back to the office lobby with the help of my colleague. My colleague tried to stop my head from blooding heavily and tried to get a vehicle to send me to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately, I managed to reach the hospital (Pantai Hospital) with my colleague's help without bleeding too much. The doctor had to shave my wounded part on my head and made 8 stitches on it. Luckily, there was no fracture on my skull and just a swollen on the back of my head. I
was discharged the same day and rest for 1 week before getting my stitches out.

Additional Information....

On the same day, I was told by the doctor that there was another case where a woman was also knocked on her head by a motorist at the bus stop just few hours after my admission to Pantai Hospital. Furthermore, I was informed by my friend that her sister's boyfriend was also injured on the head by an Indian motorist with a bottle glass at Kepong and had few stitches on his head too. There was no motive of snatching or steal shown by the motorist. He was informed by the police that he was the 6 th victim in 2 days.

Police side......

According to the police, there is no trail to find the suspect. The suspect is now still wondering around in Kuala Lumpur looking for more victims.

Word of advice.....

Therefore, please try to walk in a group or opposite direction of the road to avoid such accident happen to you. Maybe we need to wear helmet while walking on the road in the future.


Another real story...happened to 2 of my Dad's fren in PJ OLD TOWN.

It was 6.45am during the weekday when my Dad's fren wanted to drive to Old Town for morning execise with my dad. Apparently he didn't show up. Later only they realized his car was hijacked and he was left in Puchong Kinrara at the road side with bruise on his face and head.

He was driving, suddenly another car came and blocked his car. He was forced to come out of the car by 4 Indian guys (not trying to be racist here). 3 of them went into the car with him and another went back into his own car. They forced him to put his head down with the whole body bend down nearly touching his toes! Everytime he tried to move, they will punch his face or head. Then they searched his body and found his wallet, took the credit card and went to the nearest Esso petrol station in Old Town and pumped petrol. Since this petrol station's is abit lauyah, the credit card owner gotto go to the counter and sign. The petrol Station assistant sense something was wrong cos the name written on the card was a chinese name and the person who signed it is actually an Indian guy. So he called the police and let the Hijacker off, scared ma..

They then drove to Kinrara and pushed him down with nothing. Then Dad's fren went and seek for help from the passer by. You say scared or not? Believe it or not, only a few days later, this gang strike again and this time in broad day light in Old Town also. Right in front of everyone!
Dad's another fren was waiting in the car for the wifey to buy something. This gang was like walking wards the car suddenly they jumped into the car and forced him to drive off. Imagine the wifey saw the car being hijacked with the hubby! She nearly went crazy! But all the passerby say don't report to the police since the hubby is still in the car. Like usual, that guy was dropped of somewhere again.
Looks like this gang is very active and they're not scared at all. So ppl, please lock your doors, don't stop no matter what happen, anything just drive to the nearest police station. Esp woman...sure go down and look see if their car kena bang. DON'T!!!!! It's just not safe out there anymore!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Must Go! Must Go!!! My mind keep on thinking about this sale*????. I'm going nuts. Better still have nice stocks until i go there this Saturday. Yeah, I'm broke. But I'm never too broke for my son!!!

Date : 11 to 14 January 2007 (4 Days Only! whatcha waiting for?)
Time: 10am to 10pm (wah after work can go hor?? Nope..need to clean the house..*sigh*)
Venue : Lot 20 2nd Floor Komplex Antarabangsa, Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur (or Ground Floor, West Arcade Crowne Plaza Hotel KL)-Wah got 2 location ah ????

The Brands :
MNG Current Range (I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RM 19.90 - 29.90)
Victoria's Secret
Osh Kosh Childrenwear (I WANT!!!!!!! RM10 for Osh Kosh T okay what!!)
Gap Childrenwear (I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! RM 10 to 19.90)
CK Men's Boxer Shorts & Brief
CK Men's Pyjamas Pants

Please note that only small purses are allowed into the selling area. So dun go and bring your HUGE baby bag lo!

And Mr C, since u never buy me anything for our Anniversary, this round you sponsor ya??? Thank you first a....hehehe

Maidless Day 1

Well, came home and picked Jayden up. Went out to have our belated Anniversary dinner in King Crab. Yummy! Lai Yau Hai(crab, not the other tune) pou , with mantau and fried rice. Simple dish that costs us Rm60. Jayden ate the fried rice but i guess the staff there regret to let us sit at the entrance...cos Jayden threw mantaus bits and fried rice on the floor, baby chair n everywhere. hiaks!

Anyway, i went to bath and decided to give my toilet a good scrub before that. And i am soooooooooo satisfied. After that i fold all the clothes, boiled the bottles, not forgetting bathing Jayden, Change him, and coax him to sleep. Mr Chan was busy setting up the internet connection for me...heheh finally blogging at home now! and he mopped the floor. Phew! It's tiring of course, but i guess it will give me a good night sleep.

Was thinking about things when i was scrubbing the toilet bowl. If i were to do this everyday, i might loose the extra 4 kgs that i was dying to loose. And proly with Samm's secret to a sexier and celulite free legs...i can be "wheet!""wheet!" ler.....hmmmm maybe ya?
okay..... gotto go sleep now.Adioszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


You guys remember RINI*????

Well this morning i paid her Rm100 for her 6 days job for this month. Yesterday she didn't come to work. What happened?
oooo..blood go upstairs liao. The more I think the more blood gushing up to my brain.
She came at 7am. We're all asleep in the bedroom so she's happily cleaning outside. And she just left after mopping the floor, washing the dishes, hung the clothes (i washed it) and simply just washed my car for a while and left. I think she spent like 1 hour there.
So Monday morning as usual i came to work. Mr C msned me and told me that he wanna scold her cos she simply do things while we're not there and she forgot to iron his pants. So no pants to go to work!I went home and acted like normal. Asked her to come and look at J's bottle and its nipple head..with the big lump of milk powder sticking to it although she's already rinsed and boiled it. As usual, she will laugh and say sorry. Tomorrow do again the same thing. Then she asked me what to do next, i said you better go and iron Aboi's pants. He dun pants to go to work this morning. So while she was ironing the pants, Mr C came back and stright he went into the room. "You a, saya takde jaga you, you kerja cincai cincai. Ini (pointing at the iron) you tak payah buat". Then while we're having dinner, she just said "amoi, ini kunci letak sini. Saya mau balik". It's only like 1 hour after she came. I tot she saja merajuk wanna go home after kena scolding.

Tuesday morning i saw he walking with my next door neighbour ,let's call her aunty. Basically she was complaining to aunty that she kena scolding cos they were looking at me and pretend that they're not looking at me in front of my nanny's house. I sense something fishy and not right there and then. True enough, she didn't come to work. I went and asked aunty is today supposed to be her off day (f*cking party with bf is on Tuesdays every 2 weeks).
Aunty : No a..last week holiday already ma. She coming to work tomorrow ak
Sasha: Did she told you that my hubby scolded her?
Aunty: Ah, she never say anything. I dunno anything. Dun ask me ak
And she ran back into her house??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you telling me that you dunno anything?

So i smsed Rini and asked her if its her cuti day today or she dun wanna work already or what? No reply. I waited till Mr C came back from Johor at 10 and gave her a ring. She picked up the fone and her voice was like so SICK....SO POOR THING!!!!!!!!!!

Rini : saya sakit. sebenarnya saya mau pigi bagitau Amoi. Saya tak Mau Kerja. Aboi marah saya. Cakap saya kerja cincai.

Wah blood go uptairs edi! I told her i have been paying her Extra RM100 more than aunty. And her working hours is same as aunty and not more. Just that she worked extra 4 days for me.....RM25 for a weekend work that last not more than 1 1/2 hours for an indon maid. You say I rich or not? Aunty gave her holiday, she also expect me to give her holiday. Sick la, boypren mari la, adik mari la, ini la itu la..all no ganti. You think I'm some welfare department a..alot of money to give away.

Sasha: Kenapa tak reply saya punya sms?
Rini : Saya tak ada wang.

Diu.....use all the money and feed the F*king buddy got to sms dun have. What a bullshitter!

Sasha: Kena tak bagitau Aunty?.
Rini: Saya sudah bagi tau aunty. Panggil aunty bagitau sama Amoi, saya tak mau kerja sama Amoi Sudah".
Sasha: Ah??? Aunty cakap apa pun tak tau?
Rini: Aunty Takut sama Amoi...
Sasha : (WTF????) Takut? Gila! You a, dulu cakap kalau ada apa tak betul mesti cakap dengan you. Sekarang Aboi cakap sikit sudah marah . Tak mau kerja.
Rini : ..........................saya tak mau kerja lagi.(softly)

This morning i saw aunty walking passed me while i was driving. Pretended like never see me. So i was standing outside the nanny's house and Rini walked passed. I asked her to come over and paid her RM100 for her 6 days work. I Shouldn't pay her since its her who resign and i didn't fire her. Nevermind la...I dun like to owe anyone money.

Rini: Terima Kasihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sasha: Ini you punya gaji untuk 6 hari kerja dengan saya. Saya bagi you duit sebab saya tak mau orang cakap saya buli sama you, tak bagi you gaji.
Rini : ...... and walked off

For all the things she has done, purposely or without knowing it, i didn't scold her. Instead i asked her to come and see for herself. Her mistakes cannot be listed out fully cos it's like soooooooooooooooooooooo long ..let me remind myself of some that i really cannot tahan:
  • she puts back my cup with the nescafe stain back into the cabinet, unwashed!
  • J's porridge container, just rinsed and placed back into the cabinet with the porridge sticking at the sides.
  • milk powder (lump) sticking on the bottles and nipples.
  • fold clothes half and hide the rest under the laundry basket for tomorrow to do. You think i dunno meh?
  • fold clothes and dump some in between, unfolded. She tot i dun realise it.
  • placed the wet clean laundry on the drying railing, one whole mountain of it without hanger. She claims she forgot about it and giggles when i tell her about it.
  • just mop around my bed and not under it.
  • she mops my leg also.
  • her ironing sucks, ironed and not ironed looks the same. She also forgot to switch off the iron once. She fill in water until the water spills out of the iron when there's a "Maximum" line. I have to reiron the clothes that she already ironed!
  • she loves to wash the toilet cos she gets to close the door and god knows what she do inside and the toilet look forever the same and not cleaner. I bought for her the toilet cleaner thing and still she uses the laundry detergent to wash the toilet!
  • she loves to bath my dog cos she close the door and my dog smells when she bath them. But our dogs smells so nice if we bath them.
  • She once folded Mr C T-Shirt which is FULL WITH BIRD SHIT back into the closet. I found it like dunno how many weeks later. I showed it to her and she giggled. Then she soaked it outside in the garden for almost a week. and after that without realising it, she already used it to wipe her legs. Good eh?

So yesterday was our anniversary and Mr C came back at 10pm. We spend the rest of the night, cleaning the house a bit , i did the laundry, folded some clothes and get some clothes ready to be sent over to the laundry for ironing. Mr C mopped the floor and did abit of arraning the plates back into the cabinet.Mr C was happy with the pressie but the dryfit T was too small for him. (note to Mr C: sorry babe. I'm broke. The T is a gift from my T-shirt supplier. It's the tot that counts right?) Mr C said we will be okay without Rini and we just need to spend like 20 mins of out time everyday to get the house clean. He also said he needed the exercise since he wanna loose some weight....maybe then can masuk into the dry-fit t eh?

Hmmmmm...see how la.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's been 2 years

I woke up at 4.30 am this morning. Dang! Jayden stopped waking up at 4am for his feed but his Mami pulak kena jangkit-ed. I have no idea why, but i just couldn't go back to sleep. So i woke up and started to scrap. At first i wanted to scrap one of J's unfinished scrap but since today is a special day..i'll do something special. For the first 1 1/2 hours i was like clicking and clicking and nuthing came out. The clock was like tik tik tik tik 4.45am, 5.30 am. Just when i wanted to switch the laptop off, suddenly i opened the Photoshop again and began to scrap. And the final result...

Since I didn't get a card for Mr C so here's your card, Babe. I'm broke and I'm tied up with my work, so no time or money for shopping. Btw, Mr C just smsed and mentioned to me that he had to attend a last minute appointment in Johor and will be back LATE tonight. So only gonna celebrate tomorrow. *sigh* What to do...cari makan ma..

At this time 9.41am 2 years back, we're on our way back from my grandma's house to our very own house riding in the small smart-for-2 car. I was like .."Drive Faster, dammit!" cos it was a convertible top and we're wearing gold chainssss around our neck and ppl are like "honk!" "Congratulations!" Damn scarry..imagine if you get robbed on your wedding day? Seesh!

Once we got back to our house, the tea ceremoney began. One thing I don't understand from 2 years come my angpow is always RM1 lesser than Mr C's. Probably they wanna indicate to me "Look, he's the man. He ought to get RM1 more than you, woman". Anyway, next time if there's a chance for me to give angpow, I'll give the same amount for both bride and groom cos I believe in equality in a marriage and don't tell me sh*tty comments like "cos he's the man" and those male dominant comments. I'll make sure that person remembers me for life. Muahahaha

Okay, gotto go do my work now. And a lil note to Mr all don't read ah..

Babe, It's been 2 years since our wedding ceremony. Last year, we celebrated with my huge tummy and this year we're celebrating it with our precious Jayden. Although we've been through ups and downs throughout these 2 years...I'm sure we'll work things out and I hope that there's many more "Happy" Anniversaries to come. And deep down inside my heart, I still love you very much. Happy Anniversary my Dear! Btw, your pressie is in my closet.

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year Resolution

One of my new year resolution is to make Jayden quit midnight feeding. I tried it on Friday night itself. He was turning and fussing on the bed, i gave him water and he rejected it. So i gave him his chut chut instead and carried him so he fell back asleep. I did that a few times that night. Mr C was grumbling saying that we should give it to him, pity him that he is hungry and blablablablabla but kena scolding from this fierce wifey. I did it ..the first night. His morning feed was around 7am. His Dadi fast fast make milk for his son..saying that he should be very hungry. hahaha

Second night, he fussed abit and i did the same thing. And last night was the 3rd night. I didn't bother to put him in his own bed. Let him sleep in between me and Mr C. I expected him to toss and turn...but mana tau its his own mom that cannot sleep well. And Jayden didn't wake up...and he maintained his "I" position and not sleeping like the clock last night. Probably we took all the space so he can't move! Hahahaha

So did i achieved my first new year resolution? We'll see for another few more days. *cross fingers and toes*

This is him during the weekend. He managed to "free" himself from the mozzie door from our room and he roamed outside, looking for chacha. Abit dark cos inside the house and didn't switch on the lights...during noon ma...He's naked cos he's supposed to go mandi...but he wants to go out to see the doggies..what to do ?

I've uploaded this video long time ago...just to show you how notty my son is..This is him, with his Morinaga (morigana?) Baby Bolo Biscuit. Julian and Shannon, you guys can buy this biscuit for your kids..melt in the mouth.

Oh...and i wanna share this with you guys...a lil something from me garden...err not actually garden..cos i have't planted this at my garden yet..baru bought back from Sungai Buloh..A Bunga Raya flower that is bigger than my palm...