Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tong Tong Chiang!

Christmas will be here tomorrow. My son has been requesting for "kissmass" song in the car. But when we're in pasar malam, you won't be hearing kissmass song anymore. You can only hear TONG TONG CHIANG song. And everywhere you turn you can see Chinese New Year Costume. Seriously, I like to look at the clothes especially girls clothes. Not that I'm drooling to get a girl it's because the clothes are so funny. You can see frills and funny looking characters and it's all pink and red. I remember that my mum use to dress me in all-pink from top to bottom. My eldest sis said I was the one that requested for pink. Seriously I hate pink cos its the colour of the kids fever medicine. :P

Anyway, we will be celebrating our cny in our new house. Yes, moving very soon. Means no line. Means no blogging. Means time for a break.

Time flies really fast. It was as thought I have just posted this picture of Jayden in his kungfu clothes.

This year we gotto buy 2 sets of chinese new year clothes. Imagine lil Justin in kungfu shirt. *LOL* He will look darn cute with his big belly. Maybe DOMII can sponsor me 2 sets of costume like this one

Then both Jayden and Justin will look like brothers cos they don't look alike. But then DOMII only carries boy's clothing from age 1-14. How? Maybe Justin can fit into 1 year old clothes by chinese new year since now he's wearing 6 months baby clothes already. (yeah, mami is dreaming here!!!)

Eh you guys wanna try and win this Kungfu baju or not? Then fast fast go over to MG's site and join la. Contest ends 5th January 2009.

Okay I'm really hibernating now. BYE! Merry Christmas and Have a very Very hAppy New Year!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's A Busy Life

The title tells it all. Super busy. Not because its festive season. We're leaving this place. So everything is going into boxes. Maid just boarded from tongkang arrived. I think my neck is abit longer now. She look okay. I know... everyone is starting to say "GOOD LUCK. Hope you get a good maid". Trust me..I also hope the same.

I'm also busy with my two bosses. Just some pictures to show our updates.
Both watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Sometimes the big boss will help abit.

But sometimes not so cooperative. He likes to tell me Don't Yike! Don't Yike!

Of course most of my time goes to the small boss. His slave mom will play with him abit like this before he doze off.

Small boss starting to grab things.
Everything goes into the mouth.

Even his dadi's neck tag. And of course my hair. But I cannot take picture, cos his grip is very hard and that can make my head senget. Cannot focus to snap pic :) And he's showing signs of turning more work soon.

Anyway, it's hard work dealing with 2 bosses. But its all worth it when they give me big smile like this...

And like this...

Anyway, until we settle down in our new place...
Merry Kissmass and Happy New Year!!!!.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The more I look at him...


the more I realized that...


He look like me when I was young.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

His Fav Sentence


Jayden: *pointing at butterfly* Bee!
Me: No ler.. it's a buh..
Jayden: B! Buh.... Buh..... Butterfly!
Me: *shy*'s a butterfly.
Jayden: You're Right!

Now, he will ask me to repeat after him and after I have repeated what he said, he'd say "You're Right!".

P/S: Son, remember to say "You're right" to me when you don't agree with me in the future, okay?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boom Boom Boom!

Nope. Not firework. It's another of our Boom Boom sick session.

Finally I'm sick. Both me and my niece got the fever viral from Jayden. Make it worst, I have tonsillitis. So I have been down with fever, sore throat and head spinning session since Saturday. We both went to the hospital to get our blood tested for dengue and good news,not dengue just some bacteria-which is good enuff to make meso damn sick.

I'm on antibiotics so I can't bf Justin for a week. Yeap, throwing my precious milk down the drain. :( And he kept looking at me... :( And smiling at me.... sigh Happy 3 months old baby Justin....but mamimi cannot nurse you. I don't know after 1 week he'll still want me to nurse him or not but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm pumping and throwing it away to keep the flow regular.

And since this fever viral can spread, I try to go near Justin less. So today I went to my mum's place. And we've been sleeping in different room.

Sigh, dun wanna say much edi. So another week of MIA for me. Adios.

Friday, December 05, 2008

One Dolli

What can you buy with One Dolli?


7-Eleven Slurpee 8oz!

Just right for the small hands but gotto becareful cos they dun have the special holey cover for this small cup so the kiddo might accidently pour the slurpeee out. And the straw with spoon is too long for this cup too. So better hijack a small spoon before you leave 7-Eleven ok?

This lil boy has been asking us for one dolli when we go out. He wanna pay. It's like as though every single thing costs one dolli only. Jayden oh... Jayden.. if only everything is one dolli...

p/s: he knows how to say one dollar, five dollar and ten dollar. Saja suka kacau us.. dunno why..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

MIA for a week

A.....some of you guys thought I was too happy camwhoring with my Justin. Nolah...I MIA-ed cos Jayden was sick for the past 5 days due to fever viral. He's much better today :) So the other day he was at home sitting by the bedside and I heard him sang...

Jayden: Dadi...dadi... I yup you. Dadi...dadi.. I mik you...

My 3 Chans...Big Chan, Small Chan & Little Chan

Yeap...definitely a dadidi's boy. But when he's at home with me and Justin (and also my niece who's here for holiday) he sticks to me like glue. And when my niece tried to pull him away from disturbing me working, he will say...

Jayden: UWAAAAAAAAAA Ting Ma...Ma....De Hua......Uwaaaaaa per rang tah shou shang...shiang kwai kwai chang tar.... Uwaaaaaaa

Muahahaha It's cute la the way he sang Jay Chou's song. Ting Ma Ma De hua (listen to mommy's words) wor.. If only he knows what he is singing. And yes, we listen to this song in our car. And Jayden requests for it over and over and over again until we gotto hide the cd. :S

This is him, kissing his brother while bathing.

Since he was sick for the past few days, he was very manja. Refused to let me bath Justin. Sometimes he will say "I want wipe baby...." and helped me to use the hankerchief to wipe Justin's face and head. Or sometimes he will purposely say " I WANT PEK PEK (poop)" when I'm about to bath Justin. So one day I was too busy to layan both, I stripped them and bath them together.

These few days, pangsai also no time. Serious....... I wanna pee also he bang the door and went into the toilet with me. I said "cover your eyes!" He laughed and put his face nearer. You say la.. pee also interrupted. Dun worry no pangsai story cos you know why? Told you edi what?! Really Pangsai also no time!

Friday, November 28, 2008

La La La La...

La la la la....
Actually I have written few long paragraphs. It's about something SOMEONE has said about me. But I figure, forget it la. No point writting it out. I have better things to deal with than to be angry and sad about that person. Not worth my time right? But what happened has proven my intuition about that person is so right and I've made the right decision to stay away from that person since long time ago. :)

So, it's weekend again! And that's a good reason to be happy and be all cheerie right?

And... I managed to sleep last night!  Not sleep through thenight but then better than the rest of the nights. Must be thankful, right? (probably get jinx after this...hehe) But then woke up with a swollen eye! Too heaty maybe.. Hmmm 

See how happy I am ? So happy that I started camwhoring with my Justin. hehe 

Nolah...not middle finger (although I so wanted to show it to that person). Managed to snap a pic of him smiling (abit). I don't know why, he always frown when he sees my Hand Phone or my camera :S 


I think it's him that make my hair look nicer in this picture. Hehe

Have a good weekend everyone!

La la la la la....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Night...

Last Night...

Me: Dadidi.. I must sleep tonight okay? I never sleep last night. Now I'm so damn sleepy edi...
Big C: Okay Okay You sleep la.
Me: Zzzzzzzzzz

Me: *woke up* huh? .. i thought justin cry tim..Nehmind sleep back.

Me: Sleep la.....................why cannot sleep wan

Me: *falling asleep*
Justin: Uwaaaaaaaaaaa (translation: I want nen nen)
Me: *nurse Justin* Okay now i can go to sleep peacefully.

Me: Okay....falling asleep now.. Zzzzzzzzzz
(background sound: handphone ringing)
Big C: Your handphone ring ler.. dunno who's number is this. (pass fone to me and it stopped ringing)
Me: Don't bother la.. gila wan. Call ppl in the middle of the night.
Me: (who is it ah ? If call midnight must be damn important. Sms: Who Is This?)
Me: okay fine no reply. Must be wrong number.
Me: Okay falling asleep Zzzzzzzzzz

(background sound : HAND PHONE RINGING)
Me: Helo? Helo?
Mr X: ah huey ah.... Ah huey....
Me: HUH???? Helo?
Mr X: Ah huey..........*drunk sound*
Mr X: *click*
Big C: Who is that ?
Me: Stupid drunk bugger looking for ah huey in the middle of the night.
Big C: haha

Me: Sleep la........ why cannot sleeep? all your fault ah huey!

Me: Falling asleep.....
Justin : UWaaaaaaaaaaa (translation: I to play!)
Me: Justin ah... go back to sleep la..mamimi very tired leh..
30mins later, justin went back to sleep.

Me: Please ... pleaseeeee please pengsan la...*sigh* ah huey....

Me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Justin: Uwaaaaaaaa (translation: I want milk!)
Me: Babe, please feed justin. I BEH TAHAN edi.
Big C : Okay okay.
Me: Zzzzzzzzz
Jayden: Mamimi? Open this?
Me: Uwaaaaaaaaa
Big C: Jayden don't kacau mamimi. Let's go school.
Me: Zzzzzzzz
Justin: Uwaaaaaaaaaa (translation: I want my bath already)
Me: *sigh* (wake up and bath Justin)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A lil pressie for myself..

Dunno why. When you get older, your birthday pressie is lesser and smaller. Or some ppl get bigger and bigger like house (dream la....dream more la)

This year, my birthday started with tears. Yeah ler.. cos I was thinking to Now jayden baru tidur.. in 1 hour Justin is waking up. Tidur setengah jalan then wake up. Then its like so damn difficult for me to sleep again. To sleep or not to sleep leh? How I wish I got the "ON - OFF " button that can make me sleep or wake up straight away.

Anyway husband bought me a cake. But he very "paiseh" wanna bring it out for dinner with my sisters cos he wrote something on the cake. Of course I cannot tell u what izit la, if not he will kill me ler.. :P So Cake only ah ? Muahahhahah you think la Mr Chan. You check yr credit card statement got this statement from Vincci wan..50 plus. I bought a new pair of heels with your credit card for my bday. I know you busy ma... 

Jayden leh.. he sang bday song for me. Many Many Many Many Many MANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY times! Good enuff for me. And that night, he didn't fuss like the night before. So maybe he "read" my blog?

Justin leh.. he slept from 1130 until 5 am. Good hor? But then yr fren here very stupid la. I kept thinking he is whining and wanted milk. So I kept waking up. At the end I woke up , pumped my milk and tot of going back to sleep and suddenly Justin woke up and wanted milk. Kasi bottle he doesn't want. Oh yeah.. He rejects bottle. He's a boobie man. But then Bleast no more milk how? Ask Mr Chan to wake up and feed and Justin only drank 1oz. So at the end ,I kena kerja again. But then he slept from 1130 till 5 wor. I'm supposed to be enjoying my sleep but its my brain that kept telling me that I need to wake up. So it's my own fault la right? *slap ownself*

So what did I get for myself? I thought I should get something to lift myself up. But I'm too darn broke to buy anything expensive for myself and I look like shit with my long hair. So, yeah I just walked into the saloon and said " CUT IT" And yeah... snip snip.

Nice or not? This is the best picture I can find la. I never sleep for 4 days edi. Kasi Chance la..

Of course I felt "Lighter" and felt good when I walked out of the saloon ,cos baru washed, blow dry to perfection. I was supposed to get some highlights done to make myself look like some funkier despo housewife but then Justin was crying for milk edi. So what to do? Go home and moo moo la.

But then do you think its okay to highlight hair when you're breastfeeding?

And also I need someone to sponsor me for the highlights..........*wink at Big C* can ar?
(GOD saying: Big C, u better give her what she wants cos she tahan for so many nights no sleep and jaga the kids while you're away for your business trip. Otherwise u in big *toot*)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Year..

my only wish is for my boys to get well soon.

If I Have another wish, i wish I can rest and have a good sleep. Just one will make me very happy cos Jayden's been up since 2am.He just slept. Imagine, I only got 2 hours to close my eyes and that's it. When he's about to sleep, Justin woke up. The entire family cried and screamed in the middle of the night. Ppl must b thinking we're having an early celebration or its time to be nuts again.

Everyday I'm asking myself what else can i do?
Speak softly, cannot.
Scream cannot.
Whack cannot.
I'm like at the dead end.

Jayden is Forever puling my hand.
Must sit next to him when he watch tv. The hand must be around him.
Sekejap want thomas.
sekejap want word world.
Then ask for apple. When you peel the skin of the apple, he purpose stand ontop of your feet. Step Step Step on my feet.
I hate it.
I really hate it.
And he refused to listen when I ask him not to do it.
Just by saying No, he's already screaming like I'm about to slaughter him.
He lost so much weight.
When he cries I only see one Big mouth.
I pity him.
I don't know what else I can do.
I shouted at him every single day. I even shouted those things which I'm not supposed to say. But I cannot help it.
When I'm nursing Justin, he wants a piggy back ride. My right shoulder hurts so much. Justin also refused to be carried other way except when I use my right hand. So basically my right hand is cacated now. So sore. So damn sore.
Justin is coughing very badly and there's nuthing I can do except to pat his back. He refused to lie down and let me pat his back when he's up.

Anyway, save my rant for another day. I sibeh tired. My eyes very the tired cos I have been crying since 2 am until now. My throat hurts. My shoulder is sore. My right hand cacated. I just hope that today will pass by very peacefully for me.At least just let me enjoy a little bit.

Dear god, if you are listening, please let me rest abit. Afterall...It's my birthday ma...ok? Thank you very much.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going Mentalz!

I thought I better separate what I wanna write from Justin's 2nd month post below.Cos what I'm about to write is not a happy post.

We went to another doctor last night cos our doctor wasn't around. Justin coughed very badly till his face turned red. Jayden coughed like his lungs was falling out. I? I felt like I wanna pengsan anytime but cannot. The doctor held Justin abit, looked at the ear abit. Doctor also spoke and played with Jayden abit, gave him some candies and prescribed some medicine. And the damage was RM210! And what was the medicine? Fever, Flu, Cough, Nose drop for BOTH my kids, Some stuff for ulcer. Must be some super medicine huh? And the medicine was exactly the same as the one we took from Yenjai the day before. The nurse asked us to throw it away! Print money on trees izit? Anyway Big C went home and he was grumbling the whole night and he asked me to blog about it. Naah blog edi la.

Both of us are standing at the verge, going to suicide anytime. Jayden is really really testing our patience. I don't know about you guys, I get very very paranoid if he doesn't eat or drink. Some ppl say "it's okay wan...he dun feel like eating ma". But then by the time he recover , still alive or not??? Tinggal tulang la! So, the shouting goes on, the crying goes on, neighbours must be thinking.. the people in this house is like some mental human got escaped from tanjung rambutan. When he cry next to me, i just stare at him. Or sometimes just look atthe wall. I'm trying sobad not to whack him but then many times I cannot tahan. Now when I talk, I sound like I'm shouting. Big C ask me " why you shout at me". Wtf, my voice vol automatic is like shouting edi.

I havent been working for many days. How to work? I don't even get to rest. Last night, I think I pengsaned for a while. I dreamt that I went to holiday ALONE. And I was snapping picture using my dslr. The view was fantastic. I was busy snapping away without thinking about anyone else. So carefree then.....Justin cried for milk. Yeah, dream only. Think about it also make me wanna cry out loud now. I'm SO DAMN TIRED AND DEPRESSED! But then, what for wanna rant and cry? Still gotto go on with my life right?

But then I still wanna rant and cry cos it's my blog what. At least I felt better after I get it all out from me otherwise I go Gila. So sekian terima Kasih. If I'm still alive or sane, I'll come back and blog.

Justin - 2 months

Backdated, updated!

Ah time flies and he's already 2 months!

Pic taken at 1 month 2 weeks and 5 days old. No current picture. Very busy ler...

Weight: I think he is slightly more than 5kgs. Haven't been to the paed for his jab. He's down with cough and flu :( Went to the paed cos he was coughing very badly till he cannot breath and he is 5.7kgs.
Height: Dunno also
Head: No idea 38.5 cm

haha you must be thinking "what kind of update is this if everything also don't know and no idea". Muahaaha you dunno ka? I'm going nuts already! I don't even remember when is the last time I poop!

He drinks direct from McSasha now, so I have no idea how much he drinks. When we gave him bottle (that's when dadi or pohpoh is feeding) normally it's 3oz. And how often does he drink? I have no idea too! Muahahahhahaha


He loves to coo or typical chinese says Angoo. And he farts alot! We call him "Mr-Fart-A-Lot". His sleeping pattern is very different everyday. Sometimes he will take very frequent short naps or sometimes he'll just sleep and sleep and sleep till I get so worried. And yeah, he still wakes up in the midnight for feed. Don't ask me how many times. Let's just put it this way, ok? When he cry I'll walk over like a zombie and flip my shirt. And he will stop drinking once he falls asleep. Sometimes I wake up many many many times and sometimes just two times.

Although I'm very tired, but still seeing him smiling and cooing really melts my heart. Love you Justin!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it The Season?

Well, not the season to be jolly happy. Its the Cough, Flu, Fever and Sore throat season!

First it was me. I have not been kissing my boys errr around the lips area. So I opt to kiss the hands, the legs, the tummy, the errr everywhere la!

Then Jayden came and kissed my lips cos that's his way of saying Thank You. And BOOM! He started coughing!

And then he said that he wanted to kiss titi! BOOM! the lil one is coughing and his nose started to blow cute lil bubbles.

And soon everyone is wrapping wanton at home!(I wrap for Justin and Jayden la..I'm the maid ma!)

How about Big C? Errr he's always been unwell since ...since.. I forgot!

Jayden without the sickness is already a very hair pulling experience.Oooooooooo You cannot imagine how we pull our hair man. Now I whisper also its automatic vol-HIGH!!!!

Justin, although he's just lying there being cute (anyway he is 2 months old today) also wants to carry, talk, coo, chuckles.

Me? I have been coughing til my lungs wanna drop out since so long ago. I sapu so many pills a day, Hamik hamik lactating multivits la, neurogain la, fenugreek la, vitamin c la but still I jatuh sakit. Maybe I don't have enough sleep. Yeah, most probably. Budden.... how to sleep well leh? you can sleep when yr kids are sick ka? And SAHMS without maids.. you guys get to sleep ka? I think we really need MC once in a while man. But then when we apply MC, who to approve leh?


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Don't let your husband use your phone

So we're having dinner in Esquire Kitchen a few weeks back and I wanted to snap a pic of Justin wearing this cute lil china-man cap.


And I don't know why, its very very hard to get Big C to help us to snap some good pictures. There are always excuses like Want meh?, Aiyah no need la, Jayden kacau la blablabla. But then it's okay for me to snap his picture with his kids. :s That explains why you seldom see my picture in this blog unless someone else takes picture for me.

And the other day I thought that its time to do some housekeeping on my phone, downloaded a few pictures out and when I look at the pictures, I rubbed my eyes a few times. I saw this.


Then I rotate my head 90degree and then looked even closer..
You no need to rotate your head la. I rotate the picture for you la!


I asked him to take Justin's picture and he grumbled. But he can go and take a nice and clear shot of Mr Elvis Wannabe. Pengsan or not? *sigh* No wonder when he was playing with my phone he was giggling and eating his dinner. Maybe I should frame this picture and put it on his bedside for him to see since he likes him so much eh?

btw..if you stay in PJ, you will see this guy in the picture very often. Yeap... real hair.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

I want titi!

That's what he said to us when we're about to leave mum's house last night. I was still in the house with Justin next to my mum and Big C was carrying him. Suddenly he just said " I want titi!" and ran into the house and pulled the baby carrier.

Pic taken long time ago...They're wearing my zebra shirts but its blocked *sigh* and now Justin cannot fit into the shirt anymore.

This video was taken long time ago when Justin was about a month old. Now he hugs and wanna carry Justin. Makes my heart wanna fall out everytime he does that.

Here's something that he said to me these few days and I wanna share with you guys:

Walk side by side..

Jayden: *stop walking*
Me: why Jayden?
Jayden : *grin* Hi...Perrtttie
Me: What did u say?
Jayden: Hi Perrtie.............*Big Grin*
Me: Hi Pretty? where did u learn that?
Jayden: *laugh* and continued to walk
Me: :D

It's been a long time since someone called me pretty.. haha


At mum's house last night, Jayden was playing with Jeremy and suddenly he ran to me and said:
Jayden: Hi Honey!
Me: Huh? Honey?
Jayden: Hi Honey!!! bye!
Me: :O

Nope.. no honey in my house. Only darling and baby. I wonder where he learnt  "Honey"

Rolling on the bed:
Jayden : I...(is for)...Igloo (said it Eye Gloo)
Me: (about to correct him)
Jayden: I SAID... Igloo.. (EEEEE GLOOO)
ME: :#

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

His First Time

Me : Shhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhh
JT : *look funny*
Me : Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Shhhhhhhhhhhh MMMMMMMMMMM
JD : *bounced over* KUKUBIRD! *point at Justin's kuku and bounced away*
JT : *looked funnier*
Me : Eh? U wee wee ah? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Dadi!!!
Dadi : Yes yes?
Me : See!
Dadi : oooooo Good boy!!!Poo Poo in potty! *wipe Justin's buttock with wet wipe*
JT : *poooooooooot*
Me : ooooh dangerous. wait a while more.
Me : ah... all done.

There, his first time pooping in potty. And also his first time not pooping for 2 days. *phew*


UPDATED: not potty training him. I put him on potty cos he didn't poop for 2 days. So I thought I could give him a hand/shhh-ing to make him poop and he did.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I just posted Justin's 31 days picture in his blog and when I read it again, I noticed something. And so I dug my old post and I found this...The comparison between Jayden and His dad.

Jayden and his Mr Teddy
Big C

Big C and Jayden

Big C and my MIL.

And now Justin...

I think Justin look more like Big C compared to Jayden.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Benjol Boy

Backdated post...

Wanna see why I'm so busy? Cos I have to deal with funny stuff like this everyday....well, almost!


This is why I'm so damn busy. By 4.30 I'll get even busier cos he's home with his funny stuff. This happened few nights ago when he refused to sleep (near to 12am!!! gimme a break man!) .He was rolling on the bed and he fell down, head first right on top of the musical toy hanger. It was so huge that it made his father screamed. So Big C (new readers, Big C is Big Chan not big Coc.....k ok?) went and boil and egg , and he came back with the egg wrapped in a hanky and tried to roll on the benjol. Guess what? he rolled it with the shell so I told him you need to remove the shell otherwise its too hard, how to roll right? Then he took out the shell and guess what happened later? Egg yolk coming out of the hanky. Yeap, not 100% boiled.

You say la.. how not to be busy ?

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Venue : Bedroom
Featuring: Sasha & Jayden
Date : 23.10.2008
Time : 5.45pm

S: *expressing milk*
J: *walk over and look*
S: Yes Darling?
J: Cow gives (us) milk *smile*
S: O_o

Watch too much baby mcdonalds edi...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want myself back again

I just want to find myself, be myself again.

I want to be the same old me, gila gila me.

Gila gila I am. Sometimes I say ..Tahan....he's just 31 months old or Tahan... he's just about 6 weeks old baby only. And sometimes I just snap and that's it.

The 31 months kiddo get whacking for being difficult. When he scream and cry, the mother screamed and cry even louder than him. That made him so shocked and screamed even louder. The neighbour I guess is immune to the screaming and crying. The boy, sometimes get nightmare and started kicking and crying at night. The mother then cry at night thinking how horrible she had been treated her son.

The 6 weeks old kiddo no longer sleep that much. He's always awake at the wrong timing. The time when the mother is really busy. Now he can be awake for many hours straight down. And when he's awake, he need someone to be by his side, talking to him and cuddle him. The mother's shoulder is really tired. Her brain is really tired. Her eyes is even more tired. And sometimes she just stare blankly at the wall, got no idea what to think. The kiddo only prefers left breast and scream when the milk is too strong. Sometimes because of that, he rejected the breast and cry cry cry. Even when you give him bottle, he'll just cry. And then the mother cry with him, asking him what he wants. Just today, he took 1 and half hour to finish 3oz milk.

Husband came home, sometime he see the wife with happy face. Sometimes she is so stoned and he'll ask what happened. Then he gotto go into the room and ask his No.1 what happened and why mami whacked him.  Being unwell himself, he gotto work, then come home with angry wife, sad kid and another crying baby. He even offered himself to take care of the night shift and went to work like a zombie.

I started to work, thinking that my boss will deliver his promises to keep my job function less. That's why I agreed to continue to freelance for him. But I got thrown with so many projects, some he said that he'll get another person to deal with. The person never finished her job and at the end I gotto clean it up for her. I rejected a few projects (which will be my future project :( ) and tried to work. Like what I feared last time when I first wanted to resign, he called me out of a sudden and threw me an URGENT project and need to be submitted the same day. At the same time he expect me to finish the other projects. At the end I gotto sit in front of the pc whole day - that's not supposed to happen. So now gotto learn to say NO, LATER and GIVE ME SOME TIME to my boss.

So many things going on. So little time. So little hand. No maid (coming in 2 months time)

I need miracle to happen.

Miracle to make No.1 less irritating, cranky and fussing(request to change channel like every 2 seconds, keep taking out cds after few minutes played, keep pressing DVD player ON, OFF, ON, OFF or OPEN, CLOSE, OPEN, CLOSE, keep opening fridge and digging for food, taking out pots and pans from the kitchen, throwing his fav train on the floor when we say NO).

Miracle to make No.2 Sleep better, Feed better and faster, and give his mother some time for herself.

Miracle to make me stay calm, sane and happy again. Miracle to make me , me again. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

He surprised us!

Ooh.... I gotto jot this down before my memory go haywire again. I know, normally I'll post funny things about what Jayden did and seldom praise him (Bad mother- I know!). So, many of you guys know that Jayden is still slacking in terms of speech and my neck is getting longer just waiting for him to have a conversation with me. He speaks very limited short sentences for example " I want "something". And sometimes he even say "I want MMai (Don't want in hokkien -don't know who taught him)" *slap forehead*. But this one, I gotto say he really stunned us including my confinement lady.

During my confinement, I can say I kinda neglected Jayden. The poor boy gotto play and entertain himself until his dadidi comes home from work. One night, while we're watching tv in the living room, he ran out with the brand new flip cards that I just received from MTAB and asked for me to open it for him . And so I did and he got so impatient, he tried to grab it for me and the cards fell on the floor. Of course he got scolded la.....So while I was nagging him, suddenly he just point at a card and said TIGER.

And I looked at the card that he was pointing at and true enough it was written T-I-G-E-R with no pictures. At that moment I thought to myself  "Sure or not??Only alphabets also can read?" so I took another card and he said "ELEPHANT". And I flip a few more and he really can read/recognise some of the words. Then he ran into the room and showed his dadidi and he came out with a few more cards that his dad had just taught him and told me EYE, EAR and WAVE.
I guess that is like a complimentary happiness for me. :) Cannot speak long sentences but can read. Maybe he can join join the words and make a longer sentence and talk to me? It'll be so nice..........*dreaming*

(dream a bit only cannot meh?)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Updates on everyone

Jayden at 31 months and Justin at 22 days old.

The Small J
Justin sleep most of the time. But when he is awake he need someone to sit next to him. Or he will call out EH! EH! till someone comes and chat with him. He's also abit jumpy cos his kor kor loves him so much, he will hang by the bedside and shake the bed, asking baby to wake up. so I guess that scared Justin a lil. So I went to Babyland and got him a Bean Sprout Husk pillow to put on his chest when he sleep. At least he's less jumpy at night.

Oh yeah, today marks his actual Full Moon. Happy 1 month old Justin boy!

The Big J
Jayden adores the lil one but sometimes cannot control his strengh and you know what happen after that. Since Justin moved into our room, he behaved a lil different. Like wanting to act like baby justin, sleeping in the cot, hugging the tiny bolster and asked for milk. Sometimes he will have nightmare and started to kick everything and everyone. Last night, he woke up at ard 5am and started to ask me to dance with him (I was nursing Justin), then he wanted to read a book, then he wanted to play puzzle, then he wanted to watch tv. By the time I get him to settle down, it's time to nurse again. UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

He used to be able to tell us when he wanna poop. Now he will just keep quite and poop in his diaper. And also he used to love bathing, but ever since I gave birth and dadidi took over he'll scream and cry when we asked him to go into the bathroom. 

He tried to hide the fact that he is jealous. One time, his dadidi was playing with Justin on the bed, he tried to get in between the 2 of them. It was very obvious that he was jealous but then he tried to cover up by playing peek-a-boo with Justin. How smart right?  But then he only gets jealous when dadi is playing with Justin. Other than that, he's okay and he adores his lil brother very much.

The Dadidi
Dadidi is very helpful (keep it up babe!). First day, he bought lunch for me and even warm up a Brands chicken essence for me and help me to take care of Justin while I go and take a bath. He's now officially 100% in charge of Jayden. Including getting him ready for sch, getting him changed and sending him to sch. At night, he'll bath Jayden, make milk for him and blablabla. One day he even prepared Jayden's uniform the night before, that really surprised me.

The Mamimi
CL left early so I'm all alone with Justin during the day. Jayden goes to sch and daycare and comes back at around 4.30pm. My dad is helping me to bring him back from school and Dadidi send Jayden to sch every morning. So far I have not cook dinner, we eat out and the food without GINGER taste so so nice :P. But I still jaga my pantang on certain food.

I'll be starting work on this 10th. Yeap, only 1 month maternity. Yeah I know, my company sucks. Anyway I'm officially working freelance from my home for the same company just that I'm no longer an "officially" their staff in the payroll. So with lower pay and after paying some bills (the CL and also the maid) I'm very broke now. So that explains the paid post in this blog and if anyone need parlia designer to do simple design can contact me okay ? *big smile* 

I wish I can sleep anytime of the day but I just cannot sleep during the daytime. And definitely no sleep for me at night because Justin likes to drink from only one side of the breast and then ZZZzzz.So he drink less and more frequent. So I gotto wake up very frequent in the middle of the night to nurse him. 

Emotionally, I'm better compared to when I first came back. It was bad earlier until I had to go and get some post natal depression pills from my doctor. That explains why I seldom blog hop or update my blog. I even asked some of you guys that wanted to come and visit me - not to come over cos I just wanted to be alone. (sorry!). Now that CL is not around to help - I guess I need to take a break from blog hopping.

Physically, I lost 10 kgs (including Justin). Another 8 or 9 more to go in order to go back into my Levis Jeans. I miss my old clothes!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Justin's Photoshoot

A very big thanks to Jazz and Sue for coming over during the Raya holidays to shoot Justin's pic. The outcome is terrific! We had fun and of course we scared the confinement lady and my husband cos they have not done shoots like this before. Thanks Jazz and Sue, this is the best full moon gift for Justin and for myself too. :)

Let the pic do the talking okay? These are some of my fav pics taken by Jazzmint. 

Model : Justin Chan
Age : 22days
Photographers: Jazzmint & Sue
Venue : Chan's tiny house
Date : 2nd October 2008

More pics here

Monday, October 06, 2008

Justin's Full Moon

First of all, thanks everyone for your wishes and your lovely gifts and generous angpows.

We celebrated Justin's full moon last yesterday, 4 days earlier. The day started with flower bath for all of us including confinement lady. And then prayers at our own house then we headed over to BIL's house in Kepong and then to my mum's in PJ. Confinement lady left early so yesterday it's our first day without her to handle lil Justin. 

Justin wore this very cute outfit given by Pearly but we're so busy till we don't have time to snap the pic :(. Then we headed to midvalley for a short jalan jalan session. And I tell you, it's REALLY A SHORT session. We just bought whatever we needed and went home cos Jayden wanted to run around and I am holding onto Justin. (havoc started! more to come I know )

We had a small family dinner in Pantai Seafood restaurant and managed to snap our first family pic.

I know, not a very good one but better than none right?


Backdated scheduled post...


Hi, it's me Justin Chan. This is me at 20 days old. Mami took my picture because she wants to see if I can wear my korkor's old full moon clothes. There mami, I can fit. Now can you stop changing me like a doll?

Friday, October 03, 2008

At last...

a haircut!

Poor guy, we're so busy before I gave birth so I'll just simply trim his hair for him. And after I gave birth, I can't cut his hair for him anymore. So that day we brought him to Ikano for a hair cut in KwikCut (the walkway between Curve and Ikano). We thought that he will scream and cry like the previous time in other barber shops. Instead, he was so excited and asked for us to let him off his stroller so that he can ride this...
Dadi was telling the hairstylist "okay, ready"

My lil kor kor refused to wear the cover, so we took his shirt off and the hairstylist managed to cut his hair with him moving around, examining the car.

The haircut come with a complimentary ride on the car. In the end of the video, you can see that he's actually checking out his new haircut.

So finally, a non-crying + screaming haircut for my kor kor. Is it because of the car or because he is more matured now compared to the last time, we don't know. He even said "BYE BYE CAR, SEE YOU LATER" to the car. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jayden saw me changing last night and he giggled when I put on my br@. He said " nen nen... hehehehe" and then he came and pulled my br@. So, I thought I wanted to tease him by asking whether he wanted to drink milk from my bre@st or not. Cos I did it once and he really put his mouth on it and then he said OEK...wanted to vomit. This time, he came near and then he laughed out loud and said....








He laughed and said that my NiNi looked like a mini hotdog! :(

Don't know whether to cry or laugh when he said it. *sigh*

Monday, September 29, 2008


That's what he said when he hear me use the breast pump.

Sometimes he will pull his shirt up and ask me to "DO" for him *slap forehead*


Errr..imitating mami pumping milk and watching tele at the same time. Muahahahhahaha son is so gonna kill me when he is old enough to read this!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hi Baby

He, never say hi or bye to me. But now, he's saying "Hi baby" every morning. Every morning he'll drag me out to accompany him at CL's room and climb up the cot and say "Hi baby..."

One day, he heard Justin crying and he ran from our room to his room. And he said "No cry....No cry..." and gently stroke Justin's head. And Justin stopped crying. That is like soo sooo sweet.

Yesterday, he was crying because we scolded him for something (too many things edi, forgot what was the scolding for) and Justin was sleeping next to me on the sofa. While he was crying, he can stop crying and stroke Justin gently and then continued to cry. Like that also can? Hahaha He's one funny kor kor.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A lil surprise for us...

The other day, my sister said "eh?......" and she laughed looking at me cuddling my lil Justin.

Guess what she saw?

Yeap double turn. Since I have been cuddling him facing me all the time, I have totally no idea that he has double turns. Some said double turn means the kiddo is super naughty. What to do? He has a mom like me ma...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Noticed that Justin love to chill this way:
Yeap with one of his leg up, hanging in the air. This pic was taken when we put him under the morning sun to bring his jaundice level down.

I used to tell Big C that his son loves to rest his leg on my tummy wall and now that he's out, he's doing it again! You know what? Jayden was exactly like this when he was born. Probably its a brother thinggy?

And I couldn't resist taking his leg pic with the skin peeling off.
Gives you the yucky feeling but then, how long can you see this kinda yucky thing? He's growing and changing every single day!