Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going Mentalz!

I thought I better separate what I wanna write from Justin's 2nd month post below.Cos what I'm about to write is not a happy post.

We went to another doctor last night cos our doctor wasn't around. Justin coughed very badly till his face turned red. Jayden coughed like his lungs was falling out. I? I felt like I wanna pengsan anytime but cannot. The doctor held Justin abit, looked at the ear abit. Doctor also spoke and played with Jayden abit, gave him some candies and prescribed some medicine. And the damage was RM210! And what was the medicine? Fever, Flu, Cough, Nose drop for BOTH my kids, Some stuff for ulcer. Must be some super medicine huh? And the medicine was exactly the same as the one we took from Yenjai the day before. The nurse asked us to throw it away! Print money on trees izit? Anyway Big C went home and he was grumbling the whole night and he asked me to blog about it. Naah blog edi la.

Both of us are standing at the verge, going to suicide anytime. Jayden is really really testing our patience. I don't know about you guys, I get very very paranoid if he doesn't eat or drink. Some ppl say "it's okay wan...he dun feel like eating ma". But then by the time he recover , still alive or not??? Tinggal tulang la! So, the shouting goes on, the crying goes on, neighbours must be thinking.. the people in this house is like some mental human got escaped from tanjung rambutan. When he cry next to me, i just stare at him. Or sometimes just look atthe wall. I'm trying sobad not to whack him but then many times I cannot tahan. Now when I talk, I sound like I'm shouting. Big C ask me " why you shout at me". Wtf, my voice vol automatic is like shouting edi.

I havent been working for many days. How to work? I don't even get to rest. Last night, I think I pengsaned for a while. I dreamt that I went to holiday ALONE. And I was snapping picture using my dslr. The view was fantastic. I was busy snapping away without thinking about anyone else. So carefree then.....Justin cried for milk. Yeah, dream only. Think about it also make me wanna cry out loud now. I'm SO DAMN TIRED AND DEPRESSED! But then, what for wanna rant and cry? Still gotto go on with my life right?

But then I still wanna rant and cry cos it's my blog what. At least I felt better after I get it all out from me otherwise I go Gila. So sekian terima Kasih. If I'm still alive or sane, I'll come back and blog.


  1. It's ok to shout and rant at your blog. But if you want to shout via MSN, look for me. Hugs.

  2. i get paranoid too if lil missy doesn't eat or drink. i whack too. i blardy shout too. sigh.

    take care woman, it's tough, but hang in there, things will get better.


  3. Agree the paed fee is damn expansive now. Mine flu, cough and phlegm, 3 bottles only RM64!

    Same here when the boy not eat, I will go gila and shout. My volume also in the same tune when talk to anyone..hai...

    Do take care, leave the work first and health is important now.

  4. guess paed will charge higher automatically for the first visit!!!

    oh yes, u are not alone!!! hahahaa.. i used to be in the same situation as well... got depression for quite some time esp during my BF period!!! so emotional somemore!!!

    please shout out loud to balance urself... ;) it was indeed a good release..

  5. Hang in there.. It's not easy handling 2 sick kids and you're too tired yourself too. Take care.

  6. Hang in there.. It's not easy handling 2 sick kids and you're too tired yourself too. Take care.

  7. i dont know how to make u feel better.....

    just try to relax n take deep braeth. jayden behave this way maybe he want attention... also if he dont want food, but want milk, ok lor...

    if u need any help, let us know... i baby sit justin for u...

  8. Hope your misery will end soon. We all know how trying it is, so try to maybe get a hug or two from your loved ones? Take care, you...

  9. Hang in there, things will get better. Hope when ur new maid come, she can help a bit. :)

  10. Annie is rite...Hope everything is gonna be alright after this..hang in there...take care ya...

    Not easy to take care of child nowadays...sigh..me only also wanna pengsan edi...

  11. Just shout. Shout it all out!!! Or have a big, good cry. It always works. I think all Mothers go through this at some point, especially if they are always with kids. Kids can really make you go crazy.

    About Jayden and food, it's really normal for toddlers to go off food sometimes. Tee has been off food for 2 weeks before but after that, she gets back to normal and catches up very quickly. Or if she is sick, she will not eat for a few days, but soon enough, she will eat and get back to her normal weight. Don't worry if he doesn't want to eat, unnecessary stress.

    Hugs, my dear.....you're just too bloody tired. Everything will be ok soon. Get some help, call a friend to help give you a break.

    Big hugs....

  12. good to blah out....
    expensive leh....never mind now you know dont go to that Dr...

    Hope they are well now...

  13. Kesian-nya. Hope your children really have a speedy recovery before mummy get sick!

    Hang in there!

  14. Sasha, hope you feel better after you shout and rant at your blog. Take it easy and maybe u can ask Big C to help taking care Jayden for short while when i need a break.

    It's natural for us to get paranoid if seeing our kids not eat or drink, i will go crazy when i see K not eat or drink.

    Cheer up dear, big HUGS!

  15. That's vy expensive consultation. Hope his meds r super geng. So the kids hv speedy recovery.
    We get vy worried when the kiddo doesn't eat or drink. If he doesn't eat, still ok. Maybe he's got no appetite, maybe his throat/mouth hurts. More important is his fluid intake. As long as he's drinking enuff, don't eat for a day or 2, nvm 1. Won't tinggal tulang oni. He'll gain back the weight when his appetite's back.

  16. Dshan5:38 PM

    Relax my friend. I hope both your kids will recover soon. I will say a short prayer for you and your kids.

    Take care!

  17. both kids also falls sick, of coz parents will pengsan..its good to talk it out, they will have speedy receover, dont worry and take care of yourself too...

  18. As long as 2Js' lungs are clear, that's good.

    Hang in there... hang in there...

    i'm on skype k..

  19. sasha,
    It's indeed tough to take care of two kids and you yourself when all of you are sick...

    Like mott said, hand in there. Mott can do it, so can you!

    Take care ya!

    P/s: Mott in skype, I'm in MSN. ;)

  20. Oh poor mummy, kids sick the mother will suffer.Take care your self and once again Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  21. Oh dear, poor mommy, daddy and Jayden. Hope everything will turn out well soon. Speedy recovery to Jayden.

  22. hang in there. i'm sure things will turn out fine.

  23. Dear.. hang in there. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're already doing a great job!!! Big hugss.

  24. wei, hope everyone get well soon, and chill woman... (i can imagine how hard it is, reading ur post, i know sure stress kaukau)... and it's good that u are releasing it, at least won't gather all inside... *hugzzz*

  25. yup.. hang in there.. whn the maid come you will be ok...

    rant when you want to..

  26. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. life isn't as easy as we wish, especially life with children around. "hang in there' ppl say to us, ha! we still have to hang in there until they have grown up...but when they grow up we still have some other worries! Once become parents, we'll be paranoid for the rest of our life lor! NVM we are riding on the same boat. Do take care :)

  28. sounds bad woman...so scaryla , but guess that's what mumy at infancy stage got to put up with!!
    just try to be more optimistic abt it!!
    think u will give it a stop after this heh....got to bear with them until they r at least 5 above, u'll be able to enjoy holidaying alone without d kids (like me..wink)!!
    take care & hopefully u "CAN" enjoy yr big day today!!
    eh, love that 'baju' justin wore... i know sew by you, great job!!

  29. Hmm..indeed very expensive.

    Kid dun want to eat? it's a phase. Give what he prefers. I faced this problem for years - shout scream whack etc. I can tell u, if you relax on this problem, it will go away faster. I learn this very late.

  30. I'm worried even when Ethan drinks half of the bottle only. So, I think I'm as paranoid as you.

    It's good to let out your frustration. I think I understand your situation and I wish things will get easier for you.

    Last but not least, Happy Birthday!!

  31. Your situation almost the same like mine. But we have one kid driving us nuts especially driving Mummy nuts and stressed. Its like you come to a point of, WHAT ELSE CAN I DO????????

  32. Take care...it's not easy. I've been there. I am there! :)
    Now you know which clinic to avoid in the future...

  33. babe, i think the one of the things that's keeping you sane (until you stick your head in a microwave, you're still ok!) is this blog. keep on blogging and let it all out. You have many good and understanding friends here.


  34. I hope the situation will get better. Pity you, but as a mother no choice but to tahan only..

    Hang in there okay...

  35. sigh..take care ok!! i duno wut to tell u to do oso >.<

    take care!! try to find a babysitter for them..just a day..then u can rest

  36. oh dear oh dear! it's bad enough for 1 kid to get sick.. now 2! hope they are better now ya...

    my hubby too.. when not happy about something also asked me to blog about it... like we can do miracles like dat! hahaha

    take care

  37. I truly understand your situation - when 2 kids sick.....don't you have anyone who is able to help you out like MIL or mom? You really need help lor....otherwise, I really worried that you might got into depression....

  38. I was bloghopping and was really entertained by the way you post your blahs! Me in sort of same situation as you now..my no. 3 (20mo) also not really eating now. His cloth diapers hang loosely now! My no. 4 (5mo) is my only girl and can really yellllll when it's milk time..sometimes i feel very orangutan-ish with a toddler trying to get me to piggy-back him while I try to dukung the baby girl!
    My no.1 & no. 2..when one wants to tell me something, the other also starts story-ing something..absolutely no turning back once you have kids!
    Whatever it is, we still love them to bits, right? Of course sometimes kita go crazy sikit lah. If you stay in Kajang area sure I ask you to go out kopi kopi..!