Monday, May 28, 2007

Should be okay...

I will be heading towards the airport at 6.30am tomorrow. I'm starting to miss my babies already. *sigh* It's my first time leaving the small one ever since he was born. Type also wanna cry edi! come the title is called "should be okay..."? Cos Big C should be okay in handling Lil J by himself. Last night Lil J refused to sleep. We just left him in his own bed and I tried to coax him to sleep. As he was falling asleep I went back to the bed. The Lil one noticed and started to cry again. I wanted to go back to him but suddenly someone grabbed my arm and said "Don't move. Let him cry". Okay, Big C finally can tahan seeing his son cry. And after that, he went and handle the small one while I slowly drift to lalaland. So, he should be okay. After all, it's just one night. I will be back on Wednesday night.

Lil J is starting to act like a big kid nowadays. He will imitate me when I raise my voice (scold if you wanna say it) to Big C and come back smiling at me , indicating that he helped me to scold his dad. *scared* So now I know, it's time to jaga-jaga. Anyway, his dad also dunno what he did or what I've been saying until I told him "sorry babe. I scold you in front of him and he went and scold you too." And my Big C replied " You scold me meh? He did?" Muahahhaha

Anyway, I brought him to my friend's wedding last Saturday. I combed his hair with a lil hair gel and he liked it. And we was so excited when he got there. But the hair gel started to melt as his head was all wet. So you can imagine how HOT it was. I pity my friend. She was all wrapped up with her tudung and her baju (I think it's songket). Her make-up started to melt and she was smiling from ear to ear, even when she's talking. (Boy, 6 hours like dat. Please kill me la. I cannot tahan)

Here's the video of him playing with the mirror. Don't play play, after Rachel kissed him that day, now he knows how to kiss edi. But..if kiss me, the mouth will open wide wide. Why ah?

Tak boleh tahan edi looking at his picture. Today 6pm sharp will rush home and HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG him tight tight and KISSSSSSSSSSSSSss him .

See you guys on Thursday!

Friday, May 25, 2007


To me, Friday means it's casual day and 1/2 hearted working day. And don't know why, today everyone felt the same like me. So they (my coliks) dragged me out all the way to Klang to eat in this place called BABY RESTAURANT. At first I thought that it's some bbq seafood place. But when I saw this I know I was so wrong.

It's charcoal fish. The gravy is sourish, sweet,a lil spicy just like tomyum but not like tomyum. I dunno how to best describe how it taste but it's nice. The plate for the fish is just ngam ngam with the fish's size. Like its made especially for the fish. There's sure one of this on every table so obviously this is the famous dish. By the way, that's my new colik. She kept asking me "want to take more picture or not?" muahahahaha

Another dish is the chicken wing. You must be saying, what's so special about the wing.

The chicken wing is calling us "come eat me...." Okay I still haven't told you what's so nice. I show you la. Easier..

The chicken wing is de-boned and stuffed with egg, ham, carrot an celery. Super nice. But only one wing per person. :( Enough la...cos there's samo to eat..

Dunno what pork rib. But I think it's baby rib bone. Cos the bone is abit soft and most of it is meat. What's the word again?....Oh yah..NICE!

We ordered other dish but I malas wanna snap edi. Cos if I continue to snap then my fish how? My chicken wing how? my pork rib how? Cold edi la? must eat food when its hot ma....But then my colik got infected with my snapping picture sickness they wanna snap picture for me also.

This gang I tell you. Manyak suka makan. See the way they debone the fish. I tell you. Super clean and nice lor. hahahaha

Forget about the Ijok chicken la (by the way it was featured in Star last Sunday). Come to Klang and eat BABY Seafood Restaurant . Don't worry la. This time got map and directions la! (this map i made myself wan, not copied from ho chiak!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Restaurant Makanan Laut Baby, 186A-1, Jalan Sungai Putus, Batu Belah,40150 Klang (Baby:019-213 5807)

I heard that by 7pm it will be full and you gotto line up outside the restaurant. So don't be a dunggu and wait outside for ages. Call first. And the fish is not available everyday, so call first. And don't go and say Sasha recommend you to come, cos no one know me okay? And no, I didn't get discount or get any free drink or tissue paper for featuring them. :(

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting Ready.

I just got my tickets to Vietnam for next Tues n Wed. *Sigh* I think Big C will sigh too after reading this. He's been telling me the same thing ever since the day he knew that I'm going to Vietnam -"how am I gonna do this alone?" Cos Lil J is really a handful when it comes to night time. Every night he will be alright after we come home from the nanny's. But as soon as he see his Dadi he will run towards him and ask his Dad to carry him. After that he will kick and fuss for us to get out of the house. Yeah, he wanna go kaikai. The other night when we went out to buy mineral water, he pointed at Atria shopping Complex and laughed! I asked him "where is kai kai place?" And he pointed at the shopping complex (btw, it's a dead shopping complex) and laughed again. Okay so confirmed , he is sebijik like me-Kaki Jalan. So I really dunno what's gonna happen on next Tues and Wed. (Good Luck Babe!)

Been running around the hypermarkets to buy samples to bring over to Vietnam. And today I just met with a funny woman. I was trying to take one of the can located DAMN HIGH on the shelf. And while I was tip-toeing to take the sample suddenly someone said "Amoi, jangan minum itu. Minum V-Soy. Manyak Bagus". Of course scared the hell out of me when I looked to my right and saw a Chinese lady sitting on the floor (btw its in the middle of the aisle along the long beverage aisle). I told her in Cantonese " Mm Oi Le. Thank you" (No, thank you). Then she told me again "V-soy manyak bagus punya. You jangan minum itu la." I turned to her while reaching for the stupid can and said "Ngo Mm Oi Yum Geh. Ngo Oi Mai Sample jek" (I don't want to drink. I'm buying sample). Then she said again "Aiyoh taruk manyak tinggi, beli V Soy la. Sini saja".

Niamahfulat, dun understand or what?
And I managed to reach the blardy can and gave her a smirk while saying "Loh Tou Joh" (got it edi). Then she said in mandarin, "Ni She Hwa Ren ah?" (you're Chinese ah) i replied in Cantonese "Hai Ah. Ngo mm Chin tong yan meh?" (yeah, I don't look like Chinese meh?" And she replied something mandarin. I told her I don't understand Mandarin and she continued to talk in Mandarin. Ah, malas wanna layan ppl like this. Then I heard something like "only Malays have nice eyebrows like yours"*eksyen abit*. I just smiled and looked at her. Oh, no wonder. Her eyebrow is like Virgin Forest. Untrimmed and unplucked. No wonder she said I look "not Chinese". Btw, I think she's a bit "out" because as far as I know, many woman trim their eyebrows. Be it Chinese ka, Malay ka, Indian ka semua ada la.

Saja wanna rant la...more and more weirdos out there.Okay back to work.*blek*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Result!

Sms to Big C: Babe. Many ppl wish you get well soon.
Sms to me: Huh? U post in blog ah?
Sms to Big C: Yeah. Last night.
Sms to me: Oh ok. You tell them Thank You very much ah...


*Phone rang*
Me: How B? What did doctor say?
Big C: He say nothing wor. The stone maybe come out edi. That's why super pain yesterday.
Me: Sure or not? Got scan properly or not?
Big C: Scanned edi. Dun have..
Me: Okay la. How you feeling?
Big C: A bit better la now that I have Cheap Health Insurance. But not as pain as yesterday.
Me: Okay lo. So you go home and cook okay? *joking*
Big C: Orhhh. Bye. *serious*
Me: Aiks?


One the way home, I saw 2 familiar faces on the road side. It was Big C and Lil J walking home from the nanny's. Reached home and saw burgers waiting for me. *big smile* He tot I was serious when I asked him to cook.


Big C: Can we go Giant? I want to buy 1 carton of mineral water and put in my car.
Me : Huh? One Carton?
Big C: Yeah. I want to drink alot of water edi from today onwards.
Me : So late go kai kai?
Lil J : Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *want his Dadi to carry cos he heard the word Kai Kai*
Me : Okay Let's go.
(No. Never buy 1 carton. Only bought 2 bottles of 1.5 Litre. Expensive wor...*pengsan*)


At night before sleeping..

Me : How you feeling b?
Big C: Better edi. B, I sked...very sked.
Me : Sked of what?
Big C: I sked I'm not well. If my kidney spoil edi how?
Me : *giggle*
Big C: You laff ah? You not sked if I'm sick ah?
Me : That's why I always ask you to jaga yr health. Take vitamins like me. I take so much everyday so that I wont get sick cos I wanna jaga you both. And also control taking too much soft drinks and sweet things. You know yr parents, they both have history ah...
Big C: I don't want to drink soft drinks edi. I don't want to drink sweet things edi.
Me : Good.
Big C: *snore*
Me : Aiks! banyak cepat?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Big C and His Stone

Big C was supposed to be in JB for 2 days. He was supposed to sms me to tell me that he had arrived safely in JB but I never get any news from him the whole day. So before heading home from office I smsed him. Not long after that, he called me with a shrieky voice "B....I'm coming home edi. I bought tickets and I'm in airport now". I was like "?????" (so miss me and lil J ka?) I asked him "what happened? Why u sound like this wan". He said " I sick ah....I got stone in my kidney". Fast Fast off PC, pack and cabuted from office!

Reached home, throw laptop bag on the sofa, take J's clothes, prepare milk, zoomed over, changed him, and drove towards airport. While driving, used left hand to find his mouth and chucked the bottle to him. Refused to hold by his own samo! Wuah, scolded him and luckily he knows what to do . (ha ha) And then after minum, he tidur la all the way to the airport and all the way back.

Picked Big C up and I felt so bad. He was telling me about feeling pain between the tummy and chest area and he has this urge of peeing all the time for few days already. I had stones in my bladder before so I know about this feeling. But it just didn't "fly" through my mind that it's actually STONE. I just told him" Its nothing la". *sigh* Should have listen to him more. (Sorry Babe)
He told me that the doctor said that for a man, there are 2 things that will hurt the most.
  1. Stone in Kidney
  2. Heart Attack.
  3. Wife lari with another man
So its mega painful for him but being me..nyek nyek nyek I kacau him samo and I pretended like how he tried to cheer me up when I was giving birth. " Dun worry baby *brush hair like robot* it'll be over soon. I can see IT coming out edi. Can see the hair edi!" Of course he laughed about it but he end up being painful again. Okay, he betul betul painful edi. So he took his painkiller and now he is snoring away.....

Tomorrow he is going to the hospital for a full check up. He was telling me luckily he is sick this week and not next week when I'm away in Vietnam.Poor guy, sick samo wanna think of how to jaga the small one by himself next week.

Good Service? Bad Service? How to differentiate?

Come I tell you how. Come I tell you a story. In fact 2 stories. Okay? Take popcorn and sit back.

After the bday bash (read the next post if you missed it) we went to Tesco. And decided to feed Lil J milk but we dun have hot water how? So we stopped by this cafe called JOM BALI CAFE. (remember that name!) And then after we paid for the water, we made milk, fed Lil J and we decided to go and have a walk at the Flea Market in Curve. Walk Walk suddenly I remembered that we left his bottle cover at the table awhile ago. So after 2 hour plus (yeah went to do some marketing in tesco ma), I went back with Lil J and asked the waiter that served us just now.

Me___: Hi. I left my bottle cover just now.
Waiter: Oh yes. and he walked to the kitchen)
Owner: Yes maam, can I help You?
Me___: Yeah, I left my bottle cover here just now, and yr guy went into the kitchen to look for it.
Owner : Okay *smile* walk off.
Waiter: Miss... We THROW ALREADY.
Me___: WHAT????? You throw my bottle cover?? I went off for just like 2 hours ago and you throw my bottle cover?
Waiter: Yes, We THROW already *BIG SMILE*
Jayden: ???????? (pic from ally's collection)
Me: *trying to stay calm* Okay. Thanks

Walk to Big C.
Big C: Got?
Me: No.
Big C: ????
Me: They throw away edi.
Big C: What???

You also say WHAT?? Kan? Why throw ppl's things away? At least keep for another few freaking hours la. Its not like the cover takes up alot of space right? Fark!!. I really dunno what to say to the smiling waiter, samo gimme big smile. I was thinking , am I supposed to smile back? You guys remember this stupid cafe name JOMBALICAFE in TESCO MUTIARA. Don't go there or leave anything cos they like to clear the damn table.

Now another story.

We used Pampers All Night for J's night use. But then, we noticed something wrong with this particular pack. The stickers got stuck together and you really gotto use yr nails to peel the sticker and the base off. And sometimes the sides will totally come out! PIAKKK!!! So Big C saja called and told the HQ that there's problem with this particular pack and they diverted him to Phil and they took the batch number and guess what? They're paying us back the money! Didn't expect them to do this also. We just want them to improve the quality a bit cos there's no other diaper that can last for J's night use.

And after the call,( about few days later) they sent us a mail and told us that they're processing the payment. We have yet to receive the cheque but then at least they admit there's problem with that batch (so dun go simply call and say you're got problem too okay?) and while they're processing the payment they told us to wait and even said thank you for our feedback.

Now that is what I call Good Service. Compare to what Jom Pergi Mati Cafe, PIGILAH! BLEK!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Bash!

The party day finally arrived. I dunno whether I'm the first one to blog about it or not. But anyway, here's a lil update. I guess we have a few professional photographers that will post nicer pics than mine. So this is a sneak preview! I wanna say (and do my tag sekali,) these 2 are my blablabla FANSEE! So Esther and Yvonne, you're both tagged! Esther just started blogging but she had been reading my blog ever since Annie introduced my blog to her. Btw, Annie you are also my fansee, so you're tagged too. Yvonne started reading my blog when Esther introduced her to my blog.

I also met with BabyKhong's family for the first time. The other day I smsed Babykhong and yadda yadda she told me that my blog is one of the first few that she read if she go bloghopping. So flattered, I wanna tag her. Kakaka Didnt managed to snap picture with her cos she was busy with her lil princess.
Okay you guys always ask me when I'm gonna have another one. Okay I admit. Actually I have 2 sons. But my right leg abit cacat now, cos Darrius is heavier than Jayden. Kakaka

Haha Rachel kissed Jayden , twice! Chap tou loh! (way to go son!) My son was extremly quite QUIET(corrected by my sister) today. he was so shy. Dunno why. Maybe wanna act goodie goodie to impress Rachel leh? Hahaha Shannon is also my supporter. So Shannon, since you're doing the tag, include my name la!

Here's my lil one playing with the balloon. We thought that this BK will have a playground with slide and all, like the one we used to go but there's none. So less running around for me. I brought him to McD earlier this morning and I injured my hand and leg cos he ran and wanna kamikaze by jumping down from the slide staircase. I ran up the slide and managed to catch him. Phew!

Been uploading the video for so long . I wanna cry edi! cos it's so LONG! Will update later when it's approved by youtube.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I have a lil Rambo at home. Come I show you.

Cannot really see the luka-luka right? Nevermind, those that are attending tomorrow's bday bash can see how dirty this boy looks like with the luka on the face and hand. Havent even show you guys the mozzie bite on the leg. Dunno why, mozzie likes to attack us both and not Big C (btw, let me high light to you again big C= Big Chan and not Big Cock. Okay?)

So, why I call him Rambo? Cos this fella just dunno how to be scared. And he play rough, very rough. His favourite stunt now is to cover his eyes and walk (playing blind man) so he end up banging the wall, the tv rack and everything! Egghead said we will let the 2 wrestle and see who will win. And those that is attending tomorrow's bday bash, please be informed that my son still dunno how to control his level of strength, he might wanna hug you but will end up pushing you. Okay? So Yvonne, still wanna let Ryan play with Jayden? Hahaha

Read about this and this that they felt bad after they piakpiak the kid. I totally understand how they feel. Cos I just whacked my son this morning at 5 am. I dunno why, he sleep late and woke up at 4 am everyday for the past few days. And demanded us to play with him and watch Barney with him.

So this morning I cannot take it anymore, I jumped into the playpen and he LAUGHED!!! So we both lie down (wondering how I sleep in a small space? Macam baby in the tummy la!) while watching Winnie the pooh on Astro (damn boring show) and as I was about to doze off, I heard ppl giggling and OUCH!!! He pulled my hair! And he did that like so many times! At first I just kept quite and then it got violent and he was giggling very loudy thinking that it is SUPER FUN! I said " Jayden, stop it." And he did it again!!!

Wuah! Blood go upstairs, I pat his thigh indicating that I'm angry and its not funny. He laughed even harder! I pat harder and said "NO!" I guess NO, STOP IT and ITS NOT FUNNY is not in his dictionary. So, I got up and whacked him hard on the tight-butt area (controlled strength). He was stoned for a while and then he opened his mouth wide like a hippo's mouth and said UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And then he turned around and slept.

I was like ????????????? Okay la sleep la.

But then, of course I felt bad but then, what to do? If warned many times and still dunno then have to show him some colour. I'm not the type that will go "its okay" and let my son "step onto my head" when he is bigger. But I don't encourage serious whacking until the kid turn blue black and all. I hope he learn his lesson this time (but i doubt it *sigh*)

But you know what? He is notty and mischievous but its better than him, being sick. I just cannot stand seeing my son getting sick. Aiyoh, now he looked so skinny. Even Shannon who met him last Sat said he lost weight. Samo his hair is abit longer now, he look like he kena electric shock. HAHAHA but I want him to have longer hair so gotto let him look like Einstein abit for now.

Jayden says :Tommorrow I'm going party!!! YES!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lil J

Got it left from Judy, Right from Samm and now Centre from Shannon for the same tag. And then pending for Hijackqueen and Chumsy's mum's tag. Seriously I dunno if I have the time to do it or not. I might be going to Vietnam next week and there's so much to do and prepare before next week. So spare me k?

Anyway back to the Name thinggy.

Jayden in Hebrew means God Has Heard. ( I said I wanted a baby boy, tried one time, checked 3 weeks later, confirm. So he heard me.)

Chan = No choice. The contributor to produce Jayden has the surname Chan.

Jien = Healthy in Chinese (Kin Hong).

Ming= Tomorrow. Initially I wanted the meaning Smart (Chung Ming) but this Ming is supposed to be for girls So we opted another Ming which is Tomorrow (Ming Tien). Btw, my sis's kid and my nephew also have names that end with MING.

There you go. Done

Now my victims:
Chumsy Ashley.
Desperate Mummy.

Instructions :**Start Copy**Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
Msaufong - Meaning Of SQ & Kiki’s name
Shoppingmum and Kids - The Meaning of My Kids’ Names - Justin and Isabelle
Judy - Meaning of the name TERRY
Shannon - Meaning of the Kiddo’s name - My sons - Gordon & Malcolm
Sasha-Lil J


Now for my own posting.

I brought lil J to a advert shoot last Sunday (mother's day). No, he didn't act in the advert. I was there for work. And I brought my 2 C's together. My lil J is a very sociable boy. He played with everyone on the set and he walk all over the room, exploring things. Luckily it was break time and by the time the shoot began, he was sleeping. The main character's mum asked me "your son very good lah. He never make noise before he sleep. And he never cry when he fell down". I told her "It only happen when we're out of the house". Which is true, at home when he fall down, he will cry. When he wanna sleep, he will cry. I guess he is more "manja" when he is at home and too busy playing when he is outside our house.

He is very selective in doing things. For example he will only share his food and pacifier with me and say what I asked him to say (btw, he can call Kor Kor, Dada, Mum, Mum Mum, Aunty). For his dad, he will only look for him when he sees his dad change to "outing" clothings. He knows that his dad will carry him to the car and wait for me.

This pic was taken after we got back from the shoot. He found a pear in his bag (given my my sis) and took a bite and i fast fast snap his picture.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If You Can't Do it...

Then u fake it! That's what I learn from Astro Channel 77. There's this lady that like to teach ppl how to eat healthy, how to organise big party but don't need to do alot, and many things la. I like it when she say "If you can't do it...Then Fake it!".

So what happened on Saturday was, Lil J woke up quite early so I gotto drag myself up. By the time he slept, I thought "Hey. can makan breakfast in peace" cos this lil fella will not sit properly on the baby chair. Mana tau I turned and saw Big C sleeping like a log. Called and called no reaction! So I made myself a cuppa coffee and began to cook. You see, I know my two Chans will wake up in about an hour or so. So that's my deadline. 1 hour. And don't expect me to create miracle 3 dishes and 1 soup in one hour when everything is not out from the freezer. So How? If you can't do it. Then fake it lor!

First I took out my pork from the freezer. Since its hard, its easier to slice it 'real' thin. Then dump into the water and it will automatically soften like its defrosted. And then u marinate it abit with oyster sauce, soya sauce, sugar, and dark soya sauce. For me, i chopped some garlic and mix together.

Then you wash the brocolli and carrot and cut according to the shapes you suka la. And then boil some water, dash in a bit of oil and salt. Let it boil, and then throw in yr veges and let it cook for a lil while. (pssst!!!When yr hubby ask you why u cook yr vege like this, you tell him "eat healthy ma". Hehehe )

Then you fry the pork abit, fry fry fry and then add a lil water. And cook cook cook. And you serve like this.

And i called it Sashanoya. Similar to ...

Pic from here.

So when my 2 Chans woke up. Big C asked me "Come let's go eat breakfast" I said "Cook liao lu". He said "Huh? So fast?" I said "Yeah. And when he saw the dish, he was like "...." and he walloped 2 bowls of that and told me.....

"You dun have the dried chillies where the Yoshinoya have ah? Neh...the one we sprinkle on the rice and eat wan leh?"

(Apalah! Dah lah I cook while he sleep. Wake up straight away can eat, samo wanna request for chilly?!!) Anyway i just told him..

"Okay B. I make for u next time okay? *Big Smile*"

See...itu lah secret for a happy marriage. He is happy, I am happy, everybody is happy.Just remember to buy chilly next time okay?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day.

How did you celebrate your Mother's Day? This was my 2nd Mother's Day. Last year, Lil J was too little, he can only give me a bag of poop. This year, he can run and do lotsa things. On Sat night, I was busy online chatting with him, and suddenly I felt that something was moving in the dark room. It was Lil J picking his own dirty diaper from the floor (his Dad changed him and forgot to throw it away) and walked to the door, wanna go out to throw his dirty diaper into the dustbin. It wasn't his first time doing it (you can see his video here) but it was his first time initiating to throw it himself. Of coz, he was pissed that the door was locked and started to cry cos he wanna go out to throw his diaper. Hehehe What more can I ask for from a 13months old kid for Mother's Day? I already got the bestest pressie ever--> LIL J!

My mom went to Ipoh on Sunday morning and we wanted to make a BBQ party for her. Supposedly bring her for crabbing, but she just went for eye operation (lasik ler...Hiau betul!) So cannot touch seafood. I bet she regretted. Must be thinking "WHY?? Should go for ops after Mother's Day Right?" Hahaha. Anyway, we waited for her to come back, and she arrived at 9pm. By then, we finished cooking and makaning.
Once she arrived, Lil J started to whine cos he wants his PoPo to carry him. This Lil guy loves his PoPo So much! So attached to her! I have no idea why, but he only see her once a week. Maybe this Popo knows what he likes the most cos she always bring my son to play water at the sink, that's why! Anyway, I bought mom an Ice Cream Cake and we got a free Carnation to go with it. So while mom went into the room to change, I asked Lil J to give his Popo a Carnation. And he was holding it, running ard the house looking for his Popo (as you can see in the scrap below). Finally when he presented the flower to my mum, my mum was SO HAPPY! But the Lil one dropped the flower on the floor cos he wants his Popo to carry him!
I guess I gave mum the bestest pressie too.

Friday, May 11, 2007

A Treat For my Biggest FANSI!

Yeap. I treat my biggest Fansi to a meal last night. This Fansi of mine is a silent reader. He read my blog morning, day and night. Sometimes he read my blog in the toilet using wireless internet and laptop. He also will comment when I do tags, asking me not to do tags, cos he don't like to read tags. If I don't blog for a day, he will ask me "You're gonna stop blogging?". And when I asked him "Why you don't comment?" he will just smile and walk off , saying "Cos I comment in front of you ma". This is also the Fansi that made me wrote 2 angry posts, this and this. (and you thought i was scolding you guys!)

It's my biggest Fansi last day in his company today. And so happened I felt like eating CRAB last night. I offered to treat him. So off we went to KING CRAB again for crabbing treat. If you are wondering where is King Crab, its right opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station withthe Giant Crab waving waving at you saying "come eat me, come eat me". Hahahaaha

This is what we ordered. Milky Crab they call it. I like the sauce, the thick cream cheesy sauce.

The Crab Shell is blocking my view. Hang on, flip it over..

Okay, now can see clearer.

Damn, i dug my own grave. Now I'm craving for it again??!!!

Anyway, this goes superbly well with the fried mantou. And we ordered a plate of fried rice (no money to order side dishes edi!!) And eat la, wait what??? And the damage RM38 for the crab. Notbad mah.

Today my biggest fansi said he is not coming back for makan with me cos he wanna go makan with his coliks wor. So I makan sendiri with my lil one. Anyway, have a good one B. All the best for your new job. May you get alot of business, Get Increment, Get good staff, Get promoted and still love me and lil J alot-ONLY US and not some piao meis)

Btw, I think think again...He should buy me crab ma cos Mothers Day is around wor! Daddy's Day i buy him back la.Right?


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lorong Seratus Tahun

I read from this post that the curry mee here is nice. So on usual day, after i went home and discovered that I forgot to turn on the timer for the rice cooker to cook my soup, we went to Lorong Seratus Tahun Restaurant in SS2 for our bowl of curry me. Apparently they have many other options to choose from. We ordered Prawn Mee, Curry Mee and Special Beancurd for the lil one. Sorry, Camera fone not that nice effect ya.

The Curry Mee

The Prawn Mee

Small Kid Kacauing Girl next table

And the small kid walloping the beancurd.

He really liked the beancurd!
Overall, we liked the Curry Mee more. But we're so the blur. Cos we used the Prawn Mee Chilly for the Curry Mee until we looked at the next table and realised..."SHIAT. There's a special Sambal Chilly for the Curry Mee!!!". Anyway we had out last kopek of the curry mee with the special sambal.
Absolutely, NGAM!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Come, Let's get scrubbing and boink boink!

I read from somewhere that you can use Lemon to get rid of dandruff by massaging it slightly to your scalp. And for those going "Mediterranean" you better massage some lemon onto your scalp. Cos it lifts the dirt and whatever that is blocking your hair lubang, and let new hair grow.

And ever since I did my re bonding after I gave birth, I think my scalp can't take the chemical being used and thus I have dandruff problem. It's worst when I don't get enuff rest or sleep. So, I went and massage my scalp with it.

While waiting after massaging lemon onto my head, I also scrubbed my butt and legs with Samm's Secret to Sexier legs formula. Using Coffee Grounds and Olive Oil. I totally forgot that she said "warm", so i ter mix the olive oil into the "hot" coffee. Then end up the coffee got all stucked together. Never mind, janji its Coffee and Olive Oil. So i placed newspaper on my toilet's floor and started scrubbing away my cellulite. Scrub! Scrub! and then rinse it off and bath. Ah..........very smooth neh! She said do it twice a week and you will have cellulite free legs and butt. (_!_)

And then I washed my hair......Ahhhhh.....very soft neh! My hair went Boink! Boink! after dat. My Big C told me "Yah. Nice hor. Eh, you curl curl your hair izit?" after I asked him "B,see my hair!". Until now my hair still boink boink. Not bad.

Next time i wanna do this:

Lime CleanserIngredients:
Paper towels
Lemon juice

Take a bowl and mix half water and half lemon juice. Then dip paper towels into the mixture and apply on to your feet. This will soften, smooth and remove odors from your feet. This recipe does not contain preservatives and requires refrigeration. The shelf life of this product is approximately one week.

Remember I was sick the other day? So stayed in bed and watched Channel 77 on astro. Health and Beauty something something la. This channel teach ppl about parenting, menus for the picky eaters, multiple births (6 wei!!Gila!) and so much more. And they taught me how to use strawberries as leg exfoliator. Use strawberry, Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and throw in some almonds, blend it and rub yr feet away! Who's going to Cameron? Help me buy strawberry pls....

Why suddenly wanna get beautiful? Nolah, I'm not pregnant. Saja wanna prepare myself for my Phuket Holiday in June. ;)

Pork Chop?

I cooked this on Saturday Night.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Need to inject in some protein after being sick for so long. 2 types of Pork Chop. Pork Chop with Big Onions and Dome Pork Chop. Why suddenly so many types of Pork Chop? I dunno. So happened that we went to the market and wanted to get some pork for Lil J's porridge and we end up buying these so i cook it la. And why 2 types leh? Cos i EFNTD (eat full nuthing to do) and wanted to eat both, cannot meh? Haha.

I kind miss my Hainam Grandma Pork Chop lo. So I cooked it. Taste okay. One bite of pork with a lil bit of onion with a lil bit of rice. And so happened I miss my confinement lady's Dome Pork Chop, So i try and cook it la. But its a lil bit dry. UWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ChuCheh yr Dome Pork Chop Rocks! How did you cook it??!

Anyway, I met with my ex-colik who is 5 months pregnant with her 2nd child. Asked me when is mine coming. I told her I'm not free to make la. Haha And she told me that she tried to contact 35 confinement ladies. 35!!! and then only managed to find 1 confinement lady. Geesh! This year is really a boom man. Gynea, Hospitals, Maternity Boutiques, Baby boutiques and confinement ladies are so rich this year.

And the last dish was Salted Vege with Toufu. A special request by Big C. (Kasi muka la... ppl request takkan dun wanna make meh? Got request means its nice mah...) Very Simple only ma, Buy Salted Vege, cut cut cut, dump in pork ribs, throw in toufu, throw in salted plum, tomatoes and let it boil. Then gulp..gulp....gulp...finito!

Friday, May 04, 2007

When I get well...

I wanna eat this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is the nasi pulut with salted egg. YUMMY! Can order this when you visit this place. JACSS and those that wanna go, i seriously cannot draw the map cos I was entertaining my son in the car and i dunno how they turn and turn and end up at this place.. I just know that you just go to IJOK and its in the town area. Asked the ppl in Ijok and they'll guide you. Remember that its in the Oil Palm Plantation. ok? (Let me tell you guys first. Need to call and order wan okay? If seriously you want the number, email me and i'll get it from my dad this weekend ya?)

And then i wanna eat Char Kueh Teow, Nasi Lemak, And so much more!!!

Right now, I'll just settle for this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After that pop in a pill or two after that and continue with my work at home today (MC ler...).

The remainder of the soup, dinner and maybe for Lil J's porridge soup based tomorrow. Sick ppl cannot do so many things wan. I just know how to kill 3 birds at one go.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jom Pi Ijok!

Malaysian sure know about Ijok. The latest election place full with havoc. And of all place, my dad wanna go there on the 1st May with his friends. Wanna eat Beggar Chicken he called and since Lil J was a lil cranky (still sick sick mah) so we went with them. Drove like 30-45 mins and we reached the destination. Once reached the town, you wont miss it. You will see palm oil plantation then suddenly there's this sign RESTAURANT BEGGAR CHICKEN'S DELICIOUS.

So drove into the palm oil plantation and you will spot a house in the middle of the plantation. Got down and surprise surprise! Many many Tables and Many human as well waiting eagerly for thier beggar chicken to be served.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lil J had the chicken and he loves it. Finally he is eating!!! and drinking happily sipping Ribena away. *terima kasih itu big tai low up there!* Dad ordered Pig Stomach Abalone Soup ( i hate spare parts!) , Salted egg Pulut rice (Yummy), Big Fish (dunno what breed) with spicy sauce, Beggar chich and pig's trotter. And spent like 190 for that meal. Ate like 3-4 pm . Dunno what you call it, lunch? dinner? Lunner?
So Michelle, answered your tag. So will pass this to :
Ah Pek (changed template ah? come do a tag!)
**Start Copy**

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia
My Yummy Cruise loves Ipoh Dim Sum (hey, michelle started this tag by tagging me. So i do two at one go okay?)

A Lil Better

Jayden wrote:
Thank Kiu all Aunty and Uncle for your wishes.

I came home on Monday and i was greeted with this

He was better and at least he was trying to smile. However his fever was still up and down till yesterday. We have not given him any suppository today and hope that we wont have to give him anymore! He lost so much weight, just when he just gained a lil weight. *sigh*so sakit hati to see him so skinny. (not that he used to be chubby,haha) But you can really see guitar string and he walks so wobbly like a jello.

Yesterday was Wesak Day and we brought him to the nearby temple for praying. Sorry I'm very short so can only take back pictures.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After kena renjis renjis the water, both Cs was all wet. But I guess Lil J was abit confused. "eh why play water geh?"

And then we reeived a call from Dad. And we packed our bags, got into the car and headed be continued... in the post below

Tag tag technorati list...

I got this from Wenn. Normally i use technorati to see who baru tagged Linked me. But now i know there's another list thinggy. Who wanna increase PR rank? Who wanna grab more opp for PPP? Do this la...sure can sapu all the PPP. Sui Bor?

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