Thursday, July 31, 2008

conversation with myself.

yesterday at 6pm *hand fone alarm - go home*

Okay pack pack and go home.

Sibeh sian. Sibeh tired.

Alamak, sudah tidur in the car *looking at J*

(Reached home)

Fast fast....*carry J into the room* Please don't wake up first.

Okay fast fast.bath then can lie down for a while.

Okay, damn syiok mandi edi. Okay, sleep sleep...

Sleep........Sleeep...... he never eat much. Ate so much biscuit. Dunno whether will kena sore throat or not.


Sigh... Tomorrow how la? must think of what to bring for him to eat tomorrow..

Sleep Sleep......

Maybe I stuffed him too much junk food la. that's why he dun wanna eat lunch...

Sleep Sleep......

And must bring elmo pilow. Then he can sleep...

Wtf? cannot sleep.

Nehmind watch house. Maybe half way can sleep.

(house ended)

I still belum sleep. *sigh*

(J woke up)

Sigh..where he get his energy. Damn hungry edi.. where is my husband leh? *sms husband*

Sigh....poor guy. Need to rush his work. What to do wait la..

Poor lil fler must be hungry, "Jayden do you want to eat cheese?"

*excited* "Okay babe, see you". Fast fast get ready, hubby is nearby. Can go makan then go Pasar Malam.

(eating dinner) Later go buy corn, then can boil and let him munch in office tomorrow. And get bread.

(at pasar malam) cilaka, no corn. How? Nehmind, bring cheese.

(at home)

must sleep. Must rest..

Ah..painful. Why no2 likes to strecth the legs at my tummy wall leh?

Wuah so damn hot! go take shower again.

Okay sleep sleep...must sleep.

Arghhh hot! hot!

ouch..pain, please dun make mami pain pain okay? be a good baby *stroke tummy*

Don't care! sleep!


Tomorrow wake up must first boil the egg. Then cook a sausage for him to eat as snack.

Ok ok set. Sleeppp....

Sausage cook like that heaty or not? Nolah.. only one ma.. should be okay wan. Sleeep...

Samo what else to bring ah ? Ah soya bean! just in case he reject water like today. ok sleeep....


Arghh Hot!

Okay, samo must bring watermelon. Eat the heaty stuff at least got watermelon to cook down. okok set. Sleepp..

HELP!!! cannot sleep!!!

SO HOT!!!!

(Jayden cry-nightmare)

Adoi night mare. He always get nightmare when he is sick. Sigh..I think he has sore throat edi.

Alamak sick again...Jialat. *touch j's forehead* nolah.. dun scare myself.. sleep sleep..


Uwaaaa why so hot wan? Why cannot sleep wan?


*handfone ring - 7.25am)

Huh? So fast wan? *yawn*

(wake Up)

I'm so tired..*yawn*

So sleepy...

Will be another day with J in the office. Must bring him go eat lunch at 11.30. Otherwise he will be cranky again.

Okay boil egg.

Okay cook sausage.

cut watermelon.

*sigh* somebody please knock me pengsan la..i beh tahan edi....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rejected Again?

"Sorry to say that Jayden cannot come to school from tomorrow onwards.........until next Tuesday".

Wah.. my heart sank when I heard that. In my mind, I was thinking "rejected again?"

Then I asked "why? What happenned?"

"The education minister issued us a letter saying that our school need to be closed for a week due to chicken pox virus"

*phew* At least he wasn't rejected and he can still go to school next tuesday. Then it hit me. Who's gonna take care of him for that 4 schooling days? *headache*

So, today he's in the office with me.

Played with his ikea train set - Bored with it.

Ate 1 packet of kokocrunch.

2 packets of julie's biscuit.

Watched 3 dvds.

Played with puzzles.

Now, running up and down in the meeting room.

Later, I don't know.

Ah... you might think that I have a very nice boss that allows me to bring my son to work with me eh? Nolah, cos my colleague's kid also comes to the office after his kindy. So what can they say if I were to bring mine right? But the problem is........people's kid can sit and play by himself. Mine likes to come "Mami, I want eat. Mami, I want watch. Mami, I want play. *pick up fone* Hawo? Hawo? Buy Kakult.

And it's only 11.30 am now. He tried to ask me to go home twice edi. How to tahan for one day? Or can I to tahan for 4 days?

Nehmind...nehmind..wait and see how things goes first. Must look at brighter side of life, right?
Pic taken by Tricia last Saturday. Thanks woman!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Reflection of the parent.

Read about mott's post about her kids resembling her. Let me share with you a personal experience happened a few days ago.

I brought Jayden to meet up with my sis and BIL in Ikea for dinner. Before my sis came, I accompanied Jayden to the play/tv area right in the middle of the restaurant. Being not so mobile anymore, I sat on the small chair while watching over Jayden playing happily with another boy. Suddenly, I felt like someone was pulling my chair and I looked over. It was a boy (probably around 5 years old) trying to pull my chair, with me sitting on it. So I thought he was collecting all the pink chairs and I gave it to him and sat on a blue chair. And he came again, pulling the chair away. So I gave him a killer stare and asked him "What do you want?". He just stared at me and gave me the look like he was saying "get off fatso!" and then I saw my sis walking towards me so I gave the chair to him. He snatched it and ran away.

So I went and bought dinner for us and while I was walking back to the play area, I saw my sis scolding someone. And As I walked nearer, a man carrying the boy that played with Jayden earlier walked towards my sis and asked my sister "Is this your son?" (pointing to Jayden who was still busy playing despite all the commotion). My sister said "No this is my sister's son (pointing at me). He then said "If you're unhappy about my son, you don't have to shout. You can COME and tell it to me".

My sister then said "first your son (the one that pulled my chair earlier) pulled the chair and made him fell down. Then he went and whack that baby's face (pointing at another 8 months old baby with his mom holding on to him with the very terrified face), and then he came and slap my nephew with both his hands like this (showing karate chop action). Your maid just ran away when that happened and I just asked him "where is your father". 

The man continued and insisted that my sis shouldn't shout and asked him sis to go to him personally and tell him. He said "Oh I already scolded my maid". No. He NEVER said sorry to us.

Looking at all the commotion, I just went and scoop Jayden away and ask my sis to walk off. No point talking to a big bully like that. It was a play area and not only one pair of eyes saw what the kid and the father did. In fact,many people saw and know what happened.

Of course, my sis was super pissed with the father and the kid. I (at that time) got no reaction. All I was thinking was, as long as J is fine, unhurt and not the gila one running around grabbing chairs and whacking people - I'm happy and I wanna eat my dinner, let Jayden enjoy his dinner, go home to take a nice hot bath and sleep like a log."

So you see how the kids reflect the parent?
The bully kid has got a bully dad.
And the boy that got whacked, but still continued to play and then happily ate his Ikea Children's meal has got a blur and gila mom like me.

Apa maciam? Same Same?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

28 months old Git Boy


Yeap, my Git Boy turned 28 months yesterday and I nearly forgot about it. Luckily babycentre sent me an email informing me about it. After he turned 2, it's hard to keep track of his milestones especially when my brain now is officially lack of memory.  

Here's some random conversation with my lil guy lately...

Oh Shit... Amen!
We're on our way out from his kindy/daycare when he dropped his water tumbler on the floor. Then he mumbled something like "Oh shit....Amen". So I turned around and said "Jayden what did you say?" He picked up the water tumbler and gave me a cheeky smile and then he purposely dropped the tumbler again and said "Oh shit...Amen!" Immediately I started to think...."okay, maybe I did say -Oh shit. But Amen? Since when did I start to say that? He went in to the car and said it again! This time I heard it correctly. He was saying "Oppppsi. Oh man....!" Now that is what I always say when I dropped something. Man......I need something to nourish my ears. Any recommendations?

Remember I used to say that he refused to greet me. Now, he loves to just call me for fun.
Jayden: Mamimi......
Me: Yes baby?
Jayden: Mamimi............
Me: Yes Jayden?
Jayden: Mami......??
Me: Yeah babe?
Jayden: Mami? mami?
Me: ......
Jayden: Yeah babeh...
Me: ?????

The other day, when I went to pick him up from his kindy/daycare - his pillow was in the sleeping room. So I said "Jayden go and take your elmo pillow okay?" So he ran happily to the sleeping room and his favourite teacher walked out, passed him the pillow and he said to his teacher  "Acha...". Yeah you guessed it correctly, his teacher is Indian. Acha means - Okay in Indian language.

Last Monday, I had to work at home because he had slight fever. So I was busy with my laptop and suddenly my lil git boy ran to the fridge and opened the door. He was mumbling about something and I waited and waited for him to close the door. And then I saw him, carrying a 2.04kg watermelon out from the fridge, placed it on the floor and tried to cut the watermelon with his----masak masak knife. While he was doing that he said "I want cicimemon. Wash.....Cut...I want cicimemon".

Mr Bossy
Jayden: *switch off the lights* I want nen nen.
Me: *switch on the lights and continue to read magazine* okay, Dadidi make nen nen for Jayden...
Jayden: *switch off the lights* I want sleep. I want nen nen...
Me: *switch on the lights again* You drink nen nen first okay? Then only we switch off the lights.
Jayden: *roar* I want sleep!
Me: Okay...Okay...*switch off lights*

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The other day in the supermarket I saw this cute lil plain white T with a zebra picture on it and showed it to Jayden . He immediately said BaBra! And I looked at the price and my eyes also gulinged cos it was EXPENSIVE!

So, I told him. Mami will make for you okay? So I kept my promise and made one for him.

How? Nice? Cute or not my Babra? I found the cute Zebra pic online and printed it out.

I dug out the long bought plain white T from Jusco and then drop by to the craft shop in ss2 to buy the fabric pen. Thank god, zebra has only 2 colours. So I only need to buy black colour *phew*

And since its white, you can just slip the design under the fabric and trace the zebra easily.

And tadaaa!

Since I have only used a lil bit of the fabric pen, I went and dug out an onesies bought from reject shop warehouse sale (rm3.50 only :) ) not long ago and scribbled something for no.2.


Must be fair right? Kor Kor has a Babra shirt takkan baby don't have?

And now, we wait for them to wear it together. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Frugal Lifestyle?

I was at home the other day and I though it's been a while since I have cooked dinner for my 2 Chans. So I went to the market, bought some stuff and I played masak masak that day. When I served everything on the table, I laughed so hard and I fastfast ( so long never use this word edi :P) took my camera and snap a pic of the dishes thinking that this pic will be a great pic for the tag about "frugal lifestyle" tagged by Lian many many moons ago. Big C came home and saw me standing on the dining chair, taking pic of the dishes and he asked me "What happened?". I told him I cannot help but laugh at it. First the dishes look like so kesian , and my cooking somehow sucked so badly! Even the fish also koyak here and there!

You say kesian or not? Look so pity right? Soup, Fried Eggs, Carrot+potato and pork, and lastly the fish.

When we ate dinner, I can imagine the fish saying...
Translation: Pity me..I have not even reached puberty yet..

You know why? The fish size was about my palm size. It's a baby size and it only costs me RM1.50. So when I was frying it, it koyaked so badly I gotto pick up the pieces and put it back in order. Muahahahhahaha

Definitely lost my cooking touch edi! Gotto practise more now...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bath Tub Crayons

This is not a paid post yeah....
I have been looking high and low for this and finally I found it in MyToysAndBooks store the other day. I was so happy and told AnnieQ about it and we immediately ordered 7 sets altogether! Yeap, you read correctly, 7 SETS! Cos that's the most she has in stock otherwise we would have bought 10 sets! You see, its not like we're so kiasu and crazy about this. We bought it to keep our kiddos entertained in the bathroom and its also a great gift for kiddos. is always my first choice when I want to send birthday gifts to people. One reason is because they accept payment in paypal. There's not many websites around that accepts paypal payment in Malaysia.

And another plus point, Sue the owner gives very good customer service. Once, I sent a gift to another blogger's daughter for her birthday and Sue actually emailed me asking if it is a gift for someone 'cos the address this time is different from the one I usually send my stuff too. How observant of her! And she actually offered to give me an FOC gift wrap *wink* eh, not everyone get that kinda service okay? I'm her supporter that's why I get the FOC gift wrap *lol*

So did Jayden enjoyed the bath tub crayons?

Of course he did!Its a great way to keep him in place while I give him a haircut.

But I gotto be fast cos he will say:

DRAW! I want Elmo. I want Tree. I want NuNU. I want .....I want..... Endless requests!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Helper


This is my lil' helper at home. Murdering Watering my plants for me.

This morning, his teacher told me that he likes to help the cook to set up the table for Daycare's lunch, placing spoons next to each bowl of rice. All 28 bowls of rice.

I'm so proud of my lil' boy.

Last night he told himself "GIT JOB!" (good job - he can pronounce good very well when it is a single word but somehow it got abit senget when its joint with some other words).

And he turned to me and said " I am GIT boy!" I said "yeah, you're a good boy!" He replied "Yes, MORE!". Probably he was trying to tell me that he is a very very good boy? or he will be good more often? (please let it be good more often)

But la la I'm so proud of my boy!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Still Loving it!

See the shy look?
You know why?

Remember this?

Yeah, he was shy when I took his picture with his Elmo pillow in the car. He loved it ever since I sew it for him last year (so coincident, July 2007).

And he is still loving it till now. We will bring it to school everyday for his daycare session. And he cannot stand it by just looking at it. He wants to hug it in the car.
Jayden says (mother's imagination): Mi! Stop taking picture of me with my pillow!

And why not make one more for him?
I did try to make one smaller one for him but he totally rejected it! Wasted our (me+mum+eldest sis) effort to sew it. Yeah we took turns cos I cannot sit in front of the sewing machine for long.

I'm glad that my effort are not wasted to sew this pillow in the first place since he love it so much now. But one regret, Why didn't I make 2 in the first place? *slap forehead*

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Delayed Telecast

*phone ring*

Me: Hello?

Dad: Where is Ah den?

Me: Okay, Jayden koong koong want to talk to you.

Jayden: ......*watching tv and listening to grandpa*

Dad: Ah den..what are you doing ah? Are you watching tv? Call koong koong la..Ah den???

Jayden: *whine* .....

Dad: Ah den, you want Yakult? You want banana? Koong koong buy for you..Ah den call koong koong la..

Jayden: *whine*.....

Dad: Okay la.. say bye bye koong koong la..

Jayden: *press button and ended the conversation*

Me: Jayden??!! Why you do that?

Jayden: *giggle and run off*

5 minutes later, J picked up my handphone and said...

Jayden: Hewo???Koong Koong..... I want kakult....I want nana....Bye...

Me: Jayden, you're just like the delayed telecast la..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

My buttock died!

2 days ago, I told big C that my butt is "sleeping". It felt as though one side was drooping and completely numb and the other side was swinging left and right. We gotto use tiger balm to "revive" my left butt.

Last night, I had a lil accident after I sneezed. I thought of changing into a new pair of panty. So I walked over and as I turned my body, my left body (from waist down to the thigh) was in so much pain. It felt like as if my tendon was all twisted. All I can do was to shout for Big C to come. He asked me what happened and the only way I can explain was "MY BUTTOCK DIED!" He tried to get me to sit, but cannot. Tried to get me to lie down-cannot. So at the end he just held me and we stood there for sometime. Of course, I cried in pain. Jayden came and said "I WANG ! I WANG! I WANG! ( I want)" Want what?Aiyoh my son...yr mother is in pain and you samo want what la? I never bother to find out what he wanted. Poor kid...

After that, I managed to lie face down with many many pillows underneath my chest , making way for my belly down there. My buttock faced up like a chicken all ready to be roasted. So the whole night I couldn't move much, I cannot turn my body left or right and baby J was sitting right on top of my backbone-not a very comfortable position for a pregnant woman.

Don't know what was wrong with Jayden. He wanted to climb over to sleep with us. The whole night he tried to stick to me, sharing the same pillow with me and basically pinning me to the wall. Guess I scared him when I shouted for his father earlier, he had nightmare and said " DADDY!! DADDYY!!DADADDYYYYY!!!! (perfect imitation of me :P) And at last at 5am, he told me "I WANG NEN NEN" ( I want milk).  Although I was in pain but I'm happy that finally my son can talk in a sentence formed up with more than 2 words. So I went to the kitchen walking like a penguin and made him milk.

This morning I went to my doc and she said that "Ah... it came back". Yeah IT came back. I had the similar problem when I was pregnant in my early stage but I never blogged about it. Now, it came back. Apparently my joints were swollen and it affected one part of the lower back that is my buttock area. So when I said "MY BUTTOCK DIED" the doctor and the nurse said "ahhh........" FINALLY someone understand me when I said my butt died. They said its common and I'm lucky (for now) cos some of her patients comes in with walking stick.

Dr scanned my baby and she said that the water level in the placenta seems to be very low. Right now the reading (what reading ? I don't know. Doctor say like that means like that la....) is 8.5 and the critical level is 6. So I need to buck up and drink more water, rest, lie down more often, eat more curry mee, drink more bubble tea, watch more CSI, don't need to do housework, and quit my job.

So what if the water level does not increase? I might have to take steroid jab and get baby's lungs matured earlier and get baby out. And because of the buttock case, I maybe- won't be able to give birth naturally and may need to go for c sec. *tik tak calculator and wipe Big C's sweat*


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Everyday Surprise

Everyday, my son will bring me back some surprise from his daycare. And he will never hand it to me personally, he will hide it in his shirt's pocket. And I will find it when I hand wash his shirt.

First day I found some rice...

Second day I found some chicken and rice...

And sometimes carrot bits...

and the latest one was...

A 4cm chicken drumlet/drummet bone.

Funny but scarry at the same time! So I went and told the teacher about it. They laughed about it but I can see that they're worried at the same time. Cos, usually the teacher will shred the chicken for the younger ones and mix into the rice for them. But I guess Jayden wanted to eat like the rest of the bigger kids. But the funny thing is.....they said that they never give him any drumlet to hold. So who's drumlet did he eat? headache....headache.....Just hope they can be more careful in the future...