Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jayden saw me changing last night and he giggled when I put on my br@. He said " nen nen... hehehehe" and then he came and pulled my br@. So, I thought I wanted to tease him by asking whether he wanted to drink milk from my bre@st or not. Cos I did it once and he really put his mouth on it and then he said OEK...wanted to vomit. This time, he came near and then he laughed out loud and said....








He laughed and said that my NiNi looked like a mini hotdog! :(

Don't know whether to cry or laugh when he said it. *sigh*

Monday, September 29, 2008


That's what he said when he hear me use the breast pump.

Sometimes he will pull his shirt up and ask me to "DO" for him *slap forehead*


Errr..imitating mami pumping milk and watching tele at the same time. Muahahahhahaha

Gawd...my son is so gonna kill me when he is old enough to read this!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hi Baby

He, never say hi or bye to me. But now, he's saying "Hi baby" every morning. Every morning he'll drag me out to accompany him at CL's room and climb up the cot and say "Hi baby..."

One day, he heard Justin crying and he ran from our room to his room. And he said "No cry....No cry..." and gently stroke Justin's head. And Justin stopped crying. That is like soo sooo sweet.

Yesterday, he was crying because we scolded him for something (too many things edi, forgot what was the scolding for) and Justin was sleeping next to me on the sofa. While he was crying, he can stop crying and stroke Justin gently and then continued to cry. Like that also can? Hahaha He's one funny kor kor.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A lil surprise for us...

The other day, my sister said "eh?......" and she laughed looking at me cuddling my lil Justin.

Guess what she saw?

Yeap double turn. Since I have been cuddling him facing me all the time, I have totally no idea that he has double turns. Some said double turn means the kiddo is super naughty. What to do? He has a mom like me ma...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Noticed that Justin love to chill this way:
Yeap with one of his leg up, hanging in the air. This pic was taken when we put him under the morning sun to bring his jaundice level down.

I used to tell Big C that his son loves to rest his leg on my tummy wall and now that he's out, he's doing it again! You know what? Jayden was exactly like this when he was born. Probably its a brother thinggy?

And I couldn't resist taking his leg pic with the skin peeling off.
Gives you the yucky feeling but then, how long can you see this kinda yucky thing? He's growing and changing every single day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Zorro

Backdated post....sorry busy pumping milk and uruting :P

Look at my little zorro boy. hahah When you removed the eye mask, you can see the mask lines and also the eye part is more yellow compared to the rest of body. And you can see how he rested his leg on the side of the machine..haha

When we left the hospital that day his jaundice level was only 101. Proly due to my ginger intake, the jaundice level went up to 219 when we went for his first week check up. Since, it's pointless for us to admit into the hospital, doctor recommended us to rent the phototheraphy machine home and do it in our own house.(contact here)

This is how it looked like. Poor boy....he will cry whenever you put the eye mask on him, as if he know that he is going into the machine again. I must say, it's heart breaking to see him shiver a lil and hearing him cry. It's my first time, cos Jayden don't have to stay in the phototherapy the last time.

Of course, at the same time I totally stopped eating ginger, beans, and rice wine. So I had 3 days of ginger-less food. And then we went for another round of check up and his jaundice level went down to 130. *Phew* Doc then recommended us to bring him out for morning sun to bring it even lower. So now, he's a-okay and I'm glad we can do the treatment at home, and I can still bf him, smell him and cuddle him. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

When Big J met Small J

Everyone waited patiently for Jayden's arrival at the hospital. Everyone wanted to see what was his first reaction when he first meet his little brother. I was excited+worried too. And then he finally came and Big C was carrying him. When he saw me sitting on the bed, he quickly removed his shoes to joined me. At that point, suddenly I felt that Jayden has grown so much and he is so big size. I always thought that he is super small size. Then, I tried  to be cool, hugged and kissed him, telling him how much I missed him before I presented Justin to him and told him "This is your TiTi...sayang baby?"

He looked at Justin with a very very confused look, and then he said "Sayang baby...." and he wanted to stroke the head but he couldn't control his strenght and "WHAM!" he whacked Justin's head and made Justin cried.

Oh course everybody's reaction was like "Oh no!".  Jayden was shocked and he ran out of the room and "guling" on the floor. My sis chased after him and asked him "Jayden are u angry?" and he replied "yes,angry baby".

Then he came back in, I asked him to come and join me on the bed again. This time I carried Justin and hugged him at the same time and told him "it's okay, baby is not angry. But don't "touch" Justin so hard next time okay?pain pain wan..."


And he went home with Big C. The next day, we picked him up from my mums and he saw Justin. This time, he said "Hi baby...." and stroked Justin's head.....slowly.

I tell you..that moment I just felt so happy that he understand what I told him and also, I know he is beginning to accept Justin as his TiTi.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How IT happened...

It's been a week since I gave birth. Although I'm super lazy, I think I better jot it down before I forget.

So on Tuesday night, we went to makan dinner in SS2 with my sister. I jokingly told Jayden " Follow Boh Boh home la. Tonight mamimi wanna go and give birth" and my lil boy walked towards my sister. Then my sister went home and we did our usual stuff. Jayden was watching his tele, hub was using his laptop and I was walking around nesting like a bee. Bzzzzzzzzzz then suddenly I told my husband, " I think we better take a pic of my tummy...." And so we snapped
With Jayden, my tummy was 38inches and weight 72.4kgs. With Justin, my tummy was 40inches and I weight around 69.5kgs.

Right after that, I continued my nesting in CL's/BB's room and suddenly I felt like I was having period and I have a look down there and I saw blood. I asked Big C to confirm for me and then I called my doctor immediately. She asked me to head to the hospital to confirm.

I called my sis to come over and pick J up. We packed HIS bag, lotsa snacks, lotsa dvds/vcds, toys and blablabla and waited for my sis to come. He was all jolly and happy to see my sis + her hub and willingly went into the car and jumped up and down in the car.

Big C changed into the same T-shirt he wore when I delivered Jayden. It was a Nike T shirt I bought for him written "NEVER SURRENDER". *lol* After that we took a very SLOW drive to the hospital. I guess we just wanted some final-Alone time together before we multiply to 4. Haha So as soon as we got there, I got changed and positioned for dilation check. Ouch... very very PAIN! And I was told that I am only 1cm dilated.

My doc came not long after, she did another check (ouch!!!) and found that I'm 4 cm dilated and my water already broke, but I have totally no IDEA that its broken also! However, Baby's head is not pressing on the opening. So gotto wait for baby to go down and dilate more before we can do the actual work.

Contraction came (Yes, now i know how it feels like, pain like how Pearly said it "so pain holy sugar , you just so pain you even forgot your mama". Yeap that's how I felt but I insisted not to have epidural. Want to be champion ma....But Big C kept asking me to take it. And I finally took it at 4.30am.

After that, I had a short nap and woke up with itchiness(side effect of epi) all around my body except my waist down. My right leg totally went coma. Other part is about 95% numb.Big C was sleeping and I entertained myself and had a good laugh in the delivery ward.

Doctor came and checked me again. Woot! Not painful at all cos of the epidural,and she told me that if baby's head is not going down, I gotto go through C-sec.After that I asked Big C to come and talk to my tummy, asked baby Justin to go down so can come out soon and mamimi no need to go through c-sec. I spoke to baby too, asking himto go to the light (err cos the ahem opened up. So i supposed can see a little bit of light?) And then after waiting for a while, I told my husband that i sense something. Weird, since I'm on epidural I'm not supposed to feel anything down there. My gut feeling told myself that baby went down and I'm fully dilated. Big C went and told the nurses to check on me but they said doctor asked them to wait. Luckily doctor came not long after that, she checked me and said that I'm fully dilated and she started to wear apron and gloves and told me "MW (my chinese name), we gotto start pushing okay?".

And I pushed and pushed for 1 hour plus. err actually I dunno whether I am pushing or not but since the doctor and nurses said that I'm doing fine and I'm doing the right thing, so I made the same facial expression :P

Many times, we made jokes and laughed loudly. The nurses laughed and said that they have not seen anyone that can actually give birth and joke at the same time. I kept laughing about my "dead" leg.You won't believe it, while delivering, phone call came in and I can answer the phone call! Haha Since my gynea is a woman, and the nurses are women too, all of them shouted with excitement (you know how noisy it is when a bunch of women get together la..), kept calling my name and that actually reminded me not to pass out cos I was almost out of breath.

Finally, Justin came. He was placed onto my chest. He was very clean (probably I drank lots of coconut juice) and I cried in excitement (like a mad woman). Placenta came out as soon as Justin got out. Just in time. Otherwise Justin will be suffocating inside there without oxygen supply.

As soon as my dr saw him, she said "Aiyoh, exactly like kor kor! and he weight like what we expected around 3.2kg (Justin was 3.12kg)


We spent 2 hours in the delivery ward while I breastfed Justin. He was sucking hard the moment I placed him onto my breast with his eyes opened wide. My doctor called him the "Good Sucker". *lol* And that's my birth story and yeap, I have experienced all 3, show, water bag burst and also contraction. I hope I didn't missed out anything. Let me rest for a while and blog about "When Big J meet Small J" in my next post ya?

A very proud and obviously sleepy dadidi...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Presenting Baby J...

Baby Justin Chan.

Look familiar? Look like someone you guys have seen before?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So how did yours started?

Since I was induced during J's time, I have no idea what is the feeling of water bag bursting at home, or sudden contraction or bleeding. In fact I forgot how izit like to have contractions. I remember that I was alone (Big C went home to do dunnno what) and I was walking up and down in the room, shouting for the nurse to give me jab or whatever to ease the pain. And then my aunt came, I don't know how the heck she managed to convince the nurse to let her into the room, and then she complaint and complaint about my grandma. So imagine I was dealing with the pain (which I forgot how it feels like) and I gotto listen to ppl complaining about someone else.

So anyway, I have been asking around - How izit like when You get contraction? What is the feeling like? Some ppl said like wanna pangsai feeling. Some ppl said, backache. Can anyone tell me more?

And then, how many of you guys had contraction first? How many water bag burst? How many bleed?

Come, share with me while I enjoy my moochi ice cream before I pop.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Presenting Baby J...


Found this Baby J playing in the 2nd room. Managed to climb on the baby cot and slept there without noticing me snapping his pic. So I went in and interviewed him...
"hello little boy? What are you doing here ?"

He replied..." I want sleep...."

"But this is your ___'s bed wor..you better come down and don't shee shee on the bed". He ignored me and said " I want Pway..."

So I off the lights and closed the door hoping that he will come out and join me but I waited .. and waited ...and then I went in again, he said to me " I want nen nen...."

Really trying to get comfy on baby's bed. Maybe he remember that he used to sleep on this bed and used the same pillow?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Our New Best Friends

No...No.. I haven't pop yet. 13 days to go! But I have finished all the projects on my hand. So can go deliver worry-free. And Big C is 99.9% recovered (that's what he said, maybe learn from advertisements?). And Jayden is 100% a-okay but I just received news from school that they are CLOSING the school AGAIN for a week, this time due to HFMD. Luckily I can work from home now, otherwise I'll be so damn stressed thinking how on earth am I going to take leave again to take care of him.

So who's our new best friends?
These guys!

After Jayden got HFMD and then Big C got it later, I went and bought Dettol Disinfectant and sprayed the room, the door knob, the bed, the pillow, the toys and whatever I can see in my room.

For Big C, he bath with Savlon/Dettol.

For J, I wipe his hands many times and also use liquid sanitizers when we go out.

Crazy? Paranoid? Anything to keep them healthy! I cannot afford to have virus/germs in my house to welcome no.2's arrival!

Apparently HFMD is spreading now, so you guys better take care and drink more coconut juice. We've been buying coconut juice so often, Jayden can say "Buy CoCoYat....C,O,N...C,O,N...CoCoYat..CoCoYat.."

Some info about coconut juice to share with you guys:
Coconut water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help
  1. Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature.
  2. Orally re-hydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage.
  3. Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  4. Naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising.
  5. Raise your metabolism.
  6. Promote weight loss.
  7. Boost your immune system.
  8. Detoxify and fight viruses.
  9. Cleanse your digestive tract.
  10. Control diabetes.
  11. Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS.
  12. Balance your PH and reduce risk of cancer.
  13. Treat kidney and urethral stones.
  14. Boost poor circulation
So Drink up! It's good for ya!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

14 days and Working at home

Working at home means...
You can switch on your pc, drive your son to school, drive to the wet market to look for lala that you crave and then head back home to.. work. (Nope, no lala today got prawns instead. Try again tomorrow?)

Working at home means...
Your colleague asked you to send some files over and you said "okay, let me find it first, hang on" but actually you're eating nasi lemak and drinking nescafe ice.. Ahhhhh and then you find your files and send over.

Working at home means...
You press apple (control) + S to save your file and you can go to the fridge to take out the frozen chicken to defrost for your soup later...

While waiting for your boss to send the amendment/corrections back to you...you can head to the kitchen and prepare carrots, potatoes and blablabla for your ABC soup.

Working at home means...
while working, you can open a few tabs, one with Moonlight Resonance loading online. And when you're waiting for your files to save (huge files...very slow to load) you can press replay and watch it uninterrupted.

Working at home means...

When you're angry with your boss, just walk off from the pc and head to the kitchen and fry your salted egg prawns. Yummy!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

16 days to go

I wonder when I will stop counting. I did the stupidest thing. I went and used a mirror to see what's happening down south cos I felt funny. And true enough, something happened. My sista down there, don't look like her no more. She basically looked like.... errrrr first stage labour's sista. And then I cannot sleep the whole Sunday night thinking that I'm going to pop soon. 

Big C's been very hardworking, applying medicine on his ulcers cos he is worried that he can't go into the delivery ward with me. He even asked me to take picture of his ulcers so that he can show ppl that adults CAN get hfmd also. But then he asked me not to show you guys, shy wor..*slap forehead*

You think kids know when they will have a new rival sibling? This lil guy of mine, came over to my side of the bed, twice in the middle of the night last night-pulled me over to his bed and asked me to sleep with him on his bed, the asked me to hug him to sleep, basically my body needs to touch his body. But his bed is so tiny, so I opt to sleep on a matress on the floor with my hand hanging on his body. And he got pissed and he insisted to sleep with me on the floor. So that's the entire night's scenario. That means I get no sleep. And he went to school looking like a zombie. *LOL*

Enjoying his munchkinzz grapes. So tiny! So cute! So Expensip!
P/s: The playtent is a free gift from Huggies. Got it from the parenthood exhibition when I bought 7 packs of Huggies Ultra. Yeah 7! 5 for no2 and 2 for no1.