Friday, September 28, 2012

In My Head- 28 Sept 2012

Every morning I'd walk my kids into the school, drop their bags in their classrooms and send them to the assembly hall. Once they are in the room, the younger one quickly grabbed his gf's hand and started to whisper *sweat* and the elder one quietly looked for his best friend and then he pulled my hand he said "Mami.. he is there" He smiled, gave me a hug and quickly squeeze himself next to his best friend, sat so near that he actually squashed the poor fella. I quietly looked and then I wonder what is going to happen to him next year when they go separate ways? Then I thought he just gotto make new friends and it worries me.
I always asked my son to make new friends. He'd say "but he doesn't want to friend me". And I'd say "nevermind, then go and find some other ppl that likes you". And he said "but I like to be his friend". Ahhh the rejected feeling. Had it and still dealing with it. How am I supposed to tell him that it's okay, when his own mother is dealing with the same problem?
I can tell him a thousand times "not everyone will like you. But it's okay. We will go find some other ppl that will appreciate you". But that feeling that we-like-someone-but-that-someone-doesn't-like-you, I guess no one will know unless you're in the same position. It's really sad and hard to forget. But I guess time will heal. And I hope the time comes real quick, for the both of us.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In My Head - 26 Sept 2012

1. Not everyone will like you and you will not like everyone too. That's inevitable.
Best is just move on and find someone that likes you for being you and not hope for you to change into someone that they like being with. Otherwise you're a fake, trying to impress another fake.

2. Time will heal, time will make you get through it, but time will not let you forget because time don't want you to repeat the same mistake again. Learn from the mistake and never ever trust a person that betrays you or put you in deep shit. Cos they can do it once, why not twice?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Death, Egg and Spoon.

In the car last night...

JD: mami.. when you are old, where are you going to stay? Old town with poh poh and koong koong?

Me: No ah. I stay in my own house, with you all lor.

JD: then koong koong and poh poh will die soon?

Me: nolah. Not so fast la.

JD: when are they going to die?

Me: aiyoh when they are older la.

JD: when?

Me: after you get married and have kids la.

JD: oh....

JT: mami, if your dadi dead (dies) what are you going to do?

Me: i'll cry and I'll be sad.

JT: you don't be sad. I'll help you.

Me: huh? How?

JT: I'll lay a very big egg, *pooot* like this. It's big okay. But you cannot hatch it just like that. You need to use a big spoon and knock it so it will hatch. Then you will get a new dadi again. 

Me: *lol* sure or not?

JT: yeah. But then you gotto feed him alot of food so that he can grow big again.

Me: *lol* When I die, are you gonna be sad?

JT: yeah.....I'll be sad *think think*.....mami.. when I die.. what are you gonna do?

Me: I'll be very very very very sad and I'll cry for many many many days.

JT: don't worry la. Just lay another egg. But its a tiny one. And you no need to use spoon to hatch it. I'll hatch and come back again. Just feed me alot of food and I'll be Justin again.

JD: hoi.... Human don't come from egg la! *irritated* They come from....... mami where did human come from?

Me: neh..... *think think* from tummy lor.

JT: You mean, human not from egg ah? Then what comes from eggs?

Me: birds, chicken, duck, blablablabla but mammals like elephant, giraffe, dog, cat all come from tummy. They come out from the mummy tummy and they look like their mummy wan.

JD: *eyes wide* You mean even giraffe???????

Me: yeah! giraffe too!

JD: when giraffe come out, is the neck long or short?

Me: long la.


Me: *lol yeah they curl and hide inside the tummy*

JD: *scratch head*

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

He is 4!

That's him when he was ONE.

2nd Birthday
3rd birthday

And now

Happy Birthday Justin. 
Mami, Dadi and Kor kor Loves you so much!

Friday, September 07, 2012

He and his Luigi


Ever since we bought him the Luigi plastic figurine, he has been bathing, feeding, playing and even went sleeping with him.

This is us at McD. Yes , he fed Luigi fries!

This is him at TGIF, showing Luigi how to use a fork to eat spagetthi.

And don't forget the tissue paper bib otherwise you will dirty yr shirt, then we will both get in trouble.

And Luigi went on an LRT ride.

And yesterday he saw the green cap in Cotton On and he said "Wow! I found my Luigi Cap!"
And the LuigiS went for an ice cream treat together.

Hehe kinda cute seeing him so sayang his Luigi. I wonder how long he is into Luigi this time ;)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

It's blocking me..

Saw JT scratching his bum

Me: B, what are you doing? Is your bum itchy?

JT: No..just removing my pants label

Me: Why? Is it poking your bum?

JT: Nolah. It's blocking me fart.

Me: *lol* okay..

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How To Propagate Mulberry Trees

I started with a Mulberry tree that I bought from the nursery. My kids eat the mulberries so fast, that the mulberries can't grow fast enough for them!So I thought, okay I gotto do something about this. So I tried cutting and just poke them into the soil and hoping that they will grow. I tried about 10 stems and only one survived. Then I figured out another way to propagate and I thought what forces them to survive. If I fail, my kids will be my strength and force me to stand up again. So I thought.. hey why not use the new shoots to force the roots to come out? So I cut one of the branches off and automatically new shoots will come out.

So what you need to do is to cut the branch just slightly under the new shoots.
(Sorry, the pic is blurry!)

And just poke the newly cut branch into any soil and 99%, the new shoot will survive and you will have mulberries growing pretty soon.
That's the very simple way to propagate mulberry trees. I have given away a few pots of mulberry trees and also been collecting new babies so I can bring them over to my new place soon.^^

p/s: I also used this same method to propagate my Hydrangeas. Worked all the time. :D

Sunday, September 02, 2012

You're so HOT!

Just now before dozing off...
JT: good night Mami..
Me: good night baby
JT: you're so pretty Mami...
Me: hehe thank you baby..
JT: you're so lovely Mami..
Me: haha thank you baby...
JT: you're so hot Mami...
Me: ah? Hot? Who taught you that?
JT: ya, because you have warm blood, so you're hot lah..
Me: oh...hehe

Paiseh... Malunya... I thought he meant hot as in sexy hot. Haha mana tau hot=warm blooded :P