Monday, May 31, 2010

I am Sewing Monster

Yeap, I am. I am, I am, I AM!

I sew to destress and I only sew on weekends (okay... sometimes i will sneak into my sewing room and sew sew sew on weekdays too)

I was sewing so much I thought why not sell my sewings?

So I ordered my own label and it came few days ago. Happily I sew the label onto the stuff that I have made and it made me felt pretty happy.


So happy, I wanna give away something to my readers. So here goes my first ever giveaway

DSC_0458 DSC_0435
It's a crayon Holder with the title "where is lady bug?"

Hop over to my sewing blog and leave a comment on the "Where is ladybug post". Tell me who you wanna win it for and I'll pick a winner on the 4th June 2010. Open to all! Yes, Malaysian, Singaporean, Australian, Everyone! (terms and conditions apply)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mami your nen nen is so....

One day he just went :

JD: Mami, your nen nen is so big.
Me: Ah? hahhahaha then how about dadi?
Jd: Dadi nen nen is MEDIUM size.
Me: Medium? hahahhaha then yours leh
Jd: My nen nen and titi's nen nen is small size.

Muahahhahahahah the things he say can really make ppl pengsan. Well finally my size is the biggest...compared to small kids and a man!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Copy And Paste

I was quite down because i was thinking about my current problem. Too much to do with too little time. Between kids and my designing. I gave up my job to be with my kids but I spent too much time on designing till I have no time to be with them. Many thought that designing is very easy, afterall its copy and paste work. (you think?) and I always get the feedback that my charges is expensive. Tell you story hor.. when ppl see i post in fb , they will write "I want I want!" When I reply with my fees, POOF! And some asked me for free design.....I digress to bitch further.

I got my name card printed but sadly the day I received it was my day that I decided to let go of everything. Designing, blogging, sewing just to focus 100% on my kids.But part of me is very sad cos I love designing but I told myself I am not that good anyway. I never studied design and I don't have the time to learn more. Then i received an email from my customer from australia. She said
Sasha, thank you so much for your work, they have been great!
It made me realize how much I miss designing just for a day. I then went to her website and saw my logo LIVE.

And the welcome sign
And I thought to myself, I cannot give up everything. Not designing. I may not be damn good, but I can be better than what I am today if I never give up and continue to practise. And I told myself, whoever that wanna bully me cos I am not a design graduate and because i am stay at home mum, I got no time for you, ok? If you think that designing is all about copy and paste, why not you copy and paste yourself?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As it is Header: Poot Poot Car

I am taking a break from customized designing now. Can't squeeze my brain to think of how to fit into ppl's request. So now I am going to design what I like and sell it as it is. So here is my first ever As It Is Header. Here is the small version. For big version, please click here.


Size: 680px x 280px. Made to fit into my blog header size. But I can resize it into your blog header size.
Picture: Right now I am using my kids picture. I can add in max 3 "head" pictures
Car colour: Changeable.
Blog title colour: Changeable
Price: Rm150 for 2 heads, Rm170 for 3 heads.
Availability: Reserved

If you are interested please email me at sashatan at and I will email you once the reservation is cancelled. First come first serve basis. :) Serious buyer only. Thanks.

Monday, May 24, 2010

NoooooooOOOOOOOOooooo Moments

At the coffee Shop:

JD: Mami look!
Me: what whatt?
JD: FAT! *point at the woman right in front of our table*
Me: No!
Me: *whisper* NoooooOOOoooooooOOOooooo don't say that! oh my god....
JD: Yes, its
Me: Ok. Keep quiet. Don't say edi ah...
And the woman was looking for place, didnt hear him. Thank god..

JD: Mami u look!
Me: *oh no what again?*
JD: That koong kooong never brush teeth *pointing at the man that looks like this
Pic Source*
Me: aiyoh nooOOOoooooOOOo dun say like that.
Jd: he never brush teeth so his teeth all fall out edi.
Me: *cover his mouth and whispered to him* jayden, you cannot say like this right in front of ppl. Its very..
Jd: *mumble* rude.
Me: yes... if u wanna say then you whisper like me or you go into the car then only you tell okay?
Jd: *nod and whisper* he never brush his teeth..........
Me: *pengsan*

Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Worry

I 'll make sure she come back next week. I just need to show her more of this -->

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Morning

I have been feeling this lump on my throat and every time I eat, I felt like as though its stucked there. So thinking maybe something is wrong, I went to see yenjai. After some "AHHHHHHHHHH" he said that my throat is dry and red. Right section is swollen and the wall on the throat is like my cracked heel. Its cracked not because I didn't drink enough water. Not because its infection. Not sore throat also. It's because I didn't get enough sleep and rest. So he gave me some gargle and a pill. The pill that I posted on my previous post. That pill was supposed to relax my body for 6 hours and let me sleep better. But he ran out of stock and he only has one pill cos he sold 10 another patient earlier. And there won't be any stocks coming in for 2 months time.

So i have ONE very valuable pill. I had it for days, keeping it for emergency use. For very very super duper stress day.

So I used it yesterday.

And it worked, i can focus while I am being angry and i whooped some ass accurately.

I cried for the entire day. One whole day.

Cos he came home and cleaned the kids and also wanted to clean the floor. I told him I didn't call him to come home and clean floor like cinderella. I want him to back me up and punish the kids. He didn't do it. So i did it. Then he is upset, the kids are upset. Then he asked me "Is that the only way ? To Whack them?" Well, I did tell Jayden nicely "DO NOT PLAY WITH PAINT. I WILL DO IT WITH YOU LATER, right Jayden? He nodded and said "Yes mami say no play paint". But they still opened all the damn tube, and they make sure not even one drop is left in the tube. And you know, I Just bought those last week.

So according to him, I am wrong. My way is wrong.

Talk - done.

Whack - done.

Basically there is nothing left for me to do here. Might as well not do anything.

He left and the kids had a party in the room. Took coins (which I already told the man not to keep coins lying everywhere) and throw it to the ceiling fan. WOW! the small one said.

I said "No. Don't throw coins".

They stopped throwing coins. YAY!

Not because the mom said stop. Cos they found another better game. The standing fan. The small one discovered that if we put coins into the fan it will PIANG the coin and fly out. He said WOW!!!! The big one also said WOW! and both started throwing coins into the standing fan.

Wrong to whack. Wrong to scold. I did nothing but to pull the plug out.

End of story.

What? so fast?

Not yet.

The big one went to cucuk cucuk the plug with whatever plug he can find trying to revive the fan so that they can throw coins again.

I just said enough.

Go and stand at the wall and wait for your dad to come home.

So they did for like 10 seconds.

Then started to lie down. Then started to run around. Then trashed my newly cleaned room. My part time maid come every wednesday and yes yesterday was wednesday.

Then they just had fun and fun and more fun giggling while the mom is crying.

And then they slept at 7pm.

and woke up at 8pm. cry cry cry for no reason.

The father picked up the small one and said "DID YOU HIT HIM AGAIN?"

Then he said wanna bring him to see doctor cos he dunno why the kid is crying.

The mum said you bring him to see doctor cos he is crying?

so he Throw passed the kid to the mum and went to hide in the room.

Mum brought the kid down and cooked sausages and he happily eat.

The bigger one woke up and walked down.

mom asked where is dadi.

dadi is sleeping he replied.


cooked pasta for dinner.

father wake up and eat dinner.

happy family.

Mom went to bed very early. Lying down. Looked at the ceiling. Eyes painful and very sleepy but cannot sleep.

finally doze of and woke up middle of the night with terrible headache.

the husband passed panadol to her and she cried to sleep.

7.15am: brriiiinggg....alarm on.

good morning.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why is the pill not working?

After my post this morning, I took a medicine which was supposed to make me a lil happier.

I patiently waited and waited for the effect to take place.

JUst now after lunch, I sat here and chat with shoppingmum. Just for that 5 mins and I turned around.

I don't think the pill is working.

Yenjai, why am i not happy yet ? And the effect can last for 6 hours only right?

The Mother Cries In Silence

The mom took care of her kids for 24 hours yesterday cos the husband went to Singapore for business. Day started as early as 7.15am. Got the kids ready and sent the older one to school. The day was lovely, the mom was happy. Well, at least for more than 5 days she didn't scream. She tried to change her style. She's loving it, her kids are loving it and the husband is loving it (maybe, he never say anything).

By 11pm, they are still jumping like duracell bunny. 11.30pm, the mom nearly drop dead. By nearly 12am the father came back. Maybe its 12, maybe its earlier. She doesn't know.

By morning 7.15am she is up again. Felt like shit. Felt like so sleepy. Wanted to go back to sleep but no. She gotto go and make milk for her kids and get the older one ready for school. She said to her husband who woke up for a while and got back to sleep that she is sooooo sleepy. The husband just replied "go back to sleep lor..." . As if she can, if she goes back to sleep the kid skip school is it? So she dragged herself up and put the clothes to washing machine and then wash the milk bottles and then made a cup of coffee. No more Nescafe 3in1 Regular Coffee. Her regular drug is not available. So settle for some shit crap coffee. She went up and asked the husband "you send him or I send him". He just replied " you send la.. can or not?"
Pity the husband gotto go and come back on the same day outstation, she said "okay" although she felt throwing herself on the bed and snore loudly.

The older kid gotto be repetedly asked "go take your socks.put on your socks. Put on your shoes. Hurry up. We're late. Hurry up. Where your socks? Why you wear it upside down? Put it on properly. Why you cry? Wear socks only also cry? Aiyah go into the car and wear la"

In the car the older kid kept saying "Mami i cannot. I cannot." He kept putting the socks upside down. The mom calmly said "you can.. u try one more time. You can do it like how you did it everyday.

The son replied "no i cannot. No i cannot. Uwaaaa UWAAAA UWAAA I CANNOT MAMI I CANNOT"
The mother said "Jayden, stop crying and focus on putting on your socks".
"Well, if you cannot put on your socks, then you can go to school without socks and shoes" the mother said.

And the journey is like 15 mins from home to school. And the son is still crying. At the school compound, the mom said to her son "I give you last chance to put on yr socks and shoes. If not I will send you to school like this".

Her son"refused to put on his socks and hid in the car. The mother went to the left door he go over to the right side of the car. The mom went to the right side he quickly run to the left side. Enough..the mom said. She jumped into the car and dragged her son out.

She looked up and saw the headmistress signaling asking if the mom needs her to come out and take the child. She waved back indicating no thanks.

Gave her son a smack and said LOOK. I had enough of this. You either put on yr socks or you go to school like this.

He continued to cry. So the mom did what she said. She carried him, took his bag and his shoes and walk straight to the headmistress room. The headmistress and asst Hm came to assist. The mom just walk out with the kid screaming in the office.

So drove home, felt ever more shittier. After all its just about putting on the socks. But she knows she is sticking to her principle, he gotto learn and she won't treat and spoil him like how his dad is doing. Everything also its okay, nevermind, he is a small boy, pity him, blablabla.

Came home, she hung the laundry, boiled water, and fold clothes while she watches her recorded Desperate housewives series. And suddenly she just started to cry silently... for what reason she just doesn't know. Tired? Sleepy? Unhappy? Stressed? Depressed?

The husband woke up and saw her unhappy face. He asked what happened?And she told him "I threw Jayden to school without socks and shoes. I sent him to the HM's office. And the husband first reaction was "why you HUMILIATE him like that?" The wife never answer. What for. No matter what she said, she is wrong. Always wrong.

Lagi make her even more shittier. Nevermind la. Not like she is not feeling tat way anyway right? Say also wrong. Don't say, they say you something wrong. Better not say anything and just cryla..cry in silence.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The crazy mum and her kids.

The other day in IKEA, there were this woman with her 2 kids. The younger one was in the stroller and the older one was walking and helping his mom carrying some light stuff. So walk walk walk suddenly the older kid made a U-turn and walk the other way.

The mom realized and quickly made a U-turn with her stroller, raised her voice and called out the kid's name.

First time called, the son walk faster away from his mom thinking his mom was at the other side.

2nd time called, he began to run. Panicked and shouted Mami Mami! The mom also began to run with her stroller. The small kid yelled Kor Kor! Kor Kor!Come Back!

Then 3rd time she screamed her kid's name thinking that her son will stop and go back to her. Nope, he RAN extremely fast shouting MAMI MAMI! and began to sob .

So obviously the entire Ikea was like looking at them.

The mum then remembered and said "JAYDEN! STOP and TURN BACK! I AM RIGHT BEHIND U!

Wah..... you should see the ppl's reaction in that plant section. Everyone stepped to the side and left the mom with the stroller and her kids left in the middle section.

True enough the kid stopped and U-turn and ran back to the mum.

The mum asked the kid "Eh why u run the other way ah ? walk walk next to me suddenly turn and run the other side?"

The son just :P and scratched his head with confusion. He got no idea why he did that too.

So like that la.. the story of the crazy shouting mum with the stroller and 2 kids in Ikea.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Happy Customer

Little Hyppo's mum wanted a new header for her blog and she gave me a "free hand" to design. So I told her I can only design when the lingum (inspiration) come to visit me. I asked for a pic and she gave me and after a few days.... sur-denly today I got the urge to draw and tadaaaa....


Little Hyppo's mum is very humble and "cincai" person. She told me she wanted an ordinary header. But I think she looks better when she give you guys a wink. What do you think?

6 Lil Pots of...

Do you know what is this?
It's actually ordered by Little Lamb for her son's teacher for Teacher's Day gift.

6 lil pots of flowers with a butterfly and a caterpilar. Added a spiral note holder for her to add a tiny card.

ooh....i love to make tiny beautiful things.

P/S: Little Lamb, I hope you like it as much as I do. Thanks again :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I buy you Glo

backdated post..the day before Mom's day

Hub wanted to buy me crab so we went to PJ SEAFOOD but the crowd was too huge. So I said let's settle for something simpler. So went to have Steamboat in Kota Damansara. After that we went to Ikano , both the kids konked out. So it was only the 2 of us .. (with strollers) and suddenly my hub said "I want to buy you Glo for mother's day" in a very serious tone.

I was thinking "Wah seh... so romentik" Thinking that maybe Cynthia was correct that he will buy back the CrabTree & Evelyn handcream that Justin destroyed by smearing it all over the floor and his whole body and also korkor's whole and also mine". That is how much he squeezed out. Basically the entire new tube of hand cream. So I was thinking.. wa he wanna buy me J.Lo's Glo Perfume, better than C&E hand cream la.

Then he laugh out loud "Glo... Muahahhahahahaha Glo Dish Washing Liquid".

I looked at him and ...... I was speechless.

Potong stim.

Anyway we went to Tesco after that and guess what I bought.

Yeah Glo..Mother's day edition. I know.. wtf right? Why the heck would you wanna give your mum a dish washing liquid and remind her that she need to work after she receive this present. Anyway it was on sale, cheaper than my usual dish washing liquid so I bought it. If normal days and normal price, you slowwwwwly wait la.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Neighbour

I told before in FB, that my neighbour kept asking me to have a girl. Everyday was like

Shasha, you MUST have a girl.
Shasha, if you have daughter sure she is pretty like you ( i know.. please go puke)
Shasha, when justin is 2 years old you can have one more.
If you don't have a girl you will regret

So everyday I just replied

Err nolah

One day i just replied, if i have another one, then maybe i die faster.

That day, she helped me take care of Justin for 2 hours. After that she told me

Aiyoh, you better not have anymore. This Justin alone is very taxing. I jaga him for a while also i pengsan edi.

Today we went out together to pick Jd up from sch and then to lunch and postoffice.

In the car she told me

Shasha now i know why you don't want anymore kids. I also tell you, you better not make anymore. Now I understand why you are so stressed up. Really pity you.

And just now she called me on my handphone and asked me to go and take something

She cooked curry sotong, brocolli and even black bean with kampung chicken soup for me. She said I need the energy to jaga my kids.

This is not the first time she cooked for me. Yesterday was fried chicken. Last time i forgot what edi. She's very nice, just sometimes she is so stressed up, she will come and pokpek and repeat about the same thing over and over again. Sometimes when she hear me shouting, she will come and offer to take my kids away for a while. Then she cook for me. If we go out and it rain she will help to pick my clothes at the gate. So when I go out, i buy things for her cos I don't know how else I can repay her.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too bad la.

Yesterday I blogged about how sweet Jayden was. Today I wanna bang my head to the wall.

Last night, I was unhappy cos I was upset over a customer . I digress cos I don't wanna bitch about my customer. But she is just so ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was unhappy.

I wanted to tell it to someone, face to face. You know, just to express what I am feeling inside and to get some reaction like nodding head and agree and say "yeah she's a bitch, jek!". If I were to speak to a person who looks at other place, won't say a thing, why not i just go and knock the fucking wall right? At least the wall will give me a TUK TUK sound.

So, there was this man which I sometimes call Husband lying on the bed, relaxing as usual. So I wanted to talk and of course someone will say "EXCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MAMIiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIII"

And of course I said "YEAH WHAT YOU WANT?"


Ok then? Said edi right? ANy other thing? Can I continue?

I got a *nod nod*


And i said EH STOP IT LA! I want to talk to dadi you know? You have nothing to say then you just let mami finish and then you can EXCUSE ME ALL YOU WANT.

The father just say "it's okay la. He want our attention only" *pat pat on the kids' head*

Mother's blood went to 18 floor edi.

Mother screamed.


Son say "it's okay mami".

In the mother's heart "what it's okay. It's NOT OKAY. FARKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK".

No. mom just walk out watch tv and feel like shit inside. Still very angry. Still full of fire. But no one to tell to and went to bed.

Mom woke up, feel shitty, feel like a bomb about to explode anytime, but no where to express and no one to talk to.

So what mom do?

Do what? WORK LA, tiu. Like as if you get a break or pat pat on the head.

Unhappy? too bad la.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mami

I saw people posted cards from the kids after they got home from school. So I thought maybe I have one too like every year? So I went and searched his bag and true enough, there was a card.

The outside..

and inside..

so I took a pic of the card and his dad came home. Of course I need to show off la. Then Jayden woke up and I pretended that I didn't know a thing about this card but I asked his dad to asked him if he has anything for mother's day. He quickly ran down to his school bag and searched for it. He came up and said "IT'S MISSING!" Then his dad passed the card to him and he quickly ran to me....

JD: Mami Mami.. I have something for you....
Me: Oh.. what is it? *SIBEH PANDAI ACTING ME....*
JD: It's a Mother's day card for you...
Me: Oh.. It's so nice. Thank you *kiss kiss*
JD: *Paiseh* ........Mami.....?
Me: Yeah babe?
JD: ..................... I need to sing a song AH! (Suddenly learnt the slang AH! from school but its damn hilarious, the way he used it.)
Me: Sing song AH!? Awwww..... okok you sing la..
JD: I LOVE YOU.............YOU LOVE ME..........WE ARE A HAPPY FAMILY.. WITH A GREAT BIG HUG *HUG* and a kiss *kiss* from me to you.. Won't you say you LOVE me TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Happy Mother's day Mami..
Me: *sniff* Thank you baby....did teacher Chong asked you to sing this song?

I can say.. his teacher really did a good job. Preparing the card and also added something extra.. teaching and reminding them to sing a song to the mother. But today I asked one of the parent.. she said her son never sing to her :S So, did the teacher taught him or he sing himself? I really got no idea.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Mouse and The Cheerleader

Jayden used to love computer games. He only likes it when WE PLAY and he CHEER.

So, end up we're THE MOUSE to hold the mouse and to click where he poke on the screen.

So I used to think "WHY LA.. HE CANNOT PLAY HIMSELF?" you know.. at least I can read my newspaper abit.. read my magazine abit.

( i know some moms refused to let the kid go near computer games worried that they might get addicted or something. We only let him play educational games like or

So anyway recently, he FINALLY knows how to operate the mouse.


And guess who got promoted to be the cheerleader?

Muahahhahaa excuse me.. now I wanna leave my macbook and go read some magazine/sew some skirts while someone entertain the cheerleader.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Its a Mistake

I did a mistake.

Well, not a big one.

You see, I have been training Jayden to wake up, brush his own teeth, change his uniform, take his own socks and put them on before putting on his shoes every day.

And then when he gets back, he strip himself and I'll bath him. So basically, he's doing most of the things now himself.

Sometimes I'll ask him to help me to get Justin's diaper or even clothes.

So since Jayden can, and Justin loves to follow his kor kor. Why not teach Justin, right?


This morning, i said ..

Me: Justin good boy ah. Justin go take ONE pampers for mami ok?
JT: Justin Git boy. Take pimpis... *run run to his own room* PIMPIS! *pass one diaper to me*
Me: Okay. Thank you ar....
JT: Justin Git boy. Take pimpis... *run run to his own room* PIMPIS! *pass another diaper to me*
Me: Oh no!!! Enough enough. One is ENOUGH!
JT: Take pimpis... *run run to his own room* PIMPIS! *throw one diaper to me*
Me: no....... Enough jor...
JT: *take one more diaper*
Me: NOOOooooooOOOOOooooOOO
JT: *and another*
JT: *and another* I git boy! Take pimpis.
Me: Kau meng (Save me) AH!!!!

You see my mistake? Now i gotto go and put back all the Pimpis from the floor. *sigh*

Monday, May 03, 2010

O_o moments.

In the car...

Jd: Mami I want to hold your hand.

Me: Awww okay.... * hold hands with JD* baby.. next time when you're a big boy and you have a girlfriend, will you still hold mami's hand?


Dadi: Wahaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha *cough cough * hahhahahahahha *cough cough* hahahhahahahahahhah

Me: O_o

*sigh* I know.. its the fact that THAT will happen in the future. But its too early to find out right? He is only 4 years old...



In the shopping mall after Jayden had a sarsi drink...

Me: Jayden do you want to go shee shee first ?

Jd: Wait.

Me: Wait what?

Jd: wait for the sarsi to go to the bum bum first.

Me: O_o