Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Copy And Paste

I was quite down because i was thinking about my current problem. Too much to do with too little time. Between kids and my designing. I gave up my job to be with my kids but I spent too much time on designing till I have no time to be with them. Many thought that designing is very easy, afterall its copy and paste work. (you think?) and I always get the feedback that my charges is expensive. Tell you story hor.. when ppl see i post in fb , they will write "I want I want!" When I reply with my fees, POOF! And some asked me for free design.....I digress to bitch further.

I got my name card printed but sadly the day I received it was my day that I decided to let go of everything. Designing, blogging, sewing just to focus 100% on my kids.But part of me is very sad cos I love designing but I told myself I am not that good anyway. I never studied design and I don't have the time to learn more. Then i received an email from my customer from australia. She said
Sasha, thank you so much for your work, they have been great!
It made me realize how much I miss designing just for a day. I then went to her website and saw my logo LIVE.

And the welcome sign
And I thought to myself, I cannot give up everything. Not designing. I may not be damn good, but I can be better than what I am today if I never give up and continue to practise. And I told myself, whoever that wanna bully me cos I am not a design graduate and because i am stay at home mum, I got no time for you, ok? If you think that designing is all about copy and paste, why not you copy and paste yourself?


  1. I agree 100% with you, we just have to pay for someone creativity, if you had then no need to pay lor,right?

    dont stop designing if that makes you happy,ya keep it up, who knows over the internet someone somewhre out there may like what he or she sees than viola,,,,,your might be just anything celeb on the net,right?

    keep it up

  2. the logo is so cute!
    well you can do both things that you love. taking care of your kids and designing. It just means less sleep that's all but i guess it's worth it if you're slogging for something that you love or love doing.

  3. miss arr...

    of coz mestila practice. Takkan so easy do design. The more u do, the more ideas will flow out. U will surely get bitchy or fussy customers..but that's all part and parcel. If everything and everyone was perfect... (well, only 'sai' shud be perfect), then, it'll be pretty boring..and plus, dealing with such people, only will make you better. Seriously!


  4. alot of my designer friends get the same feedback as you,even if we are graduates from some designing course. It's just a weird theory for many Malaysians whom thought that designing is easy peasy - although they couldn't do it for themselves! I guess we just have to find the crowd that do appreciate design work!

    For me, no matter how much we love our children and how much we want to dedicate fully to them, at the end of the day we are still individuals and still need that little passion to drive us going!All the best Sasha!

    And wow!you can do such a good job even without a designing certificate,that really says alot!

  5. hmmm, agreed with u too ... no need to give up designing if u love, even not from the design school , i dont hv that cert for design also, but i love designing just like u ...:P Somepeople email me to ask for free header also ... hmm hmmm ... how can that be FOC lei ....!!! anyway ... u r good lei ... keep up the good job . practice make perfect !!

  6. Yo babe!! Happy that you have decided what you wanna do. It's not easy to be able to find something that keeps you going. And now that you've found it, appreciate it! Bitches are all around us. They are here to stay whether we like them or not. Focus on your passion for designing and I am sure you will do much better than those who have certs and whatnots!

  7. cute monkey. Do whatever that makes you happy. Enjoy your work and it won't feel like work anymore :D.

  8. For me, designing is all about creativity and not from 'books', therefore, even a first class graduate might not be as good as someone with creative thinking. So..sasha, go ahead. why to bother those people who don even understand what is 'designing'.

  9. oh no...don't stop designing if that is your passion. We human are just so flexible. Sure u can find time for your kids and your design work. Happy designing!

  10. very cute logo, i like! designing is not an ez job. i know. cus i have cousin & BIL who is doing designing & studying for it. pening giler wan. anyway, yr work is great, so keep it up!

  11. Hi, Sasha,

    I'm one of your blog reader, you actually strike me as a very flamboyant (if my def. is not wrong, ^_^) person, and positive person,
    do not give up something that you like, maybe you can take a break, another thing is,
    maybe you can actually start to sell it oversea, advertise in,
    since local market doesn't appreciate it... (well, sometimes, can't blame them/us, cos, our currency is too weak, and small)

    remember one thing, haha, I know, it may not be the best example,
    Stephen Chow was not appreciated much by HKee, till his shaolin soccer was much much much more appreciated in mainland china, and therefore, he becomes big... :)


  12. Why cares about what others say? The golden rule is take it or leave it.. I see a good potential in your ready made headers to be sold on international auction sites such as ebay.:)

  13. while the priority is on kids, you can get some time to design whenever possible.

    I do paper scrapbooking on my kids..simple work but i find it 'self satisfying' whenever I complete one.

  14. Well said! I can also copy & paste..but can I design? :P

    Keep it up Sasha..Many of us truly support you!

  15. nothing is easy in life. But your biggest motivation is receiving such positive feedback from your customers. People spend thousands to get into design school and what not but have zero creative talent. But you do. So, keep at it. You will be fine.

  16. That logo is very nice, Sasha! If you love to design, don't give up laa..just continue doing what you like. You can do it!!!

  17. am gonna be philosophical ya so bear with me... everyone has something they are good at and passionate about... and unfortunately a lot of us go thru life not knowing what it was.. you are lucky to have found it so don't let your dreams go just like that...

    and if the kids are "disturbing" you, rope them in eg ask them if they like this design or not and how would they have done it themselves ;-) all the best

  18. u r born to be creative and design so use your talent! not everyone can do this.. (esp me! i memang nil) .. wait till i order from you then only u resign :p

  19. Ooo now I know why 'the kids awake no computer' regime. Do what you love best Sasha. Life is short. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mowe lei them.

  20. Look at it this way:
    Mothering 2 lil boys is a hugely challenging "job" that requires immense love, skill and energy. It's a "job" in which good performance cannot be consistently sustained day-in, day-out, year-in, year-out, or till the twelfth of never if you are a so-called give-101%-but-miserable mum. Eventually, resentment will creep in, and that will indeed be a toxic situation. Because love needs to be maintained by sanity and fed with passion (which in yr case comes from designing).

    This is much like how mum needs to stay healthy (emotionally and physically), always, to care for the family. Or why airline safety rules specify that in event of emergency, you must first attend to yourself before attending to your child(ren).

    Feed your soul, sasha, and happy healthy kids will follow.


  21. Never give up. I was in the same shoe as you once. If I've given up on writing, i would have never publish my books and it would have been a waste. :( Dun gv up, Sasha. Persevere.

  22. I still want you to design a header for me leh, first need to get a domain first right, still have not decided on the name... you are very talented, close shop will waste your talent. Just take it one at a time. Set your priority. Children first then designing. Tell the customer you need to take care of children first then designing. Sure they will understand that. Keep up the good work.

  23. I love your designs! Saw a few of your designs around some blogs and I think they are really good.

    So do continue designing. If you don't have time, mebbe you can do less but to stop completely would be a waste. I think it's good to do it for yourself too. I'm sure there's the sense of pride and ownership when you see the end result :)

  24. I'm not a creative person, so I have always salute those who are good at designing. I think your designs rock. So, keep it up. Don't bother what others may say. Most important, you enjoy what you do and I believe it is also a good outlet to destress. Have fun dear.

  25. If the charges stated on your previous post is anything to go by, I would tell you frankly that your charges are NOT EXPENSIVE.

    Designing it is one thing but to have them animated at the same time? That requires a lot of effort, time and energy even for one banner. I have freelancers who quoted 2-3 times more than what you are offering and their work is only so-so.

    Don't give up on your passion as it will be the one thing that keeps you alive and move forward from day to day. Hang in there!

  26. yayy for u!

    to hell with everyone else! :p

  27. You have my support here Sasha! Do it , just do it!!! :)