Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Mouse and The Cheerleader

Jayden used to love computer games. He only likes it when WE PLAY and he CHEER.

So, end up we're THE MOUSE to hold the mouse and to click where he poke on the screen.

So I used to think "WHY LA.. HE CANNOT PLAY HIMSELF?" you know.. at least I can read my newspaper abit.. read my magazine abit.

( i know some moms refused to let the kid go near computer games worried that they might get addicted or something. We only let him play educational games like or

So anyway recently, he FINALLY knows how to operate the mouse.


And guess who got promoted to be the cheerleader?

Muahahhahaa excuse me.. now I wanna leave my macbook and go read some magazine/sew some skirts while someone entertain the cheerleader.


  1. *sobs*

    Fasterly go make yourself a cuppa and tarn!! You deserve it!! Why no pom-poms for Justin geh??!

  2. Yay! Fast fast go and enjoy your "ME" time. I feel you... Hehehe..

  3. Enjoy your "ME" time :D. You so syok la now. Hope I will be able to Tarn soon too

  4. i think u better buy 2 computers soon.. one is definitely not enough :p

  5. At least you can rest and do your own thing for a just a while. Right? Good that the boys can keep each other company now.

  6. Get him an iPad, sure no problem in poking the screen. :P

  7. least Justin can be the cheerleader to entertain him.

    Mine case when Elise sees her sister playing her mini laptop, she wants to rule it and fights peace**i cant watch tv, cant surf..SIGH**

  8. Wah Justin so good boy wont fight with the kor kor? Very good wor.

    And u not worry what if Jayden simply press any keys/ buttons and spoil ur macbook? Definitely not me. Hahaha! Me and hb refrain them from touching our pc. At one time, don't know how they did it, the System Restore program is called. Scary.

  9. great that justin is the cheerleader for kor kor. in my boys case, shan rae will be fighting for the mouse with kor kor :(

  10. Jayden really smart.. hehe.. and the lil mickey mouse promoted .. hahaha.. so cute ..

  11. Hi leng mummy , just drop by wishing you an advance HAPPY MOTHER's hv been a great mum to the boys!

  12. Lil Hyppo: her say this one for girl wan.....

    Inspired mom: aiyah .. not for long.

    smallkuching: no lah.. i haven't get to chance to go do facial.

    reanaclaire: hahhaha sorry mudder not working no mahney,

    sheoh yan:only for a lil while.

    michelle: iphone also dun have want ipad? i damn pokai now.

    Ling: i freee for a while only after that also pull hair edi

    cheeyee: nolah jayden is very good with pc cos plus i dun completely leave them. I'm around to say EHHHHHHHHHHH.. poke properly ah!

    2ma: not going to be long before justin start grabbing.

    janice: ai.. *headache*

    Anggie:Same to u :)

  13. later Justin will upgrade himself from a cheerleader to 'the Mouse' and by then, I'm afraid you will have to do some shopping liao.

  14. LOL... having a ME time is good, rite? I oso need some ME time. Happy Mother's Day, Sasha. :D

  15. Hey here wishing you a great and happy mother day,, keep up the good works, and may God bless you with loads and loads of joy, health to carrying out world's greatest duty,,, being a mom,,

    kudos to you and the rest of the moms

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  17. haha,congratz on abit more free time on your hand!hopefully he'll know how to get only ONE nappy soon as well.hehe

  18. oh yayyy!!! i am sooo waiting for this day to come. gibran doesnt wanna operate the mouse at all! so i cant wait for the day when he will.