Saturday, August 21, 2010

It All Starts From Home

Yesterday, I went to my dad's workshop. As I was driving into the parking lot, there were 2 dogs in front of my car. A tiny puppy and a bigger dog. Upon seeing my car moving towards them, the bigger dog quickly tried carry the puppy with its mouth to a safer spot. I was stunned. Because, the puppy doesn't belong to the bigger dog(cos they are my mum's dog so I know that they aren't related) and yet she is trying to save the baby.

It got me thinking how animals can protect their own or others and we human doesn't know how. It is so sickening to see nearly everyday a baby being dumped, dead or alive. If they are STILL alive when people found them, then they are lucky. Let's not talk about those that didn't make it , be it - still in one piece or half eaten by monitor lizard.

I have people asking me "Why not have a girl?Why not have the 3rd one?" And my answer to them is "Its not about the quantity. It's about the quality. It's not about making a baby, it's about whether I have enough attention for each and every of my kid or not, you know what I mean?" Many says that even the poor with very little pay can have a dozen of kids. Yes, I know. But how many of the ones from dozen turn out well? If you wanna know if they are going to turn out to be a fine young man/woman, just look at the parents. If the parents guide them well, of course. Cos It all starts from home.

Many questioned "to have sex education or not to have in school". Ding Dong Ding Dong. Why wait? Why can't we teach our own kids? Why wait for teachers to teach? I mean, do we really need teachers to teach everything? And don't even mention about the quality of teachers in Malaysia. We even have a headmistress that teaches students to call other races names in school openly. tsk..tsk...tsk...

We should teach our kid the meaning of life, to cherish life and also to respect others no matter what skin colour, religion, poor or rich. What I noticed with youngsters nowadays is that, they take life so lightly. Mat Rempits and Baby Dumpers are mostly youngsters. Imagine, these people are our future and they are doing all these stunts, be it "Superman" at highways or "breast-massage" session openly in school and they even share it proudly in Facebook. To them "eh aku suka la!". No shame, no sign of remourse, no fear. Die, die lah! Whatever!

To me, everything starts from home. Not only the parents, the relatives, the elder brother or sis can teach. I remember very clearly about the incident that I once threw the ice cream packaging into the drain. My sis asked me " Do you know it's wrong to throw rubbish everywhere?" I replied to her "Ah, its nothing la." She then taught me how long it takes for the rubbish to decompose and imagine if everyone throw one rubbish into the drain, do you know how much rubbish there will be in this drain and how bad is it going to be?" From then onwards, I make sure every rubbish ends up in the rubbish bin and I am now teaching it to my kids and niece and nephews.

So sometimes when I flip the newspaper and I wonder....blame it to the internet, blame it on TV, blame it on what what day celebration, Blame on the sky, Blame moon, blame everything la. My lecturer used to say, when you point at other people with ONE finger, you forgot that there are 4 fingers pointing back to yourself. Why blame everything but yourself? If the kid is so well guided from home, why is she pregnant and dumping babies now? I don't think there is any religion out there that teaches the person that its okay to dump babies, right?

You know, my english is not that good and I'm not so highly educated and definitely not perfect in anyways. But I can still teach my kids not to call people names, not to simply throw rubbish, and must wait in queue or say nicely when you need something. You don't need a PHD to teach that. We cannot teach other people's kid but we can teach our own. Let's not wait for someone to teach our kids, let's do it from home cos it's all start from home. Let's build a strong and proper foundation for our kids to guide them and hopefully the future is brighter for them.

P/S: I don't what made me posted this but its been ding dong-ing in my brain since I saw the big dog carrying the puppy. I better write it out cos it's taking too much of my memory space in my brain. *lol*

Friday, August 20, 2010

Verbal Self Defense

Oh man...... follow up from my earlier story today about this cili padi.


So when I went to pick JD up from school, I saw her mom picking her up in that big ass square car. No, Not Alph@ard. I was so tempted to go down and have a word with her. But I thought maybe the HM spoke to her and she stopped doing her "thing" in school. Give her a chance I said in my heart.

Once JD entered the car, I asked him him how was his day, what he had for recess, did he finish his water, what he wrote and yada yada and the final question was....

Me: Did XXX hit you today?
Me: ah? are you sure or not? ( i was thinking SO DARING? Kena kantoi from HM still wanna smack???)
JD: really!
Me: How? Like this *smack softly* cos she was calling you or *PIAKKKK hard* like this?
JD: like this *PIAKKKK Hard*
Me: HAH! Where?
JD: here, on my hand...
Me: did you tell her off?
JD: got.
Me: (wah he so pandai? teach one day so smart edi???) what did you say?
JD: I said ....... AIHH......
ME: huh?? AIH??????????? (WTF is that?????? A sigh????)
JD: yeah, i said Aih...
ME: *smack forehead* (what kind of "telling off" is that??????) Why you say AIH?? You should say "STOP! I will tell teacher K" So, What did she say?
JD: nothing.
ME: how come?
JD: because..... i said it to myself
ME: *smack forehead smack forehead smack forehead and vomit blood*  Jayden.... You cannot like this you need to tell her properly. STOP IT! STOP HITTING ME!

So after that I drove to my dad's workshop and during lunch with my niece (his fav cousin), we taught him how to tell her off.

Even my niece also vomit blood and smack forehead.

Cos he keep saying "Stop it....*laugh*.. I tell your mother *laugh*"

and then finally he got it. But he face is not that serious, still trying not to laugh.

Aiyoh.....apa maciam la...

Mr. Chan please take over.

Girl, you messed with the wrong momma

Like everyday, I sent JD to sch and accompanied him to his class. His class teacher was stationed atthe gate for this week to make sure that only students + guardian/parents entered into the sch compound. So after the sch bell rang, no one guided the kids to queue up and get into the class. There was this lil girl S (whom I really adore, cos she is so so so so so nice and she makes ppl feel like she is such a good jie jie) who initiated everything, asked them to q-up and to go to the class. And that Cili Padi, she followed another q and went the other way. So, I was with JD & S that time. I heard S called "XXX, come here. Our class is here". That Cili Padi turned and crossed her arms. Then she just showed her tongue to S and walked towards S. Showed her tongue again, this time with her face REALLY closed to S's face. I don't know what got into me. My fingers suddenly automatically raised and waved "NO! You cannot do that! It's very rude"

Guess what?

She showed it to me.

I got a shock. C'mon tell me which 4 yr old girl is not afraid of adult? If you are 4 yr old, the shortest and tiniest in class, would you be afraid of this fierce looking aunty (oh u better believe how scarry I looked when I am pissed- ask Jayden and he'll confirm it) So I said "Hey, you do that again and I'll send you to teacher H's office (the Headmistress- every kid is scared of her)" And you guess it correctly, she did it again.
No. this is NOT her. I got the pic from here

#$@$%#$% i said in my head and I walked off with S and JD. We left her at the corridor and the teacher was walking towards me. I signaled for JD and S to get into the class and I told teacher K about it. I showed her how she showed her tongue and I said it this time. "OH MY GOD! she is so NAUGHTY! I said I will send her to Teacher H office if she does it again and she did it to me with no FEAR!" 

Teacher K got shocked and said "Okay Okay" and walked towards her.

I went into the class. And again, everyone is asking JD to sit next to the cili padi. I said "NO! what if she smack you again?" All the kids looked at me. Why am I so Anal about him being bullied? Cos I was once like Jayden got bullied, and doesn't mind to be bullied then cos I just wanna be accepted and not shunned upon and I am so affected by it now (will blog about it later) So I told JD and the rest of the class "If XXX smack you all, you all must tell teacher, understand?" and everyone nodded.

So I thought I wanna go and complain to the HM. And while I was getting there, Teacher K was on her way back to the class without XXX. And I saw XXX standing in Teacher H's office and Teacher H was obviously questioning her about her behaviour.

She better get it this time, that this so-called-AUNTY here meant what she said. If she does it one more time, I'm so going to stand at the gate and wait for her parents to come. *grrrrrr*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

With LOve

Made this for Mr Chan's breakfast.

Toasted bread with butter, cucumber, chicken floss and tomato sauce.

He walked off to get something and came back with this


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If it never happen to your child..

you don't care much, right?

Okay, let me cerita you all.

The other day after I sent JD to his class, and so happen that hour was "playground" time. So we're all at the playground and I saw the smallest size girl, started scolding this boy who was about to slide down from the top of the slide. As soon as he reached the ground, the girl smacked and scolded him, crossed her arms and walked off. The guy was clueless of what had just happened.

So I wondered.. wah this girl quite a cili padi for her size and age man. So I just pointed to the teacher "This girl quite fierce also eh?" And the teacher who didn't witness the smacking incident just said "yeah, she's very fierce".

So this morning I sent JD and the teacher was away at that time. So I asked JD, so where do you wanna sit today? (cos they just merged 2 classes together, and the teacher wants the kids to mix around, so change seating position everyday) And everyone else pointed at the seat next to the fierce girl. I asked "how come everyday also sit here? I thought have to change place?" and they went "no no.. Jayden sit here wan.."

As soon as JD sat down and holding his water tumbler, the girl went to pinch his left ear, smacked his shoulder and mumbled (I can see that she is scolding him but I have no idea what she said) and she raised her voice and said "YOU UNDERSTAND OR NOT!". And my boy just nod his head and say "yes yes yes" and smilling sheepishly.

I went.. OMG? What just happened right in front of my eyes. She pinched his ear, smacked him and scolded him in front of me. Can you imagine when I am not there?

So I asked JD " what did she say to you?" He just gave me a very scared look and shook his head. I turned to her and asked her "You very fierce hor?" and she happily answered "hehe YEAH!"

I was dumbfounded and left speechless.

The teacher came back and I went to her and said "this XXX is so small size but so fierce hor?" And the teacher sighed and said "yeah .. she is... very fierce wan"
So I added "so fierce until can pinch my son's ear and smacked him in front of me. Very brave and fierce little girl" I was smiling all the way when I said this.
The teacher gave me a shocked look and turned to her and said "XXX come here. Did you pinch JD ear?"

ahhhhh so the story ended here. After that I dunno what happen but I'm so gonna lecture my son when he comes back later. Wah piang.. kena bully in school by a girl. But that's his character, very diam diam kind. *sigh*

So what am i trying to say edi ah? Shit man... the brain like abit not functioning well *read back title* Okay. So what I wanna say is.. when it never happen to your kid, you don't really care. When it happen, then it hurts. Same goes with the saying "the needle is not poking at yr flesh. You won't know the feeling".

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Jayden used to call me Shanti. Then he started calling me Annie. Then now it is Louise.

He started calling me "Louise" after he saw this on FB.

The other day we're out and he wanted my attention.

He said MAMI MAMI!

But I was busying talking to someone. So he shouted


and surprisingly I said WHAT!

Oh man.. I hate this video!

And you know what?

Jayden love to disturb me when I'm talking to my husband.

And you know what makes it worst?

Justin followed suit.

*pull hair*

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mums are Magicians

The other day I asked Jayden to go and take his own pajamas and get dressed himself and get ready for bed. He went to his cabinets and told me "Mami, no more pajamas!"

You see I did my laundry and fold em downstairs. And I normally take some up each time i come upstairs. So lately I have been so busy, I only managed to hang, dry and fold them. 

So yesterday Big C helped me (should I even use the word HELP ka?) to bring the clothes upstairs and I sorted out all the clothes and place em into the cabinets. 

So last night, he went to the cabinet and said 

"Oh all my pajamas came back!"

And Big C overheard him saying that and told me. So while getting ready for bed, I was wondering to myself..

We mums are magicians. They blink an eye, the clothes are back. Blink again the food is ready. Blink samo they are fully bathed. How I wish I blink my eyes and all are ready like the show "I dream of genie" eh?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jayden's successor

Last night, I didn't feel good. So I took panadol and went to bed at ard 8.45pm. I think the last time I slept early like this was when I was 1-3 months preg with Jayden. My usual bed time after I had my kids is 12am everyday.

Then I woke up at god-knows-what-time and I found that the lights was on, with the hoosband snoring soundly and the kids was still up playing. So I got up, walked over and offed the lights. After that I can still hear them giggling. I said "go to sleep................very late edi........."

Then in the middle of the night, I woke up again. Suddenly I remember that for sure the father will forget about putting on mozzie repellent for them. I gotto apply on them everynight otherwise they will wake up full with mozzie bites. So I went and reached for the mozzie repellent and started to apply on Jayden and then Justin. When I applied it on his cheeks, I thought "eh.. how come his face is like flaky flaky, so rough!" Then I took a closer look and I found..
omg! Thomas stickers on both sides all over his face!

and he woke up telling me "I got thomas sticker..I stick stick.. nice thomas sticker".

So I asked him "who did this to you? Is it Jayden?"

He said "Justin stick".

I asked Jayden "who did this to Justin?"

He said "Justin stick himself".

I trust Jayden cos he seldom lie and if he did it, he would have done it on himself too but there's none on his face".  One thing is.. how on earth did he  manage to stick it until so nicely, with only some overlapping? *sigh* this lil fler, never fail to amuse me. I remember I used to blog about heart-pumping moments with Jayden but I guess he found a successor edi--> Justin Chan.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Lately I am feeling down. Too many things to think about and most of it is not going my way. Its been a few weeks of disappointment (NO...I am not planning to get pregnant!) and many rejections and also some no news. Don't even wanna layan this stay-at-home-mum. Very frustrating. Very disappointed. Very Sien. Very Sad sometimes. Very no direction.

Besides that I still gotto continue my duty as SAHM, morning send, fetch afternoon, Cook, Clean (not that much- no mood lah!) , wash, hang, fold, wipe, you know what I mean. To day I am not happy woth the housework, I am getting used to it. It's been what.. 6 months? since that ex maid left. So it's better now.

I seldom eat, sometimes once a day at night. Most of the time my best friend is Nescafe. Morning once, lunch once like vitamin. Finally I bought my jeans for myself.
Not gloating here, but never in my life I wear size 25 Levi's. I think the last time I ever wore this size was like when i was 15 years old before I ballooned and became 72kgs. So it comes in a package, smaller Waist, smaller bum and of course the breast also like flat tyre O.o but the flat tyre on the tummy is still there, hard to get rid off *remind: need to do sit up ah.....*

Anyway... i just went for a hair cut. When I am feeling sad/lost/disappointed I always go for a haircut. My neighbour offered to take care of Justin for me while Jayden is in sch. So I went and chopped my hair off. Before that I was playing with my hair and tried to make fringe with my long hair at home and Jayden said "Mami u cut yr hair like this. I like" And when he saw me  he asked me"mami do you think yr hair is nice? I think not nice. Faster Go back and change it.". :( So you know how nice it is la.
I took a bunch of pics and I can't find one that is presentable except this one. Mannnnnnnn.. now i gotto go out and "kenyit" my eye all the time to look cute. If not I look like a nerd. Proly I should get a big black frame specs and go all the way. :P

Sigh.. i wonder what is next. Pls god.. make it exciting for me. Pls give me some good news!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Makan @ William Mamak

Once in a while we will go back to our old housing area to eat at Williams. Where exactly is Williams? Taman Mayang Jaya in PJ. From far you can see that its just a mamak but have a seat and look at the price list and you will be shocked. Not only shocked at the price but also the variety of stuff they have at the road side stall. Didn't take a pic though cos I am sure there are many write upsa about this place in the blogsphere.

Anyway, he's Big C's fav. Turkey Ham Cabonara (Rm 15). The portion is huge and the boys had that for dinner. We also ordered some fishball from the stall next to it. Boys ma.. need more calories kan?
He also diam diam eat by himself..
This is my Turkey Ham Mozarella Nann (something like that la..) Rm 10 Maybe that day I wasn't in the mood to eat this so it was just so so for me.
And this is what we ordered for the entire family. Herb Soda. A mixture of Mint, Serai, Asam Boi, Longan and of course Soda (not sure its just plain soda or its Ice Cream Soda) and its Rm 7 for this babe.
One thing about Williams is that they are very generous in terms of the serving, they really use good quality of longans (btw... I used to work in a company that sell canned longan so I know which one is good :)). Normally we will order Ribena Ice blended with Longan. Fuiyoh drink that and yr brain also go freezeeeee.

And everyone's tummy is pau pau (full) at the end of the day.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Lazy Mum

He doesn't want to be fed and he can't eat without messing up. So, this is what I did..

Using my food cover as the bakul to collect the fallen rice/vege/whatever. Yeah only work for dry food though.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I buy for you okay?

In the car...

JD: mami.. why yr clock like this one? *clock showing      :41*

Me: oh.. cos mami's car is very old edi. All also spoil You see this pedometer, also not moving edi. You see this also spoil, that also spoil. Old edi ma...

JD: mami's car is very old edi...all also spoil..

Me: yeah.. poor ma. No money to buy new one.

JD: mami.. next time i buy for you a new car okay?

Me: wuahhhhhh are you sure or not?

JD: yes!

Me: wuah.. thank you ah.. remember what you say okay?

JD: yes.

Note to Jayden: baby, I know you're too young to understand what you have promised me. Mami also don't blame you if you can't keep to your words. When you are old enough to buy your own car, no need to give to mami. Just remember to make sure I am the first to go for a ride with you. That's good enough.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Kena rejected....

Last night I slept next to Jayden.

Me: Jayden... mami sleep with you can?
Jayden: can... you can be my girlfriend....*kiss*
Me: I cannot be your girlfriend la.. i can only be your mami wan...
Jayden: Then you can be my mami friend....*kiss*
Me: No No I am your mami dearest...
Jayden: mami dearest means what?
Me: means I am your best best best and only mother lor..
Jayden: ooh....

Turn left.. left right...

Jayden: Errrr.. mami dearest?
Me: Yes baby?
Jayden: can you.... go back to your own bed ah?
Me: *O.o* Okay lor..
Jayden: Zzzzzzzzz

Sigh.... kena rejected...ME!