Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If it never happen to your child..

you don't care much, right?

Okay, let me cerita you all.

The other day after I sent JD to his class, and so happen that hour was "playground" time. So we're all at the playground and I saw the smallest size girl, started scolding this boy who was about to slide down from the top of the slide. As soon as he reached the ground, the girl smacked and scolded him, crossed her arms and walked off. The guy was clueless of what had just happened.

So I wondered.. wah this girl quite a cili padi for her size and age man. So I just pointed to the teacher "This girl quite fierce also eh?" And the teacher who didn't witness the smacking incident just said "yeah, she's very fierce".

So this morning I sent JD and the teacher was away at that time. So I asked JD, so where do you wanna sit today? (cos they just merged 2 classes together, and the teacher wants the kids to mix around, so change seating position everyday) And everyone else pointed at the seat next to the fierce girl. I asked "how come everyday also sit here? I thought have to change place?" and they went "no no.. Jayden sit here wan.."

As soon as JD sat down and holding his water tumbler, the girl went to pinch his left ear, smacked his shoulder and mumbled (I can see that she is scolding him but I have no idea what she said) and she raised her voice and said "YOU UNDERSTAND OR NOT!". And my boy just nod his head and say "yes yes yes" and smilling sheepishly.

I went.. OMG? What just happened right in front of my eyes. She pinched his ear, smacked him and scolded him in front of me. Can you imagine when I am not there?

So I asked JD " what did she say to you?" He just gave me a very scared look and shook his head. I turned to her and asked her "You very fierce hor?" and she happily answered "hehe YEAH!"

I was dumbfounded and left speechless.

The teacher came back and I went to her and said "this XXX is so small size but so fierce hor?" And the teacher sighed and said "yeah .. she is... very fierce wan"
So I added "so fierce until can pinch my son's ear and smacked him in front of me. Very brave and fierce little girl" I was smiling all the way when I said this.
The teacher gave me a shocked look and turned to her and said "XXX come here. Did you pinch JD ear?"

ahhhhh so the story ended here. After that I dunno what happen but I'm so gonna lecture my son when he comes back later. Wah piang.. kena bully in school by a girl. But that's his character, very diam diam kind. *sigh*

So what am i trying to say edi ah? Shit man... the brain like abit not functioning well *read back title* Okay. So what I wanna say is.. when it never happen to your kid, you don't really care. When it happen, then it hurts. Same goes with the saying "the needle is not poking at yr flesh. You won't know the feeling".

Sekian Terima Kasih.


  1. wow...that girl soooo garang one...poor boy...

  2. Something similar happened to my gal. Took me some time to settle this at school. :P

  3. Aiyo... so garang one. Hope the teachers r looking into it. Really terrible if she continue to bully kids in sch.

  4. May be the teacher is just being obliging by saying those words,, she could have summoned JD and chili padi to find out the reason behind it all,right?

    i feel your tak senangness and your geramness as well cos i am a parent too.

    it reminds me of something here, my neigbour came back saw his daughter crying, and then he started scolding my Jovial rudely, i heard it.. i confronted the father and asked him why he scolded my Jovial then he said his daughter Michelle telling him that Jovial pinched her, then i asked did he see anything prior to the picnhing, he said no,

    i told him i was there and i saw his Michelle pinched my Jovial first ,,hahahahahh

  5. wei..i read also i feel pain leh.. who said no sum toong.. wah..this girl.. i think she is either too pampered at home..or maybe her mother always scold people..that is why she learn it from?? the problem actually is the girl..not your boy.. :)

  6. dis cili padi is really keng! i think you have to guide Jayden on what to do or say when he is bullied by dis cili padi again :(

  7. can feel the pain ler.. next time ask JD to can whack back that gal.. so that the gal knows that she is doing wrong.. :P.. wrong method hor.. hahaha

  8. wow..such a fierce little girl.
    The teacher should take an action and inform the girl's parent about her dragging for too long, or else, this girl may think that she is the QUEEN in the class.

  9. My boy used to get bullied my GIRLS too, and I was hurting on the inside! Being a mum its hard NOT to put your 2 cents some days I'd intervene because my boy would just smile thinking its all a game! (a game he got pushed, or pinched! sheesh) But eventually he came around (as he got older), and now he's pretty bossy and I'm not so worried about him getting bullied. He bullies his little sister like mad now! In a few years time its best to teach them not to slap or pinch back (though that's our first instinct, big or small! DO NOT TOUCH MY KID!) to teach them to say NO STOP! and if they don't, take it to the teacher. If we get them to punch/pinch/bite back, we're actually encouraging bullying too...oh well at least that's what I learnt in our school's How to Stop Bullying pamphlet!!!

  10. So scared that my girl will be like that next time. But so far she is fierce only la, didn't resort to pinching or beating othes yet (hopefully not). I must really keep a close eye at her...

  11. Scold, pinch pinch is showing affection to JD mah...hehehehe

  12. Sasha, you are indeed very nice already. If I were you, I will immediately ask the girl to appologize to my child and make her promise to me no next time. Besides, I will also tell the teacher for not letting my child sit next to her anymore. And, I will still keep my eye closely on her everyday. If still happen, I will go to her parents. I am going to show this little girl, who is the real tigeress?

  13. *speechless*

    sayangs Jayden boy.

    You stay the way you are. Why she did what she did has NOTHING to do with you. Just... don't sit next to her la.

    Hope the teachers will somehow manage her... I'm sure they will come up with a good way of handling it.

  14. i so get you.

    poor jayden.... :(

  15. Sasha, i salute your calmness, if i am you, i will go and scream and shout at the teacher and insist for an explanation. The teacher cannot just say that "yeah, she is fierce" and no nothing, they are suppose to educate the little girl.