Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! No internet access till 3rd january. So
party,enjoy n relax before another hectic year! Pls drive safely,if
drink dont drive,if drive dont drink! That's all ppl,have fun!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


*pull hair*
cannot blog! The Blardy line is going haywire!!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hum Hum Sup Sup Ppl..

Remember Julian wrote about the students that had sex in front of his house? And Huisia wrote about nearly the same thing again about the couple in the park..Well i have something to share also, as usual ma... (i wanted to link u guys up but dunno why blogspot merajuk dun let me wor..)

I was at Giant Subang and i was driving my sis and my son for shopping there. Round round the car park and there wasn't any available and as usual some cars will park at the side waiting for ppl to go off. So i was looking left and right hoping to find a carpark, and the same time my sis was blabbling and complaining as usual. There they are, in the car, under the bright sun, kissing. Yah..kissing only ma..what's the big deal right? Come...let me describe to you how they kiss ya....Okay move your mouth by saying this while moving your tounge...BLIH BLEH BLUP BLUB BLOB BLI BLEB BLOUB BLUUB BLOPPP BLAPP.. So u know how it goes?? (free course available at Sasha's place...please enquire within..HAHAHA)

So, i was the only one besides the many many ppl around in that area that saw them doing it. So being-a-not-kay-poh person like me..i moved on. (haha) Parked my car and went in to shop. Sister still i went to the bb section..milk powder section. Guess what i saw? The same blardy couple BLIBBB BLEPPP BLOOOB in the aisle. #$%%@@ And u know what? i walked passed them, my sister didn;t notice them ..and they ended the kissing with a "chuiitttt" sound. Like the sucker being pulled off from the window..

Then i told my sis.."WTF...kissing in the milk powder section. Yalah enjoy la..after dat accident and buy milk powder la u". My sis said" Huh? Who is kissing" (slap head) So being a more kay-poh person than sis wanna see who is the i brought her to the grocery section and showed her la..

Then she said.." wah ..tak sabar wanna go home and F.."
I said " Nolah..this is after F king edi wan ".
Sis Said " No..see they're shopping for food. to go home and eat and F later"
Me say " No...this is after F liao..Very happy Shop for food. Hungry after F ma.."
Sis say.. " No..see the way they walk..Like hugging hugging"..
Me say " Hmm liddis la.. Maybe F liao..come out for makan..and go home and F again"
Sis say " ah..Must be la!"
Me say : " kiss and cannot get enough of each other..after married and have kids.. see whether wanna touch each other again or not..."
Sis say : "hmmm yalor"

Wah got second story samo...another couple being spotted while i went for my holiday in Lone Pine Penang. This girl....*sigh* beh tahan her.. She's acting like she's gonna drown in the 4ft water when my nephews and nieces swimming around her..and they're only like 2ft tall? I felt like drowning her by pushing her head down and hear her screaming like she's been doing all the while while the BF is around. When the BF is not around..she can swim...SO FAKE!

Tadaaaaa...i have their beautiful picture to show show..HAHAHAHA (notty me, i know)

Obviously it's a F king vacation for them. And each time i see them in the pool ..she's doing it again... Liddis.. "Ahhh...So Scared..Ah......Ahh...Ahh....Ahhhahahaha Ah...." They're sick sick ppl. But i think they got the message when i brought Jayden to swim next to her and Jayden was happily kicking and playing with the water. Wanna HeeHeehaaHaa go home ler..

In a not so related issue ...try to focus behind the couple and u can see something. No...not the kid. That's adam, my nephew. Behind adam. Look closely....can u see?

U cannot see this Beautiful Aunty/Uncle taking picture of himself meh? Seriously...izit a man or woman?

Friday, December 22, 2006

My Son is 9 Months Edi!

I couldn't sleep last night. Was busy trying to create a scrap using my hubby's laptop. His laptop also dun have photoshop so have to use his microsoft powerpoint 2003. It's much better than 97 cos the picture can turn turn. But after dunno like how many hours struggling to drag and drag the stuff, i still don't like the scrap. I gave up at 12am. Then i couldn't sleep the whole night..guess i was too hyper thinking of how to create a nice one. This morning early early i come to work and start on this scrap using my laupeh computer. It's just too torturing using Microsoft powerpoint to create this...Dang! This Christmas I'm gonna get myself a new pc or laptop!

Anyway, it's about my son now. Yes, my son is already 9 months old. Boy, time flies and he has grown so much taller and my kangaroo pouch is still there. In another 3 months time, we're gonna celebrate his birthday proly in A&W or McD. We'll see how..
At the beginning of 9 months, he can crawl on fours and began to hold on to things, stand up and cruise around. He's much more expressive now and talks more. bli bleh bli me yakking about my everyday happenings in my office. hehehe

This is him playing with his croc mask during our Penang trip. He loves the mask and will just leave it on his head when he is the good mood. Notice that this croc suck on his chut chut?? hehehe

and this is him as a clumsy, sleepy and grumpy baby..

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Penang Updates!

Okay i have a lil bit time to can blog a lil about our trip to Penang.

We left the house about 11.30am and reached Penang's Lone Pine about 5.30 near to 6.00pm. There was 3-4 bad accidents on the North South Highway..with a 15 Yr Old guy died..I guess u guys read about it on the newspaper. Anyway the car number was 9786, just in case you guys wanna buy number.

It was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG journey..Jayden pooed in the car, although he already went to the toilet in the morning. Diarrhea cos of teething kua...and once changed, he vomitted in the car! I guess the ride was just too long for a small guy like him. Anyway, once reached, we have to unload our stuff. Our car was fully loaded at the back, in front and everywhere!!! I had to bring my rice cooker to make porridge for J, his play pen, many many bags of J's clothes, one big bag of J's diaper, his toys, and a tiny bag for Mr C and Myself. Hahaha such a big difference of travelling style now with a baby.
J was passed around the aunties and he didn't cry or react to them cos he was abit stunned and not familiar with them. Biasa la... and everyone was saying " he looks like you la!"..and the next question, "What's his name, again??" oh Jason...Jaylon.... *sigh* so hard to promounce meh? We have Jay Lin, Jay Shan, Jay Son, and dunno Jay what already la.. and the BEST comment ever!!! " Eyer!! Why your mouth so ugly wan??? Our family don't have this kind of mouth wan! Eh, He looked like you la!!. His chin is nice...our family have this nice kind of chin!". *sigh*(SIL if u're reading this..sorry la.. i need to to get it out of my breath...)

To cut everything short, J loves the water (in the pool) and hates the sand. He cried when i put him down on the beach. Dunno why..its not his first time on the beach...maybe he already discovered the "scared" feeling, FINALLY! last time he is not scared of EVERYTHING, now he picks what he likes and what he don't like.

We discovered alot of sea cucumber and star fish laying on the beachside. Ppl said that last time before tsunami happened, sea cucumber was everywhere..and samo now its like raining season...just touch wood and hope that tsunami never ever happen again..Oh ya..we discover 6 "arms" star fish and i gave one to DG's daughter..and she turned it into smashed star fish the next day :P hahahaha's the picture collection.

Yah Yah Yah i know...Back to DG. Well, we planned to meet up on the 2nd day for dinner. Invited bloggers were DG, Michelle, Angeleyes, Rachel (who happens to stay at next-door-hotel) and myself. Angeleyes couldn't join us cos her Hub's Car kena whacked the day before...DG didn't show me her picture or how did i recognise her? No..i never do anything. I just there with my family at the lobby and she came to call me. Hahaha She then brought us to a restaurant behind Park Royal, which you will never find if you're not local like her. The food was great, hainanese food ma..(me and DG also hainanese) and it was like havoc. The table was full with ppl cos DG came wit her Hub, Son and Dotter, Rachel came wit her hub, 2 sons and maid, Myself with 3 of us and Mich was the smartest cos she came alone..she wanna eat in peace. Hahaha After dinner DG and her family, Rachel and Mich came to my room. We yakked for abit and then we took a group picture, but Michelle say she "shy" wor.. so only the 3 of us took picture.. Sorry DG, I know you don't want me to show your picture to the blogsphere but i promised to take picture of you and show to the world. Don't Kill me AH!!!! So here goes...

Are you enjoy???? *evil grin*

Try to figure out which is which feet?

And then on my way tempted to drop by Ipoh to meet some ppl. But I dun have thier number...


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm Back! finally back at work.

After holiday happy or not?



Damn alot to do at work.

And *tut* my so called colik, sending me emails asking me to answer. *tut**tut**tut* She's the same level as me but asking me to answer. *tut**tut**tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut*

*tut**tut**tut* Another Manager asking me to do report and send by today. *tut**tut**tut* I asked my boss and she ask me to do one time and send back to the *tut* manager and wash my more helping :P

So how about holiday pics and updates? Won't be posting about other ppl besides my Boy, Mr. Chan and myself.....but not now. cos gotto go work first. Later only blog la...

and if you wanna see DG's picture. I have it with me. Stay tuned.

Adios for now..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Penang Here I Come!

Gonna gain weight again..*sigh*

Anyway....Penang ppl....gonna come meet you. DG, remember go and do your homework .. ;)

See ya back on Wednesday.

But....i might blog via handfone.....see how la...

Walking Zombie

Oscar's Mummy said "if baby cry let them cry, Don't manja too much". So last night..Jayden refused to sleep till 11p.m. Both Mr Chan and I was to tired..we just left him in his playpen and hope that he will be tired and goes to lalaland by himself. Popped him into the bed and off the light.


No sound.

Then got a little bit sound.



We continued to pretend to sleep although he's crying like mad. He continued to cry. went on like for 5 mins. He still continue to cry.

DANG! Carried him....He began to arch his body! Twist n Turn!

Pop him onto his playpen again.


Jayden crawled and stood up.
Came to my bedside..
UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the dark also know where i sleep. Just let him cry....

Wah..beh tahan...He's crying like mad! Carried him again...and he fell asleep.

End of story?

I Wish.

Asked Mr Chan to come and hold him while i go to bed (bad wife?). Then he put Jayden to his playpen...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

12+ am : Cry.

1+ am: Cry

2+ am: Cry

3+ am: Cry

4+ am: Cry

5+ am: Cry

6+ am: Sleeping

7+ am: Jayden Woke Up.

8+ am: Work like mad. Tomorrow going on leave. Have to attend LONG meeting. Write Minutes. Have to take over someone's work for 2 LONG weeks. Have to settle everything today. I'm very sleepy. Very Dizzy. Another boss asking me to do work . I told my boss no. My boss said she will talk to her best fren. Let them fight. Nevermind. And then have to take over some woman's job cos she's gonna go overseas. Ask her to go to hell la. When i go on leave she never give a damn about my work hand-over to her. I'm very tired.
12+pm : Now eating shitty lunch from canteen. Damn. Cannot cook better food ka. $%$#%## Why go on leave like not so happy liddat wan? Cos come back have to do double job. I wanna cry like Jayden Tooo

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My 1st Scrap!

Okay please excuse me..I'm having blog diarrhea. It's my 3rd post for today although i'm so damn busy with my work. I'm going mental and i need to do something to relax my mind. Otherwise I'll go Boink Boink! Anyway, I have seen so many many nice scraps done by Nadia, Jazz and all...i also envy them. But I cannot do, cos i can't install Photoshop to my work pc and I don't have a pc at home. *hint**hint*

So what i did was...creating a scrap using Microsoft Word.Amacam..what do you think?

Ace n his "baby"

One day, Aceone went to the beach-side to swim swim. So he packed his things and once arrive, he fast fast change his attire and walked towards the water. While we was walking..Kenny, Annie, Wenn, Amah, Angie, Cocka was lying down in front of AceOne.

Ace's front portion of the towel raise while he was walking towards the water.

Kenny : (was wondering what Ace make his BABY so "Kheng")

Wenn : OMG!!!!! That Ahem looks as big as the giant cucumber that I always use to cook!

Annie: OMG!!!!!


Amah: Sure boh?? Later i wanna ask his secret lek!

Oscar Mum: CHOY!! TAI KA LAI SI!!!!

Ace so proud of himself...continue to walk towards the water..while everyone was like stunned looking at him..

Ace: Eh dun jeles la...
Everyone keeping an eye or two at Ace..He slowly walk walk walk and he took off his towel....and air his "Baby"

After that....

Kenny reaction : puked.

Wenn reaction : Oh.....!

Annie reaction : Oh! Oh!

Cocka Reaction: Fainted.

Amah Reaction: Tersapu sunblock in her eyes. Ouch!!!

Oscar Mum Reaction: Specs fall down.

eh why so kaypoh wanna see his "Baby"! go back to work lo...

Share Share

Jayden knows how to share his toys and chutchut edi. So Cute. Monday was holiday so i got to spend alot of time alone with him since Mr Chan is working. And this was the video taken when he "share share" his rubber ducky with me.

Look at him laughing...
so happy right?
Share Share accident can happen also..
check this out.

I Swear i didn't do it on purpose!
Hahaha Since he likes to bite us..
I guess this will teach him not to bite anyone coz it's painful???

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mr Chan Balik

The last night was kinda okay. But I still suka the 2nd day. Third night, Jayden was abit bising but the following day is Saturday so not so bad. But i still gotto wake up at 6.30 cos my son woke up edi! *sigh* No more sleeping till 10am or 11am. Annie called for meet up with Amah and Baby Khong..but already made plans to go over to my shop. So I brought Jayden together gether went to my shop and we ate the latest Pork Noodles Fragrant City Edition. No bad wei.....and I still havent try our Century Egg Sui Kow..

Anyway, was wondering whether to cut Jayden's hair or not. His hair was obviously so long and it's getting longer the mohawk stylo. The remaining story in slide..
So we brought him for a haircut. He was an angel for the whole day, didn't make any fuss esp during the haircut. He looks much rounder now with this hairstyle.. I tot the hair wont go to the middle like mohawk..but i was wrong. Althought it short..the hair still go to the middle..hehe

And mom insisted that i go home for makan cos i wont be going back on Sunday and next weekend, travelling to Penang for Chan Family Gathering... So Makan Makan and Mr Chan took a cab to my mum's house. Obviously Jayden missed his Dadi alot and he smiled when his Dadi called him. So what did Dadi buy for lil Jayden? Winnie the Pooh Candy box. Candy of coz cannot eat la.. but the Baby Pooh looked like Jayden alot. Heheheh And what did he buy for me? Later i tellyiu...

Sunday...Went to Sunway Lagoon for my company's Family Day. Errr not a good idea cos there's nuthing for Jayden to play with cos he's down with a lil flu and cough. So we just sit sit stand stand..You know.. like bodoh..*yawn* and Jayden really enjoyed the LOUD SPEAKER coz he loves noise and can sleep better when it's extremely noisy. The only thing he can play is the carousel (izit??) and i was so sick of waiting for him to wake up..i woke him up so he can ride on it, snap a pic and go home. HAHAHAH
So we went home and later went for another wedding dinner (again). To keep him entertained, we gave him cucumber. Dun worry, this place is very far from Amah's Maid. Hahahaha so not worried that she has used the cucumber! yucks!!! Hahahaha The funny thing with Jayden he ALWAYS facinate us with something new. Check out what he did with his cucumber..

Proly he was so sick with the MISS GOLDEN FLOWER (KAM FA SIU CHEH) that cannot stop singing KARAOKE the whole night!!! Arghh!! and her singing SUCKS!!!!!

Anyway, Monday was a holiday for me, cos i work in Selangor but not for Mr.Chan. So was alone with Jayden at home and so bored....wanted to shop for myself. So called my mum n asked if she wanna lepak with me in Midvalley. NOT A GOOD IDEA! cos we round n round outside for 45 mins cannot even go near the parking entrance. Wanna leave for Valet parking also no more space. Suddenly one of the car came out, so i just threw my car to the valet and start to jalan la. Spent like 5 hours there and bought myself sooooo many things. One of it is this 3 pairs of shoes. I have no idea why i buy like 3 pairs..

Why 3 pairs right? Cos i never get anything from Mr Chan lo. He bought himself a portable PS2 and nothing for me.

Happy or not? Happy....................

Friday, December 08, 2006

Mr Chan Away Day 2

Shannon so s-excited see me online this morning fast fast msn me asking me "cha bor!! How was last night??" Hahahaha

So, it's another night alone with my Jayden Boy. I planned from afternoon what to do to make things better last night. So, i went to PooPoo in the office toilet first before i went home. And while heading home, i drop by the NKVE highway drive-thru McD to get my dinner. Bath and ate my dinner fast fast before i went to pick him up. Everything's been done the super fast way.

Rini went off by 8pm and Jayden was extremely active, i dunno why. Fed him and rocked him to sleep. The nightmare begins...i slowly put him down on the silence. He didn't make any fuss this time. So i fast fast went to kitchen and prepared his porridge in the crock-pot, switch off all the lights and prepare to go to bed. I have never tot that i'll go to bed this early anymore but i planned to go to bed asap, just in case he started the fussing and kicking and all. But i couldn't go to bed yet, cos i gotto wait for someone's husband to come over and pick up some stuff. That fler came at 9+. So after that i just lie on the mattress and toss n turn. WHY CANNOT SLEEP!! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DAMN SLEEPY! so the tossing n turning end i dunno when, i finally went off to lalaland with Jayden together-gether.

He started to cry at 12.30am and I fed him. i waited and waited, he didn't cry after that and he continued to sleep after i popped in the pacifier , sucking it well this time and not the night before. So i guess the nose is not so-blocked that's why can suck the pacifier this way??

The whole night he just slept and wiggled here and there. So i gotto pick him up and place him again in the right position with a big pillow under his head for his to breath better. No kicking, fussing and crying!! YAY!! I managed to get my sleep!! YAY!!!

He woke up at 7am this morning, i was outside storing his porridge and he alarmed me with a LOUD wailing.. i found him outside the matress, he tossed and turn and boinked his head on the floor. Apparently he was reaching for his water bottle. Suddenly i felt like he lurved his water bottle so much lately.. Hmm Anyway i replaced the water in the bottle with milk and gave it to him,he happily took the bottle from me and held it by himself. I went on and continue my stuff , make up-ing and dressing up...and i peeped him...still sucking the milk. cute and independent!

Sent him off to the nanny and noticed that his right eye is abit swollen. Guess the flu mucus went to his eye when he rubbed his face yesterday. Other than that, he is fine waving bye bye to me as usual. I hope he gets better today so we can all go to Sunway Lagoon this sunday for my company family day and our penang trip next week.

Dadi just called me and asked me what i want from HK. He finished visiting the exhibition which was supposed to be a 2 day thinggy in just one day and today he's gonna shop. He was so glad to know that Jayden boy got better and managed to ge my sleep..hmm.....why 3 days like so long wan??

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mr.Chan Away Day 1

So Mr Chan is away for Biz in Hong Kong. I hope he is not hugging some PiaoMeissss there while i'm struggling like mad here. Everytime he is away, Jayden will fall sick. I don't know why it's always like that! Arghhh! And always...while he is away, Jayden will learn new things or do something special. Luckily I didn't let him take my camera with him otherwise I won't be able to snap it and show it to him later.

Anyway, I rushed home and managed to reach home early. Bath and washed my hair and went to fetch Jayden from nanny's place. WHY MUST IT RAIN AT THIS TIME??? That's what i was thinking while walking over with my oh-so-pink umbrella. Like normal, kids will try to grab the umbrella and do some funny stuff with it so it's kinda hard to hold him on my left hand, hold the umbrella on the left, hang on to the baby bag and also another plastic bag containing preserved duck eggs both from the lorry nearby. Jayden loves plastic bag and can u imagine how havoc was it?
So reach home, called my maid.. "rini oi...bukak pintu, tekan butang di dinding". My so-clever maid..went and look for the button under the TV RACK, Under the couch, On The TV Rack...while saying "mana?? mana???" Dang! I adjust everything on my hands including Jayden and managed to take the keys out from my pocket and opened the door myself. At this point, both hands like total numb and tired. Jayden is only 8.3kgs and he is already so heavy edi..lucky me to have a skinny kid? I don't know. I went and asked Rini...Ini apa? (pointing at the wall). "TEMBOK!". WTF???? Wall is Tembok?? Anyway.. i learnt new Indon words from her again...hehehe

Like I've told some of you guys in MSN b4 i headed home, i felt like i'm abit sick. So i thought porridge might be a good idea since i have preserved duck egg and beancurd. So while i was doing my stuff outside..there's no noise from Jayden, which rarely i went inside the room and i saw him doing this..

My baby is standing by his own while playing with the monkey hung on the play pen. According to his nanny, nowadays he's standing using only one hand to hold on to the sides. Mr.Chan, you've missed another of his milestones..just like many many that you have missed. So as soon as he saw me taking his picture, he started crying asking me to carry. That's when the drama began...I bathed and fed him and hope that he can sleep well the whole night thru. Tak kisah lah how many times he wanna drink milk, just as long as dun cry, kick, arch his body when i carry him and so many other things.

I have moved everything to the floor, thinking that sleeping with him on the bed is abit risky. I tired to lalala him to sleep but nope....he wants to crawl, stand..this and that. And i can hear my tummy go *kriiiiiiiiiiiiiikruuuuuuuuuuuukriiiiiiiiiiiiiikruuuuuuuuuuuu* 8.00, 8.30, 9.00 passed he is still awake. I wanna faint beh tahan i just throw him into the play pen and ate my porridge. As usual, he won't let me eat peacefully. So, i had to hold him, swing him and lalala him like 20 mins, finally my lil worm fell asleep. Fast Fast i finished my porridge. Either its a damn good porridge or I'm just too hungry, but was so dissapointed cos there's NO BEANCURD in the BEANCURD BOTTLE!!! Only some phatetic sisa sisa beancurd.. so here's how my dinner looked like..

Obviously it's not a yummy porridge but its definitely I'm damn hungry!!! Fast Fast cin-cin-cai-cai finished it up and wanted to relax abit by watching the new chinese show in WLT...but thought since it's on MAX better I sleep. WHICH IS A DAMN GOOD DECISION...cos 2 hours after that, the nightmare begins...

Jayden woke up at 12.30 am and started fussing around. Crying and Crawling without opening his eyes. No choice, I gotto carry him and swaddle him until he fall asleep. You think it's so easy?? nahh...he won't make it easy for ya. As soon as you wanna put him down, he will cry again. And if you think you can sit down and carry him at the same time...naah..not so easy. HE JUST WANT YOU TO STAND UP!!! You say jialat or not???!!! And sometimes it works..sometimes he will arch his body and kick you hard!That's when I'm so triggered to smack him, which i did again.. :( So the whole night was like wrestling session with my son. His sleep will not last more than 20 mins...and as soon as i wanna fall asleep he's awake. *sigh*

However, i managed to snap one of his best sleeping position...He used his right leg to hold himself and balanced his body. By the way he's sleeping, you can really see he's an active and notty boy....

That's how my night was. I only managed to get 2 hours peaceful sleep..i woke up since 12.30 am. I just so tired and no energy to do anything. He started to be active by 6am and while i was on my way back from making milk for him...i saw this..

He picked up the bottle and drank the water himself. I guess using the munchkinz help abit to make him more independent. BUT, he refused to hold his milk bottle. Proly its too heavy..since its like 9oz/8oz compared to his small water bottle.

Sent him off to the nanny and he waved BYEBYE to me...a consolation prize for a zombie Mami like me..We'll see how tonight goes.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Horny Maid

After i read amah's post about her maid with the peeled cucumber *yucks* it reminded me of my maid ...RINI. some of you know, Rini is not a permanent maid that stays in my house. She comes everyday except Tuesday every 2 weeks and Saturdays.

Anyway, why off on tuesday every 2 weeks leh? Cos that's her bf's off day. I have no idea who this guy is and where he works..i just know that she used to call him "adik". Fishy eh? So kaypoh me..suddenly i asked her "you selalu cakap adik adik.. u biar betul..ini mesti boyfren". Then she just smiled and replied .."ya". Man.....already 50 yrs old and already got cucucucu in Indonesia samo wanna have boyfren. *yucks* samo used to call adik...adik adik become abang kecik??? heheheh noone knows..

And the other day i heard her yelling accross the road in Indon slang la. Ooooo she was talking to the indon girl opposite the house. Scolding her...So kaypoh me again i asked..."apa hal?" while she was washing my plates. "Itu anu..dia suruh saya tipu majikan dia..cakap keluar ada hal. Suruh saya buat kerja dia. Mana boleh..saya pun ada boypren..TakBaik tipu majikan..blablabla..Si anu pun satu...di tipunya boypren dia. Jikalau boypren tak anu ikuti laki laki lain..mana boleh...blablabla".. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the other indon maid stay in samo also got boyfren. How come can go out wan??? And can swap swap bf samo...

And then my fren's maid got send back to Indon. Why leh? Cos she's like 4 months pregnant when my fren's mom found out. She said that she got raped. Such a liar...Apparently she got "raped" willingly by the cleaner banglas..they suspected that she "open biz". Yeah another fren of mine also found out that her maid "bukak biz" at night using the back door of the house. Got a few chairs put outside the door for the men to wait in line. Ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk *pengsan* why so dirty and horny wan...

Anyway, amah..u never suspect whether your maid had been serving you the "used" cucumber ka? Saja wanna kaypoh...hehehe

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


A few was wondering where i went to last Thursday and Friday. Was on Emergency Leave cos Jayden's nanny gotto attend her niece's funeral. Sad story, niece suddenly died because of asthma and left behind a 1 yr old daughter.
Okay, so back to where I've been la. On Friday i went to look for Annie and Allyfeel for lunchie at thier work place. My first time meeting Ally. Ally said she's not "pretty" never take pikture neh(i made this up..Hiaks!)...After that i went to a spa somewhere near Annie's working place. This place previously was owned by Sheila Majid..but i just gotto know that she sold it off to the new owner..
So as soon as you get in you will be greeted with a flower leg bath..
Then you will be lead into this sexy massage room la. Here you will be greeted with 1 1/2 hours of massage. NO.. No PiaoMei here..indon lady got ler..

Then since i took the package massage + creame bath for mykepala..they lead me to this saloon cuci the kepala lor. And sapu some avocado creame? Tak Tau la..Janji nice...

Here I met a kwai-po. She was like "mmmmm Good...It feels Great..Mmmm" . Very the bising. Everytime the girl picit her.. she will moan... geli betul. And since we're wearing like this sarung thinggy, hehe the kwai-po's one slide down, revealing one side of her titties when we're at the washing hair place.. hahaha and she didn't realized. So the 3 of us, me and the other 2 indons looked at each other.. buat tak tau ler..Errr...FYI, its big.

I was given 20% discount, not because they know that I'm blogging about this, but cos I'm first time customer and they baru bukak la. So I paid like Rm128, for the actual Rm160 package price. And also given door gift..So i can act like the Piaomei when i massage Mr. Chan...eeeeeeeeee so geli. Hahahah

And i managed to go and look see the steaming place..Very nice.. with stones all over the floor. And the waiting area is nice.. but you wont get to sit there for long...cos they're very fast to lead you to get to work.

And this place is called ...Jentayu. Can you see the address? Cannot? Then nevermind la..maybe they never give me enough discount for me to take nicer pic. *so evil* Hahahahhaha

Anyway, this spa session is to prepare me for today. Yes. Today. Why today? Cos this morning Mr Chan flew to HK for some exhibition thinggy and will be returning only on the weekend. *sigh* The worst part is.....I never expect Jayden to fall sick at this time. It's been like 2 nights edi, he's been tossing and turning and crying the whole night thru...Flu, Cough and slight fever. And the worst part is, i cannot control my anger towards his crankiness and smacked him a few times. (Sorry Jayden Boy, Mami loves you alot) I know..I'm a bad mother. He's already so sick and weak..and he can't help it, and there i go smacking him for being cranky. I must tell myself.."understand Jayden more patient...dun smack him...". I think I'm going mental....i need some sleepzzzzzzzzzzz....i think many many times spa also cannot help my giant panda eyes..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Okay Okay..a few asked why say take EL but end up in SPA geh? It's like this. The nanny said she dunno whether the funeral will be held on thursday or friday so asked me to take 2 days leave, just in case. So after that i got to know that the funeral is on thursday . so friday can send Jayden over lor..That's why friday can go SPA lor...

Jayden's Update

Okay, finally managed to snap a picture of my lil worm's 2 teeth!
Can u see? He's always laughing..not smiling...LAUGHING! So Happy hor? If only adults can be so happy all the time...then ppl will think that we have mental problem pulak...susah o... (dun ask me why he is wearing pink colour flower baju..Nanny said she found it in his pile of clothes. O_0)

And he loves to crawl and stand up..liddis..

"Mr Chan Junior...what are you doing? "

Jayden says HI! He can wave BYEBYE nows...IF he's in the mood to do so.. And he's also very KPC now..everything also wanna know, touch, bite, eat..blablabla..Like for example, we went to wedding dinner last saturday. This guy refused to sleep although he's very sleepy. Look at him looking at the bride and groom during the march-in..

There's where he learned how to clap his hands..hehe
Another thing about Jayden lately is that he knows how to answer me when i asked him questions. E.g. Was cooking dinner for him, so put him in the play-pen. Cooked half way..


Have no choice but to pick him up and cook at the same time. As soon as he saw the food in the pan, he started to "pant"?? like a dog and his fingers will move..Angeleyes will know what i mean. hehe so the conversation is liddis:

Me: BB, you wanna eat?
Jayden : mmmmmmp! ( looking at the food in the pan, while moving his fingers)
Me: (aiks..he really know what I'm saying?)Mami cook for you. You Stay in your bed okay?
Jayden : Mmmmp!
Me :(sure boh?) Mami bring you to the room okay? Mami cook fast fast and feed Jayden later k?
Jayden : Mmmp!

So i brought Jayden to his play-pen, slowly walk out and continue to cook. So i was wondering if he really CAN understand me..Yes, He can understand and can answer, only for a while.. then right after finished blending the pumpkin & Carrot puree..


Okay ..okay Feeding time!


You know the saying "Fall on the ground, pick up a handful of sand" (tit lok tei ha, lah fan cha sha) -the saying for sudah malu, find some way to cover the memalufyingkan incident.

Was talking to his nanny outside the house this morning, when Jayden tried to hold the fence..nanny said "Aiks! Dirty! Don't touch". His hand was like half way reaching the fence when he heard the nanny's voice, he pretended like he is waving. *roll eyes* Not only that, sometimes if he's crawling towards something and if he hear us saying "No..No.." He will pretend to lie down flat like as if he is sleeping". So young also know how to malu edi???? hehehe my son..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Kena Whack!

Last Saturday Mr Chan kena whacked. By who leh? Mr Chan Junior = Jayden!

It's liddis..Mr Chan cooked dinner for us last Thursday and he was introducing his Jack Daniels Bacon Strips. I tot he used the "Jack Daniel" name mia sauce. After pigging then only i know its the real Jack Daniel mia alcohol. So was walking around in SS2 Pasar Malam and jalan senget senget abit.. so i told hub "I'm abit dizzy". So went home straight away kaput and slept. Slept...Zzzzzzzzzzz Half way. Mr Chan said "FASTER!! HOLD HIM FOR ME!!!GET ME A TISSUE!!!!" blur blur sleep half way..then only i know, Jayden Whacked Mr Chan's nose with the back of his head. Poor Mr Chan...And Jayden..giggling and crawling on the bed like usual..


Laugh samo la... Then my turn kena whack pulak. But not Jayden la..Some aunty in C4 Kepong. Was wondering how come so many ppl grabbing some Pear from China..RM0.99 only. So when the crowd went off, i went nearer to the pear and hold up one to look see...suddenly someone whacked my arms. "EH! THIS IS MY PEAR!".

WTF?? Dun tell me the whole display of pears belongs to her. So i just drop the pear back into the bundle/mountain/whatever u wanna call it. And walked opposite her, looking at her continue to press every single pear in front of her...Mr Chan came.." ah..nice ah..wanna buy ah??"..then i said " u better becareful...the pear belongs to the woman...later she will whack you and say u're holding her pear". Then my hubby said " eh that woman a..i saw her walking around and eating every single thing in the sampling booth"..... eeee so shy..some ppl is just so "thick skin"...i wonder where they come from....hahahaha

Cha Cha

Hey Yvonne...away for few days only ma..where got "Gold Basin Wash Hand". Not so soon...but soon ler. :(

Anyway, this is just a quick update. Long time never blog about my ChaCha edi...She has a new haircut. Her Daddy brought her for grooming when i was away in Kuantan. This is her checking out herself in the mirror. She looks like a puppy but in fact she's nearly 3 yrs old..

While cleaning our store room, Mr Chan noticed that ChaCha is talking to herself in the mirror..

Hehehe isn't she adorable? We have moved the mirror out for her to look at herself when we're away to work. She's been sleeping in front of the mirror since then.. heheh

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

100th Post!

Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah

So fast 100th Post edi...So fast half a year blogging edi..

I still remember my first comment in my blog. So happy that she came to comment in my blog. So happy that I called my hubby and tell him "SOMEONE ACTUALLY COMMENTED IN MY BLOG!!!". And then this 2 fler came and commented on my 2nd post! I called my hubby again "CELEBRITY BLOGGER CAME AND COMMENT!!". Hahaha like bodoh only..i know . Hiaks!

Time son is already 8 months and I'm stuck in my work place for 2 1/2 freaking years.

Hahaha What's next??? Stay Tune to find out.

I just wanna Thank U guys for supporting me and commenting to my craps, shared my ups and downs (mostly downs) and grow up together gether with my blog, my son and myself of coz. Hahaha macam Award only...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

After The Mommie Blogger Meet..

So everyone went home after the gather-gather thinggy. I went shopping alone Jayden. It was quiet challenging especially the toilet and fitting room part.Jayden loves the fitting room session cos he can see himself in the mirror. But others was like wondering how come this lady in the fitting room so damn noisy wan??? Hahahaha Other than that it was Okay. So..i went round and round shopping! YAY! Bought myself a Zara top and Harajuku pants.

So went down the escalator with Jayden in his stroller..and suddenly i felt like someone is zipping down my baby bag behind me. YES..A china woman was trying to open my bag and take the stuff inside. So selamba only.. i try adjusting my bag and bring it to the front. Already half way opened! So i closed it back and buat tak tau. And that lady..pretend like nothing happened, put her hand on the escalator railing and continue talking to her partner. Cool eh? Why i never scold her? Want to die ah....sekali she kick me down with Jayden mampus la kita orang..

Mr Chan had been calling me and leaving sms .."Babe..what time are you coming home? I also want to go kai kai". Hmmm just now ask to follow tak mau..say wanna clean the house. So i replied " Okok. we're coming bek". Suddenly HP rang..aiyak my sister called. Wanna join us with my niece, Jasmine. So they arrive and makan makan at Secret Recipe and I gave Jayden Carrot cake.

Aiks why the picture so big wan? Anyway after that Mr Chan came and joined us. Walk until the leg also wanna patah! I was half dead but the other 3 (my sis, niece and hub) still very the semangat! So we went to KFC adventure park in exibition centre..The aunty there follow the poor clown who's giving away free posters. My sis got in in her hands and got snatched away from this aunty. my sis was like #@$@!#$! Where got ppl so uncivilised wan? So, my niece was like nagging and nagging that we didn't allow her to do the rock climbing and pay RM22 to play there...chi sin meh? What if she fall down? i die ler... So we brought her to the Jusco Mini Theme park instead. Jayden loves the carousel...

And since I'm abit cacated...i dun have energy to carry my wiggly worm..i passed him to Mr Chan..and snapped some pics..

Christmas decorations are everywhere..and you can hear jingles jingles.. But i only want to hear.."LET'S GO HOME". That's why i went home at 7pm. The meeting was at 10.30am....So can u imagine how tired i was...i knocked out at 10.00pm that night....Hahaha

Jayden 8 Months!!

Overdue post...quite busy with work..or pretending to be busy that is. Hahahaha Anyway here's the latest picture we took while bathing him the other day. Nowadays its too hard to even change his diaper! He just won't sit or lay down still for us to change his diaper or change his clothes! And he hates it when we change his clothes...coz his head is just too big. Sometimes the T-shirt will get stuck at the head! hahaha

I think he should be 8kgs now. The other day we went out to meet with other mommy bloggers, when Angie carried him..she said "Wah So light!" Hahahah Yeap..he is very light! But he eats alot. Dadi always say the same thing "He can finish all the porridge in that tupperware??? Are you sure or not?? Dun feed him so much. He will vomit!". He haven't seen before..first the porridge and then another 8oz of milk. Then take a nap..then fruit big bowl again! But he just won't gain weight!

And although he is light, his grandparents threw in the while towel the other day. SURRENDER!! This guy just won't sit still..he will wiggle to the left and right non-stop. And he is VERY CLINGY to me just like the elephant glue..I kinda like it at first that he shows that he prefer me more than his Dadi but sometimes I really beh tahan...The other day when i came back from Kuantan, i went into the room quietly and whispered...Jayden...He turned and crawled so fast while laughing loudly he never see me for so long..only 1 day trip ma..

I have not taken any picture of his 2 little front teeth. So cute! Everytime he smile (he normally will laugh) and can see his teeth. Lately he has not been sleeping well at night. I think he is just too excited to learn how to climb and stand. He will sleep till about 2am and then he will start to crawl and wiggle in beetween the 2 of us. And use US as his climbing materials including this. So there goes our lalaland time...both of us goes to work with panda eyes everyday.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Meet Up!!

Time really flies…blink once blink twice already passed weekend. How I wish now I blink blink then it will become Saturday again! Hahaha

Anyway, I know many ppl are waiting for someone to blog about this. But nobody is moving..So here goes. Another Blogger Mommy meet up! Angeleyes came down to KL so we decided to meet in Burger King Midvalley. So if you happened to be in BK area, and u saw like so many mommy and babies..Yeap..That’s us.

In Total: 6 mommies with 7 kids and plus 1 maid!
So here’s the havoc group picture!

I'm sure you guys know who is who right???

And after I've taken the pictures of the Mommy and the kids..I realized something. Some mommy and kid(s) look like the biscuit mould! So here's the up close and personal pictures of the mommy and of coz the adorable baby too!

Hehehe to make things more exciting...You guys can vote who's the most lookalike mommy + baby here at the side bar! Thank You!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


In kuantan blog via hp again! Dunoo wat wrong wiv my son last nite.he didnt sleep much the whole nite.he was wiggling in between us the whole nite. I tried to stay up but still tertidur also.suddenly someone pulled my hair,very hard n fast! Terkejut me.i opened my eyes
n saw jayden smiling. Aiyo!!!!...I felt like wanna strangle him! Then i tertidur again...wa..syiok...dreaming about me sleeping nicely....suddenly my hp usual like a snake jus wiggle n reach for it. Waaaa! Painful.the phone got electric wan! i tried to shout calling my husband but no i can't!
Zzzt zzzt zzzt Zzzt zzzt zzzt Zzzt zzzt zzzt
Can u imagine feeling of the hp vibrating n electricuting me at the same time? Sakit... When i woke up,wit my half dead voice i said... "Babe take away my fone..." My hub said "ah?" Alamak... Dreaming again?
Hmmm... Then tried to sleep again... Then zzz... Suddenly can feel a twisting painful sensation on my nipple!
I shouted n opened my eyes. Jayden also cried,looking at me wit his hand on my nipple. Terkejut myslf n my boy also. What is this???...tat guy practising how to hold on things to stand up in the middle of the nite! But why?! My nipple?! Adoi! Today,working in kuantan wit huge panda eyes n sore nipple. Ouch!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yum Cha!

This post is dedicated to egghead..cos he say he dun have tea to drink during working here goes. First u gather gather all the ingredients...

Red improve blood level..

Wolfberry to improve eye sight..

Some flower..i think lily bud...

Chrysanthemum to cool yr body...

forget-me-not..i didn't know that this flawer also can makan wan...

This one buah keras ke apa ke..i tak tau....tapi boleh dimakan...

and to make things sweeeeeeeeeeeeet masukkan this "ping thong" sugar..


U put-ted everything together gether like this in your cup. And pour hot water!

Lift of the sieve,separator (not the car separator) or whatever you wanna call it...and...


Ahh..............i feel so thirsty anymore...Very mah fan hor? Have to go gather gather the stuff just to make one cup of tea..this one can recycle wan la..can drink many many time. But each time have to put in new sugar cube la..

Still very mah fan right....


just go and buy this.

Everything in a pack from Eu Yan Sang...Easy, Fast and err expensive? ( small packs for RM7.90).