Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What The???

The other night, I was sleeping very soundly and suddenly I heard dripping sound. I thought "Omg! Rainwater dripping from my ceiling???" And I opened my eyes and I saw a shilouette right in front of me, peeing on my rug! Quickly on my light and I saw Jayden standing right in front of me, peeing with his eye closed on my rug. I shouted "HEY!! what are you doing???" and quickly pulled my hub and told him "You SEE lah!!!!" Hub woke up and said "aiyoh!" but Jayden didn't respond to me. In fact he fling his lil dicky and then put his pants on and walked back to his bed.

I was like "what the????" cos it was middle of the night and he peed on my floor and I gotto clean it all up. I told my hub "You deal with it!" And he woke up, took the rug and shoved it into the toilet. O.O

Then we woke up and I asked him "do you remember that you peed on my rug?"and he was like "huh? when?". So obviously he doesn't know what happened. So fine. I have heard stories about my friend's kid peeing in their cupboard, or the wall, or the rubbish bin at night. So I thought, hey.. I got my own story too. heh! And probably that will be my last one too.

Dead wrong. 

Last night I heard the same sound again. So I quickly opened my eyes and I saw the same shilouette peeing at my toilet door! I said" what the???? JAYDEN!!!" and he opened his eyes and looked at me. I scolded him "hey what are you doing??? why didn';t you go into the toilet?" And he just looked at me, then looked back in front and wore his pants and went back to bed". Angry, I reached for the rotan and smacked him. He just moved when I smacked him, then looked at me and went back to sleep. How? throw towel on the pee and deal with it tomorrow la what else? hahahhaa

This morning I asked him "do you know what happened last night? you peed at my toilet door you know? See the towel there?" and he went "huh? when? why I pee there?"

So okay la. Maybe he is just too tired or stressed up cos lately the homework started to pour in and the schedule went haywire and I'm trying to get them back on track again. Probably this will be my 2nd and last time experiencing with this. Finger crossed.

Monday, February 13, 2012

WangKang Festival In Melaka

Every year we usually celebrate Chap Goh Meh with my mum cos her bday falls on the 18th day of cny, by bringing her to Jalan Alor to enjoy the bbq chicken wing and also to watch the Famous Lion Dance. This year, my sis in law invited us to join her in Melaka for the WangKang Festival in Melaka. So off we went  a day before the event which is on the 31st Jan 2012.

According to my sis in law, she mentioned that WangKang Festival only happened a few times. 2012 was the 5th time in history they had this festival. Probably this was the year of the "water dragon" and many predicted that it will be a year full with "challenges". Therefore a Barge was built to collect the evil spirits and bad luck from those that have joined or prayed to the barge.

The night before, we're lost in Melaka town. Our GPS died and luckily we have another GPS in our Ipad. The town was jammed and we wondered why and then we found out why.
There were a pre-festival prayers the night before the WangKang festival and everyone slowed down their cars to take pic of the lion dance. So typical Msian, we too took pictures. Haha

So the next day, we're awaken by the loud noise of the parade. With messy hair and teeth unbrushed, everyone rushed out to watch the parade.
The same lion dance group we saw the night before.

 The dragon dance. Kesian the flers. Since Melaka is so jammed up, they gotto carry the "dragon", and have their breakfast while the parade is stucked in the jam. As soon as the traffic is moving again, they stopped eating and continued to dance. haha funny sight.

 They balanced the giant flag with their hands and head, I think?

 And the people dressed up as the "gods" and walking around on stilts.

And lastly the Barge carrying the signs of the zodiac that was predicted to have the most challenges this year.
Another pic of the Barge from my iphone.
And the amount of people that joined the procession.

They started at 7am and then they walked around the town. We met them again when we're at the Red House area. And then we met them again while we're having dinner. Later , they walked to Pulau Melaka and burnt the Barge together with all the evil spirits and bad luck.

Well, I hope that it took away our bad luck. Cos my Justin was hurt the night before while playing with his cousins and also we discovered that my hub's laptop got stolen from his car boot and few of us got sick after returning from this trip. :(

Friday, February 03, 2012

Sasha Cook: Eel fish soup

Before this, I have never tasted any fish soup before cos I don't really fancy fish. So since my hub n kids love to eat fish, I gotto cook fish for them. I was at the wet market, standing in front of fish seller and didn't know what to buy. So I just stood there and observe at what they have chosen and briefly asked them how they cook the fish that they selected. So happened both the lady I spoke to told me that this eel fish (NOT EEL! But a fish that looks like eel) is very tasty to make soup and it's not fishy at all after u have fried the fish and then boil it in the soup. Curious, I bought one piece (rm 8) and halved it for 2 rounds of soup.

They suggested:
Tai tau choi Cha Choi (thanks to Tracy ;) I corrected it)
Soup taufoo
Eel fish (fried and then put in soup to boil)
A lil salt ( since tai tau choi is slightly salty, recommend that you put salt last)

And the soup is really nice. I thought that if I were to cook it in the morning it will be fishy by night. But after heating it up for dinner, the soup is really lovely.

The women also told me that she substitute this eel fish with chicken and pork and it taste nicer. She said its healthier too (didn't hear why she was saying cos someone also bought and I was worried there's none for me ! Hehe)

P/s: super busy with work n playing with my Thermomix. So I thought better blog about this and delete the pics in my iPhone cos the storage is about to burst and I better blog about this so I can refer to it next time (worried that I'll forget how to cook it) cos my brain storage is about to burst too. LoL