Friday, March 30, 2012

Ninja Joe's Sumo rice set

My kids love Ninja Joe's burger

So when I'm not cooking, I'll ask them what they would like to eat and they will either choose Ninja Joe or Herbal Noodles in Taman Megah. But I myself usually will have a drink cos I've eaten too much and got bored of it edi. But this week I was surprised cos the they added new stuff on the menu. Sumo and also mantao set.

So I ordered the Sumo set with pork belly.
Came with a nice bowl and cover. Very nice presentation I can say.

It tasted something like the Chinese char siu but slightly sweeter.
I must say Rm10.90 for this is not too bad. I must try the Sumo pork chop rice next time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sasha cooks: Herbal coconut chicken soup

I was going through my old post and realized that some pictures of the coconut soup that I've cooked few years ago went missing. You see, I've previously uploaded onto a website, and the owner sold the website without informing us about it and auto deleted all the pics. TERRIBLE!

Anyway, it made me thought for a while and then I realized that it's been a long time since I've prepared this soup. So when I saw the coconut man in the mkt, I bought a coconut home for Rm1.80.

Previously the other coconut man helped me to saw the coconut. But this man didn't. So I've to saw the coconut myself. Not that hard actually, you just gotto put the coconut on something to hold it. Like me I've used my big mug.

Then put in chicken and herbs( you can buy from medical shop) and fill it up with water and don't forget some salt.
Double boil it in slow cooker or on stove for few hours.

Voila! Healthy coconut chicken soup

The taste is sweeter compared to the herbal soup we usually cook in pot.

I used it as soup based when I prepared mee suah for my kids lunch.
They Love it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

His Gf

Me: titi, do you have a girl friend ?
JT: hey, I already gave a girlfriend mah...
Me: really? Who?Gaby?
JT : Nolah, Gaby said she don't love me.
Me: then who?
JT: swarnima lah...
Me: what?!! Swar-Ni-Mah???
JT: ya.
Me: but why?
JT: because I love her lah
Me: why not Hope? Joyi?
JT: Nolah. Swarnima enough edi.

Hehe Justin, this is for you to read when you're older and we're gonna have a good laugh.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday is no plastic bag day

We're at Mattel warehouse sale at the last hour before closing. Luckily my friend helped us to book the toys otherwise we will go home empty handed. While paying, JD was angry that the lady placed the toys into the plastic bag and tied a cable tie around it.
JD: I want my Finn micmissile! Don't put into the plastic bag
Me: eh... Need to put inside the plastic bag wan. They will check when we go out. If it's not in the plastic bag then it's considered we stole the toys.
JD: But... Buy why? I thought Saturdays are No-Plastic-Bag-Day. Why you use plastic bag?
Staff: *stoned and laughed*
Me: haha now u know why I have alot of grey hair?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He is 6!

My big boy turn 6 yrs old today. Time flies. Recap of his birthday cakes:

1st Pocoyo cake
2nd birthday : Henry Cake

3rd birthday: Edward, James and Toby Cake

4th Birthday: a simple blueberry cake
5th birthday: A moist choc cake

This year, he didn't ask for anything specific but I know what he likes. BUT he repeatedly told me that he doesn't want to celebrate in school because everyone would look at him when they sing the birthday song. :S Instead, he asked for a small makan party with family members.

At first, I wanted to bake him a cake and decorated with an edible sheet that I got from Edible Print. But he saw me designing the artwork in my MacBook and he asked me "what is that?" I said , "a secret". He said "can you tell me the secret?". I said "No". "When can you tell me?". "On the 21st". And he said "ah........." Then before he slept, he told me "mami, I don't want to have party in school. You don't bring cake to school ah.." Aiyoh he knew my plan! I asked him why and he said "because when everyone is singing happy birthday song, then they will look at me"

So since he said like that, I have to respect his decision. Then the edible sheet, how?

I was busy the entire week (story later this one) and I need to submit my artwork on Thu and gotto go to Cameron Highland on Friday. Stress level shoot 200%. So I quickly call my sis and asked her to help me to order a plain cake and passed her the edible sheet so that she can bring the cake over on Sunday when we're back from Cameron Highland.

As planned, as soon as we touched down from CH at 5pm, immediately I drove out to buy food and got back at 7pm. Decorated the cake with Strawberries that we brought back from CH. And he was surprised when he saw the cake. 

His 6th birthday cake.
The cake , decorated with strawberries and Edible Sheet . Initially I only print the big pc, but the owner of edible sheet is so nice. He added 8 more cuppy sheets for me :)

And we lighted it..
And as we sang the birthday song, the birthday boy was so shy, he went to hide *slap forehead*

He told me "I had a great party.I'm happy". 
And he kissed my hand.

Effort so not wasted.

p/s: Happy Birthday Jayden Boy. Mami, Dadi and titi loves you lot! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Lil Justin Boy

Time flies and he is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days today. He has been attending school and can really argue justify his doings and many times he can get away easily especially with his dadi.  Jayden is like his "maid" always helping him to carry his school bag and water tumbler from the car. He's always telling me " I don't know how. I forgot how. I don't know where the thing (whatever I asked him to help to bring) is. Laterlah. Nevermind." Sometimes he left us speechless with his answers.

He is much more matured than Jayden when Jayden was at his age in terms of thinking and also speaking. However, Jayden was off-diaper when he was 3yrs old for night and day. But this tiny fler, still can't go without diaper at night. And his dad kept saying "Nevermind, train him to sleep without diaper" when I asked him to buy diapers. Now, do you know where he gets it from? lol. So here I am jotting down some of our conversation that we had lately, just for myself to view when I'm old and lonely later. *sad music* LoL!

He loves map. He always hold a map and pretend that he can read maps. And he gets very excited when we use GPS in our car. He'll repeat whatever that woman is saying for example "turn left...." and he will shout "DADI she say TURN LEFT. DON'T TURN RIGHT AH!"
So we're at the traffic light the other day:
Justin: Mami! I am looking at the map and see where we are now *pretending to study the new LRT map*
Dadi: Oh. Can you tell me where we are now? (referring to the map)
Justin: Oh.. ermmm... we're at the traffic light.
Me: Haha Zhar dou!

He loves school and everytime I pick him up from the school, he's the leader running around and many will follow him. Today, teacher told me he has a new nickname: GRASSHOPPER. Cos he never walk, he hops. lol!
The other day,  back from school:
Me: babe, do you have homework today?
Justin: Errr , YES!
Me: *search bag* are you sure you have homework today?
Justin: yes, I am sure I have.
Me: then where is your book?
Justin: ermmm *think think* It disappeared!
Me: How can the homework go disappear?? So got homework or not wan?
Justin: Erm.. nevermindlah!
Me: *vomit blood*

Yesterday, After school:
Me: Justin, where is your water bottle cap?
Justin: oh, missing.
Me: when?
Justin: when I opened and pour away all the water that time.
Me: Huh? Why did you pour away all the water?
Justin: because I drink very slow ma.. So if I pour away, then my water faster finish lah.
Me: WHAT! no wonder everyday also no more water la. You pour away all the time
Justin: Yes, because i drink very slow ma. I cannot finish. So I pour away lah.
Me: @___@''''

Friday, March 09, 2012

Sasha Cook: Stuffed Chicken Wings with Ham and Carrot

Okay. So I got my HCP and been toying around with it for a while. And I suddenly felt like eating chicken wings. And I don't have much ingredients in my fridge, so I just make use of whatever I have and created this chicken wings.

You need:
Chicken Wings , Remove tip and cut the wings at the joints. Debone by slowly snipping the joined flesh from the bone. DO NOT BREAK the meat. Make sure you only remove the bone and leave a hole in the middle of the wing. 

Marinate (rub it outside and don't forget the inside too) - 1 hour or better overnight: 
Soya sauce
Crushed black pepper
Garlic, minced
Ginger, minced 

Stuff with :
Ham , julienne roughly 
Carrot , julienne roughly

Mixed all together:
oyster sauce
sesame oil
soya sauce
Shiao Shing Wine

1. heat up HCP and add in some oil. Just a lil will do.
2. gently put in your stuffed chicken wing.
3. pan fried it both sides.
4. when both sides are browned, remove from HCP. Without washing HCP, pour in Sauce mixture and let it boil. Then add in your wings and let it simmer till the sauce is thick.
5. Ready to Serve :)

P/S: I like to debone my chicken cos, its for the kids to eat and also I will use the bones to boil soup the next day :) don't waste ma...

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The most important organ

I was in the book shop and came across this box with human organs. I showed it to JD and he asked what are the parts and what is the usage. Then he asked me to buy it for him. Woah! Rm199.

And then he asked in a very curious tone "where's his kukubird?". Haha he must be thinking how come they didn't include the most important organ.

Ai..for a moment I don't know how to reply him and thought for a while. And then he said "nevermind. We go home and check the Internetlah!"

Haha! Good idea my son! *phew*

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Makan-Makan @ Ribs King 排骨皇

We went to Pai Kuat Wong in Seapark last last Sunday, (cos my mum and dad ditched us to be with their KungFu friends) after hearing Yenjai telling me that the food is not bad over there. We wanted something nice, fast and suitable for us and also our kids.
Jayden cannot eat without soup.
Justin dislike soup.
Big C dislike expensive food.
And I...just want to eat in peace.

And Yenjai is right. The food is not bad, the price is affordable and the ambiance is cosy and nice. We paid Rm24.80 inclusive of 3 sets of rice and also 3 drinks. Not bad eh?

This is what I had. Garlic BBQ Pork Chop, Veggies, Rice and Fried Egg on top.

This is what Big C had.

And this is what the kids had. They shared the portion and I gave them some of my food too.

And the set comes with soup @ Rm6.90. They gave us an extra bowl of soup since there's 4 of us. Hahaha

Overall, The staff is great.
The environment is cosy and nice.
Food is affordable and FAST.
And of course, we'll be back for our next visit soon.

Ribs King 排骨皇 is located at:
No.25 , Jalan 20/7,
Taman Paramount,
46300 PJ, Selangor.
Tel 03-78650589