Friday, March 30, 2012

Ninja Joe's Sumo rice set

My kids love Ninja Joe's burger

So when I'm not cooking, I'll ask them what they would like to eat and they will either choose Ninja Joe or Herbal Noodles in Taman Megah. But I myself usually will have a drink cos I've eaten too much and got bored of it edi. But this week I was surprised cos the they added new stuff on the menu. Sumo and also mantao set.

So I ordered the Sumo set with pork belly.
Came with a nice bowl and cover. Very nice presentation I can say.

It tasted something like the Chinese char siu but slightly sweeter.
I must say Rm10.90 for this is not too bad. I must try the Sumo pork chop rice next time.


  1. The mantau looks good too!

  2. thanks for sharing! Will check that out. I like Ninja Joe burger but the burger too small for me. hahahhah..not enough la.