Thursday, March 08, 2012

The most important organ

I was in the book shop and came across this box with human organs. I showed it to JD and he asked what are the parts and what is the usage. Then he asked me to buy it for him. Woah! Rm199.

And then he asked in a very curious tone "where's his kukubird?". Haha he must be thinking how come they didn't include the most important organ.

Ai..for a moment I don't know how to reply him and thought for a while. And then he said "nevermind. We go home and check the Internetlah!"

Haha! Good idea my son! *phew*


  1. Eh..this figurine with human organs is very useful but abit pricey. RM199, wahh..almost RM200. Did you buy it in the end? :)

    Yes, Mr. Google knows everything under the sun. I like him very much :D

  2. haha I didn't buy it! so exp!

  3. He is so smart and observant.

  4. haha sheoh yan. Thanks but i think many kids will ask also la. ( i think??)

  5. He is very observant, going into every detail. I think my boy will ask the same too gua. Hahaha..

    1. haha yes i think yr boy also will ask the same question

  6. I saw this at Toysrus ... cool toy, but too expensive ... Jayden is so smart!! Google it!

  7. your son very smart, at least he remembers the most important part of the body, kekeke...

  8. Wow! Kids nowadays, everything just find from internet. hahah!