Wednesday, October 31, 2007

got such thing wan meh?????

I have a colleague. She is 22. Young, pretty *scratch head* and clueless.


I tell you why.

One day she asked me, "Sasha why yr eyes like that wan?"

I replied "Because not enough sleep".

and she laughed sarcastically "Haha, why not enough leh? I don't understand why some ppl DON'T WANT to sleep"

I replied "My son cry at night ma"

She replied "Got such thing wan meh?"

I replied :) (don't wanna say somemore waste my saliva)

Overheard the young girl spoke to Lady O.

Lady O: Milk Powder increase price *shake head*
Girl: *laugh sarcastically* ya meh?
Lady O: yeah i went and bought 24 tin last night.
Girl: wah so much for what?
Lady O: My 3 sons drink la.
Girl: 3 years old still drink MILK ah?
Lady O: Of course la! then why they have 1,2,3 and 4,5,6 range. Adult also drink Anlene la.
Girl: Got such thing wan meh?
Lady O: got blablablabla....

I tell you, these young young ppl. They think that we parents are like bodoh people. Nevermind, let her experience herself. I think she will cry taking care of her own kids. I think, she thinks that when the baby comes out from the womb, will lie down there, slowly grow up, drink milk for few months only and then know how to walk by themselves, know how to eat by themselves and so on. Everything also ask, got such thing wan meh?? Betul betul clueless or just trying to act stupid? I really don't know.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Convoy Up The Hill

This will be a busy week for me. My MAC (which I have been complaining to my boss that something is wrong with it) finally died. So I'm MAC-less and trying to design with pc. *yawn* I think mushroom is growing out of my head now while waiting for it to load.

Anyway, Jayden and I accompanied Big C to his kinda gathering. Normally he will accompany us to our blogger gathering. So give and take and try something new. So we went for his "car gang" convoy up the hill. And I managed to snap this pic....the cars were in a straight line, all same type of car.


They're just like us, bloggers. Drive Drive Drive, Stop, Talk Talk Talk, Camwhore, Camwhore, Align cars and camwhore some more. And the wives and kids, stand, wait, talk and camwhore also.

My lil J was still sleeping when we dragged him into the car. He woke up half way and slept again! And he woke up and had his brunch break on the car while the gang camwhore somemore. It's much harder to align cars compare to us aligning ourselves for group pic.


I think he love the weather cos it was chilly and that made him so hungry and he finished all his porridge. And he posed for me with his big tummy after that. I have no idea how he managed to fold his leg like this.


We finally reached the top of the hill. The journey took double the traveling time. We had a quick bite at McD, yes with the gang again. They're just like blogger's gathering. The drivers all brought gfs, friends, wife, kids and maids too.

We brought lil J for Ferris Wheel ride. That's the only ride we went on that day. We didn't go for the outdoor ride cos we think that J is still too short and young for the rides. And worst he can't sit still inside the ride alone if we're no next to him. So better not yea....

He was so amazed with the ride. He just kept quiet all the time. After that he fell asleep. I think the Ferris Wheel made him dizzy and sleepy. Ahaks!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I have a teddy dog now.

Before...Grizzlie dog


Poor girl. Can't see the road and where she's going. Only can smell if you cut fruits especially watermelon then she will start barking like mad to get a bite. Joking only. Can see but not so clear . But no joke about her smelling fruits and watermelon, her fav!

After....TADAA!!!Teddy dog!


All fluffed and smells like CutiCura talcum powder. My groomer did a good job. Took him hours and hours to entangled her and slowly cut her hair according to Teddy Bear Style. He is just so patient! Kenny came to my house to pick them up and send them home. Very good service. So for those who's staying in Klang Valley and wants to groom your dogs, you can contact Kenny @ 0163822740.

See how happy is this lil teddy bear. And after that she asked for more... please please....

No BoBo's pic this time because he is completely botak. I need to recpect him la..cannot show his botak picture. But ever since they got back from grooming, BoBo just cannot stay away from ChaCha. He even tried to R@pe her but side ways! *pengsanzzz*

Friday, October 26, 2007

2 accidents in one night.

We're at Giant and q-ing up to pay money at the counter last night. Jayden was getting restless and wanted to drink the Chrysanthemum drink in the can. So we gave it to him and asked him to wait till we pay and his dad passed him to me. Suddenly, he just threw the can down and it hit me right at the leg's boney part.

"AWWWWW MY LEG!!!!!" I shouted so loud in Giant. Everyone just turned and looked at me like I'm orang kurang siuman (mental woman). I was still carrying Jayden and I quickly passed him to his dad while trying to stand up straight. Wuah painful like @#%^%$#@

Jayden insisted that he want the drink. So to distract him, Big C asked me to bring him up to the play area. Alamak sudah cacated samo need to go up to level 3 and chase after the lil fella? What to do, jalan cacated and went up. As soon as the small one saw the play area and the free rides he went "WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!" And he sat on the free ride. And after so many rounds of Ngi Ngo Ngi Ngo on the same car he decided he wanted to go to the play ground and play with the slides pulak! *headache*

Once he got down from the car, he ran straight to the slide. I can''t even catch up with him with my cacated leg. Pandai.....he stood right in front of the slide where the kids slide down.


The boy gave Jayden one FLYING KICK DIRECT TO HIS FACE! And he disappeared so fast! I don't blame him for kicking my son. It is my fault to let my son stand in front of the slide right?

And Jayden WAILED so loud (mother can wail so loud, of course son can do better right?). All the kids came and stood around him. I heard one of the boy said "Mesti sakit kan????" And after that everyone went on and play again. Like cartoon man!

Jayden? He, of course stop crying after that and want to do it again! *pengsanzzz* Why?? Why sudah kena flying kick still wanna repeat it again by standing right in front of the slide again???

So last night, mother went home cacated with swollen leg and son went home with red leg mark on his face. That's how we had 2 accidents in one night.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

One Happy Family

Thanks for all your comments, msn, and also email. Thank you.

Last night, I hid his pacifier underneath my pillow. And while he was rolling around on our bed, I pulled his hand and place it underneath the pillow. He happily smile and pulled the pacifier out and straight away did his "thing" And he slept the whole night through. Dadi and Mami too had a good night sleep. We're one happy family :)

Jayden says: Mami, you gimme my chutchut and I promise you I'll be a good boy k?

Learnt my lesson through this project. I was too eager to stop him from sucking his pacifier. I remembered my own promise to myself when he was hospitalized last time, "as long as he is healthy, and it's not harmful to himself just let him do it or have it" but there must be a limit. I don't want my son to be a spoil brat. But my uncle calls him that just because he has his own blog which was maintained by me. So I'm Spoil Mami? Hmmmmm

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pushing The Reset Button

Knackered. (Learnt from mott) That's how I feel today.

I have so many appointments today. I just traveled 2 hours to and fro just for a mere 20mins discussion. After this I have another appointment. And I am expected to finish EVERYTHING by don't know when.

Worst, I have not been sleeping well for the past 3 nights. So did Big C. And lil J. *sigh* He had been crying for the past 3 nights. After 6 days of chutchut-less finally his craving came back. And it's a great craving. Some sort like an addict screaming and wailing and kicking...

Last night (and like 2 nights before) when he cries, Big C will say the same thing, "how could you stand looking at him crying like this?" and held him tight and walk away. It breaks my heart. In my mind, I kept asking myself “Why am I so evil? Am I doing the right thing?"

We ended up pushing the reset button and gave him. But even after we gave him his pacifier he is still crying and holding his pacifier tight in his hand. Sucking and pulling it out to cry louder. And the whole family was up watching Barney while he sobs and sobs and wail out of a sudden again and again. And we went to bed I don't know how long after that.

When I was in the car just now, suddenly everything just came to me. The way he feed me his chutchut, the way he will run and bang the wall and come running to me and said "meme? uwaaaaaa" and expect me to hug him and kiss him and he will be alright right after that and will bang the chair next. He shares his food with us all the time, never say no. *sigh* He's such a sweetie but he is just too hyper. Lately he changed so much after we tried to stop him from sucking his pacifier. He became super manja and he needs to be with someone all the time. Even when he sleeps he wants me to be next to him. Suddenly I just cannot control myself. Luckily the cars were moving and I had my shades on so no one can see the lil water drop coming down from my eyes.

And that made me wonder. Why? Why am I doing this to him. What did he do to get treated like this?

And I remembered those ppl commenting about him sucking his pacifier "YOUR SON 19MONTHS STILL SUCKING PACIFIER AH? AIYOH" Like its a big deal. Like its against the law.

And more comments like "HIS TEETH LIKE COMING OUT! Later his teeth will become like this. (Showing hand gesture like the teeth is coming out like monster).

Come on. Look at me. I am a sample of a pacifier sucker. I have nice set of teeth. Some human never suck pacifier but they have teeth like VvVvVvV How to explain?

*sigh* I'm so sad. So lost. Am I doing the right thing or not I really don't know. It breaks my heart to see Jayden cry like that. And it breaks my heart more for my hub to think I'm heartless for treating him like this.

*sigh* Bugger...need to go out for appointment again. Wanna sit at one corner and be sad also no time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wanita Hari Ini, 22 October 2007

Some of you guys already know about this, some of you don't. Yes, the four of us (Shannon, Chinnee, Siew Ting and Myself) including our kids appeared on Wanita Hari Ini,TV3 yesterday at 12-1pm.

With the 2 Sexy Host.

First, let me thank the Shannon, Chinnee and Siew Ting for being such a sport and also taking the trouble to come for the show. (macam I am from TV3 eh?) Chinnee traveled quite far for this show and Shannon took leave to accompany me. :)

Sorry kaki kangkang abit. My son's leg got stuck in the middle!

Many of you wondered how on earth we ended up being in this show. Well, I am as surprised as you guys!

The story goes like this…Wednesday night, Big C was using my laptop and my hands got itchy and asked him to check my email for me. And then he said “WAH! Guest on what what show????” And he read again.

“Hi Sasha,

I read your blog. I would like to invite you to be a guest on Wanita Hari Ini, a live talk show in Bahasa Malaysia.”

That’s how things started and then one thing lead to another. I managed to gather another 3 mommies to join me and Tada! We’re at the studio recording it live. The day before, they came to my house for a short session for the background snippet. So malu-fying cos they showed my wedding picture out of no where during the show! The camera man took that shot when we’re preparing ourselves at home.

Some wondered why Jayden wasn’t in the live show. If you read this blog, you know that he cannot sit still at one place. That’s the reason why, but he was at the set.

The show is about 20mins without the advertisement. And max to load in youtube is 1 min per video. So it’s impossible to load it all up at one go. To watch the videos, please drop by Michelle’s blog and she has about 9 videos out of the 20 videos She has all 20 up!. Thanks Michelle for taking the trouble to stand and record it in front of the tv and load it up one by one! Here's the introduction.

Some of you might wonder who is SiewTing. (pimping time!) She is my ex-colleague's wife. She just gave birth 3 1/2 months ago and she's just one month in blogging life. Please do drop by her blog and say hi if you can. She's quite a good writer too :)

Okay, that's all. It's over and like what Shannon wrote in her blog “it’s done now, embarrassed or not, it’s an experience for sure”.

And lastly, I'd like to thank Ooi for the chance to be featured in your show and thanks for reading/supporting my blog.

Project ChutChut-less: Day 6 and 19 months! *updated*

Backdated and updated post!

Yeap 6 days! 6 Days he survived without his pacifier! And remember I said that I'm worried that he might crave for it after he sees his cousin sucking his pacifier? I smsed my sister and asked her to co-operate and keep Jeremy's pacifier and she did, in fact Jeremy also stopped at the same time. I told them, use the method that Adrian thought me, to cut the pacifier little by little. Once his dad cut the pacifier and he tried to suck it, he threw the pacifier so far! We're like WOAH! Cool!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He turned 19 months yesterday! Just look at him. Mott said, "wei yr son..*sigh* looked so matured. Not like baby anymore". "yeah" I replied. "He looked so........jantan" (like how my grandma says to describe boys....jantan). Jantan or boy sama me, he is still my baby!

Sigh...I miss my grandma. In a couple of weeks its been a year since she left us.

I spoke too soon. Jayden's been crying for 2 nights for his pacifier. I felt so evil and bad to see him cry and wail like that. I didn't sleep for 2 night. Big C too. That's why I looked like a zombie in the TV show. Last night he cried again. But we have gone too far to turn back and to start all over again. *sigh* Sorry baby Jayden.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Operation ChutChut-less: Day 3, 4 & 5

Day 3 (Friday)
:) He was okay, only wanted to go jalan-jalan. Before we reached Tesco Puchong we drop by a place to check out something.


Day 4 (Saturday)
We thought that this is the hardest day because we're at home the whole day. Brought some cleaners home and they cleaned the whole house, the whole day. Gotto make our home pretty for tomorrow's event. It feels like it's going to be Chinese New Year tomorrow due to the spring cleaning process! Here's the little master chilling while watching his show.


Day 5 (Sunday)
We woke up early today because we're had some visitors. After they left, Big C's friend drop by. So many people, it really felt like Chinese New Year man! So nearly the half day we're still in our house, that's very rare. Normally by 11am we're out of the house.


So far, he hasn't ask for his chutchut. We're so worried that he found the container with his chutchut inside. But his dadi was fast enough to keep it away from him. Big C said that he saw the chutchut but he didn't ask for it. While watching Elmo's world this morning, he saw one of the baby sucking a pacifier, but again he didn't ask for it. Probably the show was too fast to remind him about it. *lol*

Tonight will be the toughest because we'll be going over to my mom's house and my nephew sucks his pacifier all the time. Let's see how things go tonight. *finger's and toes crossed*

Jayden, Kambate! Mami is so proud of you!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Operation Chut Chut-less:Day2

Last night when I went to pick J up, the first thing I asked the nanny was “did he ask for it today?” Nanny asked back “What? Ohh that “thing” ah …no wor..” *yippee*

At first he was alright. Then he started fussing and asking us to go out. He kept on asking me to put on his shoes for him. His dadi hugged his precious son and begged asked me to give him his pacifier and told me to stop, we need to gradually stop it and not just stop immediately. (Potong stim betul). I just ignored him and told him in another few more hours, he’s off the pacifier for 2 days and soon he will be totally off the pacifier, just like the last time I have insisted that he sleeps on his own bed and I we did it in just 3 days time.

Since dadi wants to pump petrol, we went to a nearby petrol station. Once we reached the petrol kiosk, our lil guy went and sat on the chair and pointed at the cake and squiggles and nodded his head.( It means I want that one, yes yes). Nope, I know he sure will just bite and spit it out. So we bought him vitagen. And he played kejar-kejar in the petrol kiosk….with errr himself!

Drinking his vitagen.

Then I got a call from my colleague and he asked us to go for a minum. So we to nearby mamak stall and ordered some tosai and roti canai and he happily enjoyed himself. But then suddenly I think his craving came. He started to fuss and cry for no reason. Or maybe he is just sleepy and wanted his milk.
Eating his tosai.

So we went home and he happily enjoyed his milk and watched his show. Then I off the tv and the lights. He was giggling and trying to reach out his hands to play kejar kejar with me again and I said (like every might, we must say this before he sleep) Close Your Eyes!

And like always, he slept.

This morning after his milk, he sat in his playpen for a while and he tried to look for it. But I guess he reminded himself “No, no more”. And he went back to sleep.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Project ChutChut-less : Day 1

It's time to change this guy from being like this


to this!


No, not making him to be senget like this! We're making him chut chut-less!

Last night was the first night. He had his final round of "Chutting" at his nanny's house. When we got back I just decided to hide it (the chutchut) for a while and see how it will turn up. He was okay at first but then when it reaches 9pm, he started to act weird. Like as though he was looking for something. Big C asked me so many times "are you sure? are you sure?" *sigh* His dadi pity his son, said that Jayden might be sad or feel sad without his chutchut. What to do? We need to start somewhere/sometime right?

So we distracted him with blocks! But his mouth was like "programmed" to have a hole in the middle as though he was sucking his chutchut. Look at this pic! *lol* But he was drooling pretty badly so we gotto put a bib around his neck.


And then he went to bed after watching his many rounds of Barney without any fuss *phew!*

Towards middle of the night at around 3am, he woke up crying and his hands were everywhere, looking for his chutchut. I carried him to our bed and he slept not long after that.

This morning, I gave him his milk while we was sleeping and right after the last sip, he looked for his chutchut again. Failed to look for it, he went back to sleep.*yay-for now*

Nanny was happier than me when I asked her not to give him chutchut for today and see how things go. So, gotto wait till tonight to see how far did we go in this ChuChut-less project! *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's time

it's time to stop staring and eat...


it's time for a trim.....


and it's time for his own bed


Updated: He is not sleeping on the play pen. He is trying to climb out from the play pen when I snapped this picture. He sucessfully climb out one night and started running around in the dark.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Header's done!

Finally it's done! A header for shoppingmum kid's blog. I drew the kids because her son, Justin doesn't want his mom to show his picture in her blog. So to make things easier for her and him, I decided to draw the kids out. Voila!


And another for her blogspot! A sizzling and sexy header for a sexy blogger like her!


Took me so long to finish these two because I was down-the-hill and wasn't in the mood to blog and design. But thank goodness Amy was patient enough to wait for me to gather back myself and to start working on my laptop.

Thanks Amy for the opportunity!

My Point Of View

Just my 2 cents point of view.


No, that's not me. It's Daphne Iking.


This The Malay Mail Newspaper dated, September 29 2007. Its just my very brief point of view about Parent's negligence towards the kids. If they (the children) goes missing, should the parents beblamed for it. For me, its very subjective depends on the situation (scenario). However, we should always take precaution and always TRY to do our best to protect our child and never never give ourself the chance to say ..."If only I....."

Friday, October 12, 2007



J : Sasha, wat time u cu*m to midvalley
S: Sorry, forgot to bring CD. Monday la.
J: Okay when I cu*m I will call u.


J: I cu*mming at 10-11 ok?
S: ok


S: Your stuff is here edi. (so that he can come an set it up)
J: Okay I cu*m at 4,ok?

Thursday... (msn)

S: Oi, SS yr staff write what to me in sms u know?
SS: What?
S: I cu*mming at 4.
S: Yeah he repeated many times in his sms to me
SS: I think he don't know what is the meaning.
S: Eh, you don't tell him ah..he kill me la
SS: Cannot! I must tell him so he don't repeat it to other ppl.
S: Aiyoh die la like dat

Thursday night (msn)
S: Oi, you told J edi or not.
SS: I ask him to search in wikipedia the word cu*m
S: Then?
SS: He ask me what is eJaculati0n pulak
S: huh? Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahha Pengsan!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

ella ella ella eh eh eh

Place: In the Car
Weather: Raining
Venue: Outside Sasha's Mum House

Sasha : Babe, you help me take the umbrella, ella ella ella ella ella eh eh eh eh
Big C: Okay, you wait. I go take Umbrella, ella ella ella ella eh eh eh
Sasha : Okay I carry him, you hold umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh
Big C: Okay, ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh

Sudah gila gila gila gila la la la la

I like this ella ella ella girl..look at her complexion...i wanna touch her face...

and then this video make me wanna cry........So kamtung (emotional song)

Okay, now i wanna go back to my tempurung to hide and cry....

Happy Holiday semua...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Apa Mau Tulis Hari Ini?

Saya pun tak tau. I have so many things running in my mind like orang gila. I sleep everynight, but every morning after I wake up, I feel so tired. Because my mind was still working very hard for don't know what reason.

I sit in front of 2 screens everyday. And after that 8 hours, I just wish that I'm like a mannequin,so that I can dismantle all my body parts and lay them nicely on the floor. I take out my head and put on the floor. Take out both my hands and put on the floor. Take our my legs and put on the floor. Semua take out and just lie down and don't move. Maybe I won't feel the backache that is killing me softly for months.....Get away from the screen? Go out for a walk? No, I just felt that I want to be alone and just sit there and don't move. Why? I don't know.

My mind is not at work. I look at one screen but my hand wanna work in another screen. No heart you can say. But gila gila, I created something and sold to my first customer (thanks Amy). That's the problem. I only get my inspiration when I'm damn sad or depressed or busy. How?

At night , I eat my dinner and then after the Chinese show I'll tell Big C that I wanna go out for a bite. Jayden of course happily went and put on his shoes. Big C the poor fella gotto entertain both the gila wife and the son also after a tired day at work. Sometimes I have little cravings for Ice Cold Ribena, Or Simply Just Curly Fries or I have specific craving for example like this...


My ex-craving (tong yuen) when I was pregnant with Jayden. And's not like what you're thinking. Not P ok.

Few weeks ago Mott msned and Immomsdaughter smsed to asked me, Where is "Sasha". I answered them "I'm here la". But I know what they mean. They no longer see the same Sasha in BlaBlaBla anymore. Seriously I, also don't know where she went. I'm also looking for her and so far, I can't find her anywhere. Maybe later she will come back la...or maybe later later la...see how.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just The Two Of Them


The other day, Jayden was crying and I wanted to carry him. He refused and and wanted his dadi to carry him. Once his dadi carried him he began to smile. Then I pretend to cry like him and asked his dad to carry me. To our surprise the little pushed me away from his dad and hugged his dad tight. Then his dad wanted to pass him to me and he CRIED so loud and pushed me away. He...............*sob* He rejected me! I felt so so rejected! *sob*

I used to complain saying that Jayden dislike his dad since he was born. And then he sticks to me like a koala bear.*sigh* Now he wants his dadi to carry him when we're out. He wants his dadi to carry him in the room, in the house. Maybe because most of the time, I'm the one that punish him when he's being naughty and Dadi is the one that saves him.

I should be happy now that I'm free from MR Koala Bear! But no...suddenly I felt like I'm out of the picture just like the picture above. I felt like my heart got this small thorn, slowly poking my painful abit, ache abit. Why ah?

How Rude!

I went to the Gardens in Midvalley today to pick up my Altered Levis Jeans which I bought last weekend. While everyone was trying to get in the lift, suddenly the lift started buzzing indicating that someone need to get off the lift. But the funny thing is that the lift is not full. There's about less than 10 of us in the lift, including lil Jayden. Then one of the man got out and the lift stop buzzing and he tried to walk into the lift again. And the lift buzzed again.

Suddenly out of no where, a small girl (well not that small, she's bigger size than me but obviously younger than me) shouted "This lift can only take up to ??? kg and ?? people only wan. Come in go out also same wan la...*sarcastically* and she started nagging and nagging until the guy went out together with the entire family wit the head drooping down, obviously so so shy caused by the girl's remarks.

And when we're about to get off the lift, her mom corrected her "you should say, its not the quantity of the people,its the weight". Wah pandai ah her mom? Then we got out of the lift then only I know why. Standing next to the girl, was her sis who is doubled her size. Okay, no wonder the lift Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz when there's so little people in the lift. Samo she can go ridicule the man and her mom taught her how to say it the next time *pengsan*

To me, I think it's so rude for her to say things like that. And i think it's double rude for her mom who didn't say anything to her rude daughter. Very very rude family. Luckily I'm not the one that got into the lift last, otherwise she will kena screw by me edi.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kartun Boy

I was watching tv and suddenly the small one went missing from my view. So I called out..


No reply.

I turned around and saw this.


Aik! Apa Ini? Noticed that his left hand was holding a biscuit? And then he did this...


He used his head to support his whole body while his left hand was holding the biscuit and he used his right hand to ask me to pass something to him.

Like MOTT said "Your son so Kartun!".

Yeap just like the mother :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


How not to you tell me?????



DJ in the making but using cd in juicer!


And the next day I checked this juicer, he poured powder in it!



Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I wish to go back to Standard 3




*anger* (woooo..i know some of you like to see me anger eh?)

Because I was FRAMED by my teacher and I will NEVER EVER FORGET her, although i forgive her. COs she should be *count count count* DAMN OLD NOW! So gotto forgive her lo...

The story is like this...

Morning Session in a school in PJ. It was a rainy day and as usual many students will bring the cute cute little umbrella to school and place it behind the class when we're studying in the classroom. The teacher walked in with her irritating click klok heels carrying a pathetic looking red umbrella. She slowly walk towards the back of class and place it right next to the standing library.

Everyone wished her "SELAMAT PAGI PUAN ASMA"

She said "Selamat Pagi, Sila Duduk".

And I went to the back to throw rubbish, which so happen the rubbish bin was just next to the standing library.


The wind blew and the standing library fell "KABOOMMM!!!" And whacked Puan Asma'a pathetic umbrella. And she yelled "EKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" I guess god was angry with her, her umbrella was the only one that got flattened by the standing umbrella.

And she started to grumble and nagged saying that ....yes ME, Saying that I was the one that that pushed the darn standing library and flattened her 4o ringgit umbrella bought from JAPAn by her husband.

The same day, when other teacher walked passed she will call them in and point her fingers at me saying that I ruined her umbrella.

The next day, she did it again.

The next next day, she did it again.

And again.

And again.

Until one fine day,I got so sick of her, I chosed not to attend school. Both my parents came to my bed and asked me why and what happened. And I told them. Well, my parents are the typical chinese type of parents. " this ah? Naah take $40 and pay her la".

I told my parents "NO. I don't want to pay her because its not my fault!" and since its not my fault i went back to school. And every time , Puan Asma will give me the stare. And I can see her pointing her fingers at me.

Until the day when she announce our final results, she was still staring at me. Me and another friend of mine, both got the same results and normally there will be 2 student that gets No.1 position in class and there won't be any No.2 position for that semester.

Of course, getting No1 in Class together with MY is the best part. Because she was my first friend ever in this school since std 1. My parents of course wasn't there. They were never there, when I receive my thropy, never there when I receive any prizes in schoool. And never there to defend me.

Then the announcement came, everyone clapped hands and they announced " No 2, TMW!" I was like "HUH?????" ME no.2???? SInce when? And Puan Asma pushed me up to the stage to receive the prize. And then They announced again "No.1 LMY!!!!" And MY looked puzzled but she went up to receive her prize. We planned to hold our hands together-gether to receive our prize.

I went and asked Puan Asma how come I was announced as No.2 when my results are the same as MY. And she gave me a smirk and said "Sebab dia punya surname start dengan L, You punya start dengan T. So diala dulu!" and she turned around chat with other teacher laughing loudly and cheerfully.

Niamah! I felt like slapping her Farking face hard with the trophy I have in my hands. Nevermind Nevermind....I know I got No.1 and she used the reason surname to argue with me. I know, she is still angry with me because of the umbrella.

Till now, I can still remember her face, and her umbrella and the throphy.

If only, I have fought back and gave her a good one and bring the issue up to my headmistress. If only I could go back to Std 3.

**Name was not CHANGED AT ALL because I farking hate her.**

Now when someone try to frame me, they die. :) No chance given.

By the way, this tag was passed on by Jesslyn,Judy and Brenda.
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Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
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The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid's life.
Sasha wish to go back to standard 3 to screw her teacher for framing her.

And I'm passing this to Mott, Janice and Joneh and Yvonne (because she has a new "home")