Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He's doing okay


It's his 3rd day in school today. And he's doing fine. For the past 2 days, he knows it when I put the school uniform for him and he will sit quietly in the car and as we reach the kindy, he'll say "bye bye!" Then I will let him carry his own bag and walk into the sch holding my hands. And he knows the way...but most of the time he want to wonder off to somewhere else to check out things.

Yesterday, he was already waiting for me at the gate, playing by himself. The teacher told me that he slept in her arms for 1 hour! He wanted to go outside the class but the teacher refused to let him go out and so he cried and as she carried him, he fell asleep. hahahhaha probably he was sleepy and wanted to go sleep since it was his usual nap time at 10ish.

The teacher told me that he's okay. He will only cry when someone snatches his things or when he's sleepy. She commented that he likes to walk to the wall and read the alphabets! and then when she call him he'll go back to his seat. And she kept saying he's cute (although she jalan senget for carrying him in her arms for 1 hour).

We waited at the gate till the bell rang. Before that, J was like an exhibit. The boys kept looking at his Awi Train and the girls keep touching his face and call him "baby". So imagine how tiny he is compared to the other tiny kids. Hehe

When the bell rang, everyone shouted "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and of course my little one did the same, not knowing what is happening. It was a funny sight. But soon he won't be excited about the bell ringing cos I wont be there to pick him up straight after school. He'll need to go to the daycare class where he will be bath, changed, eat lunch, sleep and play with his friends and not me. *sob*

I'm still sending him to his nanny house until its the right timing to switch him completely to daycare. I don't want to change his routine so drastically and scare him. Besides the name calling and preference towards the girl, he is okay, not harmed or anything. I saw him lying on her chest when I picked him up last night. Part of me wanted to tell her "Don't pretend to be so nice okay?" But of course I never say it son is still going to her place *wink*

My son pretended that he doesn't want to come out. So I told him "Bye!" and he cried. So I carried him and he used his finger to guide my chin to look at him and he winked at me, telling me that "Gotcha!". He was just faking his cry. See how mischievous he is?

Although I'm very tired physically and emotionally, I'm glad he's getting used to sch and he's happy about it. So, first stage-cleared. Now I gotto prepare him for the 2nd stage-daycare. So proly its sewing day for me tomorrow. Gotta sew him another Elmo pillow for him to bring to daycare.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rejected Kid

Me...a rejected kid.

Many people told me that they felt the same when they read my "Small in size but big in my heart" post. To be honest, I was worried and think about him all the time cos I know he's not happy at his nanny's place and constantly being bullied by the nanny and another girl in that place.

Lately its been very obvious that they really bully my son. The girl is only 1 but knows very well how to bully him. Every morning she will wait for Jayden to bring his bag and she will ransack his bags and snatch all his toys. And the nanny? She will help to snatch and give all to the precious girl when she run to her and say "Uhuk Uhuk Ming Ming......" and point at my son and the brainless nanny will help to snatch the toy and give it to her. For 2 years, the nanny had never praised my son for anything. It's always complain complain and more complains about him "Mowe Kwai Yung" (useless), Say that he is skinny and doesn't know how to get chubby, Says that he dunno how to talk and only know how to cry. I told her off once, "he is speaking english, Don't you know what he is saying?" And she stopped complaining. She said that he is useless cos he dun wanna to be potty trained and the girl can go to toilet and do her business. Why not leh? The nanny pays 200% to the girl what? Why not? But today I still see the girl in mamy poko diaper. Anyway, wherever the girl does it's always " clever..." Ptuik! Never sleep also clever girl..drink milk in bottle more than 30 mins one kali also clever girl.. Ptuik!

And what is worst? I gotto bring Jayden's toys to the nanny's house EVERYDAY. Why? she just dun wanna leave the toys in her house. And the other day I saw her hiding the puzzle bag on the shoe cabinet when I was about to leave the house and when I went to fetch J, she told me J dun wanna play the puzzle. How to play when she already hid the puzzle in the morning?

And why did i put him there although I know the nanny doesn't like him? Cos I have no choice and I don't wanna scare Jayden with sudden change. At least he thinks that the nanny cared for him. And at least she won't harm him. He will call out "aunty aunty whenever we pass the woman's house" That is how much he care for the aunty but aunty? No love or what so ever feeling towards him although she took care of him since 6 weeks old.

So i told myself tahan for another month. Wait till J get his Hep A jab and I can send him to Playsch + daycare. But on Friday itself when i was driving towards her house, I saw her and J in the garden. They're smiling. But once I got down she gave the look like as if she was so damn tired and was about to die. And told me "Sasha I don't want to jaga your son anymore. He only know how to cry and he likes to jump. I'm very tired"

My reaction? Immediately I laughed out. Don't ask me why I laughed. I was just too (angry? Sad? Disappointed? Happy?) I have no idea what I was feeling and I just asked her "So when do you want to stop?" At one point I wanted to scold her or even tell her off saying that I already knew about it, that she doesn't love my son and yadayadayada and she is lazy and just wanna take care of smaller baby so that they will sleep and sleep and wont walk around like my son. But anyway I just kissed my son and went home. That cheesed her even more. Everytime she complaint about my son, I will just kiss him and hug him tight. Expect me to hit my son and scold him in front of you? Slowly wait la...

So the next day, we immediately brought him to the sch (that I have sourced even before he turned 2) to register and get his uniform. They even told me that I can start on Monday (today). Thank god, I sorta suspected that something is not right and I went to source for the playschool. So everything went like so smooth for us (for NOW). We went home and put him into his uniform and this is how he looked like.

Saying 10 and 1!

We even let him mingle around with some kids at the daycare on Sat. He was busy jumping around like tigger and played together but not with the kids. That's one thing I want him to learn which is to play with other kids.

This morning, he couldn't get up. So i dragged him into the car and once reached, he stood up and saw the sch and happily walked in himself. He went into the classroom himself and wanted to sit at the seat he sat last Sat. But it was taken so teacher asked him to sit next to her.

He was okay at first but then his tigger mojo came and he began to bounce bounce in the class, walk and read alphabets on the wall.

But other than day, he didn't cry except for few occasions when he saw me and asked me to join him in class especially the music class. But overall I think he enjoyed himself. We waited at the gate like other kids and as the bell rang, everyone said YAY!!! and he too shouted YAY but he has no idea what is happening. *LOL*

And when I drove him back to the nanny's place, he began to cry. I left him to buy some lunch for myself and I took a bath before heading to drop some toys for him and he was STILL CRYING. He refused his lunch and as soon as he saw me , he took his slipper and asked me to carry him. And then he calmed down, I whispered to him "mami go work ok?" He yelled "BABAI!" and so i walked out and he CRIED AGAINNNNNNNNN.

Sigh Sigh Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh That is how much he hates the nanny place.

And now that I know (officially) the nanny dislike him, I lagi Susah hati wanna leave him there. I felt like I wanna resign and jaga my kids (no.2 coming in Sept). But then I wanna have my own income so I can have backup plan IF ANYTHING HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE-no one know what's gonna happen anyway. i gotto decide soon cos I gotto pay the sch in May already- whether its half day or full day (daycare). But i sayang wanna leave him there for the whole day. He is going to the youngest kiddo (and also the smallest size). I saw the tilams being laid on the floor, and the pillows arranged in one straight line for the boy and girls to sleep. There will be 29 of them for the daycare. They will bath, eat lunch, sleep and do some activities like coloring and so on. Sigh..this is even tougher than any other problems I have faced before. So susah SO SO SUSAH...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Small in size, but big in...



Sometimes when I send him to the nanny's house,he will give me the "I don't want you to go" look. And he is the only thing i think about the whole day.

Sometimes he totally forgot that I'm there cos he is busy watching some Ah Lian sing song cd. And the whole day I will smile and think about him singing the Ah Lian sing song.

Sometimes he will sit at the gate and see me leave. And I will remember the face the whole day.

Sometimes he will mumble something like "mami..mami" with a sad face. And the whole day I will wonder "is he calling me?"

Sometimes he will drop on the ground and perform some bollywood break dancing on the ground (most likely on Mondays). And the whole day I'll wonder if he is okay after that.

And when I pick him up, sometimes he fell asleep on the couch. Nanny said he sat there and waited for me until he fell asleep. And when I say "Jayden........." he will immediately open his eyes and say BABAI! and wanna put on his shoes. And that made my day better already.

Sometimes he is playing by himself and he will say YAY! when he sees me. And wanna put on his shoes ASAP. And that will make my day even better!

Sometimes he is outside watering plants with nanny and he can easily spot me (perhaps cos I'm not that "small" anymore) walking towards the house and started giggling and thought that I'm playing hide 'n' seek with him. And what can be better than seeing him laughing and giggling while going home with me? I don't know.

It seems like no matter what he does, he's on my mind all day, all night, all the time. That's why I said he is small in size but big in my heart. I lup him so muchie!

And the winner is...........

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The answer is 25 Jambu Airs. Although Annie Q got the answer first but she is my spy la. So she is disqualified. hehe

So Sue from Zoopslife, send me yr paypal id and I'll get the 15USD zoooping by yr account asap. You gave away too many things for your contest and now its your turn to get something back. .Haha

And thanks to all that participated!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess Guess Guess!

Okay, I went home and thought about it. Why not offer USD15  for anyone that can guess how many Water Apples/Jambu Airs are there in this bunch. Prize goes to first commentor with the right answer and has paypal account only! Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Mama Loves me Lot Lot!

I went home last weekend and my Mama told me "This two, I reserved for you"

Awwwwww My Mama Loves me lot lot!


Big or not? This is what I call organic. Home grown without pesticide and chemicals.

Then my sis went and check out the tree and she found this.


My mum missed this bunch and didn't get to trim the bad ones off. So it ended up growing smaller Jambu Airs compared to the one she gave me. But taste the same - juicy and sweet!

Can you guess how many Jambu Airs are there in this bunch?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I need a suit of armour

Like the title said it, I need a suit of armour. A pregnant design suit of armour.

Lil J has been very sticky (finally!) especially during sleeping time. And if he's in a good mood, he will kiss and kiss and kiss and hug me. And sometimes he will crawl over and ask me to hug him to sleep.

Lately he's been climbing over very often - like every night. And every night Big C will be either on the floor or outside doing dunno what. And if I ask him what he is doing outside, he said he cannot sleep cos the little one kicked him out of the bed. 

And if the lil one is in a bad mood, he will fuss and turn and KICK MY TUMMY and cry for no reason. Especially if he is irritated or someone made him cry at the end of the day - he will for sure have nightmare the whole night. So it will be sleepless night for all of us. Everyone just stay up and watch Elmo or Barney until everyone also cannot tahan and pengsan la.

Like this video, he was angry with me because that day he was walking outside the nanny's house with the nanny and I drove passed him hoping that he won't recognise my car. But he pointed at my car and started to cry and guling on the floor. And then the whole night he was like this..

And whatever I give him, he give me this kinda reaction...

Like everything is NOT RIGHT and that night I tellyiu was a mental night. He will kick and kick my tummy whole night.

Last night, I sprained my back (or izit pulled my muscle) I'm not sure. I just know that I cannot move and wanted to lie down on the bed. Lil J was jumping up and down and kept asking me to PLAY. Don't ask me why he asked ME and ME only to play. So I went to sit on the chair and he came again pulling my hand, asking me to sit on the floor to play puzzle with him. It made me wonder "AM I THE ONLY PERSON IN THIS HOUSE AH??????"

Anyway anger aside, anyone know where to buy those pregnant suit of armour ah? So I can wear and rest without getting kicked or jumped on? Got ah? Got ah? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Who called?

Having breakfast and chatting with Big C at the same time. My handphone rang (in the room) indicating that it's 8.15am. Time to get out of the house. But I continued to eat and chat ignoring the alarm and suddenly....

Big C: Why you call me?
Me: Eh, my phone is in the room la. How to call u when I'm eating bread here?
Big C: Then who called me? *scared*
Me: *scared*
background sound: Hawo???? Hawo?????

Guess who called?

Who else la..


That budak kecik la....simply press fast dial and called his dadidi.

Friday, April 18, 2008


At Home...
Me: *open fridge door*
Jayden: *sings* Kakoolttt Kakoolt!!!!
Me: No Jayden, we don't have Yakult.
Jayden: *sings* Kakoolt Kakooolt!
Me: Don't have la. Go buy ok?
Jayden: YAH! *run away*
Me: *phew*

At grandparents house...
Koong Koong: *open fridge door*
Jeremy: *sings* Yakulttttttttttt Yakultttttt
Jayden: *sings* YAH! Kakoolt !!Kakoolt!!
Grandpa: Eh no more la..Ok Koong Koong go buy, ok?
...10 mins later Grandpa comes back with bicycle and Kakoolt in the front basket
Jeremy : Yakultttttttt Yakultttttttttttttttt!
Jayden: Kakoolt! Kakoolt!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

*sigh* my leng chai...mana you pergi?

I was scheduled to conduct a seminar for this company. So I went and to my surprised I was expected to teach a gang of gangster-ah long on "management skill". The Big Brother came and told me "Make sure you train my guys well. Or else!"...If go against him sure I mampus.
So next to him there was this kinda leng chai cute assistant that looked like gangster too. But he was smiling with me and kept making cute funny faces to me during the seminar. And since the big boss left, he was the next person-in-charged. On and off, he'll walk up pretending to take something and purposely pinch my butt or touch my hands.

I was like "Halo?????" and made the really annoyed face and asked him to stop. Can you imagine him doing that and the rest of the class cheered for him? So damn malu ok?

So the seminar went on for 3 days. And each day he'd do the same annoying thing. Since they were gangsters with big chunky gold chain around the neck and all, I told myself better not say or do anything. Kena chop 18 pieces also no one knows.

At the end of the day, the assistant came up to me and hugged me. I tried to free myself but at the same time it feels good eh? Maybe I jual mahal, play hard to get. *Ngek Ngek Ngek* And then he grabbed my hands and I tried to free myself...URGH!!! LET ME GO!!!!! And...... I opened my eyes. It was Jayden and I was dreaming. Dang! Jayden was pulling my hands, asking me to hug him to sleep. No idea when he crawled over to sleep with us. *sigh* No eye see, don't wanna move him back to his own bed also. I fast fast close my eyes and went back to sleep hoping that the dream will continue or have partII. But part 2.*Sigh*... my leng chai.. mana you pergi...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Loosing Mojo...

I'm loosing my mojo to blog again. Sometimes when I wanna blog about something I'll think if I should blog about it or just forget about it. The most current question that will come into my mind is "who wants to know anyway?". 

According to Yenjai, my blog is lacking of pictures. I noticed it too. Probably cos I'm too tired to snap pic, or I'm just not happy with my picture-taking quality and skill or there's negative encouragement like "eh eat la eat la. Don't take picture la. What for wanna take?" (guess who said that?) Remember that my blog used to be so full with GIF images. Probably my model is moving too fast and I can't catch up with him with my big fat arse now. *sigh*

Anyway....sometimes looking at him enjoying the old pic that I have snapped before ( I have developed it and put it in an album) I never regret taking pics even when people said that I'm a crazy mother. Eat, shit, Sleep also wanna take pic. Everything also wanna write. So free meh?

Well, cannot meh? At least he is enjoying it now what. Looking at him looking at his old pic and laughing and giggling at his old funny look is just so... priceless.

These are some of his favourites:

Of course, this is a censored picture. When he see this pic he will say "bebid" (bebird). And he will say "Eyer" and make then say "Liu Liu".

He of course like this one because of the thomas and friends tupperware. He will turn the pic upside down so he can see the trains facing him.


And he will say Eyer!!!! Diiiirty (dirty) when he sees this pics. Now he is more aware and careful when he eat especially when he is wearing his Thomas T shirts. Sometimes he will wipe his mouth with a tissue out of a sudden during mealtime.

Another of his fav. He wil point and giggle and giggle. I tried to teach him to say Funny but he end up giggling non stop and start to pinch his eye lids to tell me that he was wearing specs.

And not forgetting the picture from his first birthday. I'm glad that we celebrated his birthday for him although he (at that time) doesn't know what is happening.

Now he knows and remembered that we did for him,he will point at the cake and told me "Hepi!" for bday cake. Happy birthday ma...

So since I have someone that appreciate what I did so far, how come I'm still loosing my mojo leh? Or maybe..I just need to find new craving to give me ideas. Hmmmmm....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhh *shiver*

Did anyone hear me Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh-ing last night???

Nolah....not orgasming la!

I told you guys yesterday that I want to find one acar that will make me say AHHHHH and shiver shiver abit like the new Coke ad leh....forget edi?

Anyway, I found it.

Thanks to Michelle, I went and bought my acar when I was on my way home.

The shop/restaurant was just outside my housing area.

I found it in....KING CRAB! But I think not many will drop by to buy just acar only. I basically made everyone panic looking for a container to store the acar. hahaha And its cheap @ RM4.20 including the tax this and tax that. Ah Tuan Ee's costs me RM8.01 plus tax this and tax that. Same quantity.

Pic stolen from


Okay, no more craving for acar edi. What to crave next leh?

(can see Big C's leg shaking edi. Don't worry la b. I promise I will crave for food that is easy to find k?)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The hunt is on!

I have been craving for Acar for few days now. Thanks to Misha's mom la.. she went and told me she is cooking acar on Monday. *sigh* made me drool and think of it for so many days and nights. So last night I went to Paramount to search for it. Both Misha and Tiger recommended the same stall but it only starts to operate at 5pm.

So after dinner last night, Big C drove me all the way to Paramount and it's not open! Dang! Yenjai mentioned before that there's also another stall nearby that sells acar. So I went and have a look. NO! NO ACAR!! Only some man selling satay! (by the way the satay look nice eh? But I was on a mission last night. So sorry satay, next craving ok?)

Big C grumbled and asked me why I need to eat acar so badly. Oi, you dunno what is craving meh? Of course I never say that to him la. I just said that *grumble grumble grumble grumble and grumble* and he stopped complaining and he brought me to pusing and pusing around Paramount and SS2 area and suddenly I thought of this place! Ah Tuan Ee's place in ss2. So we went and finally........ I GOT MY ACAR!!!!!!

I went home, snap a pic and took a bite. *sigh* Enuff said. *disappointed*

So, anyone know where to BUY nice acar in PJ area or not? I want nice one. I want with carrot, cucumber, long beans, cabbage and sesame seeds with peanut wan. Eat edi you will say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and shake your body like the new Coke ad. How? Got ah?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One of my lucky night(s)

I've mentioned before that J is showing signs that he is liking his dad more over me. Of course, I'm a lil bit jealous. I won't lie to myself (and you guys too). Who doesn't like to "feel wanted"? Seriously, when your kid cry and the first person he run to is you (abit saddistic, I know) it makes you feel good isn't it? Cos it shows that you're the most comforting person to him.

It was my luckiest night last Sunday when I was at Annie Q's house. The kids were playing and Lil J kept running towards me, hugged me and went back to play. Sometimes he will come and hug me and take a bite off whatever I'm eating. His dadidi was busy eating the yummy food. But I was surprised that he didn't find his dadidi that night. *eksyen sikit cannot meh?*

In the car, he was playing with me and suddenly he held my face and gave me a kiss on my lips, without me asking for it. I told his dadidi "hey, he kissed me! He kissed me!" and His dadidi said "yeah yeah.." Jeles kot?

And before I went to bath that night, I asked Big C to help me take a shot of my-ugly-self's 16 week preg shot. Lil J was running around and I asked him to come and join me. I told him "come let's take yr shirt off and take pic?" And he nodded. And once I took his shirt off, he made this facial expression.

He geleng-geleng his head like indian dancer and closed his eyes and hugged me while Big C took a shot for me. Romantic feeling konon... haha but it was a nice shot (of him) but blurred cos the photographer was busy watching football.

Okay, proly I'll get jinx for writting this down. Maybe I gotto wait for a few more months more before J decided to hug,kiss and want his mami again.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Weird Cravings *updated*

I'm having weird cravings. I think I'm going to eat shit soon. Maybe cos I never buy the MLM RM1600.00 pendant. Muahahhaha Joking la... Joking!

But seriously, I tested my husband's IQ last saturday.

I told him I felt like eating something. And he asked me what is it.

I told him I wanted to eat something sweet, satu bijik satu bijik and need to peel to eat wan.

He asked me what is that.

I have no idea too.

Weird or not? Muahahhahahahhahahaaahahahaah

**Updated: Initially I wanted to eat rambutan, not in season. Duku Langsat: don't have. Mangosteen: Not in sight. So dunno what to eat lo....**

Friday, April 04, 2008


Do you have something to vent?

Something you wanted to complain or just rant but you can't do it on your blog? Come, do it here. Rant all you want. Comment with your name or comment Anonymously. Heck I don't care. Just say what's bothering you. Be it about people commenting about your kids, about some aunty that likes to comment saying that yr kid is still with diaper and her kid is not, About yr boss that you so wanted to cucuk her eyes with pencil when she does that eye-rolling thinggy, about yr husband, about yr mistress, about yr crazy Monster-in-law???? Just whatever la! Just Talk la!!

It's friday. Get it all out so you can enjoy yr weekend! Woooo!!!!!!!

Damn...I'm hyper today! Woooo!!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008



When J was born, he refused to let his dadi touch him or even feed him using the baby bottle. He'd cry out loud until Big C is out of the sight. (That's why people said, don't get angry with a person too much or the baby will come out hating that person very much or will look like the person when he/she's born.) I began to push Lil J to be with his dad and encourage his dad to be with him more. Everyday, I'll ask Jayden "call dadi la.." And now, Dadi is the only word that will come out from his mouth, effortlessly. He even gave his dadi a special nickname - Dadidi.

And there's no Mami, Mimi, Mama, Mumu, Momo or Meme. My name is *silent* or "here, this" or "what's this?". That's all.

It is getting more and more obvious that he's preferring his dad more over me. One day, it was raining and the suddenly *thunder*, he dropped his crayons and ran out with the concerned face saying "Dadidi???". Probably wondering if the father got trapped outside under the rain. Here, you can see the son want to protect the father.

Then he'll ask me "Dadidi??" when our neighbour parks his car. He thought that his dadi is back.

In the morning, He will call out "Dadidi!" with the milk bottle teat in his mouth when he's enjoying his morning milk.

And last night, he refused to talk to his Dadi through the handphone because he thought that he's coming back later. After I put down the phone, he ran to the living room, looked out the door and yelled Dadidi!!! Dadidi!!! I told him, Dadi is working and won't be coming back tonight. Immediately he threw his fav Awi on the floor and looked real sad. And then he picked Awi up and followed me into the room.

That's how much he love his Dadidi.

And me? errrrrrr Like Nadia says "someday babe, someday..."

Yeah, maybe someday....

Baby Akmal

I think it's my 2nd or 3rd time, I don't know how to begin to write a post. Normally I can write and write many post, some I'll keep ad draft and most I'll just deleted it. But today, although I'm not as happy and gila like always, I felt I must write this and share with you guys what I've read yesterday in Parenthood Magazine.

It's about Akmal Harith. Let's cut things short and let me summarize the story for you. Sorry, I'm no writer. So just bear with my scribbles and whatever that is floating in my mind today.


He was only 3 months when he was thrown out from the nursery hammock, hit the wall before he fell to the ground. And then he had seizure for quite some time before the nursery actually made the call to inform his mother about it. When the mother arrived, the nursery's babysitter was too scared to hand Baby Akmal to his mother and never even bother to follow the baby and his mother to the hospital.

Kak Ina, Akmal's mom rushed him to the nearby clinic, the doctor failed to revive him since he had a seizure for too long. Then they rushed to the hospital. Kak Ina and her husband cannot even explain to the doctor how it happened as the babysitter never even bother to be present at the hospital. The impact, based on the doctor was similar to the impact of a frontal crash of 2 cars moving at high speed. Besides that, doctor also found some old blolod clot in the head. He suffered very bad internal bleeding and part of his right skull had to be removed.

They couple lodged a police report and they found out that the babysitter that was taking care of Akmal was in a bad mood and was tugging the baby hammock swing like mad. The rope snapped and baby Akmal was thrown out of the swing, hit the wall and then fell to the ground. However they can't do much because it was stated that the incident happened because of the baby sitter negligence and its not the nursery's fault.

Baby Akmal was alreday in coma when they perform numerous of operations on him. One of it includes the amputation of his right foot. Due to infection doc advised them to amputate his right leg to stop the germs from spreading.

Not enough with all these, his head began to enlarge due to water rentention in the affected brain area. because of that Baby Akmal lost his eyes.The prolonged exposure to air whenhe was in coma made his eyes dry and the cornea was thinning from day to day. His black pupil began to protude from his eyes. because of that, doctor advised to stitch up his eyes. However, the stiches on the right eye keep snapping because the pressure of the back of his eyeballs. The last option came, they had to remove his eyes.

Until today, he had 12 operations. He's stil alive and is tube-fed. Kak Ina gotto transport him in a trolley to the bath area for his daily shower and she's still working as a teacher in Kajang.

After I read this article, I felt that I need to do something. I know I cannot help much or make a big difference to baby Akmal or his family's life. My little donation can probably help abit to ease a day or two but then how long can it last? I don't know. What I know is that Baby Akmal's will to survive is great and his mom is not giving up until the end.

Man....I dunno how to end this post. I have been typing and deleting it so many times until I'm so damn blur. Like I said at the beginning, I'm not writer. So please use your imagination and imagine that I end this post well la ok?

You can read the entire article in ParentHood Magazine (April Issue) or you can view it here (Thanks, Shannon for scanning it for me).

Sorry, emo not stable today to copy this. Might end up copy wrong number. So better crop and post as per scanned.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On Cloud 9 Uwaaaaaa..




My son kissed me.. heheheh Right on the LIPS......


cos I always tell him "you kiss mami first" but he will always refused to do it. That day he came and kiss me when I said "Come I help you". He thought that will speed the "helping" up.


So now, I wont say "You kiss me first". I'll say "come I help you". heheh and he'll come smacking me on my lips.

And sometimes.... I will purposely mess this things up and he will come asking me for help.

Guess what I get when I'm "helping" him.


I drafted this yesterday and he stopped doing it yesterday. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!