Thursday, April 10, 2008

The hunt is on!

I have been craving for Acar for few days now. Thanks to Misha's mom la.. she went and told me she is cooking acar on Monday. *sigh* made me drool and think of it for so many days and nights. So last night I went to Paramount to search for it. Both Misha and Tiger recommended the same stall but it only starts to operate at 5pm.

So after dinner last night, Big C drove me all the way to Paramount and it's not open! Dang! Yenjai mentioned before that there's also another stall nearby that sells acar. So I went and have a look. NO! NO ACAR!! Only some man selling satay! (by the way the satay look nice eh? But I was on a mission last night. So sorry satay, next craving ok?)

Big C grumbled and asked me why I need to eat acar so badly. Oi, you dunno what is craving meh? Of course I never say that to him la. I just said that *grumble grumble grumble grumble and grumble* and he stopped complaining and he brought me to pusing and pusing around Paramount and SS2 area and suddenly I thought of this place! Ah Tuan Ee's place in ss2. So we went and finally........ I GOT MY ACAR!!!!!!

I went home, snap a pic and took a bite. *sigh* Enuff said. *disappointed*

So, anyone know where to BUY nice acar in PJ area or not? I want nice one. I want with carrot, cucumber, long beans, cabbage and sesame seeds with peanut wan. Eat edi you will say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and shake your body like the new Coke ad. How? Got ah?


  1. In Penang, most of the vegetarian shop sell acar...not sure about PJ can try...

  2. Should I bungkus one and DHL to you?

  3. PJ area i dunno.... Madam Kwan they have acar but dunno you like it anot.

  4. I don't eat acar so cannot recommend. Sorry! But is the Paramount stall your fren recommend the same stall that sells the famous roast duck?

    And about the name of the fruit at my blog, you must have missed the post after that (
    It is an Australian Custard Apple.

  5. aikk...didn't know that acar can be tapao out there...i think it's not that common, that's why so hard to find lor!!
    wah...u really got lots of craving leh, poor Big C....haha

    is it same like lil J last time, if no...sign of mei-mei???

  6. I know 2 acar stores here in Penang. Opps. Here is how you can make yr own:

  7. haha u and ur cravings :P...mana the bulat bulat one, no more??

    i hate acar dunno why LOL...

  8. my mom said a kopi tiam in section 17, got a stall selling vegetarian food, is selling acar too. she said nice wor.. if u know sect 17, the market there, got a very tasty want tan mee and sui kow, thats the kopi tiam. next to pharmacy caring..

  9. sasha,
    Acar? Hmm...Miri don't have leh. Here, we only have those Acar which is eaten with prawn crackers...

  10. Oscar's Mommy8:36 AM

    hmm... if you crave for acar so badly, yeah, i think madam kwan is the only place you can get it... but i think the quality sudah jatuh. hmmm if i see you again, i make some for you ok? actually, i will ask my mom to make la... taste quite original also... heheheh...

  11. Ahh..finally I got the recipe, so here you are Dear....
    (I haven't try yet :p)

    2 cucumbers
    300g cabbage
    12 long beans
    2 carrots
    ½ pineapple
    1 small sengkuang
    5 red chillies
    5 green chillies

    300g shallots
    100g garlic
    4pcs buah keras
    1pc 1inch kunyit

    4tbsp chilli boh

    300g sugar
    250ml white vinegar
    2tps salt

    300g fried peanuts
    3tbsp fried sesame seeds

    1) Cut (A) into strips, boil and drain dry for use later
    2) Heat up 1 cup oil in work, stir fry (B) and (C) until fragrant, pour in (D) and boil.
    3) Turn off heat and stir in (A), leave to cool and stir in (E). Serve.

    **To enhance crispness, cool the ingredients in cold water bath after boiling.

    **Phew...the longest comment I ever type :p

  12. Last time Sea Park got one corner shop selling tapau one very good but dunno where adi. Hahaha. But can try Madam Kwan loh. They serve it with their Nasi Lemak.

  13. Hahaha... u r funny la.. but ur hubby so loving lei... drive all way to bring u makan ur acar ...
    hmmmm.. i dun like acar la... so cant recommend u ... *-*

  14. wei...there is a really good acar stall at the market in my place. really really good :D

  15. i so blur!! wut's acar ar? heheh *paiseh*

  16. Next time I learn ok? Your next pregnancy I make for you.. no need to buy.