Friday, March 30, 2007

Busy Busy Busy damn busy at work. No time to blog also. While worrying how to do the damn report, gotto worry about my son pulak. His hands and legs got spots like HFMD. Scared the hell of out myself. Even Shannon and Nadia also worried about him. So glad that there's so many ppl who cared about him. ;) But up till now, he SHOULD be alrite. No new spots and no fever. Fingers and toes all crossed!

So, after juggling at my new working place for a week. I can say these are a bunch of nice and noisy ppl. For the first time i cannot concentrate at work because it was too darn noisy! Yesterday was the worst! My boss was teaching me how to read the report and suddenly my eyes started to shut. Dang! I was falling asleep and not because my boss was's because the mind, eyes, hand, legs are speaking different language. Sei mowe? And obviously she can see my eyes was like shutting..but she pretend not to see la....and THANK GOD!!! the fone rang and as soon as she started to yak on the fone, i gave her the signal that i got to go get something and ran to the pantry and make myself a cuppa "kau" coffee. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i went into the room with my coffee and continued with the discussion. Hahaha

Next week will be another busy week cos the director which I'm reporting to will be in Malaysia for 2 weeks. one word. BUSY. *sigh*

*suddenly changed to 8 mood*

Eh you guys know ah? My hubby asked me for a date to Giant warehouse sale in Summit. Mana tau when we got there it was like 930pm and we end up being in front of another warehouse sale. RM 10 for 1kg of clothes warehouse sale! Muahahahah of cos masuk and see what's happening la. And we end up buying RM36 worth of clothes. I think Big C got himself like more than 10 T-Shirts, i got myself like 6 blouse and a pair of shorts and for Jayden and his frens (which i dunno who yet, haha) many many pcs like this...

from left: 4 pair of lil boxers, 2 long pants to sleep, Polo T, Lil Giraffe T, 3 Carters Pajamas and a blouse for Jasmine. Only the white Pajamas is jayden's......and another 2 is for someone. So overall, i guess each piece is like RM1???

Nice hor? Take picture edi dun upload like abit upload only la...hahha

I saw so many preggie mommies digging and selecting all the nice nice pjs. But u need to see properly ler...if not end up with hole-ly hole-ly baju and some of the rompers dun come with buttons. Rejected ma...what u expect. But if u can sew just buy the "plak lau" and sew it on la...takkan lidat also dunno how?

Okay signing off for this week, tomorrow very the busy. Going to Cameron Highlands to pluck Strawberry and tea leaves. And tags...i know i have many tags. But i dont think I'll do it this time cos if i do tags....first, i dun have enuff time to do tags. 2nd, BlaBlaBla is my priority...if I Tag means no time to Bla. And third, I kena double and triple tag on the same dunno go which part of the world and dunno who which island with who edi la. How to do?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

No! I dun want to look like Uncle Cocka!

Haha This is a funny one. I was busy wrapping pressie the other night when Jayden came and disturb me. Grabbing my celotape and marker from me. So what i did was...Drew a misai on the celotape and taped it right above Jayden's lips. And I tot of snapping picture of him for fun....when suddenly he ...

Obviously he dun wanna grow up to look like COCKA!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Picture Time!

No time to load in office. In fact not nice have to wait until the sky become black, when Jayden is sleeping edi then only cando all these. Wuah..make until like posting porno pictures. Nolah..picture of the gathering la! So talk less....picture time!

Double R: Raelynn and Rachel with mums! Jayden and Isaac. No they're not fighting....cos the mummies tried to make them hug..which they refused la...

Vyktore and Jayden. See the size? Vyktore is much much younger than Jayden....

From Jazz's camera: My Jayden busy roaming ard...making me tulang belakang senget... Jazz's camera: Our Family Picture. Dunno who ia Jayden looking at. Rachel or Raelynn..which one to choose as gf leh?My and my precious....doing his funny face. *sigh* Gotto thank Jazz who was busy snapping picture of everyone and loading it for us!

And the birthday gifts from Annie Q, Amah, Angie and Shannon. Thanks guys!

My 3rd Day at Work!

Previously, every month I will get 2 cartons of drinks to bring home. And every month my Big Chan looks forward for it. He will ask "this month what drink?" And even if the drink is not the nice ones....he will make a funny face and next thing you can see him holding a can, sipping it. And i would stare at him and he will reply "What? Only 1 can per day mah!" So see why i need to leave the company fast? If not my hubby will be diabetic soon and his weight will increase more.
No Way! i need to keep him alive for long long time you know. Like what I have told Lilian, I don't wanna kick the bucket before him. I wanna die before him otherwise I'll be lonely. Cos you know la woman kan...very loyal wan. Hubby die edi still wanna stay alone alone..dun wanna marry. Not like men, die today tomorrow hunting season liao.
So first day i brought back 10 bottles of drinks home. And he was like "WAH! So many bottles!" And i said "Yeah, i need you to taste every bottle and give me comments". He said "Seriously?" I said "Yeah". He started to make the funny face like he cannot berak for days. And gulp gulp he drank one by one and gave comments. Good Boy.
2nd day, i brought back 1 big plastic bag (as big as the rubbish bag) full with snacks. As soon as he saw the packet of snacks, he made the funny berak face again. He said "HAVE TO TRY ALL AGAIN AH????" I said "Yeah" . His face turned colour. Hahahaha And i said "NOLAH. This is for us to makan slowly...but this have to try all (showing him an envelope full with candy and choc).." He said " WHAT?? ALL THESE???" HAHAHA it was a funny sight! And of cos, no need to try la. All those snacks and candies are from my colik welcoming me on board.
So how was it working here after 3 days? Things are beginning to pick up pace. I'm blogging via email so that ppl here dunno my blog. Msn is legal here but everyone puts "busy" sign. You dun wan yr boss to see you put ONLINE OR AVAILABLE also la. I know what I'm supposed to do for the next few months and it will be havoc and tiring but its whatI'm looking forward to. So wish me luck....

Wei? Sasa (part 2)

Okay, some said my words were very harsh. But which part? MUahahaa That is considered mild edi compared to the ones he used to use when he was showing off, how he achieved his target (underwater and all) and how his boss loves him more than us girls.
Please...let me remind you that he talks like DONALD DUCK and no where near to the cuteness of Donald. At least Donald has a GF , Daisy. He.???? He has 5 GFS ah!! His 5 fingers lah! Muahahhaha I'm EVIL , I know.
So, this morning call me again. Conviniently i just rejected the call. Call again and i rejected it again.
Then he smsed me: Izit this person the person in charge of Cok?
I replied: Yeah. She went maternity.
He smsed: Then can give me other name? This is urgent!
I replied: Thats the only one. Call the company and ask (i was thinking urgent ah??? SO??)
He replied: But they pass me around wor.
I replied: Normal la.
Merry go round! Round and Round! I love it!
This remind him, dun step on my tail.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wei? Sasa?

Received a call after work today from an ex colik. An ex colik who used to bully me in my previous company which is dealing with electrical items. This fler, together with another guy and my boss are known to be the "evil" + humsup guys in my dept. The last time i spoke to him in my previous company, he scolded me cos i touched his blardy faggot samsung kecik fone( the small small one like Nokia 6111).Nmh..shouted at me asking me not to touch his lc fone. Nevermind...nevermind. Samo u know what, during my farewell with another colik of mine, they (the 3 idiots) complaint saying that the meal what to expensive. Nmh..the both of us squeezed rm160 and paid for our own farewell. Talk about him also angry edi.....samo today wanna call me after so damn long...

Ah beng: Wei? Sasa?
Me: Oi. i call u bek. No battery.
Me: Helo. What can i do for u.
Ah Beng: U stil working in cock ah?
Me: No.
Ah Beng: Why? Why u no work in Cock anymore?
Me: I got another offer.
Ah Beng: Og. I working in Sansung now. I want to do joint plomo mah.
Me: So?
Ah Beng: I tot u working in Cock maybe we can do joint plomo mah.
Me: Nope. I left edi.
Ah Beng: Cock no good meh? Why u dun wanna work in Cock anymore. Where u working now?
Me: XXX. Selling XXX.
Ah Beng: HUH? WHAT? Why i dunno this company wan?
Me : (nmflt. U only know cock la.)...Dunnno dunno lor..
Ah Beng: You think Cock wanna joint plomo with me?
Me: I dunno. You call and ask la.
Ah Beng: You got number ah?
Me : ( pandai find yourself la. If not go buy one cock and see yrself la) Wait.......nah general number,,call and ask for cock brand.
Ah Beng: You cannot give the person in charge name ah?
Me: She went to give birth edi. You call and ask for Cock la.
Ah Beng: You do what in new company?
Me: Marketing.
Ah Beng: Oh, you do what Brand. What type of product?
Me: New product. Cannot tell.
Ah Beng: Oh, you do what Brand. What type of product?
Me: *sigh*...Secret.
Ah Beng: Okay lor. Maybe we can do joint plomo next time
Me: See how la.
Ah Beng: Ok bye. *click*
Me: nmflt. where is my thank kiu......grrrrr Pigi Mati lah!

forgot to tell u guys...this guy talk like he is holding his nose donald duck. He is short and skinny and wear specs.

Monday, March 26, 2007

First Day At Work.

Didn't sleep the whole night. @#$% Dunno why just couldn't. And the night before i dreamt that I'm going back to SPM. Shiat! So this morning i waited for my alarm to ring and jumped off the bed once it started ticking. My my hair just wouldn't cooperate with me. Going left and right. nmflt. Shouldn't waste my RM268 to perm it again and make my life miserable. Wore new top and bottom (which reminds me that I'm already koyak-ked because i spent 3 days in KLCC for the past week, shopping). Sent Jayden to the nanny and rushed to work. Dunno how to the traffic gonna be like.

Oh..i'm so early. Noone got the key so waited inside the car and replied some sms. And then one of the girl asked me "So, you're the NEW girl. Come in." Okay, very friendly...but new GIRL? Hmmm long time never been called GIRL liao. Like so ....kiddo. Hahahhahah Anyway, Now i'm seated in my boss's room and blogging from here cos all the bossie's is in Johor.

But its not gonna be a "shaking leg day" cos i have stacks of report to read (read until cock-eye liao) and lots of new products to try (gonna try until tounge also numb) later and to prepare report.

My new place will be of course , right in front of my boss's glass room. And behind me of course are another few more colik's place. So blogging and msn? Naah.....not that i dun want to . I CAN'T. Can you feel the tears coming down? hahahahahha

I'm really not excited about my new job. I don't know why. Felt like making a baby and hoping that that's a good reason to stay home and don't need to work! Hahaha

*sigh* Got new job complaint. No new job, complaint. *sigh*

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Going back to work is like...

I had a nightmare last night. Dammit! Damn scary one. Cos in the dream I'm going BACK FOR SPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aiyoh..sweat like mad man!!! Maybe its because I'm going back to work a new company. All new environment, new colleagues, new bossies, new big politics, new *sigh* ..and i gotto get used to using new toilet samo. Dang!

So I supposed I won't have enuff time (or not allowed to blog) at work. And when i get home, i guess if i can blog, i won't have time to blog hop. Even for the last week, i didn't get to blog hop alot. So people, if u dun see my coming to yr blog to blablabla, please forgive me. :O) I still lafu u guys!

So, see u guys around.

(I will still update
my son's blog now and then cos i gotto update those ppl who's not in Malaysia about his notty things.)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

When men cheats.

Oprah’s show today spoke about why men cheat ( I got this on Astro max, which I’m so gonna watch it over n over again!), where she invited several men to confess and tell why they initially cheated. Surprisingly, some cheated when they’re still not married, during wedding ceremony and of cos after wedding. There’s one guy that went for his wedding, thinking about his mistress.(then shouldn’t get married right?)

Gosh! That guy is crying now, saying how he regretted cheating on his wife after 18 years of marriage. He said that he met the woman who is also married at his son’s scout’s den, always drive to somewhere to have sex, to alleys, next to police stations, in the park, behind supermarkets and blablabla and you know what? His wife is backstage listening to all these. Imagine the wives at the backstage listening to all the men confessing how they cheated, why they cheated and how sorry they were. Who suffers more?

One guy confessed saying that he still love the wife (don’t they always say the same thing?). Why did he looked for other woman? He said it was a mutual thingy where the eyes spoke like “I KNOW you want me”. Niabeh….If that’s the case, I’m supposed to have affairs so many times edi la..

And another guy said that he looked for other woman cos he was not “adored” at home. He said the feeling of being adored is very important. So Oprah asked him back, “well did you do the same to your wife? Adored her?” and he replied, “No. I didn’t do that". Shiat. Then you expect her to adore you, when you come back home, throw your blardy bag, take off shoes, fling to the left and right, sit down and asked what’s for dinner. When the wife gotto run here and there, trying to juggle between the house chores, kids, dinner, laundry? Men….so so so selfish!

Another said that it was so nice. Cos’ he wasn’t expected to help to wash the dishes, help with the kids and all. As soon as he went to the mistress’s house, he will just sit down, and waited to be greeted in sexy lingerie with dinner all ready and hot sex for dessert.

Oh another guy is crying…..Oprah said to the guy who was crying… “all these tears doesn’t mean a DAMN thing. ANYTHING at all. The most important thing is to be clean and to tell the truth” on national TV.

Another man confessed that his sexual desire is higher than the wife. So the only way out is to find someone to fulfill his needs. Oprah really made them feel so shameful. Haha “So after you sleep with the woman, do you go home and bath and have sex again with your wife?” The faces all became like ham choy (Sayur Masin).

I always thought that how come the man always blame the wives for then to have affairs? They expect the wife to adore them, treat them like a king, and treat them like they’re newly in love and all. But are they doing something to get that in return. So if the wife didn’t get treated the same way , does that mean that the wife can go out to have affair???

If its about sex, then they gotto work it out. Buy Viagra ka, buy Gambir ka or Kacip Fatimah ka…Anything la. Or just talk it out. There must be a reason why there’s no “bed communications”. No matter how, (not suggesting that everyone should go home and have sex tonight k? tomorrow also can…) “married” couples should be intimate once in a while to keep the relationship healthy. Cos woman normally after giving birth and all, don’t feel like having sex anymore. For many reasons, be it scared to get pregnant, tired, or simply think that the husband is not worth it or many other reasons. You need to work it out for your kids sake ka…for your own sake ka….Need communications if you want it to work out! I believe that being in a relationship needs communication and open-ness. Need to spill it out whether its good or not at least they need to tell the truth.

You know lately the police has trained some dogs to sniff out the pirated CDs? Maybe I should train my BoBo n ChaCha to sniff out men who just cheated on the wife. And straight away punish them by biting their DingDong. You think I can make money? *Kaching! Kaching!*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Last Dei! (That Day la)

Many of u guys been asking. When is last day? When start work? Okay Last day was 16th March 2007. Start working 26th March 2007. 10 days before i start. So now i blogged at home. My last day supposed to be on the 1st April. Exactly 2 years, I joint this company 1st April 2005. Cool eh? Didn’t know about it , only got to know about it after my hr told me about it.

So last day, trying to clear off everything and get everything being signed off in the checklist of leaving this cpmpany .You see in my company, every person that need to leave the company need to fill up an exit form, where you need to answer questions like, why do you want to leave? Better Pay? Promotion? Blablabla Tick Tick la konon. And this is THE time where you can taruk anyone or anything you’re unhappy about this company. So I cincai cincai tick here and there la. What for wanna make life difficult kena questioned right?

Then this boss of mine (ex boss now) very sked of everything. She sked I taruk her kau kau in the exit interview. So she asked me to show her the form before I show it to HR. Exit interview with her la kononnya….Then she check each and every question. And if there’s an option of :
ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, SELDOM and I chosed SOMETIMES, she questioned me. Why you write sometimes ah? I don’t quite agree with you, you know. Blablablabla…And to make her happy…”oh I tick the wrong box again ah. Later I change….?” I said. If I cannot have any say, then why put so many boxes there? They shud put like only one box right?????

And of course came the most very important question. Do you find it difficult to get things done when it involves other colleagues? Or something like dat la . I said MOST OF THE TIME. And she opened her eyes widely and asked …”errr hard to get help ey? For example ? And I smiled and answered “E.O”. Okay that I know and its very obvious. Especially these few days.” You see that woman was so scared to take over from me; she purposely took mc for soooo many days. Even the new boss (cos my current boss got promoted to be big big boss ma) also complaint about her , even before starting to work with her. Guess my beat small ppl works ey? Although I never even really beat and step on her picture. But I guess what comes around goes around. Anyway, I helped until the last day of my work. I did what I can . So sayonara, enjoy la. I no eye see la!

Then my boss said so many things to me like “Actually I’m sad to be loosing you. Cos I know that you’re talented. I didn’t know that you have such a wide knowledge about so many things and you‘re a person that likes to learn more things. And not like what I used to think about you, a person that will follow instructions and don’t have own opinion of your own. You know what? After I get to know you better, you’ve given me the impression that you will be a see tau por (lady boss) one day. You have the entrepreneur mindset. It’s good. I hope to see you at the top and I’d like to work with you some day”.

Okay, now you know. Now I know. But abit too late eh? Actually hor…why she thinks that I dun have my own mindset leh? You see, to follow instruction is stupid. Don’t follow is rebellious. Better go find a dog la. Malas wanna layan.

So am I excited to join the new company? No ler….cos I haven’t join the company , the director asked me to do homework edi. These ppl also eat full nothing to do. NutCase. So I guess the bitching about workplace will still continue…So dun worry…Sasha will continue to write about her sux working life if she has the time to do so. Anyway I’m gonna miss this view…cos I’ve stared at it for the passed 2 years. Keke Abit miss this view tim……….

And I managed to camwhore with my peeps in the office. No point showing all the posing posing nice nice ones. Let me show you how to pose 2007 stylo!!! (Woi I'm Not Lesbo Okay!!!! This is only for photoshooting purpose!!! No touch wan)

This woman, when I stand next to her, I abit shy . Cos my Ahem compared to hers …like watermelon compared with lemon. So, to balance abit…… And this woman…I really felt like squeezing her Ahem. Of cos I wont, that’ll make her happy only! Cos she was the one that owes owes wanna see what u’re doing in yr pc, wanna read yr mail, wanna know what u’re saying. One word. Bitch! And this picture…she looks familiar isn’t it? See I told u I can draw exactly like real. Althought the drawing sucks….but it looks exactly like her! This woman I also blogged about her before. I dun wanna say which post but its not nice post la. Hahahahha But she’s overall cool!

Okay enuff about the past. Good horse dun graze on the same field twice(Howe mah mm wui sek wui tau chowe) So wait for my new story k?

Bitching Time!

Yeah! I long time never bitch edi. Yesterday i went to bulan lima bank. In fact I went last 9th March. Said that my Add in my IC is not near their branch. Asked me to go home and bring a credit card statement. Why credit card statement leh? I told them i dun have credit card statement, only sub card. "So bring yr husband's credit card statement". U think I'm blonde? My hair is black okay?

So if I bring our credit card statement , straight away u guys will ask us to buy this bond, apply credit card for Big C's piao mei (joking la), Credit card for MIL, BIL,SIL,FIL. NO WAY!!! Cos it happened before in another bank, once we banked in alot of money, the next thing you will receive a phone call asking you to buy this and that. Not so professional also that privacy. Baik simpan bawak katil like dat man....

Anyway, so i pandai. I bawak my BE form siap with my new address. So i purposely went at 3.30pm. First cos its less traffic and 2nd because they cannot delay my application , ding dong here and there. They also wanna go home right? Muahahahah So the guy punya face like i killed his whole hokkien mee face you know?

Tik Tak Tik Tak, he keyed in one by one the details in my form. I was like, cilaka type so damn slow. Shud just let me type from the beginning then no need to waste the piece of form. Environment friendly ma.

Then he said " You MUST fill in yr employer details". And i said, " i resigned edi. I havent found a job". "NO YOU MUST!". I was thinking, what if I'm a SAHM, no income? How? So i said," put old employer wan can?" He said "Anything also can." Ah? anything? Then i saw a Mamee on his table and wanted to just copy the entire add on the packaging. Then i thought, "Choi..tai ka lai see. i dun wanna work in Mamee" So i called my ex colik and asked her for the ex company add". And then after I filled it up, he continued to type. Tik Tak Tik Tak and then he smirked. Dunno what the hell that guy was thinking. Maybe he was thinking "so big company also wanna resign." Okay apa apa saja la...

Then suddenly he asked me "how many kids do you have?"
I replied "1. why?"
He asked again totally ignored my -Why? , "How old?"
I replied, "Going to turn 1, why? "
He replied.."HUH??????" .
I replied again ""
And he said "Huuuuuuhhhhh????"
Niabeh. Which part he dun understand i really don't know.
"So i replied again..He Is going to be one, this 21st March 2007. One Year Old. WHY??????". "
And he replied, "nothing".

Cilakak asked so many questions make me replied so many times....and NOTHING????? Must be gila or eat full nuthing to do. Or maybe its the "Smile and Be frenly policy" But how to be frenly when ask question and end with nothing...and how to smile when the face is like hokkkien mee face? Yiu Tell Me?

So nevermind....he then gave me my account card and they asked me to go and change my pin number. You know what i HATE the most? ppl standing there looking at you making transaction, be it change pin ka or take money. I no Suka. The worst, a guy standing there waiting to solicit you, asking you to sign up for credit card. Argghhhhhh!!!! "Miss Miss credit card for you? Free For LIFE!" with the face hoping that I'll say "YES PLEASE!!".And i replied "No Thanks" And gave him a big GRIN. Poor guy.

So everything done in 30mins. YAY! So the lesson for today, go at the end of the day, everything seems to move faster when they're about to close. And when they ask question simply just give other answer...cos the answer at the end is ..NOTHING. Blek!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hap to U!

Yeap, I'm so busy nowadays even after kena taruk-ed by this fella, i have no time to go and "beat small ppl". Why? Cos my lil boss bday mah!!!!!! Of cos busy la! Although not gonna have the party at home,No need to cook, no need to clean house (use agency maid ma), no need to do decoration, still very busy entertaining the lil bossie.

Anyway, I just wanna thank Min for making a cake for my lil Jayden boy. Its just so nice!!!!! Look!
She's just so super fantastic! Besides making for Jayden, she's got several other orders at the same time too! You can check it out at her site.

Notice something different with my boy?

Read more about J's bday here.

Thanks to
Immomsdaughter for giving me Jayden a surprise bday gift all the way from Kuching! I Jayden felt so loved! Thank u!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's in my Bag????

Why ah???? WHY??? Why owes kena tagged? This time by this LEBBIT samo. You watch out. Make me angry i "beat small people" you or i make you into Rabbit Satay then you know! Muahahahahhahhaa

Anyway, i received a few orders for "beat small people" service edi! YAY! can make money. Eh, if wanna beat people like Lin Peh, extra charges, okay. Cos need special power to "beat" him up. Need to buy omega chicken egg for special power! Hahaha So pls contact me if you wanna "beat small people" Tel No: 173173173!

I tell you guys a secret. I left right centre up down kena tagged and tagged like mental. All the tags also i have done edi. Which tag i never do before yiutellme?????So if its not a new tag, please please dun tag me samo okay?

And then ah....I look see look see like not many read my blogs like dat. Cos i see not much comments. But then when i late abit blog, i was asked "why today no post geh? wait until the neck long!" Aiyoh, U all only read dun comment, i thought no more supporter. I mai dun wanna post anymore lor. Un mowe?

Anyway, who created wan this tag wan? Sure its a woman, cos only woman got alot of things in the bag except for him la. Cos he abit mental, bring birth cert and walk around. Dunno for what. My bag very simple nia. Only carry one thing. See for yourself.

Okay? Syok? Hahahhaha

Note: No kids or adult were injured during the performance of this stunt.

Now my turn to tag some people!


LemonJude-(owes come to my blog but dun comment ya?)
LovelyMummy -Becoz u lap-ly!
Sweetpea -Becoz u So Sweet!
Etc Mummy - Becoz u leng lui! Ahaks!
Kenny Ng-Becoz u hensem. Ahaks!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lin Peh, Cocka And Aceone Picture!

Some of the bloggers face is still a "virgin" to the blogsphere. For example Lin Peh, Cocka and Aceone. These 3 bloggers die die dun wanna show face. But being Sasha of course I don't listen to instruction la. Since I have their picture of cos i wanna show you guys!
Are you ready?????

Lin Peh, Cocka and Ace sure dun wanna talk to me after this edi.

All swearing edi...

JENG! JENG! JENG!!!!!!!!

Introducing Lin Peh!

And Cocka with his femes look (just that this one dun have misai and replaced by chutchut)
Those that met them before sure know that the pictures above really look like them. Hahahahah
Of course i won't "chut mai"(betray) them la.
Promise is a promise ma. *wink*

My Car, Sarong Terlondeh and the Ayam Jantan!

Was driving home one day. As usual i will take small roads in Kg Kayu Ara to go home. Drive drive and singing samo in the car. As usual in Kampung.....they will walk, run, ride bicycle like if its their grandfather's kampung. And of coz being in a kampung, of cos got chicken, then chicken bring small chickens to cross the road.

So as i thought it'll be just another day....i saw a man-riding his old grandpa bicycle with his sarung and pagoda t-shirt. He was tunggang-ing his bicycle left, right, centre and one the left hand siode of the road. nmflt. Like his father owned he road.

And as I was approaching him, suddenly this ayam Jantan came running out from the right side of the road! Gila! as thought someone was chasing after him with a knife want to chop him up liddat! He Ran and Ran Like GILA


i fast fast look on my left. Cilakak! the man still riding left and right with his sarong. I fast fast look on my right. The ayam jantan still barging out towards my car.

I Said Die. Sure Die.

If hit the man , sure he will fall down, sarong terlondeh, got blood, have to pay money and then the whole kampung will come out and whack me. I die. I die. Worst, if he mati, i mampus.

If i hit the chicken, The chicken mampus, the whole kampung come out, I die , I die also.

So many things to think about in only like a few seconds.

So i have no choice but to choose only i option.
And I...

hit the brakes. And my tyre went screeeeeeeeeehhhhhh

Phew! Luckily there's no car at the back.

The guy with the sarong still ride left , right centre on his grandpa bicycle.

The chicken made a U-Turn and went back to the right side of the road.
Scare the hell out of me. Until my lubang hidung also went inverted edi.
Pengajaran kali ini: Don't drive in Kampung area!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Angeli Angeli!

Yes, I'm very angry. Why? Cos my Soon-to-be-ex-colik is bitching around. Refusing to take over my shit Stuff . Keep on tai-chi-ing back to me. Niameh! That day my bossie baru asked her to take over and she and her ever-so-loyal face saying "Ah Huh, Ah HUH" AH HUH yr Head la! nmflt. Then come out of the room cursing..."Stupif boss. Always think she's so pandai..blablabla" So not owes yr staff ah huh ah huh in front of u means she's listening k. She's cursing u in the heart!!!
SEI PAT POH!!!!NMFLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot curse. Cos i'm a mother.

I cannot Angry for long cos its will make my face all wrinkled.

I cannot shout because ppl will think that i'm crazy.

I cannot Throw things then things will be spoilt and then security will come and tangkap me.


So, i wanna "tah siu yan". I wanna Draw One. And Piak Piak Piak the siu yan.

Anyone got any better ideas?

And why is my drawing so fugly? Cos she look like my drawing la. Doinkz!

More Pressie for Jayden!

Mott gave Jayden his bday pressie during the gather-gathering. And Ah nel asked, "Why not fair! Why jayden only get bday present?". I replied. " Because he's bday ma." Then he said " My bday also coming" Then i said "it's different cos he got ang gu gu..yrs is kkc". He replied.... "NO! His is kkc, mine is LC!" Okay Fine. Ah Nel and because yr ahem is bigger, so sorry. No pressie for you lor. Hahahahhaha

So I gave the pressie to Jayden and This is how he said Thank You.
And his Dadi got him this at the Litt Tak warehouse sale in Cheras over the weekend.

Something for him to hold and Jalan. Jalan so fast ..can cornering samo. Keng ah!!! One more week for him to practise before his big day!

So we have decided on having his Bday in Pangkor Seafood restaurant opposite Fatty Crab. Haven't ordered yet, but it's better than King Crab in terms of the space and crowd. I went to Kind Crab to check out the menu...No Menu. Ar????? Operated like near to 1 yr no MENU? Wanna cheat ppl money izit? Simply charge ppl izit? Can operate without menu wan meh? Anyway, i cannot not deny that their crab is deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicious!

Met up with Wenn + Jon, Angel, Winn, Nyonya,Kenny,LadyBoss's Mum, Ace, Laundryamah last night together-gether with my lil guy. One words. Headache and Fun. Headache cos my lil guy was so cranky and fun cos get to chitchat and 8 with the gang. Kenny and Ace was trained to camwhore edi! Maybe u can see pics being uploaded somewhere. As for Wenn...she's Hawt Hawt Hawt..dun believe? I show you later. She ah, spoiling my son for me. She gave him another bday present!

And wanna see how hawt is this woman? I show u!

And samo you say i sexi....cis!

And special note: Thank You ace for your muffin. Ace and Kenny helped me to take care of Jayden while i eat. Cool eh? (good recommendation for potential husband, please enquire within)

Monday, March 12, 2007

My Preparation b4 gather gather.

Yeap. I went to set my hair together-gether with Laundryamah, despite me being unwell *cough**cough*. And we did our manicure and pedicure. Sick ma...of course have to make myself happy la right?
First u curl the whole head up like a cabbage. And put under the oven for 45 minutes. See wait until the manicure also become all hardedn and pink liao.

After taking the hair out from the oven, Pull it back straight again. (??????????? why did i spend 45 min in the oven when gotto pull it straight again?)

Then u go to party, and meet cocka. And then after meet cocka meet Wingz and Ace.

And then received a comment from him...asking where is the prize that i bertungkus-lumus run here and there and won....So I played game and won this...Together with a F&N bag. YAY!

Enough camwhoring for i think one year. See myself also sian edi. *vomit*

A-Z About Me!

Kena again from this celebrity!

A-Z Tag!

A is for age
2007 - 1980 = ??

B is for booze of choice
Anything except Chang beer. Made me wanna puke for 5 hours . cannot puke. After dat gotto go for jab.

C is for career
Talk Cock. Liar. Well, that's what they call bloggers now right?

D is for your most dreaded
Ppl who call ppl liar when they themself IS a LIAR.
And humsup man. Niasing. Went to see doctor the other day. A myanmar guy stare at me until the nurse also beh tahan wanna scold him. See what see. Go home TFKei la u.

E is for essential item you use everyday
Internet......for obvious reason.

F is for favorite song at the moment
Hinder Lips of an angel...I also dunno what i like about this song. Its about a man cheating on the gf with another woman. *sigh*

G is for favorite games
Errrrr Games in Bedroom? *whipping sound*
Nolah! I dun play games okay.
Okay maybe play Ah Chak! with my son.

H is for Hometown.
Everyday in Hometown la. KL ma.

I is for indulgence
Errrrrr same like 5xmom's 2nd indulgence?

J is for favorite flavor of juice
Juice juice....I like lime with Asam.

K is for kids
Jayden. Satu sahaja. Saya 1xmom.

L is for last hug from husband.
11ty 2 minutes ago.

M is for years of marriage
2007 - 2004 for registration.
2007 - 2005 for ceremony.

N is for name of your crush
I dun have, cannot remember....

O is for overnight hospital stays
4 days for bronchitis.
7 days for fever viral.
3 days for giving birth.
I hope no more.

P is for phobias
Snakes. Worms. Wiggly things. Except for one wiggly thing. *wink*

Q is for quote
Life's short. Enjoy.

R is for biggest regret
Start blogging. because now i cannot stop.

S is for status.
Today is it? Today is....err married kua.

T is for time you wake up
This morning at 7.10. Cilakak myself because i ter-set my alarm clock to 6.45pm when its supposed to be 6.45am!!!!

U is for underwear.
Now? Black colour. Why? Wanna give me other colour to complete my range of colours izit?

V is for vegetable you love
I love brocolli. Cauliflower. Spinach. Carrot (not amah's maid one okay...very chow bee wan!)

W is for worst habit
Talk too much.

X is for x-rays you’ve had
Chest. Because of brochitis.

Y is for yummy food you make
Errr pick up the fone and dial 1 300 13 13.

Z is for zodiac sign
Scorpio. Dun step on my tail. i "kiam" u!

I heard that those PPP people if do tag can increase the traffic wor. So i'm doing u guys a favour okay.
Annie (wah syiok ah writting PPP, got money edi u know what to do la?)
Montessori Mum. (dun owes write PPL only)

Jess (Who ask u to say i look "hiau")
Allyfeel (increase traffic?)
Mom2Ashley (Increase traffic although u already have it...more okay?)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Report: Together-Gether pictures.

Tuan Tuan dan Puan Puan sekalian,
Attached is my report on the gathering. Some ppl say i talk too much and some say they dun read what i write, only look see pictures so here goes.
Here's how the place look like.

So many ppl asked me what I'll be wearing. Pls look yrself.

And the person I'm supposed to hold hand on my left hand....and she wanted to hide hide her face samo. And she came late.....amah and i gotto serve her maam maam..

Nick: Mott
Status: Virgin (in blogsphere)+ Hot in Black

And then i take picture with Leng Chai KENNY NG!! In the blog he put the picture like chubby lore....actually he's a hottie! Who got good recommendation for him...not bad wan lor..

Nick: Kenny_Ng
Status: Single + Hot Hot Hot.

And wen's lil sister , Janicepa. So cute la this woman...Wen, sorry she's cuter than u okay.
Nick: Janicepa
Status: Not virgin (cos picture shown and pregnant at the same time) + Hot
Status : Green + Hot!

With amah, the person i held hand on my right hand . We went to set hair and did our mani and pedi together-gether. Stuck in the traffic together-gether. Thank u amah for driving me!!!!

And the tai kor, AceOne. Hensem or not?
Status: Virgin (only in blogsphere. Real life kena devirginesed by piao mei long time ago)

And my yellow digi man!!!!!!! wingz!!!!!!!!!
Status: Blue + Hot + No longer a virgin (never get ang pow after open cham!)

Nick : 5xmom
Status: Pink-ier than laptop + Sizzling Hot!@

And 5xmom the celebrity, pink-ier than her laptop. That's why her laptop jeles with her and merajuk with her until she cannot blog live that night. She's a very happy go lucky kind of person. She was even smiling when she told us her son sudah rosakkan her camera. I guess that's the secret for being fren fren with yr kids eh?

My Ah Pek, come all the way from PD to gather-gather with us. So pei meen! I was just checking whether his heart got "BOOOOP BOOOP " tiew or not...cos just now he baru met with 5xmom ma..! And then hor..must be fren fren cos PD so near ...then when i visit PD with my family can get free stay and makan wor. You dun want meh?

And Ah Nel....Hensem or not?
Status: Virgin (in blogpshere and real life. Who wants to open flower? Give ang pow please..)
Some pictures stolen from Tai Kor's blog:

Where i sit.

The signatures of all that attended this event. Can you spot my signature?

I joint the fun, and won something. Opps the pose was abit off. But who cares?

Got caught red handed by Committe for taking more than 1 goodie bag. was for Desperate Mummy who paid but couldn't make it...and mine was taken away when i went for makan Ace (very nice fella)he brought me my extra bag.
And the very long awaited group picture. Can you see me?

It was a cool gathering. Nice to meet everyone esp those annonamous bloggers like cocka (Picture in amah's camera, later show!!!!), Ah Nel, Ace,Lin Peh, Wingz . We're the last table to move our ass from that room. James, Mae,Mott,Amah, Me, Lilian,Wingz,Simon,LinPeh, and samo who ah? sleepy edi..blur blur dei tim......yakked and yakked until the cow come home edi we're still there man! Too bad desperate Mummy couldn't make it. The gathering was so packed, until BB, Sg Wang And Lau Yatt no more parking for her. :(

And of coz wanna say THANKS to the committeeee members for doing such a great JOB! Because of you guys, we're united in a small gathering. Hope that next year gathering will be a major major one!!!! (can feel WINGZ gonna pau huit kun soon)

I reached home at 12.30 am or something like dat. Then i went to bed. And before i sleep, i kissed and kissed my Jayden. He called me twice at the gathering, ee oo, yah yah yah ...dunnno what he was trying to say. Hmmm i guess he missed me...and esp the person behind him telling him to say .."Tell mami u miss her la.."

Friday, March 09, 2007

Feeling Guilty....

I drove passed nanny's place just and saw Jayden playing in front of the sliding door with the nanny.And i felt so bad. So So bad.
Tonight I'll be going to the gathering leaving my 2 guys at home for the first time ever since he's born.
Hmmmm now I'm at home, trying to write a proposal for the new company's director. Chasing me for a report even before i start to work for them. Cilakak. And i cannot think of a single word. I can only think that my baby is over there, probably eating porridge now...or sleeping.
Awwwww..beh tahan. I wanna go see him later before i head of to the gathering tonight.
But I'm sure I'll thinking about these 2 guys when i'm there .
Babe if you're reading, i have something for u in the fridge okay. I see u tonight at 1130 or something like dat. And thanks again for taking care of Jayden boy while i go party. Muaks!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Commonly Mistaken......ME

People always have the wrong impression about me. I don't blame them. Cos i have a cheeky face and outgoing character. So, come let Sasha tell you something about her.

The Nerdy Sasha

No. I was never a nerd and never will be a nerd. Cos, No. 1. I don't read. The only thing I read is baby magazines, magazines and blogs. No. 2. I was never the study type and yet I can score my exams if i want to. I was never the top student because I'm not good at memorising things. Also no enforcement from my parents cos we will do our homework ourselves. If don't know, figure out yourself! My parents will know that it's exam time when they see us holding books and watching TV at the same time. Other than exam time, you don't see us holding a book in the house. And yet all the girls can really score. My dad will never sign my report book the first time when i asked him to. I don't know why. But he will fling my book out of the house. Konon lah....wanna show power! So i have to cry and cry for days only he will sign for me. And stupid me, i never sign my own report book but i helped others to sign their report book. Stupid? I asked my dad once .."Pa, why you dun wanna sign my book?". "Because it's not straight As". So the next round I came back with straight As and he did the same thing again. And this round he said that "it's not 100%". After that I just gave up and did like normal, no mood to study and score..cos no matter how hard you work and tried. It's not perfect. So i only concentrate on the major ones. UPSR, 4As out of 4 subjects. PMR 6As + 1B (jazz better 7As), SPM: gred 1 Agg 14. Not a very amusing record, but it's good enough for myself.

The Lanci Sasha.

If you see me walking in shopping malls and on the road side. First impression. Wah! Damn Lan Ci. You also feel like wanna bash me up. This face, i got it from my mom. And I'm tough because my mom is tough. (and because of the japonese boss training). My mom works with dad in our workshop. My mom can fix cars and machines. And i grew up in the workshop and spend my days there during the weekdays and Saturdays. Why? Because I used to have a drug addict uncle who lives under the same roof. You can read about it if you wanna know more here. So, I played with tools when other girls play with Barbie dolls and watch TV at home. I started to fix alternators and starters of customer's car when i was like ermm 9/10? I don't know. What i know is that I'm always dirty and greasy and my hands are full with cuts from the hard gel when i removed the wire from the alternator coil. And that's why my hands are so rough now.... Don't know what is a coil? Never mind, hard to explain.
The cheeky Sasha
Ah.....this look. This IS the look that make people confused most of the time. This look is always being interpreted as the Naughty~many boyfren (aka Playgirl)~ Drinker ~ Smoker ~ Clubber ~Lagi Apa La Face. I tell seriously also no one believe that I'm not. I don't disagree with you that I DO look naughty and I AM naughty because i like to joke a lot and i have my very own sense of humour. So, like what I've said before, never judge a book by its cover. NEVER.

I grew up in a very conservative family. If there's a kissing scene in the TV and my dad is around, he will scold and say he need eye-mo. he don't do it. My mom controls everyone in the family. My dad and the 4 of us. For us she uses.....tadaaaa money. You don't obey me. No money. So, everyone was scared and obeyed her like she's the empress.

For me, being the youngest doesn't mean I can shake my legs and do nothing. In fact I have to do the mopping, cleaning and cooking for the entire household of 8 ppl. Cook and cook and sometimes they don't come back for dinner! And i get paid RM50 by my grandma. I was trained to work from very young age. I sold batu seremban in sch when i was 7 yrs old. I took my mom's extra pieces of cloth and rice. Make them into batu seremban and sell it for RM1.50 for a set, or 30cents for each pieces. I can draw well, so i draw and make bookmarks to sell. Once i even sold ladybugs to the prefects in my sch. Hahaha Not that I'm money minded , I was destined to be a marketeer and sales person. So young age also i know how to make sales promotion.
During the sch holidays grandma will find jobs for us, like pasting the double sided tapes behind Anita Mui's concert poster and folding those bank leaflets. 100 pcs for 3cents. Damn little...fold and fold morning till night only get paid like 20bucks. But it's alot for me. And also way before softlan uses machine to stick the paper of the mother and the baby on the bottles, they use man power to stick the paper on the bottles before they fill it up with softener. So we just sit there and stick and wipe and stick and wipe. Boxes and Boxes of that. And I don't use the money i earned. I keep and keep until i reached college life and spent all on jalan-jalan, makaning with my frens.
I was never invited to birthday parties and jalan-jalan in my secondary life because before I ask, my dad will say "NO.If you wanna go, go yourself. and if anything happen to you don't come back to me". So, my frens isolated me and say that I'm weird, cannot go out wan. AND no guys can call me. I was in all girls sch from primary until secondary sch. Cannot go tuition cos my dad once say a guy waving bye bye to me. So no bf, no fone calls. So how i get to know Big Chan? Thru Internet la..apa lagi?

The Timid Sasha

No. I'm not timid. Never Sweet. Never look fragile. And that's why I don't have many bf before Big Chan. He was the first serious and only bf. And after dat i got cheated married with him. Even my admirer turned stalker told me, i am only 89% of a woman cos i don't look fragile. His perfect woman must be 90% and she is my fren who needed someone to help her to tie her shoe lace and peel off the skin of a persimmon before she eat. Well, now u know. Sasha is not cacated and i dun need someone ppl to tie my own shoe lace! Another fren of mine scolded my stalker "Are you stupid to go after her? Do you know how to spell the word DIE?".

Hmmmmm... Then i know, actually i have a few admirers but because of so many reasons like i don't go clubbing and drinking, I'm not "happening" enough to be the gf. And some commented that I'm too "smart" to be the gf. Then you know what? Big Chan is the bravest person i ever know...cos he blur blur went and invite me to go Jaya Jusco to buy his working attire and then after dat every Thursday send me to my tuition place. And then he became Gila and asked me to be his GF. Blek!

So now, after this post, you might think that I'm Vain for posting my pictures. Anything la...we can't stop people from thinking what they wanna think right?