Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Can't Wait for Friday!

Why? Why? Why?

Cos I'm going to

And what I'm gonna do there?

9th March 2007
6:10 pm :Registration
7:20 pm : Introduction
7:45 pm : Speech by Guest of Honuor
8:15 pm : Buffet Dinner
- Games
- Entertainment
- Lucky Draw
11:00 pm : Good Night! (some if wanna tumpang 5Xmom's room also can. Rate is per hour use only. If finish early, either u continue to sleep in the room, or u cabut early. No refund if no fun ah.*joking only*)

Some of the Q&A about the entire gathering :

Q : What Door gift?
A : Kenot tell you yet! But the door gifts alone is definitely worth more than RM35 already!

Q : Where to Park your car?
A : Low Yat Plaza @ RM4 flat rate (pls remember to get your ticket chopped
at the reception counter)

Q : What time start ?
A : Registration Start at 6:10pm (so early? Then i have to take mc leave la on that day. )

Q : What should I wear?
A : Smart Casual - jeans n colar t shirt should be fine ... no singlet cap pagoda n shorts n slippers pls! (can we wear Ngan Yin Sau Mak Fa Sang Brand?)

Q : Why You want me to come early early?
A : Because .... its free seating! You come erly erly to chop place la! then ... we have limited numbers of door gifts ... if you late and we ran out of door gifts then sorry la!
(Gila! Lagi need to take MC leave that day! Otherwise will sit next to the toilet)

So Okay. Set. I'm gonna wear my heels. But havent decided what to wear.Die! Sei! Cham! Don't have time to go shopping tiiim...Amacam? Amah, Mott, Janice, 5xmom what u guys gonna wear ah ?*sigh* Nevermind.. Looking at the sponsors it kept me wondering..what's in the goodie bag.

Wah! Wah! Wah! ...So many sponsors. Looks like its gonna be a major event!
But don't look only. If you havent pay you cannot go okay?
So pay up!


  1. WHAO, sure damn syiok la. Just curious, what r u guys gonna do in the room?

  2. Sounds happening... Make u take lots of pics for us ya....

  3. mom2ashley12:02 PM

    have fun !

  4. jealous ar.... can go for gathering like this. wat to do! have to teach on Sat. Hope to join u guys next time. Enjoy ya!!

  5. Wuah tension sial.

  6. I wanna go, I wanna go *sob sob*