Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Going!

Yeah I'm going. And I'm going with Mott. We're gonna hold hands and stand at one corner and point point at people.

And then when 5xmom comes nearby...we'll go like .."Yes....Yess....Indeed..."

Then when
Ah pek comes with Ah Pek Soh.. we say .."Ah Pek very nice guy wan...he not humsup wan"

Then after dat when ppl ask .."you are...???"

then we'll say ..."we are the cleaners.." cos nobody knows me. Maybe
Mott got some Fan-C la..then they'll go like "OH U MOTT AH????WAH!!!!"

Of coz i will take pikture with my pangyaos...The
Cocka guy, the ace, kenny and of cos Janicepa.

But the guy that I wanna meet most is the
rojak fella. Cos i heard he looks like the Yellow Digi Man. The yellow Digi man very the cute..and like to camwhore. I see if he will camwhore with me or not. But i know many ppl wanna pinch the Yellow Digi Man butt....err Wingz..u better wear more underwear lor!


  1. oo is this the mega gathering thingy??

  2. Wah! sasha going together gather! camwhore banyak banyak and show me tau!

  3. Take picture only ah? Cheh! I tot I'm gonna get a hug and a kiss too, no? LOL

  4. ooi..where got kipas kipas one???

    u more fame than me leh. I'll be the one wallpapering the walls. hahahahahaahah!!!

  5. jazz + Zara Mama: Yeah the together gather 2007

    Rabbit: Can Can subject to whether ppl let me show pics or not

    cocka: *wink* Can be arranged.. Hahahah

    Mott: muahahah we'll see how..

  6. Remember to snap lots of pictures and tell me who is who. :P

  7. come we camwhore kaw kaw :P

  8. I want PHOTOS
    I want VIDEO
    I want STORY
    if only I CAN GO!!!

  9. exciting liao hor...I oso kan cheong liao. Cannot wait adiii...

  10. Tomolo is the party izzit? NO? lagi 'kan cheong'!! kakaka

  11. Ah Pek super humsap woi!

  12. Everyone so sexcited to go to the Together Gether Party... But what happen to those who cannot go leh?

    *sob sob*

  13. Mich: Subject to approval from the celebrities..HAHA

    Kenny: U got time for me only cakap la..haha

    Shoppingmum: Ipoh not far from KL 5xmom to pick u up lor..or u come with Helen la..

    5xmom: I make up nice nice wait to take pikture with u ah...

    ace: Muahahhaha dun forget to wear pants kan cheong!

    Ah Pek: U say u not hum sup everyone also dun belip la..

  14. Siwwypig...then u also go lo!

  15. seem like u met some of them ledi... ;)

  16. sasha, where you going?? How come get to meet Mott wan? Eh if you see ah nel, and kenny ah, can post their picture or describe them for me ah? Wish I could go too.

  17. ooo together gather .... nice...

  18. Have fun!
    Take more more pic ya!

  19. have to charge my camera battery first !!! then send to wendy picture taken with u !! ahahaha... make her jeles bit !!

  20. wow .. so song leh .. wish i could go tim :P

    I wan PICTURES !!!

  21. Anonymous9:03 PM

    so nice.. you going.. but i cant as have to care bb and KL is far la.. jam. BB wants me.. cant go any where.