Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lin Peh, Cocka And Aceone Picture!

Some of the bloggers face is still a "virgin" to the blogsphere. For example Lin Peh, Cocka and Aceone. These 3 bloggers die die dun wanna show face. But being Sasha of course I don't listen to instruction la. Since I have their picture of cos i wanna show you guys!
Are you ready?????

Lin Peh, Cocka and Ace sure dun wanna talk to me after this edi.

All swearing edi...

JENG! JENG! JENG!!!!!!!!

Introducing Lin Peh!

And Cocka with his femes look (just that this one dun have misai and replaced by chutchut)
Those that met them before sure know that the pictures above really look like them. Hahahahah
Of course i won't "chut mai"(betray) them la.
Promise is a promise ma. *wink*


  1. Wakakakakaa!!!!!!Muahahahaha!!!! Tenkiu you Sasha. My virginity still intact!! Muahahaha!! Thumb up.

  2. Jayden so cute with the spec.

  3. Niasing ! Make 9 Lin Peh sweat also cum out from lanjiao ! LOL!

  4. wahahaha... *sweat off* for linpeh, cocka n aceone !!...

  5. Haha! J looks cute in all those photos! He'd actually let you put on the glasses for him? Cool!

    Btw, you've been tagged! =)

  6. My son! My son! My long lost son!!

  7. bwahahahaa!!!! i thot u really pecah lobang!

  8. Jayden so cute :P

    Wei, the 1st pic you sleek back his hair kah? LOL!

  9. aceone118 : Yeah have to keep u a virgin of not i have to give angpow lor

    aceone118 : Are u trying to say that u're cute too?

    Lin Peh : LJ also got sweat wan meh?

    janicepa : Dun worry be happy

    Nadia : Hahahaha Yeah Then i held his hands. Canot move la

    Cocka Doodle : kenot even seee hisface also

    Ah Pek L Lobang masih tertutup

    Sue : Yeah Use water and comb comb to the front. But too short

  10. Sasha, I've tagged u woh...hooray!! pls check on my blog :P

  11. mua hahahahahahaahahahah!!!!

    jayden can be actor leh! so many personalities can pull off!!!

  12. LOL! Siu sei ngor laaa!

  13. lol! good impersonations!

  14. Aiyo, the first picture itu look like lou fu zi one! so cute like that!

  15. LOL... copy my jeng jeng jeng ah? U really scare sei they all... muahahaha...

  16. hahaha
    u make until jayden so cute...
    the impersonator hoh....

  17. wuahahaha...cocka got use chut-chut one ah??

  18. Waaahhh, you getting jayden prepare to be an actor izzit?!! :P

    Sooooo cute!! ^.^

  19. tht one really look like linpeh woh..

    Like you posted his younger days photos like that.. :P

  20. so young adi tok3tok4......u sure that one is my sifu onot????

    Then who's the old fler who lim teh wif me just now?!
    ghost ar?!

  21. Cheh! Kena di tipued pulak!