Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

His First Time

Me : Shhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhh
JT : *look funny*
Me : Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Shhhhhhhhhhhh MMMMMMMMMMM
JD : *bounced over* KUKUBIRD! *point at Justin's kuku and bounced away*
JT : *looked funnier*
Me : Eh? U wee wee ah? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Dadi!!!
Dadi : Yes yes?
Me : See!
Dadi : oooooo Good boy!!!Poo Poo in potty! *wipe Justin's buttock with wet wipe*
JT : *poooooooooot*
Me : ooooh dangerous. wait a while more.
Me : ah... all done.

There, his first time pooping in potty. And also his first time not pooping for 2 days. *phew*


UPDATED: not potty training him. I put him on potty cos he didn't poop for 2 days. So I thought I could give him a hand/shhh-ing to make him poop and he did.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I just posted Justin's 31 days picture in his blog and when I read it again, I noticed something. And so I dug my old post and I found this...The comparison between Jayden and His dad.

Jayden and his Mr Teddy
Big C

Big C and Jayden

Big C and my MIL.

And now Justin...

I think Justin look more like Big C compared to Jayden.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Benjol Boy

Backdated post...

Wanna see why I'm so busy? Cos I have to deal with funny stuff like this everyday....well, almost!


This is why I'm so damn busy. By 4.30 I'll get even busier cos he's home with his funny stuff. This happened few nights ago when he refused to sleep (near to 12am!!! gimme a break man!) .He was rolling on the bed and he fell down, head first right on top of the musical toy hanger. It was so huge that it made his father screamed. So Big C (new readers, Big C is Big Chan not big Coc.....k ok?) went and boil and egg , and he came back with the egg wrapped in a hanky and tried to roll on the benjol. Guess what? he rolled it with the shell so I told him you need to remove the shell otherwise its too hard, how to roll right? Then he took out the shell and guess what happened later? Egg yolk coming out of the hanky. Yeap, not 100% boiled.

You say la.. how not to be busy ?

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Venue : Bedroom
Featuring: Sasha & Jayden
Date : 23.10.2008
Time : 5.45pm

S: *expressing milk*
J: *walk over and look*
S: Yes Darling?
J: Cow gives (us) milk *smile*
S: O_o

Watch too much baby mcdonalds edi...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want myself back again

I just want to find myself, be myself again.

I want to be the same old me, gila gila me.

Gila gila I am. Sometimes I say ..Tahan....he's just 31 months old or Tahan... he's just about 6 weeks old baby only. And sometimes I just snap and that's it.

The 31 months kiddo get whacking for being difficult. When he scream and cry, the mother screamed and cry even louder than him. That made him so shocked and screamed even louder. The neighbour I guess is immune to the screaming and crying. The boy, sometimes get nightmare and started kicking and crying at night. The mother then cry at night thinking how horrible she had been treated her son.

The 6 weeks old kiddo no longer sleep that much. He's always awake at the wrong timing. The time when the mother is really busy. Now he can be awake for many hours straight down. And when he's awake, he need someone to be by his side, talking to him and cuddle him. The mother's shoulder is really tired. Her brain is really tired. Her eyes is even more tired. And sometimes she just stare blankly at the wall, got no idea what to think. The kiddo only prefers left breast and scream when the milk is too strong. Sometimes because of that, he rejected the breast and cry cry cry. Even when you give him bottle, he'll just cry. And then the mother cry with him, asking him what he wants. Just today, he took 1 and half hour to finish 3oz milk.

Husband came home, sometime he see the wife with happy face. Sometimes she is so stoned and he'll ask what happened. Then he gotto go into the room and ask his No.1 what happened and why mami whacked him.  Being unwell himself, he gotto work, then come home with angry wife, sad kid and another crying baby. He even offered himself to take care of the night shift and went to work like a zombie.

I started to work, thinking that my boss will deliver his promises to keep my job function less. That's why I agreed to continue to freelance for him. But I got thrown with so many projects, some he said that he'll get another person to deal with. The person never finished her job and at the end I gotto clean it up for her. I rejected a few projects (which will be my future project :( ) and tried to work. Like what I feared last time when I first wanted to resign, he called me out of a sudden and threw me an URGENT project and need to be submitted the same day. At the same time he expect me to finish the other projects. At the end I gotto sit in front of the pc whole day - that's not supposed to happen. So now gotto learn to say NO, LATER and GIVE ME SOME TIME to my boss.

So many things going on. So little time. So little hand. No maid (coming in 2 months time)

I need miracle to happen.

Miracle to make No.1 less irritating, cranky and fussing(request to change channel like every 2 seconds, keep taking out cds after few minutes played, keep pressing DVD player ON, OFF, ON, OFF or OPEN, CLOSE, OPEN, CLOSE, keep opening fridge and digging for food, taking out pots and pans from the kitchen, throwing his fav train on the floor when we say NO).

Miracle to make No.2 Sleep better, Feed better and faster, and give his mother some time for herself.

Miracle to make me stay calm, sane and happy again. Miracle to make me , me again. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

He surprised us!

Ooh.... I gotto jot this down before my memory go haywire again. I know, normally I'll post funny things about what Jayden did and seldom praise him (Bad mother- I know!). So, many of you guys know that Jayden is still slacking in terms of speech and my neck is getting longer just waiting for him to have a conversation with me. He speaks very limited short sentences for example " I want "something". And sometimes he even say "I want MMai (Don't want in hokkien -don't know who taught him)" *slap forehead*. But this one, I gotto say he really stunned us including my confinement lady.

During my confinement, I can say I kinda neglected Jayden. The poor boy gotto play and entertain himself until his dadidi comes home from work. One night, while we're watching tv in the living room, he ran out with the brand new flip cards that I just received from MTAB and asked for me to open it for him . And so I did and he got so impatient, he tried to grab it for me and the cards fell on the floor. Of course he got scolded la.....So while I was nagging him, suddenly he just point at a card and said TIGER.

And I looked at the card that he was pointing at and true enough it was written T-I-G-E-R with no pictures. At that moment I thought to myself  "Sure or not??Only alphabets also can read?" so I took another card and he said "ELEPHANT". And I flip a few more and he really can read/recognise some of the words. Then he ran into the room and showed his dadidi and he came out with a few more cards that his dad had just taught him and told me EYE, EAR and WAVE.
I guess that is like a complimentary happiness for me. :) Cannot speak long sentences but can read. Maybe he can join join the words and make a longer sentence and talk to me? It'll be so nice..........*dreaming*

(dream a bit only cannot meh?)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Updates on everyone

Jayden at 31 months and Justin at 22 days old.

The Small J
Justin sleep most of the time. But when he is awake he need someone to sit next to him. Or he will call out EH! EH! till someone comes and chat with him. He's also abit jumpy cos his kor kor loves him so much, he will hang by the bedside and shake the bed, asking baby to wake up. so I guess that scared Justin a lil. So I went to Babyland and got him a Bean Sprout Husk pillow to put on his chest when he sleep. At least he's less jumpy at night.

Oh yeah, today marks his actual Full Moon. Happy 1 month old Justin boy!

The Big J
Jayden adores the lil one but sometimes cannot control his strengh and you know what happen after that. Since Justin moved into our room, he behaved a lil different. Like wanting to act like baby justin, sleeping in the cot, hugging the tiny bolster and asked for milk. Sometimes he will have nightmare and started to kick everything and everyone. Last night, he woke up at ard 5am and started to ask me to dance with him (I was nursing Justin), then he wanted to read a book, then he wanted to play puzzle, then he wanted to watch tv. By the time I get him to settle down, it's time to nurse again. UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

He used to be able to tell us when he wanna poop. Now he will just keep quite and poop in his diaper. And also he used to love bathing, but ever since I gave birth and dadidi took over he'll scream and cry when we asked him to go into the bathroom. 

He tried to hide the fact that he is jealous. One time, his dadidi was playing with Justin on the bed, he tried to get in between the 2 of them. It was very obvious that he was jealous but then he tried to cover up by playing peek-a-boo with Justin. How smart right?  But then he only gets jealous when dadi is playing with Justin. Other than that, he's okay and he adores his lil brother very much.

The Dadidi
Dadidi is very helpful (keep it up babe!). First day, he bought lunch for me and even warm up a Brands chicken essence for me and help me to take care of Justin while I go and take a bath. He's now officially 100% in charge of Jayden. Including getting him ready for sch, getting him changed and sending him to sch. At night, he'll bath Jayden, make milk for him and blablabla. One day he even prepared Jayden's uniform the night before, that really surprised me.

The Mamimi
CL left early so I'm all alone with Justin during the day. Jayden goes to sch and daycare and comes back at around 4.30pm. My dad is helping me to bring him back from school and Dadidi send Jayden to sch every morning. So far I have not cook dinner, we eat out and the food without GINGER taste so so nice :P. But I still jaga my pantang on certain food.

I'll be starting work on this 10th. Yeap, only 1 month maternity. Yeah I know, my company sucks. Anyway I'm officially working freelance from my home for the same company just that I'm no longer an "officially" their staff in the payroll. So with lower pay and after paying some bills (the CL and also the maid) I'm very broke now. So that explains the paid post in this blog and if anyone need parlia designer to do simple design can contact me okay ? *big smile* 

I wish I can sleep anytime of the day but I just cannot sleep during the daytime. And definitely no sleep for me at night because Justin likes to drink from only one side of the breast and then ZZZzzz.So he drink less and more frequent. So I gotto wake up very frequent in the middle of the night to nurse him. 

Emotionally, I'm better compared to when I first came back. It was bad earlier until I had to go and get some post natal depression pills from my doctor. That explains why I seldom blog hop or update my blog. I even asked some of you guys that wanted to come and visit me - not to come over cos I just wanted to be alone. (sorry!). Now that CL is not around to help - I guess I need to take a break from blog hopping.

Physically, I lost 10 kgs (including Justin). Another 8 or 9 more to go in order to go back into my Levis Jeans. I miss my old clothes!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Justin's Photoshoot

A very big thanks to Jazz and Sue for coming over during the Raya holidays to shoot Justin's pic. The outcome is terrific! We had fun and of course we scared the confinement lady and my husband cos they have not done shoots like this before. Thanks Jazz and Sue, this is the best full moon gift for Justin and for myself too. :)

Let the pic do the talking okay? These are some of my fav pics taken by Jazzmint. 

Model : Justin Chan
Age : 22days
Photographers: Jazzmint & Sue
Venue : Chan's tiny house
Date : 2nd October 2008

More pics here

Monday, October 06, 2008

Justin's Full Moon

First of all, thanks everyone for your wishes and your lovely gifts and generous angpows.

We celebrated Justin's full moon last yesterday, 4 days earlier. The day started with flower bath for all of us including confinement lady. And then prayers at our own house then we headed over to BIL's house in Kepong and then to my mum's in PJ. Confinement lady left early so yesterday it's our first day without her to handle lil Justin. 

Justin wore this very cute outfit given by Pearly but we're so busy till we don't have time to snap the pic :(. Then we headed to midvalley for a short jalan jalan session. And I tell you, it's REALLY A SHORT session. We just bought whatever we needed and went home cos Jayden wanted to run around and I am holding onto Justin. (havoc started! more to come I know )

We had a small family dinner in Pantai Seafood restaurant and managed to snap our first family pic.

I know, not a very good one but better than none right?


Backdated scheduled post...


Hi, it's me Justin Chan. This is me at 20 days old. Mami took my picture because she wants to see if I can wear my korkor's old full moon clothes. There mami, I can fit. Now can you stop changing me like a doll?

Friday, October 03, 2008

At last...

a haircut!

Poor guy, we're so busy before I gave birth so I'll just simply trim his hair for him. And after I gave birth, I can't cut his hair for him anymore. So that day we brought him to Ikano for a hair cut in KwikCut (the walkway between Curve and Ikano). We thought that he will scream and cry like the previous time in other barber shops. Instead, he was so excited and asked for us to let him off his stroller so that he can ride this...
Dadi was telling the hairstylist "okay, ready"

My lil kor kor refused to wear the cover, so we took his shirt off and the hairstylist managed to cut his hair with him moving around, examining the car.

The haircut come with a complimentary ride on the car. In the end of the video, you can see that he's actually checking out his new haircut.

So finally, a non-crying + screaming haircut for my kor kor. Is it because of the car or because he is more matured now compared to the last time, we don't know. He even said "BYE BYE CAR, SEE YOU LATER" to the car. :)