Thursday, October 09, 2008

Updates on everyone

Jayden at 31 months and Justin at 22 days old.

The Small J
Justin sleep most of the time. But when he is awake he need someone to sit next to him. Or he will call out EH! EH! till someone comes and chat with him. He's also abit jumpy cos his kor kor loves him so much, he will hang by the bedside and shake the bed, asking baby to wake up. so I guess that scared Justin a lil. So I went to Babyland and got him a Bean Sprout Husk pillow to put on his chest when he sleep. At least he's less jumpy at night.

Oh yeah, today marks his actual Full Moon. Happy 1 month old Justin boy!

The Big J
Jayden adores the lil one but sometimes cannot control his strengh and you know what happen after that. Since Justin moved into our room, he behaved a lil different. Like wanting to act like baby justin, sleeping in the cot, hugging the tiny bolster and asked for milk. Sometimes he will have nightmare and started to kick everything and everyone. Last night, he woke up at ard 5am and started to ask me to dance with him (I was nursing Justin), then he wanted to read a book, then he wanted to play puzzle, then he wanted to watch tv. By the time I get him to settle down, it's time to nurse again. UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

He used to be able to tell us when he wanna poop. Now he will just keep quite and poop in his diaper. And also he used to love bathing, but ever since I gave birth and dadidi took over he'll scream and cry when we asked him to go into the bathroom. 

He tried to hide the fact that he is jealous. One time, his dadidi was playing with Justin on the bed, he tried to get in between the 2 of them. It was very obvious that he was jealous but then he tried to cover up by playing peek-a-boo with Justin. How smart right?  But then he only gets jealous when dadi is playing with Justin. Other than that, he's okay and he adores his lil brother very much.

The Dadidi
Dadidi is very helpful (keep it up babe!). First day, he bought lunch for me and even warm up a Brands chicken essence for me and help me to take care of Justin while I go and take a bath. He's now officially 100% in charge of Jayden. Including getting him ready for sch, getting him changed and sending him to sch. At night, he'll bath Jayden, make milk for him and blablabla. One day he even prepared Jayden's uniform the night before, that really surprised me.

The Mamimi
CL left early so I'm all alone with Justin during the day. Jayden goes to sch and daycare and comes back at around 4.30pm. My dad is helping me to bring him back from school and Dadidi send Jayden to sch every morning. So far I have not cook dinner, we eat out and the food without GINGER taste so so nice :P. But I still jaga my pantang on certain food.

I'll be starting work on this 10th. Yeap, only 1 month maternity. Yeah I know, my company sucks. Anyway I'm officially working freelance from my home for the same company just that I'm no longer an "officially" their staff in the payroll. So with lower pay and after paying some bills (the CL and also the maid) I'm very broke now. So that explains the paid post in this blog and if anyone need parlia designer to do simple design can contact me okay ? *big smile* 

I wish I can sleep anytime of the day but I just cannot sleep during the daytime. And definitely no sleep for me at night because Justin likes to drink from only one side of the breast and then ZZZzzz.So he drink less and more frequent. So I gotto wake up very frequent in the middle of the night to nurse him. 

Emotionally, I'm better compared to when I first came back. It was bad earlier until I had to go and get some post natal depression pills from my doctor. That explains why I seldom blog hop or update my blog. I even asked some of you guys that wanted to come and visit me - not to come over cos I just wanted to be alone. (sorry!). Now that CL is not around to help - I guess I need to take a break from blog hopping.

Physically, I lost 10 kgs (including Justin). Another 8 or 9 more to go in order to go back into my Levis Jeans. I miss my old clothes!


  1. Jayden is such a sweet brother. I am sure he will be jealous of baby Justin, but I think he is coping well.

    And Dadidi is also a good helper. I hope mine will be as helpful. And I doubt that very much.

  2. Dadidi is really helpful indeed. Bravo bravo...and you are doing fine too. keep up the good work moo moo

  3. happy fullmoon baby justin!

    shan leo behaved differently after the birth of shan rae. he cries easily and often compare himself with the younger one. whenever he does anything, and he feels its not right, he will start to cry. guess he is worried mummy will love him less???

  4. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. Happy full moon to Justin.

  5. Happy full moon Justin.

    Glad that u feel better now. Take care and rest more when u can. :)

  6. i remember staying at home thru'out confinement and beyond...not so lucky like you, can go out kai kai and eat yummy food :)

  7. Sasha,
    That's a great photo of Lil J and Baby J! Happy Full Moon to Baby J!

    Take a break and rest more. Hope Dadidi, Mamimi, Lil J and Baby J would all do fine! Take care!:)

  8. khongfamily3:49 PM

    Dadidi is doing a great job. Well done! Keep it up...Dadidi & Mamimi.

  9. Happy Fullmoon Little J. Beside the money, you can have flexible time now for the kids. It is how you see it.

  10. Very Very happy to hear that you are better

  11. email me about the page desin thingy

  12. Dadidi is so nice & helpful. well done. ur doing great to mamimi :)

    take care

  13. lost 10KG in the 1st month is alot already! :P When is your maid arriving? So fast full moon edi huh?

  14. looks like big J adapted quite good to his little brother.

    i'm curious abt the post natal depression - do u know wht might trigger it? i have this fear too that i will be for 2nd time round. 1st time no problems at all although had some culture shock with being confined for a month and staying with inlaws for so long! glad it worked out well for u and i agree that it sucks with 1 mth maternity leave.

    tk care!

  15. Happy Fullmoon to bb Justin! That levi's jeans is a good target. ;)

  16. Jayden and dadii are so sweet!

    My hubby refuse to have 2nd one because he doesn't want to help out!

  17. Happy Full Moon to Lil Justin. :)

  18. Oh, what kind of designing services do you offer?

  19. Happy Full Moon to Justin.

    Looks like everyone is coping very well. Congratulations.

  20. Happy 1mth old Justin!!! Sasha - you looked great when I saw you. Now I'm flattered that you "allowed" me to visit you :) Take care babe!

  21. Anonymous10:41 AM

    good to hear that ur hub is a good help...good example to all fathers out there!!

  22. not bad, at least still can work from home!

    dun worry about the pp, we faham lar...hehee....

    Happy Fullmoon Small J!

  23. i think both J resemble each other!! haha

  24. I love the picture of the 2 J's. It makes your heart goes Aahhhhhhh.......... But your sound tired.

  25. *Huggssss* dear!

    Things will surely get better as time goes by.

  26. wow...fullmoon liao!! you will soon loose weight with all the sleep that u lost :)

  27. Its not easy handling a new born..and without any helper/maid..

    take care ya...u hv done a good job dy..and dadidi is always there for u...

    noworries. hope once yr maid comes..things will pick up better.

  28. Jayden is such a sweet boy. Big kor kor now huh!

    And glad to hear that you are getting better and Big C does help u a lot to reduce ur burden.

    Keep it up and you will missed all these moments when both kids grow up! :)

  29. Happy 1st month baby J!!

    Am so glad to read that you are feeling better dearie... Please do take good care ya..

    Way to go dadidi! Big J, be a good boy ya and take care of mamimi :-)

  30. jacss1:38 AM

    arghh....the 2 'mah pou heng dai' looked so alike man!!
    the boys seemed to be doing fine, while dadidi was such udrstd'g dady, hopefully mamimi is coping well too! thk god u r ok now... am sure others now udrstd yr situation better!!
    take care.....

  31. Nice update on everyone. One shot read, I know how all of you are doing ;)Happy Belated Full Moon ya.

    Did you opt to work part time and take care of bb from home?

  32. Take it easy and no need to be apologetic. Thats what I did too previously. Asked everyone not to visit. It helps to keep my sanity intact. Hahaha. You can deal with visitors when you are ready for it. :)

  33. I can imagine Jayden kacau you and want to do all the things b'cos he's so scared you are giving too much attention to Justin.

    Zara was also like that.. luckily now over.

  34. Both of them look so cute together.

    You lose weight really fast leh. Good ah.

  35. such sweet moment when i see the photos of the 2 brothers..

    Daddy is doing sooo well in helping up...

    Mummy, dont worry, you will fit into your previous clothes soon,...