Friday, February 27, 2009

Time to print!

I remember that I finally printed Jayden's baby pics when he was 7 months old. And I told myself, reminded myself , DO NOT REPEAT that. And now that we're more settled in our new house, I think it's time to dig out the soft copies and print them out.

I remember when I went to print Jayden's picture. I was still working back then. I gotto save it all in a cd, drive all the way to Tesco Shah Alam and then wait for the next day to collect it back.

Sorry, I have no more time to do that. And I don't need to do that anymore with EOE Online. You just gotto load the pictures in the unlimited space in the online album, print it out and send it right to your doorstep with more than Rm35 spent. And where can you get 4R pictures at Rm0.30??? No way man! These two points already convinced me to use them to print Justin's baby shot done by Jazzmint and Sue and also some of my personal shots that I really like.

If I spent more than RM50, I can even get a free 2009 calendar with my picture selection in it!

Okay, not going to delay anymore. Gotto do it fast! If only the internet line is stable and fast enought for me....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiga: Part 2 & 3 : You've Been Tagged! And Birth Tag

This is from Family First and Zekerene.

You've been tagged!

1. Have you ever been on TV?

2. Have you ever sung in public?
Karaoke with 20 ppl in the room considered public?

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Wanna dye brown also cannot. How to dye blonde ler. And samo hor.. my Big C very traditional wan. Everything also "not nice" "don't do". Waste money wor... :P

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Got, accidently. I tot it was "TIM KAI" - Sweet Chicken. Ate and Ate and then someone told me and I vomitted/

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
So far not yet. I like presents. Geddit, Big C? I LOOOOOVE PRESENTS! (you know what to do la...)

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
errrrrrrr.... i think phone booth got la.

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
Fuyoh. Got. That day during CNY. I cooked from morning until night. After that my two legs not talking to each other anymore. Stand also shaking.

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Got ler.. I rolled down the staircase in my college. Right in front of many people because it was right before the class started.

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?
*shy* i think...... belum kua.

TAG 3: Birth Tag.

3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? I was like "Ah, so easy?"
6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? Cos instinct. Then I used preg kit.
7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? My hubs and he asked me Sure boh? So easy? 
8. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? No. But he opened wide wide for the doctor to scan and that was the first thing we saw.
9. DUE DATE? Forgot.
11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Tong Yuen!
18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? Was hospitalized for few days due to fever viral.
19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Assunta Hospital
20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? 18 freaking hours!
23. WAS IT NATURAL OR C-SECTION? Natural birth
24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? Everything you can think of!
30. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? Jayden Chan Jien Ming
31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? He is 2 years 11 months and 5 days old.

Not tagging anyone...otherwise they will say ....


Tiga :Part 1 : Best Mom Award

Tiga because I got tagged for 3 different tags. So "Maan Maan Lei" (slowly do). Satu satu do okay?

Thanks Wen for the award. Malu abit wanna receive this award because if you see the way I smack Jayden and let Justin cry, you will take it back. Luckily its cyberworld, cannot take back wan :P

1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo/s.
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger moms out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

What I like the best about being a mom - now a WAHM (work at home mom) is that:


-I get to send and pick Jayden up, seeing him jumping happily and say "YAY!! Mamimi!" at the school gate - with his dirty shirt and changed pants. (Terkencing in his pants at school again :S .)

-He's more cheerful now compared to the time that he gotto stay in the daycare the whole day. And he talk more now. :)

-I'm the first person that he'll look for when he's awake. And when I say to him "I'm here" he'll smile and go back to sleep. That gives me the feeling that I give him the "security". (syiok sendiri..hehe)


Nice or not? pic taken with my parlia N80.

- I get to breastfeed Justin and see him doze off, peacefully. And when I'm about to put him down, he'll open his eyes and start to pull my hair to prevent me from putting him down.

- seeing him grow 24 hours a day and not going to miss a thing.


I like to look at them sleeping and think to myself - I'm a very lucky person to be blessed with 2 very "active" kiddo, they're so beautiful. So wonderful. So perfect. and then my legs and hands start to fall apart like mannequin cos by end of the day i'm too very tired to even move anymore.

And now I'd like to tag these very strong and dedicated mums:
Mumsgather (don't know how you wanna manage the picture part)

Monday, February 23, 2009

And she broke my...


I turned around (I was carrying Justin and Big C just placed Jayden on his car seat).

She picked the plastic bag (with my new candle burner) up and looked at me.

Her facial expression was like "Yeah. So?"

And I said "Give it to me" and she did. I took the plastic bag and put it under my legs.

In the car I told Big C in Cantonese "Broke my thing and never apologize".

Big C replied "Yeah lor!"

I said "nevermind. I don't need her to apologize. I deduct from her angpow money"

I dropped Big C off at the mechanics and took over the wheels.

Once we're home I told her "You take the things down" and I went into the house with Justin and Jayden.

She came in and locked the door, took everything except the plastic bag with my broken candle burner.

I told her "I think you forgot something".

She took the keys and went to my car and took the plastic bag down.

I was sitting on the floor with Justin and I looked up.

She handed the plastic bag with both hands and she kneel down and said "Maam. I....... I........ sorry I break your thing. I *sob* I..... sorry...."

Terkejut. wtf. Sai mm sai kneel down ah....

And I told her " This is what I want to hear. When you did something wrong, admit and don't ever repeat."

She replied "Yes maam".

And I said "ok. Wait for sir to come back and ask him where is the super glue. Stick it back for me"

It proves something: she understands cantonese and she sayang her money alot :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Maid's story *ADDED INFO*

1.0 Introduction...

She is with us for exactly 60 days. She is 23 yrs old Cambodian girl. When she first arrived she always like to cry while holding her brother's picture and said that she miss him. Then she told me that she is in Malaysia to work and earn money for her brother to study. Now she said No need to send money back to cambodia and she want to use the money for herself to study. Different cerita :S

2.0 Started....
She took my new calendar without asking my permission on the first few days she was with us. When I asked her she said she wanted to "see" only. The calendar was in her room for many days. Then I told her have to ask permission if she want to "use" or "see" anything.

She then took my hub's new calendar diary and wrote in it. I thought my hub gave it to her. Bythe time i found out she took without permission it was very long after edi. So i just say "let it be. no next time"

Then I saw her nails, painted with clear nail polish. I didn't know if she came with it or she took mine. So I didn't make any noise.

She walked out from the toilet with just towel. My hub saw and he told me. Then I wanted to approach her when she was doing that but I always cannot "catch" her at that moment. (either I'm nursing or in the room or something) -that happened in old house.

I found her using her pinky and dip into Justin's water bottle to test temperature. I shouted EKKKKKKKK and she laughed and pour the water away and did it again! I said DIRTY!! don't ever do like that anymore. Now I still check on her whether she is doing that or not.

One day I found her EATING my 3in1 coffee. EAT, u read it right. She was chilling at the washing machine, standing with her legs crossed. One hand resting on the washing machine-leaned backwards and another hand was aboutr to pour the coffee into her mouth. Then she saw me standing there and she nearly choked. Then she keep saying "I no hand maam. I do like this (biting the coffee packet). I no hand. I do this (trying to tell me she was taking clothes out from washing machine and place into dryer. She thought I just saw her in fact I saw the entire thing. I asked her what she is doing and she keep repeating "I NO HANDS, I NO HANDS" trying to tell me that she doesn't available hands to hold the coffee while she "WAS WORKING" so she used her mouth to bite the coffee pack. She lied obviously about no hands to work and holding the coffee powder with her mouth. I told her "This coffee, is to mix with water and DRINK. Not to eat like this." And I immediately took out all the "cheaper" coffee packs and placed into a container and told her "This is for you. You can only drink coffee in this container".

10 mins later, i went down again. This time she was standing at the washing machine again. Flipping magazine. :S When she saw me she slowly turn....... and slowly put down the magazine..... and tried to reach for something to do. :S as if I cannot see if its in slow motion.

When we just moved in, I was busy taking care of the kids and I asked her to unpack. Then I "ninja-ed" down (walk like a ninja-without any sound) and found her squating down, reading magazine. Then she saw me and she quickly put down the magazine and pretend to work.

She also like to sit down and do nothing when I'm upstairs taking care of my kids or working. So I have to on-and-off ninja down to check what she is doing. Because of the swollen mouth and walking up and down the stairs, I lost weight. Managed to get back into my pre pregnancy jeans.

Once she was cleaning the room, she arranged the bed nicely and guess what? She even arranged Jayden's milk bottle nicely, hidden behind the pillow.

many times when she cleans the room, even if she see the diaper she will just totally ignore it. C'mon hard to ignore when its full with Shit right?

One day I saw her outside , about to start to bath my dogs. I went out with Justin and I saw a container with Washing Powder. I asked her "What are you using to bath cha cha?" She point at the washing powder. I asked her why ? "NO MORE SHAMPOO MAAM". Shit her la.. I went and took a new bottle of shampoo just next to the old one and gave her. Later that day I asked her whether she knows that the washing powder is very rough and can cause skin problem to the dog. She say YES. And I asked her if she runs out of shampoo herself, she will use the washing powder and bath? She say NO. :S

2.1 Starting to misbehave...

She took my mirror without asking me. That was when I had my swollen mouth.

She tried to watch tv when we left her at home. How we know? The tv was showing "starry" movie. She doesn't know how to operate astro- so simply press the tv remote control. That happened twice. And I didn't scold her -yet!
She tried to watch TV during her working hour (noon) even when she's supposed to be working. I was up in the room with the boys.
I asked her to come into my working room and gave her "verbal counseling" - telling her I know she took my mirror and also tried to watch tv. She cried say "sorry" and I asked her to return the mirror immediately and she just say "yes maam" and walked out of the room and avoided me for 2 days - never return my mirror.
2 days later I was in too much pain and wanted to look at my swollen mouth and I asked her to return my mirror NOW!!! and she gave it back to me showing the "black face"
I asked her to sit down and repeat what I have said to her (when I gave her the "verbal counseling" and she managed to repeat everything (means she understand what I've been babbling- her english not bad and she is not stupid-confirmed!). I asked her why she did not return the mirror she replied "I FORGOT".
She took my nail clipper again. I asked her why she said she found in the drawer inside Jayden's room (she sleep in Jayden's room because we have not cleaned her room before cny. We stuffed all the boxes inside). I said NO, gotto ask me first.

I went and bought a English-Khmer dictionary with Wen's help. (Thanks wen!) One day I heard Justin cried for very long time and I went down. She was sitting FAR AWAY from Justin, reading the dictionary letting Justin cry on the matress, on the floor. Jayden was running around asking me for "ribena". She did not give him water to drink for 2 hours after he woke up. I went down and she quickly hide the dictionary and crawled to Justin and pretend like she is playing with him. I asked her to come to the kitchen while I started to cook and I asked her what were you doing? Why Justin cry so long? Why Jayden don't have any water to drink? She keep quiet. And I replied for her. Because you're so busy reading the dictionary. You ask my permission to read? Are you very free? You cannot hear Justin crying? You cannot see Jayden don't have water to drink? You can read, IF you ask my permission to use the book and after you have finished your work. She just say YES MAAM.

One day, my hub opened the toilet door and saw her....trying to get up from sitting on the toilet seat. The toilet seat was down. She was sitting and chilling in the toilet. When my hub asked her "what are you doing?" she just walk out from the toilet and went to hide.

One day I found her using my dryer, she was trying to smuggle the dried clothes into her room to fold. I asked her why did she used the dryer when she was supposed to hang it under the sun. She answered "Because we go out. And you ask me to help your sister cook".

And then next day I saw my dictionary in her room again. And I brought the book and asked her "did you take my dictionary again without asking my permission?" She said YES. I flipped to the page with the word "PERMISSION" and asked her to read. Must ask permission, understand? YES MAAM she replied.

So since she said we brought her out and because of that she cannot finish her work. I asked her to stay at home one Saturday and gave her a list of things to do. Things which she was supposed to do but never. Like vacuuming and mopping my room or upstairs. She told me she mop the house twice a day. MY FOOT. She will only mop the top floor IF I asked her "Have you mop the floor?" And she will lie and say "YES ALREADY". And I will say "ARE YOU SURE?" then she will POOF!!!! go missing and fast fast clean the top floor. When we came back her hair was in a mess. Obviously just woke up from beauty sleep. And I checked, she did not vacuum the rooms.

2.2 Tested to the max
Then I found the dictionary again in her room. This time I really got so pissed off and waited till the kids is napping then I went into her room and "counsel" her using the dictionary. When I asked her why she never ask my permission she told me "I DUNNO ENGLISH". I said "What? you dunno english. Thern everyday what language you used to speak to me?" Then she kept quiet. Then I used the dictionary to point at every single word I said to her, making sure she fully understand what I say. Cannot understand English then read khmer. Then I asked her "You know that I will be angry if you take my things right?" She say "YES". Then I asked her " Then you purposely take to make me angry?" she replied.... YES!

Then I talk to her about her taking my nail polish: she admitted she used my nail polish
I talk to her about her not returning the mirror: She say she purposely didn't return it
Then I talk to her about her taking my hub's new diary calendar: >she admitted she took without asking.
Then I talk to her about not doing her things : She admitted.
I talk to her about her sleeping in the toilet : she admitted.
Many many things she admitted and she looked surprised that I know many things.

Then I asked her "After so many things you have done wrong. Do you have anything you want to say to me?" She say "NO. Nothing". I said you don't know how to say "Sorry?" And I flipped to the word sorry in the dictionary. And she read and she say "NO!" I said Cambodians don't say sorry wan izit? She replied YES.

Despite her irritating me like that, I maintained my coolness. I never shout at her. I continued to talk until she cried and finally said "I AM SORRY MAAM".

And she became good?

Wait.. cerita belum habis...

she avoided me for that day and the next day. The next day she just went off to sleep after dinner. Never help me with preparing the kids for bed. She just placed their pajamas and diapers on my bed. And that night I remember very well was Tuesday night. Because it was supposed to be our pasar malam night and Jayden was fussing at night and couldn't sleep because we didn't goto pasar malam. And Jayden fussed till 1.30 am and he started to cough. So Big C brought Jayden downstairs to feed him cough medicine and he came backinto our room and told me "She is using the air cond! How?" I said "Knock the door and ask her to come out NOW!" and he did and he can hear that she offed the main switch and then only open the door. Big C asked her "WHY YOU ON AIR COND AND SLEEP?" she replied " I NO ON AIR COND". Big C asked her "you come outside and feel this room , so hot. Your room so cold. And you say you never on air cond? You never on who on? On by itself ar?" She stratched her head. And he said "CANNOT ON" and she closed the door.

I asked my hub, you just let her go off just like that ?

he told me "yeah. can see her face so guilty. she don't dare to do it again". No need to nag her and keep teling her is wrong because she alreday know.

3.0 You all believe ah? You believe? I don't.

And you know what? Big C told me the way I counselled her is wrong. Say I should just "point the mistake, tell her don't do it anymore" and she will listen. You guys think so? Tell me. What I'm so angry about is she treated me like as if I'm stupid and she's so damn smart and worst my husband said that I'm wrong.

Now, I told Big C that I wanted to install cctv because I totally don't trust this woman or whatever you wanna call her anymore.Big C told me

1. No point install cctv. She will feel that she don't have freedom and she wont be motivated to work.
2. Don't scold too long. Just point out her mistake and ask her don't repeat it.
3. Don't check on her too much, give her opportunity to show us what she can do.
4. Just give her the task and let her handle the way she want to do it.

I said I'm worried that she might harm us by putting things in our food and Big C say "Nolah.........." and i told him about someone sent the tea to pathlab and tested there was period blood in the tea and he went like "Yakah?" You see? He never hear all these stories before so he doesn't understand how I feel.

I said she didn't eat the fish I left for her. Maybe she did something to the fish. He said NO LA...

I said She doesn't drink the soup and he said "We also don't drink soup la". What????? Just because of her we don't drink soup?

And I mention that she can put liquid detergent in our kid's milk nd he say NOLAAAAAA got bubbles wan mah. I think he dunno, now washing powder got low sud, bleach got no bubbles. Everyday put lil bit by the time you realize she was poisoning your kid, maybe its too late. I'm not taking the risk. My kids we're talking about here.

And because of that woman, we argued. We argued many times. When I said "Okay, I let you deal with her. I'm not going to scold her anymore" . He told me " I have enough problem at work edi". Then how?????? Scold, I am wrong wor. Don't scold, let him scold he said he also got problem. How? You tell me?

So please..... please share with HIM about your experiences with your beloved maid, especially cambodian maids.

Also I would like to know:

1. have you ever send your maid for "COUNSELING".
2. Did they change after the counseling session.
3. Do you know what the agency did to the maid during counseling session.(eg scold, whack, etc)

I told Big C that once I send her out for counselling, I don't want her anymore. She will come back and harm my kids. And expected answer from him "NOLAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Won't wan la" Arghhh!!! *Pull Hair*

You see why I'm not free to blog? Got maid also no time. No maid also no time. What is happening wei?????!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Project : Mothering Corner

Yeap! Another completed project but this is not for me but for my 3rd time customer : Shopping mum.

A simplified version of her full banner.

This is the full banner but in very tiny format.

What I can say is... I had fun looking at her beautiful bentos. That's why it took me quite a while to finish the header. hehe She is also very nice.. and patient to wait for a very slow me. What to do.... busy with my kids and a very *ahem* maid.

Thanks Shoppingmum for the opportunity! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A lil jiggy for u!

Lil Boy is getting cheekier each day and loves to bath - ALOT!

He will hold the sides and kick the water. Oh just if you thought that he is sitting on the tub himself, there's a net down there supporting his bumbum like a hammock.

Love the way he laugh and chuckles. So.... So geram makes me wanna bite him!

Come Justin, do a lil jiggy for everyone to see..

Can't get enough of this lil fler! *run to bite him*

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 in the bed...

and the little one say roll over, roll over,
they all rolled over and one fell down.

Guess who fell down?

The father of course!

Big C fell down that day cos Jayden was "kungfu" kicking in sleep and he was sleeping sideways with his leg facing the father. hahahhahaha

Imagine if Justin sleeps with us on the king size bed? hahahhahaha

Anyway the lil one managed to roll over before cny. Approx 4 months 15 days, just before I shaved him botak.
Yeap, he's a very happy botak boy!

Today, he is 5 months old. Time flies eh?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunmaid Raisin Cornflakes Cookies

One of my favourite cookies EVER! I lost my mum's cornflakes cookie recipe and I thought I can never eat such a nice cookie anymore until my sis brought over a copy of cookies magazine. Immediately i flip through and saw CORNFLAKES cookies! YAY! So I baked some for CNY. My first batch was slightly overcooked cos Jayden refused to let me go into the kitchen. But I ate ALL. So I tried again and I thought I should double up the ingredients and make more. I thought I wanna share and give some to my neighbour- menjalinkan hubungan baik ma.. but then hahaahahah I looked at my cookies and then I ate some.. then I though... NEXT TIME LA! But what I was so pissed about was, I went out to buy something and I came home with half the cookie missing. My maid sapu half the container! $#@%#$ can really eat like no tomorrow but that proved something also la.. means it tasted good. :) Must give warning to her - Do Not Touch My Corn Flakes Cookies!

I added raisin into the ingredient cos :
1. my mum used to bake cornflakes cookies with raisin.
2. Teik Senn sent some over for me to try together with Sunsweet Prunes, Tulip Ham, Diamond Zipper bags, and many more. Thanks Hui Min!

So here goes:

100 gm butter
80 gm caster sugar

1 egg (grade A)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

150gm plain flour
15g custard powder
30g cornflakes
50 gm Sunmaid Raisin

Smashed cornflakes

1. Beat ingredient A until fluffy, add in ingredient B. Mix well, fold in ingredient C to form soft dough.

2. Use spoon to scoop out small dollops of cornflakes raisin dough and drop it into D, smashed cornflakes. Coat well and leave in paper cups. Place on baking trays.

3. Bake in preheated oven at 170˚ for 15-20 minutes. Cool and store in airtight jars.

Result: YUMMY!

Additional tips from Teik Senn/Sunmaid: Soak the raisin in hot water for 10 mins to get better results. The raisin will be soft and yummylicious compared to using it straight (it will be slightly dry)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lil Botak Boy

backdated post..before cny


yeap I have a botak boy now. He look really different with short hair. Sigh I miss the soft hair poking into my nose. Now I got a sabut kelapa poking my face. But nevermind.. he look yummylicious with or without hair. Hehe

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Abandoned Project ~ Continued

This was one of my abandoned project for more than a year. After I have done the first part, then I found out I was pregnant. So I abandoned this project and now that Justin is out, its time to continue and finish up the project.

The idea came when we wanted to get some nice art deco for our house. But we went and look around , either its tooo expensive OR we have no idea what that art is trying to tell us. (yeah la.. u know the colour splash here and there and you want me to pay for that ah? Jayden also can colour like that...) So I told Big C, nevermind let me do something that we will all appreciate and look at it very often.

So I drop by a walk in shop in DU and got Justin's pic printed on a tarpauline and then headed over to the hardware shop to buy some wood. Those flers just can't cut the wood straight. But I make use of whatever I have and assemble everything and everything went crooked.

Then our door guy came to fix our very crooked door ( old houses in these area got crooked doors- we need specialist to come and fix the door). I tell you.. he looked like this fler...

Eh dream On la.... he looked like this fler more!


Since he was here, I asked him to pinjam-ed me his saw so that I can redo the frame and make it more sturdy. This uncle is really nice, not only that he pinjamed me his saw he even taught me how to make exact 45˚ corner. Dun play play .. his saw very sharp. Satu kali move the thing patah..

You need to put the corners so that the frame will stay intact. You can see its senget without the corners...

And then I joint the corners to the frame with nails and then placed the tarpauline photo on the frame. I forgot to buy thumbtacks so I used stapler

And the final result...

It might not be perfect (in fact slightly senget cos we need to put the pictures really high up on staircase wall and then we didn't have the right tools and cny is round the just hantam la) and it might not be so beautiful that makes u go WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But we like it, cos it relates to us. Something that we will appreciate and look at everyday when we walk up and down the staircase.

P/S: If you wanna make one for yourself, go to Ikea and buy the frame at Rm15. I got to know about the frame AFTER I completed this project. But its slightly smaller than mine, Ikea's is 1.5ft x 1.5ft.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Love the giggles!

I noticed that I have not posted Justin's video before. So here you go, the video of him playing with me in the car while waiting for dadi.

Just love the way he laugh!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sausage and Raisin Bun


Initially I wanted to post about my projectsss before my new year. You know la.. move house got alot to do. And since I'm so poor, of course everything also D.I.Y. But then I posted my status in Facebook "Sasha is happy that her sausage bun and raisin bun turned out nice", then some people asked for the pics. So I uploaded the pics and since the pics are available then I post here ler. One stone kill 2 birds :P

This is my 2nd attempt, the first was yesterday. I went and bought the premixed wholemeal bread thinggy from Chang Tung. And my dog is enjoying the bread now. So this morning I went to Bake with Yen and bought another kinda premix bread - SWEET BUN premix. Yesterday my sis was around to help me mix the darn thing and I have no idea how to knead the dough. But today's was abit easier cos the instruction asked me to use the dough hook first then only use hand to punch knead the dough. I tell you, its a great way to release tension or anger cos u punch and punch the dough.

At first I have no intention to blog about this. I mean what is so great la about sausage bun made out from premix right? The reason why I took this picture was to remind myself and to compare to see if the dough actually rise to double its size.

then 30-45 mins later I checked my dough and snapped a pic to compare..

And after 10 mins and some egg wash....

Tadaaaaa...20 sausage buns. Opsss 19 cos i tasted one. :P

And since there was some dough balance, I simply just put some Sunmaid Raisins in it and tadaaaaa Raisin bun! is missing and no prize for guessing what happened to it :P

Like what I said earlier, nuthing special about making sausage and raisin buns from a premix. But I felt so happy that I finally can bake and my husband is so happy that his wife is REALLY using the oven that he bought for her. I can hear him saying "memang berbaloi......" while rubbing his tummy ...haha.

*memang berbaloi = worth the money