Friday, June 27, 2008

28 weeks

Yeap. Finally I've reached my 28 weeks of pregnancy. And thanks for the compliments in my previous post. Sorry to say that I no longer look like that anymore. Yeah, I know it's only 2 weeks from the date of the pics were taken but then as expected, baby suddenly speed up in growing and of course the mother also gained lotsa weight (must be the curry mee!). I don't know how much I weight now, but looking at the comments made by some ppl:

Wah! Your legs so chunky wan.
Wah! What happened?
You can run meh?
Nevermind she cannot run edi wan.
Wah! You look very HUGE.
Wah! You look fat today. Which I answered, "yesterday also I was fat edi. You never noticed ah?"

I know I gained alot.

You know, sometimes I just wonder how come some people is not sensitive enough with the words being thrown out from the mouth. Yeah, its free. But does it mean that you can simply just say it out? Yeah, it was meant to be a joke-but seriously, is it THAT funny? Ah well, the mouth belongs to them. Just gotto remember something::: "what goes around comes around".

Baby likes to kick and play with my ureter and my bladder. I think s/he can be a drummer or guitar player. When s/he kicks, it feels like the world is spinning around cos it hurts like mad. And the bad news is, s/he is wide awake at night or end of the day. I hope this change otherwise, I'll be a night owl entertaining her/him.

We mentioned some name the other night and s/he kicked a few times when we mentioned that particular name. And when Jayden was near me I said "jayden, come say hi to XXXXXX la.." the baby kicked me and Jayden looked at me as if he's saying "mami are you crazy?"

Before I even planned for no2 I sort of guess and know what I will have. How I know? I dunno. You can call it mother's instinct. Many commented saying I am having a girl.Only a few said I'm having a boy. But anyway girl or boy it doesn't matter. Cos I only wanted someone to accompany Jayden and as long as baby is healthy and normal, what else can I ask for right?
See what can happen in 2 weeks time.
The hump became so much bigger!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My 2nd preggie shot.

I went for another round of preggie shot with Tricia 2 weeks ago when I was 26 weeks pregnant. Some of you might say "AGAIN????" The last round was just to get to know each other mah since we have spoken to each other for a very long time but have not met each other. This round was an impromptu shot together with a few other photographers in KTM.

Here are some of my favourite shots:

My Header at Tricia's site. Click to enter her gallery. Noticed that the train is coming? We got it just in time. 

My first few shots. Still very fresh and energetic that time. 

Yes, we're at the train station...

Yes I went into the old KTM train too...My kiriman express will arrive in 2 1/2 months time. A very long 40 weeks waiting. 


A very fun and impromptu shot. Done last minute.

And what is a preggie shot without a shot like this?


This was the same dress I have worn 4 years ago when I signed my marriage agreement. And now I'm in it again, 15 kgs heavier with baby no.2. 

Tricia said that she wanna give me an Anniversary gift that will make my other half fall in love all over again with me. *chuckles* Thanks Tricia for this lovely Anniversary Gift, really appreciate it very much. I know it's challenging to take something different from what you normally shoot (super sexy, slim and long legs models) .  You made my pregnancy this time a very memorable and beautiful one. Thanks so much.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bake without oven and stove

I was talking to her in msn when I said "Hang on, let me go steam a cake. brb in 10 mins".

And I grabbed all the ingredient listed in this website and followed the steps. Just want to try my luck to steam a cake using my rice cooker. The ingredients list = very short, and the steps = just too easy to follow. I mixed it all in a metal bowl and popped it into my rice cooker and steamed it for 18 mins. And Tadaaa....




Mine is abit dry, should add more water and oil. And probably should add more banana to make it more fragrant and yummylicious.

And this is all you need to wash.

So here you go. The simplest cake to make.

P/S to Big C: Happy Earliet Birthday babe. Sorry I got to cut yr cake to show ppl what's inside. :P

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Day Has Arrived.


Big C asked me "Actually, how is Jayden after you leave him in school?" It got me wondered too. So on Tuesday I decided to hide and stick around for a while to see what was his reaction. As usual he cried when I passed him to his teacher. He cried really loud holding his James train. And suddenly his teacher just went and hugged him and sang to him. And it was like magic! Jayden just stopped crying,sobbed and sang with the teacher. That moment was....simply amazing. To see him sobbing away and sing with the teacher is just nice. Cos at home, the more you console him the more he will scream and cry out loud.

On Wednesday, miracle happened. As soon as he saw his teacher, he went to her and said "Bye Bye" to me. It was Wednesday - his play day at the playground. As I walked off I thought that he'll come running towards me. Nope. I turned around and saw him jumping up and down with his friends. So I thought "for today only cos it's playground day. Tomorrow he'll cry again".

Today, his day began in the classroom and not the playground. I was so ready to bid farewell to a screaming child. I was so wrong. He went to his teacher and said "Bye Bye" and continued to play with his classmate. I turned around and he was smiling at me.

The moment that we've been waiting for finally has arrived. Well, I'll probably get jinxed for writing this. Maybe he'll cry again tomorrow or maybe on Mondays after the long weekend. But at least I get to enjoy this moment for 2 days. :) Gotto appreciate what we have everyday right?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ah Chim, why your stomach so big wan?

That's what my lil niece, Sze Yin asked me the other day. I told her I hid a ball in it. "Can you take it out for me to see?". Then we laughed and I joked with her again "Actually there's a worm inside!". She looks stunned and said "How did it get into your stomach?" Haha she's such a cutie. How did the worm managed to get inside? that one I gotto ask your Ah Chik (Big C) to explain, ok?

Anyway here's a sneak preview of the lil one (the inside one) at week 26.


Doc and nurse said the same thing "Aiyoh....this baby looks exactly like your son la! You just look at the mouth and nose!".

I said "Eh ppl always say my son's mouth is very ugly because he suck pacifier you know?"

Doc said "Then you can tell them off. Cos no2 has the same mouth and lips and he's not even sucking anything inside".

As usual, the lil one (inside one) covered the bottom part. Doc scanned and scanned and sighed...because baby just refused to show what is under "there". It was as though baby was saying this


Starting to be cheeky even in the tummy.*headache*

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Things They Said...

Before my heart attack moment in the pool, I went to get myself pampered like a Shooi Tai Tai. Nolah, hers nicer. I never get the flowery ones. Just the plain one.

It was unplanned . Cos Big C ordered a new bed so I gotto get out of the house when they moved the bed into our house, pantang sikit la.. So I brought J to a nearby shopping complex and since he was asleep, I walked into a nail shop and asked "How much ah?" Its been a long long time since I have done mani and pedi for myself. So why not?

Jayden slept through the 2 hours (or less) and I managed to get my nails pretty. So being the "new customer" there, I just sat + observed + listen to the staff and the "frequent customers" yakking away.

They talked about kids, how the kids embarrassed them and so on.

First lady: my daughter said Oh S-H-I-T ( she spelt it cos her daughter of 3 yrs old was there with her). Hahaha You know how embarrassed is that?

Second Lady: Aiyah Oh SHIT nephew told my dad "Koong koong you know? That man stole mummy's bag without asking her permission. THAT BASTARD AH....." Lagi teruk. My dad got heart attack when he heard him saying that! Hahahaha

Third lady (the staff) : hahaha that day our customer came and she was scolding her son about something. Then the son yelled "Mummy stop scolding me or I'll tell everyone you ate daddy's kukubird ah!" You say! Funny or not? hahahahhahaha

Not only u get a nice pedi and manicure, your mind also got relaxed abit with the stuff they said. haha

Monday, June 16, 2008

He nearly make me beranak in the pool!

Not enough with the poopy-heart-attack incident, my son tried to test my patience last Saturday. We attended my niece and nephew's birthday pool party last Saturday. The lil one (the outer one) enjoyed himself by jumping into my arms from the pool side like this...


He enjoyed himself so much, he did it over and over again. And then the older kids started to scream and jump into the pool, creating big splash. Jayden got so excited, he started to scream and jump into the pool like the older kids. Suddenly, he just went nuts and ran towards the 8 feet pool section. I was stucked in the pool. I yelled "JAYDEN NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and he giggled and yelled too " AH!!!!!!!!!!!!" while running towards the 8 feet section.

My tummy just went harden! I screamed and screamed and he was Giggling away??? At last I shouted "DADDYYYY!!!!!" Big C was already running towards the lil one and managed to catch him before he made the olympic jump into the pool. PHEW!!!!!!!

My BIL came and told me " I think it is safer for him to be in the water!" Yeah, and after that we put him on the float and make sure he stayed in the middle of the pool cos he can pull himself up from the pool side. My face turned white and my tummy was so uncomfortable after that. The feeling was like... Gonna beranak anytime man!

Maybe it is safer to put the hand float for him you say? We tried and he refused to move. You say la?????????

Look at him la.. like nothing happened. But the father and mother nearly kena heart attack with his doings. *wipe sweat*

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Saved Poo

After we got home from the school yesterday, I took J's diaper off and let him "air" his dingdong and told him "tell mami when u need to sheeshee okay?". I turn around and I heard some water driping sound. I turned around and he gave me this look.


Aiyah.....accident. Terkencing!

"It's okay baby. Next time must tell mami okay?"

And I wipe his wee, removed his pants and and went to cook soup. (of course i washed my hands)

While I was frying some eggs for my quickie soup, he came and held my hand and gave me the look again.

I said "Shee Shee?????" He gave me a weirder look.

"PoooPooo???!!!! OMG! FASTER!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!"

I managed to turn the gas off and ran after him. He was already running towards the toilet and I swear I can see the poop half way coming out. He shouted "GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thank god the toilet door was not locked, I grabbed him and place him on the toilet bowl.


And he said "yeah baby........"

And that's the story of the saved poo. More of this can have heart attack man....*wipe sweat*

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hugs and Kisses


Noticed the red mark on his chin? That's not a bruise. That's a lipstick mark from his teacher. *lol* He got it from her when he hugged her and gave her a kiss before we came home. Everyday before he says bye bye , he will give teacher a hug and a kiss before we go back. That is how much he love them. And also because the rest are doing peer pressure I guess?

So how's the lil' one doing? (the outer lil' one-not the one in tummy) I can say, he's getting better each day in school. Yesterday, I saw him playing masak-masak (he was trying to assemble the koyaked (spoilt) pan back while his GIRLfriends fried some stuff. But I didn't see him interacting with the girls. Anyway I asked his teacher and she said he is alright. He plays hide and seek with them, running and chasing each other and they include him when they play family. Guess what role he got? baby la.. what else?!

Part from that, he stopped drinking milk using bottle in school. Guess he was shy seeing his friends drinking milk without bottle. His teacher got worried that he is taking less milk compared to the time he first came to daycare. But he will eat other solid except milk. Now, he eats himself, refused to let teacher feed him and dirty the floor like nobody's business. But the teacher said that he is good and at least he is trying hard. And they let him practise and clean up after that (well they have cleaners there all the

His nickname is "Baby" but he doesn't act like one. The other day I saw him walking around like a big taikor. Now when he sees me, he will run and......................Take his bottle first then only come to me. Not run straight to me anymore. :P

And he will say " Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye". Wondering how come so many Byes? He says bye to each and every human in the class room. Yeahlah...don't know how to say people's name what, what to do? I asked him to hug his friends yesterday and he selected a few to hug and refused to hug some of them. Hmm I wonder why?

He refused to let me carry him when we're going home. He wants to walk by himself - ONLY WHEN WE'RE GOING BACK. But it's a different story in the morning, he insists that I carry him all the way into the class. And yes, he still cry abit in the morning when I leave. :(

Every morning when we put on his school uniform, he will ask me "why? *sob* *sob*". Then we gotto to answer him otherwise he won't let you put on his uniform. And then he will ask again when we put on his socks and also his shoes. You say drama or not????

But anyway.....I'm so glad that he changed so much. Definitely acting like a big boy now. But still...he will say "aunty..aunty" when we passed by his ex-nanny's house. So who said that kiddos will forget fast? I know mine still remembers after such a long time...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

True Match Mineral

Last Sat was a good day for me. Cos we went to the park early in the morning and Jayden had fun, Big C gotto jog a little and I got to take some pics. It was even better because we went to Midvalley to get some stuff for myself. It's been a long long time since I have shopped for myself so I guess since I'm in my 2nd trimester, I better get what I want now or else I wont be able to get it until I give birth!
One of the stuff that I managed to get is Loreal's True Match Mineral powder on foundation. All these while I have been using Maybelline's 2 way cake. But since the beauty advisor promoted this, I thought why not give it a try. It costs me RM60++ for this, compared to the ordinary foundation that they have about RM40++? But when the beauty advisor told me that this powder can cover MORE compared to the ordinary 2 way cake, it caught my attention.

I believe that every pregnant lady will have the same case like me. Either your face will have break-out or you looked like you just woke up although it's already noon time. You constantly looked tired and a dash of foundation, a lil blusher, a lil colour on the eyebrow can really helped to make you look "livelier".

PhotobucketI have been using it for almost 3 days now and I can say that I like my Maybelline's foundation better compared to this. The brush is kinda hard and prickly. Not only that, there will be some wastage, you can see it on your shirt and all over the sink too. You gotto be extra careful with you use this otherwise, you will finish the entire bottle in just one month.

Apart from that, I kinda like the colour. Finally I managed to find the right kind of foundation tone for my slightly-darker-than-average-chinese skin tone. But then to spend RM60 on this compared to my RM15.90 Maybelline foundation (remember petrol price increased?), I think slightly fairer is also okay right? As long as I look human and alive, I'm happy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Velvet MaryJane


100% hand sewn. Not because I don't want to use the sewing machine. I was forced to hand sew this due to the sticky material in between the velvety surface and the bottom cloth, making the sewing machine needle sticky and keep snapping the string. My hand shiver for one whole day after I have completed this...haha!

This is the improvised version of my first MJ shoes. I have changed the ribbon fastener, making it easier for the busy mommy to slip the shoes onto the baby's leg.

You must be thinking "Ah.. she must be carrying a girl!". This is not for my own baby la...I made this for fun and I'm planning to sell it online. Anyone interested?

Monday, June 09, 2008

His first time in TTDI park

After our laid back Saturday norning breakfast of roti canai and nasi lemak bungkus (cos petrol price increased, so we need to change our lifestyle abit and switch to less expensive food -haha!) we headed over to the same place where I did my week23 preggie shot, TTDI park.

The little one was kinda confused how come there wasn't any playground when we arrived at the destination.

But he was fascinated with the big pond and sprinkly fountain in the middle of the pond.
Him saying...Burd....................(Bird)

He ran and ran (we forgot to bring his sports shoes).

Then we arrived at the playground area and he got so excited about the playground..

And he never stop at all for me to take a decent pic of him playing.

He loved his tumbler so much, he need to save send his tumbler over to the other side of the tunnel before he crawl over.

Yes this is me at week 25 preg.

The only way to get him away from the playground is to carry him like this..

And we headed over to the man-made stream.
Not afraid of sand anymore...

He managed to hijack borrowed someone's fish net to catch longkang fish.

Since we forgot to bring any of his beach tools, I gave him a bottle cap and he used that to play with water. Save money mar......

The mother looking at her son mining for gold using bottle cap...haha

The tired mother with the very wet kid.

Bottle cap hilang edi.. so play with stick

Ah I like this pic cos he look like a big tai kor in this pic. 

And when we said "okay let's go home", he ran and refused to let us change him..
His dadi gotto chase him and strip him naked in the middle of the field to change him.

This is a really nice place for family outing. Other than the playground's flooring (which is abit cacat-ed), the environment is really nice. The man-made stream's water is was so clean and clear that you can see longkang fish and prawns (yeah they managed to catch some). I guess J enjoyed his first time in this park. We enjoyed ourselves too and definitely know what to bring for our 2nd trip here.

Friday, June 06, 2008

pass me a bib please.....


Pic from here.


Leng Chai or not???? Leng Chai Or not????

Very grungy and dirty look. I likey. Okay, i'm not gonna cut Jayden's hair. His dad been pestering me to cut his hair SHORT or even shave him bald. No No.. I want my son to look like David Cook.

Okay I will be very busy looking at his pic and hope that my no2 looks like him also. Eh? Means my kiddo will be a son ah ? Nehmind Just look la. Maybe the girl version might look nice also. Eh means I'm carrying a girl ah? I also dunno la! muahahahah If not then I hope he/she has his talent in singing but not bar tendering la. Muahahahahah

And this song! How come he can sing nicer than the original singer? Oh yeah cos he's a damn good looking guy! muahahahahahahahhahaha

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What A Mother Want To Hear...

"Your son very good la. He ate himself you know? The 4 yrs old asked us to feed them but he ate himself"

"Now he is better. He will only cry in the morning when you send him. After that, he is okay"

"He's very good you know. Last time, we lock the door because we're afraid that he might run out from the class. Now, he makes sure that the door is always closed."

The other day, I saw him running around in the class. When he saw me, he immediately picked his water tumbler and said BYE to his teacher. To my surprise, he wanted to kiss the teacher good bye. I said "why not you kiss this cheh cheh" *pointing at a girl* and he used his hands to cover his mouth and laughed shyly.

When we're about to leave school, he will say "Bye Bye Schoooo.."

All of a sudden, I felt that he is so matured, so not like a 2 yr old.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Standing Strong

I hope I can...I really do...

Another pic of me by Flowsnow...

I have no idea what she is singing but then I like the title of the song and also the music , matches with my feeling today...