Friday, November 30, 2007


I used to say that Jayden is not afraid of anything, including me. Well, maybe sometimes when I hold my cane/rotan up or when I whack the wall to make the ZUUUUPPP sound to scare him. So Amy, that answered your tag of "Spare the rod?". I'm already using it. How to spare? *LOL*

Anyway, that day I brought my lil J to the park. It just rained so the park was empty. I was holding my camera and I brought him alone. Luckily I have a door mat in my car (don't ask me why, I don't know too..) So I wiped the slide for him.

Off he went. And he was so happy going up and down the slide. And then he saw this...


And he gave me the cheeky grin...


Oh no. I shouted "Jayden, No!" And still he tried to go up. I couldn't reach him in time and he already reached the top of the slide. He got in so I waited for him to come down. And he didn't. Then I heard the sound "Piak Piak Piak". He reversed and came down from the top.

Then he ran down and hugged me. I asked him "what happened?" (eh, as if he knows how to answer me eh?) and he gave me this blank look..


Ok, definitely something is wrong. Maybe he was afraid of the slide cos it was dark. (nearly 7.30pm). So we headed home. And he cried like mad in the car!


So, last night we brought him to the playground where he got a flying kick the other day. And I thought that this time he won't go up the slide anymore. But nope. He totally forgotten about the scarry slide and he went to the lowest slide. Then slowly upgraded to the higher one. Then the zigzag one and finally the giant looking one, nearly the same as the one in the park. Of course I guided him up the stairs but he zupped down by himself. And he went on and on and on until both big C and I punya back sudah senget.

Using my Olympus FE190. That's why its not so clear.

In fact, when I was up there guiding him into the tunnel slide (the yellow one), I was afraid too. I don't know why. But it gave me the chilly feeling. Probably that's why he was afraid of the slide in the park.

I know, the video is very dark.....

This time he happily obliged when we say "let's go home". Phew!!!! Maybe he was too tired or he played till he was bored already. But he didn't konk-out in the car or when we're at home till about 12am!!! I know one thing for sure, I'm more tired than him!!! I couldn't get up this morning!

Okay Have a good weekend everyone. It's gonna be a very busy weekend for us. Too many warehouse sale going on. (click here for the full list. Remember to bring Cash. Otherwise you gotto wait very long at the Credit Card Q!) *Big C biting nails edi now, i know* plus we have to attend my ex-colik's wedding too. More opps to snap pics :D

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nasi Lemak

Remember my craving for rambutan? I didn't get Rambutan. But I see it everywhere, up high on the tree. Nehmind, I'll just wait for my mum's rambutan tree. I saw there's about 10 rambutans up there. *waiting patiently*

Nehmind, no rambutan I'll go eat other things. I went to eat this.

looked just like any nasi lemak, what's so special? Try it and tell me yourself.

Purposely asked hub to drive to PJ OLD TOWN to makan this Nasi Lemak Along. Normally by 10am, they will be washing and cleaning up. And how come I get to eat this although we got there late? ah....its because my sis has the shop owner's number and she called to order for me. Happening leh? That's because she is a frequent there...

What I can say about the nasi lemak...
The sotong and the gravy....Oh la la.
The sambal, more to sweeter side but it's spicy. So its just right
Normally I'll take the fried egg but too late. Fried eggs sold out!

Eat nasi lemak, drink teh ais and talk nonsense. The fattiest combination of all. I like! But before that remember to eat more Vitamin A to prevent gaining weight ah....

Where is Nasi Lemak Along situated? Near Gasing Aroundabout, Jalan Othman. In front of the church. Forgot what is the name of the church edi :P so much. Now I wanna eat Nasi Lemak again tim....Mott, u better go and eat this before u fly this Sat!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What I have learnt today...

That female dogs are called bitches but female cats are called Queens. How come the cat get the nicer and so high class name?

Since the female cat are called queens then the male cats are called Kings?

Nope, they are called Tom. But Male dogs are called..........Dogs. Just dogs.

Since Tom is male cat, male mouse should be called Jerry? Nope. They are called....mouse.

And do you know that Vitamin A is not just for good eye sight. It prevents you from gaining back your weight after you have lost some. Ahhhh...that's good news eh?

Puppies also need DHA for brain development so that they're easily trained.

Pregnant dogs also gotto take DHA so that the puppies born are smarter.

Cats will get hairball problem in the tummy because they licked themselves and the bulu masuk the tummy and become a ball and they need to eat special diet food to keluarkan the hairball thru the poop.

Ah, like that la. That's what I learnt in a day training today and that's why no update until now. [smile]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



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Look at him. Look at his look, "caught in the act" look. He wanted to hug the bear (the one that accompanied him everyday when he was a little boy) the other day. But as soon as I saw him doing it he just held the bear like that (maintaining a distance) between them.

He wanted to kiss the bear, but kept looking at me. And he pretend to kiss the bear, also maintaining a distance between him and the bear.

That's why you don't see him kissing or hugging me when I asked him to.

He is just too someone...definitely not me :)

Friday, November 23, 2007



See the ice cream is melting up there? That's how my dad felt that day when Jayden said ...

"Koong Koong........"

And Dad was so happy and he said "AH DEN, say it again la..."

And he repeated it again "Kooooooong Kooooooong" with the manja-est voice.

My dad asked again "Ah Den Repeat again la..."

Now you see why he doesn't like to talk? It's always like "Ah So Pandai...REPEAT AGAIN!" HAHhahahhahahahah If me, I'd rather keep quiet than to say anything. Have to repeat so many times wan!

Why dad is so happy that Jayden know how to greet him? Cos Jayden always prefer my mom over my dad. It's always poh-poh to carry. Poh-Poh to feed.Poh-Poh to bring to garden and see flower. But although he prefer poh-poh more, he can't greet poh-poh correctly. It's always "kor-kor". Now poh-poh is jealous pulak! *Scratch head*

See my son looks like s big boy now. *sigh* No more baby face. Now he knows how to request for us to sayang him. He will reach for our hand and put it on his face, asking us to stroke his face. He is like an alarm clock or timer, must stroke the face or the head every now and then.

Maybe I should start doing that to remind dadi to sayang me MORE also huh? hahahahah Cannot get enough of sayang-ing wan ma....

What you wanna be when you grow up, little liar?

Okay, before I start my Bi*tching mode, let me show Barbara my MAC pic.


And If you're wondering, what's in the bowl....

My lunch.

*switch to bi*tching mode*

You see. That day I brought J to Mcd to play play right? So while we're having our breakfast peacefully, suddenly a boy started to cry very loudly. And then he ran to his mother pointing at another boy, who also ran to his mom [they're sitting right next to us].

MOMMY!!! HE PUSHED ME!!!!!! And the mother said "AWWW POOR THING! He PUSHED You!????" *staring at the kid next to us*

And then the kids pretend like nuthing and went on to play again.

And the same boy cried and whined again. MOMMYYYYY HE PUSHED ME LIKE THIS LIKE THIS!!!! This time pointing at J's friend (same nanny). The boy looked totally clueless why everyone is looking at him.

So I was thinking. Ah poor guy. Kena bully left and right. I believed him because the boy (the one with the same nanny) always like to bully J when the nanny is not looking.

Then J ran off to play. While he was trying to slide down, the same boy (neh...that one that likes to cry and point at ppl wan leh.....) cried out loud...again. He said "MOMMYYY HE PUSHED ME! pointing at Jayden. And where was J? behind him trying to wait for his turn. And he waited and waited , he tried to overtake the fella without pushing him. And I was like....What the hell? You trying to frame my son? Nehmind, kids....kasi muka. ( I was thinking, since kena frame edi, might as well push also right? Eh but I'm not that bad mother la ..think only oky? imagination ma. watch too much Barney edi...)

Then while Jayden tried to overtake him (imagine ah, the butt is hanging OUT OF THE SLIDE , one push can jatuh like cempedak okay? ) He wanna push my son!!! So while holding my camera in one hand I grabbed J and brought him down. And that boy Cried again!! MOMMY HE PUSHED ME!!! and what did the mother did? Sitting on her chair, waving the hands like BEAUTY PAGEANT QUEEN. The father, reading newspaper.

So I pretend to scold J. "Notty Boy. No Manners! If ppl like to sit at the slide and don't come down, don't push. Go play others!" and I gave him a spank on his butt. The boy was looking at me. I think he got it. Fine. So my J acted like as if he know what I was talking about. Off he went to play with another slide.

AND GUESS WHAT? That Rascal ran after my son, chased him and purposely blocked him. And You know my J la, dun care wan. He cried AGAIN " MOMMY HE BEAT ME!

WTF! I really felt like punching his face! What a little liar. And the parent acted like as though they are immuned to his lie and crap. But Then immune is immune, dun la never do anything and let yr kid lie saying that everyone is bullying him. Argghhhhh! I wanted to strangle him. People wanna slide, he hogged the slide. Ppl wanna climb he block. People climb slide he block. So damn irritating. If you're in my shoes, do you feel the same?

So enough of his crap, everyone left that place. And his mom, like bodoh still waving at her kid like some beauty pageant queen. I think ah, his mother's dream is to have "WORLD PEACE" and dyed her hair from blonde to black. That's why the anak like dat also. Blek!

Oooohhh I so cannot tahan that boy. I was thinking, so small(young) also lie like expert edi (maybe the parents are not that smart to notice that he is actually lying) I wonder how he will be like when he grow up. *hmmmmm*

Ah you wanna see his picture or not? (the first pic) *geram*

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Okay, this is not for everyone to view. If you cannot take it better not see. I warn you first.

Last night, I was busy chatting with Mott. Have to chat more with her. Cos she is leaving Msia soon. Soon, she will be busy "there" and won't have time to layan (entertain) me. I will miss her. *sigh*


Chat chat..... sekali I heard...


I continued to chat...


And I turned around....



Yeap. He sat on the pot. And he got stucked.

Okay please excuse my messy room. With him its always like the tornado just came and gone. Even my closet also he opened and hide things in between my folded bajus.

My first reaction was to LAUGH SO DAMN LOUD , called for his dad and reach for my camera. I totally forgot to set the camera mode and began to take pic. His dad scolded me:

"OI! Faster help him la. Samo wanna take picture. Faster! Take one more!!!"

aiks? Scold me but ask me to take one more? hahahahahhahahahah

And then his dad came to the rescue.


So anyone learnt a lesson or two here?
1) don't sit on a pot. Can get stucked.
2) Set camera mode fast fast.
3) Clean room before take picture.

Okay, only the parents learnt the lesson. You know why?


He tried on the smaller one pulak. This time cannot get stuck cos:
1) diaper too big
2) buttock bigger than the pot.

Okay, he experimented. So he learnt a lesson also. :D

P/S: How come there's pots in the room? Ask Jayden-lah!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

He is 20 Months


My darling is 20 months today. Time flies. He's such a big boy now. Not big in terms of size (he is only 10.3kg) and is tall enough to open the door by himself now.
  • He understands more of what we're saying but still he doesn't talk much. Now, I am MEH MEH and his dadi is YEH YI. His MUM MUM became MAMA. I have no idea why he is not progressing.
  • He reads by himself and doesn't like it when I read with him. Independent? I don't know. He will purposely flip the pages when I read. But he likes to read next to me and say MAMA!!! (for mum mum).
  • He imitates people. Not in the sense of doing it right in front of you. He will do it later. Like delayed telecast. For example like this...

Do you have any idea what he is doing? He is actually trying to put my handfone into his ahem's part. Cos he cannot find his pocket. So he puts it at the Ahem area and pretend to wait for a while and then act surprised as if the fone is ringing. Then he will pick up the call "Ah! Ah! Wo?" And then puts it back at the ahem area. Pengsan or not?
  • He kissed me on my lips so many times this week. *cloud 9* But not when I request for it. He will never kiss me when I request for it. Hard to get?
  • I have a rotan on stand by last time. It went missing for many months. The other day, I found it and showed it to him. "You want this?" I said when he tried to do some stunts like climbing out of his play pen. He will shake his head left and right , and also wave his hand indicating NO!!!! Apparently nanny told me, she has to use a ruler to knock on the wall or table to scare the 3 rascals (Jayden, Zac [2 plus] And Catherine [7 months]). And all will stand and shake head and wave hands saying no altogether. Satu Gang!
  • He likes to eat dinner with us. In fact it a must. Although he holds 2 spoons [left and right] but he still uses his hand to eat. I think he likes it that way. But he is trying to scoop food nowadays.
    Especially ice cream. Do you know that giving vanilla ice cream to yr kid once in while will avoid tonsillitis?
  • He likes to be diaperless. I guess it's-getting-hot-down-there. And everytime we remove his diaper he asked me to shout "AH! " and close my eyes and he will laugh out loud.
  • He likes to walk lengang-lenggok and shake his butt left and right, and also swing his hands at the same time.
  • When he found my nail polish, he will sit on the floor and imitate me painting my nails. *bite nails*
  • He likes me to massage his legs, hands and back. Masterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Will cry and fuss when I say "later k?" When he sees the lotion means gotto massage! That's why I need to hide it. Sampai I sendiri cannot find myself!
  • And the latest latest of his funny act is.....say BRRRRRR [blow raspberry] when he sees us coming out from the toilet or when we change our clothes. Sometimes he will request to touch my Ahem...NieNie. But I like to tease him "Come Mami feed you!" and he will run away. Muahahaha He's been doing that everytime we come out from the shower or when we change clothes. So I guess Brrrrr means Shame? Shame?
I am abit worried and scared. Cos until now he doesn't have the initiative to learn new words. He will turn away when we teach him something. Lazy? I don't know. But my doctor has told me before that he might be a little slower compared to other kids due to my fever viral when I was 6 months preggie with him. But looking at him, he looks completely normal to me in terms of his motor skills and all. *sigh* I think I'm going nuts edi. Blek! I think I need a break.

Monday, November 19, 2007

What Happen If U Can't Get Rambutan...

Then you switch your target and eat other stuff instead! Like this...

And you see him like this...

You will also react like this...
bigger and nicer pics here.

Then You go for family gathering and you see him mixing with big kids...
Waving, saying "HI". Following the big kids.

Weird pic. Can You see him?

Not enough? Sunday go and eat this...
One word... heavenly!

And you see him like this...
He knows how to pose for picture now.

And Like this...

You will forget about how people like to compare how skinny your son is with their 5 months old baby who is already 8.6kg. But too bad, they're weekend parents. So I don't get how they are so proud of it...:) But I don't want a fat kid. I just want him to be healthy. Ming Pak Mowe? (Nadia asked me this morning...hahahha)
[Ming Pak Mowe =understand or not in cantonese.]

And not enough, you bring him to another park where he sit quietly while you turn him and snap pictures of him...

More pics here..

No Rambutan also nevermind la....right?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just In Time

Okay...chill chill..Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Weekend. Both My C's are okay edi. So weekend should be nice this week.

My bosses, they wanna gaduh, can continue. Those wanna be jealous can continue and be jealous more. I sit back and look at what they can do somemore.

Anyway this weekend will be Rambutan Hunting. Because my mind is still think about Rambutan. Sigh...i better find it soon or I'll go nuts.

Sorry la, I know I banyak cakap today. 3 posts and non is paid post. Muahahhahahah

Okay la, here is something to cheer everyone up. It cheered me when I repeatedly watched it for so many times edi. You will know why it's titled "Just In Time" at the end of the video. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

I want Rambutan!

Yesterday Morning:
Big C: look at our neighbour’s rambutan tree! Full with rambutan. And they never eat it!

I took a peek and yes, the tree is indeed yellow. Full with Rambutans.

Yesterday whole day in my mind…
I need to eat Rambutan.
Go home early and walk to neighbour’s house to take picture of rambutan.
Then at night go pasar malam to buy rambutan.

So I reached home pretty early and I walked towards my neighbour’s backyard. It was blocked with the gate since the robbery of my direct next door neighbour’s house. Dang, I cannot even go near to the Rambutan. I cannot take a close up picture of the Rambutans. Disappointed, I went to pick my son up.

So we fast fast ate our dinner and zuumed to Pasar Malam. Walked, bought food, food and more food. For breakfast lah, for Lunch lah. For my son’s snacklah. Semua lah. And NO RAMBUTAN AT ALL!

Howe Kek Sum ah! (Very Disappointed)

If its not Rambutan season how come my neighbour’s tree is full with Rambutan?

Big C said “Aiyah, later tonight I go and take for you la”

" Crazy Kah? People make the gate to block pencuri (robber) and now you wanna steal Rambutan for me? Aiyah no need la. Sekali people catch you then you know"

So I end up eating Thai BBQ stick.


And then, I went into the room and tried to watch tv. Cannot. Still not enough. And I ate my breakfast as supper. So Kerry, you wanna know what I eat for Breakfast? Initially this was my breakfast but I ter-ate edi. Can ah? My normal breakfast is just Nescafe and Nescafe only. 


Arghhhh!!! I want my Rambutan!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What You Wanna Be

When you grow up?

That's what I think when I look at him play. Maybe a cook? (yes, he has a new and bigger spoon now )


And he reads recipe book and books with fruits and vegetable or food only.

Maybe a mountain climber? Last time he wanna climb out. Now he wanna climb in.


An Artist? Scribbles on things other than paper...


A Model? Poses the way noone else will pose.


A comedian? Just love the way he is naturally goofy and funny.



A gardener?

A bollywood actor?

A KungFu Master?

I think, I think too much.I'm going nuts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Penang Trip

Remember the post about Update on the little one? Actually it was for his dadi. He was there 2 days before that. So on Deepavali, we flew over to Penang to meet up with him and accompany him back to KL in his car. The journey to LCCT was a scary one with the taxy driver speaking in Indon slang. *sked* But it was okay. Guess he was from Sabah or somewhere near to Indo.

Anyway we gotto wait more than 2 hours plus in the air. Why? Because we need to be there 2 hours before the flight. And while we're in the plane, some dunggu (idiot) tried to sneak in because she/he had missed the earlier flight. I don't know to blame the person or the person that checked the tickets. We gotto take out our flight pass to check TWICE! They even gotto tick our name one by one and then only they managed to find the dunggu. Of course all the kids got cranky. So many kids cried. Of course including mine. The whole journey, the mat salleh boy behind us was UWAAAA UWAAA and on my lap my son also UWAAA UWAAAA Pengsan aku!

Worst, as soon as we arrive Penang I though "YAY!" NO!!!!!!!!!! I gotto carry my bags and Jayden who're in the stroller up the staircase. Belakang pun senget!!

As soon as the little one saw his Dadi, it was koala time.The only time i get to hug him is when his dad run into the toilet or when his dad is too tired.

It was rainy season and we couldn't go anywhere. Moreover, Jayden was sick (cough and flu) and his dad had stomach upset for few days. So we went to the beach to Jalan Jalan...

And yes, he still hate the sand.

And we took a family picture..

and walked walked around the hotel..

and he was still as sticky as ever...

Until the dadi wanna pangsai also he cried outside..

A few incident happened while we're in Penang. First he fell from the bed (while Mami was in the toilet) and cut his face. Yes, noticed that his face got this little scar. He was crying like mad in the room. You know that he is a little rambo and doesn't fuss or cry when he falls down. But this time I guess it really hurt alot! *sakit hati*

And then the weirdest thing happened. We're singing Elephant song and suddenly he said EL LE PHANT! Once and that's it. No more. Asked him to repeat he lari lintang pukang. Shy or what , I don't know!

We dropped by Bukit Merah before we head home. Lil J slept from Penang to Bukit Merah. As soon as he woke up, it was koala time again. I can tell you that Big C jalan abit senget the next day. *LOL*

As soon as we reached the ecopark, we got attacked by this spider monkey who's eyeing on our peanuts. Another time they climbed on top of me to try and grab lil J's milk bottle! But the hands are very soft and smooth wan. Cute!

Then we stopped by to see the bear cat.
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Can you tell me how many Sugar Gilders are there? If you can count,I buy u coffee :P

This is not cute at all. The zookeeper told me he let go one of the snakes. And he asked me to find it myself. Gila! Big C brought Lil J to touch the snake samo *geli*

And then we waited for the animal show. And guess what? Only 2 gangs were there including us. Like VIP show only! *LOL* So while waiting gotto entertain the boss abit. This is how you loose weight fast okay?

Ah he's so cute! I can't get enough of my own son. How ah?

And he surprised me again when we're walking in the ecopark. I said "EEEE CHOW BEE!" (smelly) and he repeated after me! Again, that was the first and last time i ever hear him say that. *sigh*

And then we head to Ipoh (The small boy slept in the car again!) for Taugeh Chicken Rice. I don't like it cos it's not "oil" rice. It's just plain rice. What a turn off.

And we headed back to KL and he slept again! When we reached home, Big C jalan senget cos of driving long distance and carrying the koala bear for 2 days. And then it was my turn to be senget cos he refused to sleep. Of course la. How many rounds he slept that day? Many Many rounds!

So did we enjoy our trip? I also dunno la....Better than no holiday at all la.