Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Penang Trip

Remember the post about Update on the little one? Actually it was for his dadi. He was there 2 days before that. So on Deepavali, we flew over to Penang to meet up with him and accompany him back to KL in his car. The journey to LCCT was a scary one with the taxy driver speaking in Indon slang. *sked* But it was okay. Guess he was from Sabah or somewhere near to Indo.

Anyway we gotto wait more than 2 hours plus in the air. Why? Because we need to be there 2 hours before the flight. And while we're in the plane, some dunggu (idiot) tried to sneak in because she/he had missed the earlier flight. I don't know to blame the person or the person that checked the tickets. We gotto take out our flight pass to check TWICE! They even gotto tick our name one by one and then only they managed to find the dunggu. Of course all the kids got cranky. So many kids cried. Of course including mine. The whole journey, the mat salleh boy behind us was UWAAAA UWAAA and on my lap my son also UWAAA UWAAAA Pengsan aku!

Worst, as soon as we arrive Penang I though "YAY!" NO!!!!!!!!!! I gotto carry my bags and Jayden who're in the stroller up the staircase. Belakang pun senget!!

As soon as the little one saw his Dadi, it was koala time.The only time i get to hug him is when his dad run into the toilet or when his dad is too tired.

It was rainy season and we couldn't go anywhere. Moreover, Jayden was sick (cough and flu) and his dad had stomach upset for few days. So we went to the beach to Jalan Jalan...

And yes, he still hate the sand.

And we took a family picture..

and walked walked around the hotel..

and he was still as sticky as ever...

Until the dadi wanna pangsai also he cried outside..

A few incident happened while we're in Penang. First he fell from the bed (while Mami was in the toilet) and cut his face. Yes, noticed that his face got this little scar. He was crying like mad in the room. You know that he is a little rambo and doesn't fuss or cry when he falls down. But this time I guess it really hurt alot! *sakit hati*

And then the weirdest thing happened. We're singing Elephant song and suddenly he said EL LE PHANT! Once and that's it. No more. Asked him to repeat he lari lintang pukang. Shy or what , I don't know!

We dropped by Bukit Merah before we head home. Lil J slept from Penang to Bukit Merah. As soon as he woke up, it was koala time again. I can tell you that Big C jalan abit senget the next day. *LOL*

As soon as we reached the ecopark, we got attacked by this spider monkey who's eyeing on our peanuts. Another time they climbed on top of me to try and grab lil J's milk bottle! But the hands are very soft and smooth wan. Cute!

Then we stopped by to see the bear cat.
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Can you tell me how many Sugar Gilders are there? If you can count,I buy u coffee :P

This is not cute at all. The zookeeper told me he let go one of the snakes. And he asked me to find it myself. Gila! Big C brought Lil J to touch the snake samo *geli*

And then we waited for the animal show. And guess what? Only 2 gangs were there including us. Like VIP show only! *LOL* So while waiting gotto entertain the boss abit. This is how you loose weight fast okay?

Ah he's so cute! I can't get enough of my own son. How ah?

And he surprised me again when we're walking in the ecopark. I said "EEEE CHOW BEE!" (smelly) and he repeated after me! Again, that was the first and last time i ever hear him say that. *sigh*

And then we head to Ipoh (The small boy slept in the car again!) for Taugeh Chicken Rice. I don't like it cos it's not "oil" rice. It's just plain rice. What a turn off.

And we headed back to KL and he slept again! When we reached home, Big C jalan senget cos of driving long distance and carrying the koala bear for 2 days. And then it was my turn to be senget cos he refused to sleep. Of course la. How many rounds he slept that day? Many Many rounds!

So did we enjoy our trip? I also dunno la....Better than no holiday at all la.


  1. Like u said short holiday better than no holiday lo.
    Eeeeeee...that sugar Gilders make me "geli" hehehehe..four of them all together?

  2. Its good to see you all happy happy together. Nothing like this make me happy too. JD as always, cheerful even though sakit. Get well soon JD :)

  3. *second attempt*

    Yay! That sounded like fun! Except for the touching the snake part. Eeeewwww.. geli!

    Btw, hope J's scar is better now. Poor boy. Got put Vit E or not?

  4. so syiok matter where we go, as long as we are with our beloved family, it will be a good trip.

    my answer: 5 ekor (i want ipoh white coffee ar..hehehh)

    p/s: what's wrong with first comment hilang la

  5. Annie: Nope! Not 4

    PJ: Happy happy eh?

    Nadia: I sked the snake also Got Got now hensem again

    Blueranger: Yeah something wwrong with blogger today. Nope. not 5! tooo little

  6. 8 correct ah?
    ouch...bed fallen caused cut ahh, so scary, must be very pain for sure. my boys fall from bed too but luckily no cut but oredi cried until building collapse!
    btw, the black animal so near yr boy, not scared wan ah?

    for me, if can go kai-kai with my loved ones, mana-mana also jadi!!!

  7. im guessing 7 sugar gliders! if my tikam kena, you hafta come to penang again and belanja me k!

    that pic of your feet is sooo sweet!
    and yeah, short holiday is better than no holiday at all *reference to pathetic-self*

  8. Sneak into a plane????
    I think I should bring my kids to Bukit Merah liao, they haven't been there.
    BTW, I like that photo with 3 feet.

  9. Wow..jayden is not afraid of the bear? How brave. I love the sand photo :D

  10. Wah bestnya....I heart Penang! Not the island but the laksa ngek..ngek..

  11. adrian3:39 PM

    They leave the snake just like dat, why u never tapao the snake into ur car and bring back?

  12. sneaking a comment between my meeting... I LIKE THE FAMILY PHOTO

  13. So sneaky... come to Penang so fast and then left liao...
    but it looked like a swell trip!

  14. sounds like Darien .. he doesn't like sand too up till now ... sad huh. pokey feeling i guess.
    poor jayden ... aiyo face .. hope no scar.
    ok ... lemme guess i think its 6 sugar-gliders ... really geli la. my hair oredi standing ... eeeeee!!!

  15. It's always the kids that enjoy morelah..ha ha

  16. I like the photo of the 3 feet.

  17. Jacss : Yeah it was a bad fall/ nope. it was a tame bear cat

    raggedyanne : 7 ah? Better than nuthing ..

    shoppingmum : the 3 feet again eh

    Mommy to Chumsy : very tame wan

    L'abeille : i didn't get to eat the laksa

    adrian : U CRAZY AH!

    ShannonC.: Tell yr boss then u know

    Giddy Tiger : hahahhahaha have to be secretive

    twin : 6 ah? Not geli la..very cute wan

    IMMomsDaughter: I think J also didn't enjoy himself

    JO-N : U likey eh? me too

  18. etceteramommy9:30 PM

    Hope J's scar is healing fast. I wanna pengsan when I looked at the bear cat. Quite scary leh...

  19. whirlwind holiday, sounds like? but nevertheless sounds so syok! jealous lah. and EYEUW that Mr.Long Fellow's picture was NOT cute at all. I'm lifting my feet off the ground now.

  20. Anonymous11:48 PM

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  21. The feet family picture, soo cute.

    How come Jayden was so sticky?

  22. some quality time as a family..warm...

  23. 10 sugar gliders. Must send kopi to UK ah? You come lah, I pay for your coffee. :)

    Ya, better than no holiday. :)

  24. of cos enjoy la...spend time with Jayden wor!!

    so geli...snake...eeeeee

  25. Fuiyoh
    A real fun family outings

  26. The family photo nice loh..which photo studio u go to huh? And who is the photographer huh? hahaha!

    Hope Jayden's scar will go off fast fast. U apply some vit E for him or not? Or bring him along for facial treatment! :p

  27. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed that *smile*

    Very brave of you to travel alone with Jayden. I still dare not travel alone with my daughter. I will drop dead.

  28. Jeles-nya!!! How i wish my Bryan wud koala his daddi....