Friday, November 02, 2007

I went to see doctor...*updated*

After many days of sufferings, I finally went to see doctor. I looked like Angelina Jolie....well, minus the boobies size, minus the height, minus the pretty face, minus the hot looking husband. Okay, only the lips looked like hers.

I don't know what's wrong but it's swollen (and don't think senget ah hum sup people). It must be something that I ate. So after many days of suffering, finally I went to see the doctor near my house. Normally, the place will be packed like sardine, But last night it was okay. So I gave my name and IC number and waited.

Ding Dong.

I went in and doctor began to asked me..

Doc : what's wrong?
Me: My mouth is swollen
Doc: Why?
Me: I don't know. Maybe I ate something wrong?
Doc: What you ate?
Me: Many things.
Doc: How many days edi?
Me: I think 4-5 days?
Doc: Hmmmmmmm Let me see ...
Me: *show angeline jolie lips*
Doc: Hmmmmmmm Did you eat some fruits like Apple? Pear?
Me: No. only watermelon.
Doc: Hmmmm *look at card* You smoke?
Me: *scratch head* nope. I had this problem once. But I think I didn't get the medication here.
Doc: *look back in one kinda look* You don't have this history in your card.
Me: Cos your place is always packed. Only today nobody.
Doc: What do you do?
Me: Mkting...
Doc: What kind? How's Business? How much Pay You get?
Me: *scratch head and answer* why ah? Price increase affected the medication price izit?
Doc: The bread price also increased you know? Normally I will buy the big packet. Now i buy the small one. Same price as the big one you know. Semua naik, only our pay never naik.
Me: Yeah yeah gaji tarak naik.
Doc: How's your menses problem?
Me: *scratch head* it's ok.
Doc: You taking EPO?
Me: Yeah.
Doc: Okay, just apply the cream and see how.

So I went out and stood in front of the nurse for my medication. She gave me my medication and guess what??


Oi totally wrong la. Samo I gave my IC number and my full name. Like that also can salah. No wonder he asked me if I smoke and How's my menses problem la! AIyoh! Wrong card la. Duh!

So at the end, they re- write again my card and gave me the right medication and today I apply it on my jolie lips lor. And it's still swollen *show angeline jolie lips*

Oh yah, today i feel like lau sai post. So i might have a few more coming up!


  1. kakakaka.......
    luckily that tan mei fong got no other disease!!

    eh, why never finish the story, what happen then? got retrieve yr card & see dr. again or not.... like that is wrong consultation wor!!

    btw, recover soon ya.......

  2. like that also can arrr.. arrr ?!

    so how at the end ?

  3. muahahahaha...blur sotong nurse, get the wrong card!

  4. ayioh, like that oso can ah? gd or not this doc?? angelina jolie's is sexy ma. i like her a lot..
    cld be an allergy..better ensure that its ok, if not sure look like sausage mouth edi..

  5. lau sai post ?? show lah .. ur angelina jolie bibir tu ..

  6. my mother told me that if u happened to eat food that is contaminated with cicak's urine you'll get sausage lips!!!

    how true is that, i dunno..

    may ur jolie lips go away soon

  7. Hahahahaa...blur sotong nurse, hope you speedy recover, btw Jolie lips very sexi wor

  8. Wah lau eh...very dangerious lar this clinic. With a careless nurse like that, you might be taking the wrong medication..tsk tsk tsk..

  9. Wow, like that also can. If it happens to me, that will be the last visit to that clinic again!

  10. blur nurse + "asking weird questions" doc = disaster!! :-)

  11. is it allergy. last time when i had bad allergic, my mouth swollen too.
    btw, what is EPO?

  12. kakaka..ah fong mui LOL..aiyo why that doc so blur one

  13. No wonder the clinic is packed like sardine lah.. coz the doc waste so much time asking irrelevant questions to pretty patients. Ur lips better now after medication?

  14. Muahahaha!! doctor lidat also got ka..?? ask how much pay pulat..!! and some more can wrong card..! wau lau oiiii..!!
    So how your jolie lips now..??

  15. etceteramommy3:47 PM

    Aiyoh... that's why it is important for the nurse to call out the full name and the doc to call your name again when u enter the room..

    Hmmm.. wonder why he talks about bread and all leh? Something to do with Tan Mei Fong's profession? Kakakaka....

  16. hahhaha what kind of a quack clininc is that??????

    hope you're feeling better!

  17. that also can meh? Really serious crime ler, prescribe wrong medicine to patient....**alamak** I hate GP...

  18. wah imagine they screw up the medicine and caused more serious complications to you... should have asked for free liao.

  19. Angelina Jolie lips sexy mah! The doctor and the nurses from that clinic really sound so unprofessional. If I were you, I won't even dare to eat the medicine, what if wrong medicine?

  20. so funny!! what kind of dr is that asked question that does not related to your sickness... oppss!! he got wrong patient... LOL!!!

    hope your 'jolie' lip recover soon!

  21. wahhhhhhh what a clinic .. can give wrong card to doctor. so lousy la the nurse. LOL
    so how ... better oredi ah ur lips?

  22. Hijackqueen2:23 PM

    usually dry lips associates with dehydration. Drinks lots of water, dear. Maybe boil some honey dates and fig or maybe pear.