Wednesday, November 21, 2007

He is 20 Months


My darling is 20 months today. Time flies. He's such a big boy now. Not big in terms of size (he is only 10.3kg) and is tall enough to open the door by himself now.
  • He understands more of what we're saying but still he doesn't talk much. Now, I am MEH MEH and his dadi is YEH YI. His MUM MUM became MAMA. I have no idea why he is not progressing.
  • He reads by himself and doesn't like it when I read with him. Independent? I don't know. He will purposely flip the pages when I read. But he likes to read next to me and say MAMA!!! (for mum mum).
  • He imitates people. Not in the sense of doing it right in front of you. He will do it later. Like delayed telecast. For example like this...

Do you have any idea what he is doing? He is actually trying to put my handfone into his ahem's part. Cos he cannot find his pocket. So he puts it at the Ahem area and pretend to wait for a while and then act surprised as if the fone is ringing. Then he will pick up the call "Ah! Ah! Wo?" And then puts it back at the ahem area. Pengsan or not?
  • He kissed me on my lips so many times this week. *cloud 9* But not when I request for it. He will never kiss me when I request for it. Hard to get?
  • I have a rotan on stand by last time. It went missing for many months. The other day, I found it and showed it to him. "You want this?" I said when he tried to do some stunts like climbing out of his play pen. He will shake his head left and right , and also wave his hand indicating NO!!!! Apparently nanny told me, she has to use a ruler to knock on the wall or table to scare the 3 rascals (Jayden, Zac [2 plus] And Catherine [7 months]). And all will stand and shake head and wave hands saying no altogether. Satu Gang!
  • He likes to eat dinner with us. In fact it a must. Although he holds 2 spoons [left and right] but he still uses his hand to eat. I think he likes it that way. But he is trying to scoop food nowadays.
    Especially ice cream. Do you know that giving vanilla ice cream to yr kid once in while will avoid tonsillitis?
  • He likes to be diaperless. I guess it's-getting-hot-down-there. And everytime we remove his diaper he asked me to shout "AH! " and close my eyes and he will laugh out loud.
  • He likes to walk lengang-lenggok and shake his butt left and right, and also swing his hands at the same time.
  • When he found my nail polish, he will sit on the floor and imitate me painting my nails. *bite nails*
  • He likes me to massage his legs, hands and back. Masterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Will cry and fuss when I say "later k?" When he sees the lotion means gotto massage! That's why I need to hide it. Sampai I sendiri cannot find myself!
  • And the latest latest of his funny act is.....say BRRRRRR [blow raspberry] when he sees us coming out from the toilet or when we change our clothes. Sometimes he will request to touch my Ahem...NieNie. But I like to tease him "Come Mami feed you!" and he will run away. Muahahaha He's been doing that everytime we come out from the shower or when we change clothes. So I guess Brrrrr means Shame? Shame?
I am abit worried and scared. Cos until now he doesn't have the initiative to learn new words. He will turn away when we teach him something. Lazy? I don't know. But my doctor has told me before that he might be a little slower compared to other kids due to my fever viral when I was 6 months preggie with him. But looking at him, he looks completely normal to me in terms of his motor skills and all. *sigh* I think I'm going nuts edi. Blek! I think I need a break.


  1. Don't worry on his learning ability, they will pick up themselves. They will learn through observation. The more you push them, the more reluctant they want to learn, so sit back and relax!! Jayden is so cute, and cheeky what!! :)

  2. hi , i like the last photo, u and Jayden look so loving .... i know how u feel. Sometime i do worry abt my Boy learning ability too.. so slow like no progress.. but i guess we mummy tooooo "kan cheong" ... relax, mayb oneday he will surprise u !!

  3. Yeah, I believe you will be rewarded one fine day. I too am still waiting for my reward. Wanna get Jayden and Ethan to meet up?

  4. misha's mum5:30 PM

    big boy already lar .. your little darling :)

  5. Joanne: Jayden is a bull. HAHHAAHHA

    Anggie: Worry worry. We have endless worries.

    Giddy Tiger: Wanna let them gusti izit? muahahahaha

    Misha's Mum: Yeah. Yr princess bigger :)

  6. He looks normal and nothing wrong...from all the posts you written about him...

  7. he really really look like a big boy in the gif... samo set with the sport shoe and all...

  8. Happy 20 months to Jayden. Got present at 20 months or not?

    They grow so quickly, treasure every moment with him. Nice pictures.

  9. I guess it's ok lar wiv the talking part. Still young mar.
    Chloe also don't talk much till 2-3months back. MY PIL's actually took her to see the Speech Specialist. *Slaps head*
    Now she's a chatterbox that won't stop.

  10. Wei.. got study show put handphone too near to ahem is not good wor... You still want to be grandmama right? :P

  11. wah...sasha, he looks like a big boy in the first pic ler...

  12. Didn't know about the ice cream and tonsillitis thingy. Will remember that. Psst...I like the pic of u and Jayden. Vely nice.

  13. Owwwww, that's so sweet. You make me want to have a baby ler!!! Haha. :)
    All the very best to you and your little darling.

  14. Jalan lenggang-lenggok and likes nail polish? Very stylish metro-baby lah Jayden ni! Want to be like David Beckham ah? :D

  15. Yea, don't worry too much about his speech. One day it will come pouring out like Niagara Falls...

  16. no worries bout nephew only started recently and babbling baby language, he's like 3 months younger than faythe.

  17. happy 20 months
    icecream can avoid tonsilitis? alamak..i should eat more so that i didn't have to remove my tonsils

  18. I like the mum and son photo.Ur new toys look goodler.

  19. Oscar's Mommy8:53 AM

    not to worry too much, kids will catch up when they reached 2 years old on the dot... that happens to oscar too. doesn't really speaks proper words, but once he hit the T2, he speaks like he hasn't been spoken before!!!now, he knows how to tell me gossips some more....

  20. My son learn his word very slow too.
    He only started learning when he got into a bigger 'gang'.
    The more children in the house, the faster he learn

  21. chanelwong : Yeah thats why i said he looks normal. But then worry ma....

    ShannonC. : he sendiri wanna pakai and walk around the house.

    Judy : Got mami bought so many things until pokai

    kerry : Yeah i hope that will come very fast

    etceteramommy : yeah i wanna be grandma so now i buy pocket pants for him muahahahah

    Mummy to QiQi : yeah *sigh*

    Shireen Loh : Thanks thanks

    cc : GO MAKE ONE!!!!

    moby : Eh kalau banyak lui like beckham i dun mind

    Vien : I hope so too *finger crossed*

    jazzmint s: Yeah ka..i wait i wait

    huisia : Yeah Tips from Annie

    Eva : Thanks Thanks

    Oscar's Mommy : Oscar also ah ? ok i veit : Means u want me to make more baby izit?

  22. Mrs.Wallace9:40 AM

    Don't be too worried about it. Once he start, there is no way you can stop him. He will learn on his own pace.

  23. just relax sha...till he's 2 years old & see how things had progress!

    would u consider starting him on those weekly music/play class or somethg?....get to enjoy with the play + social interaction!

    Happy 20 month! Yr cutie pie looked so big boy in the first flash/animated photo!! when u gonna teach us lar....

  24. I guess not to worry too much because some learn fast some learn slow. My niece who is 2 years old plus also until now only can speak a handful of words and refuses to learn as well.

  25. Happy 20 months to Jayden! Another 4 months he is celebrating the Big 2 birthday lo!
    No worries about the speech, like my boys, only lately start to talk a lot, but still one or two or three words..and not yet a sentence!
    hehehe..the part that Jayden like to touch ur "nen nen", my boys do that too! And cruz will said "ham sup"!

  26. you have a boy...a boy right up to them becoming a man have the tendency not to listen (true-rite?)-that's why they tend to speak later than the girls. (you need to listen to learn to speak-mar).

    and then, from all your posts, Jayden is one curious boy all the time...even to the extend of 'try try' sitting on a pot...that probably tells a lot. he is more interested in other things than talking. kids are learning things that attract them most and at their own pace. he is liking other stuff but just not so much into talking yet. he is one fine CUTE kid.

    my elder son don't talk much until he is 3 but he can finished and won a PS2 game at 3 (beat me to it). he is showing interest in something else other than talking at that time. now, he can talk very well. i had high fever too when i'm 5 months pregnant with him and he is one great boy. so, don't worry.

  27. To Ethan, brrrrr means car. I think kids show different interests on different things and their preferences change very fast. So, don't be surprised when suddenly he becomes a book worm.

    He looked so grown up in the first photo/animation, like 5-6 yrs old.

  28. Sasha, haha, no no.
    I mean ... no need to worry now.
    Maybe in a few months time, let him mix with more kids in daycare?

  29. Don't worrylah babe. Irfan's like him too. He picks up things without us teaching him. If we teach him, he doesn't want to follow. So, just leave him be. :) Don't worry too much, okay?

    Happy 20 months, Jayden!

  30. hey sasha... u look nicer with your hair tied-up la... :)

  31. Aiyooohhh big boy already. I love the last pic especially with the spoon :D

  32. ya ya .. i remember his diaper changing antics!! soooo cute :-) anyway, enjoy him now.. next time, you might want him to keep quiet also he continue to talk!!

  33. By nature, boy's speech skill develope slower than girl. No worry.

    Like the rest, if he is like a chatterbox, you will want your peace and quiet later.

    happy 20 months.

  34. You sure he's not doing a delay telecast of what you use your handphone for in vibration mode?

  35. let him learn at his own pace. all kids progress at their own rate. he's ok, mommy dont worry too much ok.

  36. the picture he looks like a basketball player, i think is the way he dresses. =)

  37. Sasha, don't worry, okie? Trust me. My eldest son, Jona, only really start talking when he is 4 yrs old and plus lar. I also get scared like you...worry this, and that...others, he look normal except communication. And, trust me, you will feel impressed when he start talking non stop!! :)