Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Belated Ang Moh Hantu Day!

Sempena meraikan Hari Hantu Ang Moh hari semalam, saya hendak bercerita sikit tentang experience (aisheh...pengalaman) saya-lah.

Okay, my BM sucks so back to english.

Anyway, my sister works in the hotel industry and of course she has new stories to tell me every weekend when I'm back to attack eat mum's cooking. So I told her about my experience in my secondary school (all 3 girls in our family studied there before so we know what and where is everything in that school).

It was recycling week and being the vice president of Kelab Pencinta Alam, I need to help the president to collect newspapers and send it to the store room under the stage in the big hall. And we're so "pandai" we brought one whole stack each, lifting it up with both hands. So we reached the stage, we couldn't switch on the lights cos we're busy lifting the heavy newspaper ma. So what did Joanne (my pres) said? "No need the lights la". Since there's tiny holes at the side of the wall, letting just a tiny bit of sunshine into the staircase area. So we walked down carrying the heavy stack of newspaper.

Thud Thud Thud...the sound from our chunky school shoes.

Suddenly we heard Click Clock Click Clock.

Joanne was in front of me and she stopped walking. I stopped as soon as she stopped. And our thudding sound stopped.

And the click clock sound stopped a few steps later.

Since the newspaper was a heavy stack and it was covering our face, I cannot see Joanne's face.
But we know something is here with us.

Joanne said "Okay, let's just dump this sh1t and get the hell out of this place"and started to swear like nobody's business. I just followed her. And the store room was pitch dark. Man, who the hell so pandai choose this area to store all the newspaper and some idiot decided to put the newspaper right at the other end of the store room.

We continued walking Thud Thud Thud and of course the Click Clock sound was just right behind us, following every single step.

As soon as we dropped the newspaper (no, we didn't see if it's aligned or not) Joanne turned around and happily said "come,let's go", smiled and said
"F**K YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


THAK THAK THAK! the sound of our shoes.

And of course we heard CLICK CLICK CLOCK CLOCK sound following us!

WTF! It's chasing us! As soon as we got out from the hall, we cannot hear the sound anymore. And we headed back to our class room. Both of us looked like snow white - pale like a dead person.

And Joanne asked me "was it a lady wearing high heels?"

"Eh, how i know la. You wanna go back and see ah?", I said.

Joanne said "DON'T BE STUPID OKAY????"

That's all. Sekian Terima Kasih.

P/S: And the school is in Sec 14 PJ, if you wanna know.


  1. I really scared of ghost stories one, even though I know it is a imagination....I never never watch ghost story...your story really scare me seram

  2. Lady chio or not? Sexy or not? ;)

  3. wah lau, that's scary! In the dark and u heard such click clock sound. GELI!!!!

  4. uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh........... sounds creepy...

  5. Eeeee... I guess most schools will have their own ghost stories, my school last time also... samo BBGS edi 100 years old when I was still there... geli!

  6. aiyah, just drop the newspapers and lift up ur skirts la, tunjuk underwear! Hantu sure lari wan. Kakakakaka. :P

  7. so did u see the ang moh ghost or not? kekeke

  8. sasha! i got a personal ghost story lebih kurang ini macam jugak tau!

    wait wait later i blog abt it & let u know hor!

  9. ooh...bulu naik!!!
    btw, sri aman girl ahh you? i got 2 sisters there last time......

  10. lucky i read this in the afternoon, if midnight....

  11. another ghost stories.. hmm i never watch ghost movie.. i scared... and cannot sleep..

  12. Waaahhhh! kakaka... you two swearing like Hell the ghost must have find you two very cute! Sum more dare to scold it, must be lady lah. If man, you two ken ham chu sao liao!

  13. wan to ask, you all no scream ah? LOL

  14. wahh very kanchiong...i thought u saw the ghost kekeke..

  15. ehh so seram!! and here i am reading your story on a malam jumaat... even more seram!! *hahahaa* i guess u never got confirmation from other student's experience?

    btw, got here via moby's.

  16. I stay near the school and I don't think it's haunted. I think it's probably something that was stuck to your shoe that was making that sound.

    I knew there were a lot of flashers there though.

  17. EEeeeeeeee. Me so 'takut'! Scary cat. So late n everyone sleeping now. Yikes!!!

  18. Hahaha, I like the way you relate the story.

    Wah, Sasha, you can really swear hor?

    Nice ghost story. What I would have done is go back with more girls but this time, switch on the light or bring a torce.

    Not curious meh?

  19. Wah, now very pandai cerita hantu story..hehe..

  20. Haha.
    Why so pandai never on the light? :P

  21. Oscar's Mommy8:48 AM

    wei, after adrian, you pulak tell ghost story ah.... eeeee lidat i dont dare to work so late liow lor... my office next door here also got ghost wan they say... cos got ppl hung themself to death!!! *spoooooooky*

  22. Better don't see anything than seeing something there. :P

  23. Wow..!! what happened..?? in the end leh..??

  24. I thought you were gonna say the school in Jalan Changgai. Cause the store room under the stage in the hall also got "special beings"