Wednesday, October 31, 2007

got such thing wan meh?????

I have a colleague. She is 22. Young, pretty *scratch head* and clueless.


I tell you why.

One day she asked me, "Sasha why yr eyes like that wan?"

I replied "Because not enough sleep".

and she laughed sarcastically "Haha, why not enough leh? I don't understand why some ppl DON'T WANT to sleep"

I replied "My son cry at night ma"

She replied "Got such thing wan meh?"

I replied :) (don't wanna say somemore waste my saliva)

Overheard the young girl spoke to Lady O.

Lady O: Milk Powder increase price *shake head*
Girl: *laugh sarcastically* ya meh?
Lady O: yeah i went and bought 24 tin last night.
Girl: wah so much for what?
Lady O: My 3 sons drink la.
Girl: 3 years old still drink MILK ah?
Lady O: Of course la! then why they have 1,2,3 and 4,5,6 range. Adult also drink Anlene la.
Girl: Got such thing wan meh?
Lady O: got blablablabla....

I tell you, these young young ppl. They think that we parents are like bodoh people. Nevermind, let her experience herself. I think she will cry taking care of her own kids. I think, she thinks that when the baby comes out from the womb, will lie down there, slowly grow up, drink milk for few months only and then know how to walk by themselves, know how to eat by themselves and so on. Everything also ask, got such thing wan meh?? Betul betul clueless or just trying to act stupid? I really don't know.


  1. Haha. We've talked about it this morning.. haha!

    And PPJ, I beat you again! :P

  2. Sasha je je.. L'abeille is a little girl but me no clueless one :p

  3. and now I'm the 3rd one here... probably end up 4th again!
    Nadia.. what are u doing sitting beside sasha kah.. hahaha.. J/K :D

    Yalor, talking n explaining to young girl.. 22 woh.. can kahwin already...
    as u said wasting your saliva only. I always hentam my nieces like this. I said learn from me n your auntie.. later you all kahwin not so stupe anymore.. kekeke.

    OK nadia, u win :(

  4. PPJ: Nolah, I tak sit beside Sasha. I sit on Sasha. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    And NO! We're not lesbos! :P

  5. misha's mum11:33 AM

    hahaha ... yeah .. let them go through what we went through .. then they know lar hor .. hehehe :)

  6. pity her have to suffer lidat in the coming future...

  7. My conclusion: She stopped drinking milk at the age of 1, thus a bit underdeveloped... *laugh sarcastically*

  8. Oscar's Mommy1:03 PM

    trying to be funny la that girl!!!

    LOL @ sue's comment... brain under developed pulak...

  9. Sasha, be careful, next time she will ask you, "How to have baby? Holding hand with bf will make me pregnant or not?" LOL!!

    I guess she doesn't take milk when she's small, she drink water, that's why she don't get all those AA,SA, DHA, bla bla. Like Sue said, underdeveloped! Haha!

  10. One word: BIMBO!!

    OK, a few more: Nadia sitting on Sasha. Mmmmmmm .... !! :P


  11. Once a collegue age around late thirties asked me whether she can get pregnant if swallow her boyfriend sperm or not.

    Not that she never go to school. She is infact the Secretary to the Boss.

    And the joke is the boss is the boyfriend.

    It is not the age, it is naiveness or just plain stupidity.

  12. haha.. still got people so clueless like that...

  13. What word should i used to describe her? Stupid? Naive?

    No lar..actually she is JEALOUS har har...

  14. EstherL4:15 PM

    She still young lar, still enjoy in 'ban leng leng' 'go kai kai', where got care abt apa naik harga... Only when she grow older or become a parent, baru understand it.

  15. Ignore her la... waste energy, waste saliva... and potong steam too! hehehehe!

  16. Hie,
    Gosh! Am turning 22 but i know all there ler!Maybe she is the youngest at home thats why dnt know anything!! I think she has to stay at home and see how parents taking care of kids then she knows!!

  17. etceteramommy7:49 PM

    Maybe she grow up lonely, no TV, no radio, so not esposed to all these knowledge... Hope she learnt leh... But 24 cans (big can or the small ones?) is really a bit kua cheong la...Heehee...

  18. i'm 23 , i know baby(till childhood) drinks milk milk la.. but 24 tins ?? can last for how long ???

  19. i think when she's older and starts to experience such, she will be shocked!!

  20. adrian12:58 AM

    Eh, ask her 13 yr age difference can or not? If can ask her to give me a call. Kakakakakakaak

    Got such thing wan meh? :P

  21. grr! my telinga "berbulu" already just reading this. make sure you keep track of her 10 yrs from now okay! then can "kena"kan her face when she's got kids on her own. stoopid airhead!

  22. 22 not young anymore. Do you know many 22 year olds here are already mothers to 2-3 children?

    Sheer ignorance on her part.

  23. Eeeee..I really don't like the way she, unconsiderate!! Nowadays, modern girl still so clueless about all these meh?? **Jialat** if my future DIL like this..he,he

  24. as the chinese said: "sam pat poh" and "sang fan shee"
    this type of ppl can both make u vomit & laugh....hahaha !!!

  25. Nowadays young people are like that one lar... wait till they feel it themselves then they know

  26. Anonymous1:32 PM

    hahahaa...make me think of one of my classmate..

  27. Amazing right in this era where information is so accessible you still find "got such thing meh" type of young girl.

    But what to do, she is not a mum yet so her world revolves around herself only.

  28. Ask her to go home and ask mummy.

  29. Probably that's her fav phrase. When she doesn't hv any constructive thing to say, she'd say that. :p Or she's jes trying to be funny.

  30. this young girl tak pernah taking care of any younger sisters/bros/kids/nieces/nephews. so blur one her!


  31. maybe she just act blur lar... so nobody will ask her for opinion mah! LOL