Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I wish to go back to Standard 3




*anger* (woooo..i know some of you like to see me anger eh?)

Because I was FRAMED by my teacher and I will NEVER EVER FORGET her, although i forgive her. COs she should be *count count count* DAMN OLD NOW! So gotto forgive her lo...

The story is like this...

Morning Session in a school in PJ. It was a rainy day and as usual many students will bring the cute cute little umbrella to school and place it behind the class when we're studying in the classroom. The teacher walked in with her irritating click klok heels carrying a pathetic looking red umbrella. She slowly walk towards the back of class and place it right next to the standing library.

Everyone wished her "SELAMAT PAGI PUAN ASMA"

She said "Selamat Pagi, Sila Duduk".

And I went to the back to throw rubbish, which so happen the rubbish bin was just next to the standing library.


The wind blew and the standing library fell "KABOOMMM!!!" And whacked Puan Asma'a pathetic umbrella. And she yelled "EKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" I guess god was angry with her, her umbrella was the only one that got flattened by the standing umbrella.

And she started to grumble and nagged saying that ....yes ME, Saying that I was the one that that pushed the darn standing library and flattened her 4o ringgit umbrella bought from JAPAn by her husband.

The same day, when other teacher walked passed she will call them in and point her fingers at me saying that I ruined her umbrella.

The next day, she did it again.

The next next day, she did it again.

And again.

And again.

Until one fine day,I got so sick of her, I chosed not to attend school. Both my parents came to my bed and asked me why and what happened. And I told them. Well, my parents are the typical chinese type of parents. "Oh...like this ah? Naah take $40 and pay her la".

I told my parents "NO. I don't want to pay her because its not my fault!" and since its not my fault i went back to school. And every time , Puan Asma will give me the stare. And I can see her pointing her fingers at me.

Until the day when she announce our final results, she was still staring at me. Me and another friend of mine, both got the same results and normally there will be 2 student that gets No.1 position in class and there won't be any No.2 position for that semester.

Of course, getting No1 in Class together with MY is the best part. Because she was my first friend ever in this school since std 1. My parents of course wasn't there. They were never there, when I receive my thropy, never there when I receive any prizes in schoool. And never there to defend me.

Then the announcement came, everyone clapped hands and they announced " No 2, TMW!" I was like "HUH?????" ME no.2???? SInce when? And Puan Asma pushed me up to the stage to receive the prize. And then They announced again "No.1 LMY!!!!" And MY looked puzzled but she went up to receive her prize. We planned to hold our hands together-gether to receive our prize.

I went and asked Puan Asma how come I was announced as No.2 when my results are the same as MY. And she gave me a smirk and said "Sebab dia punya surname start dengan L, You punya start dengan T. So diala dulu!" and she turned around chat with other teacher laughing loudly and cheerfully.

Niamah! I felt like slapping her Farking face hard with the trophy I have in my hands. Nevermind Nevermind....I know I got No.1 and she used the reason surname to argue with me. I know, she is still angry with me because of the umbrella.

Till now, I can still remember her face, and her umbrella and the throphy.

If only, I have fought back and gave her a good one and bring the issue up to my headmistress. If only I could go back to Std 3.

**Name was not CHANGED AT ALL because I farking hate her.**

Now when someone try to frame me, they die. :) No chance given.

By the way, this tag was passed on by Jesslyn,Judy and Brenda.
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The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid's life.
Sasha wish to go back to standard 3 to screw her teacher for framing her.

And I'm passing this to Mott, Janice and Joneh and Yvonne (because she has a new "home")


  1. Poor you have such teacher! I also have a very siao male teacher during my Form 6, I'll not forget that incident too!

  2. Wah.....u so bitter!!!! Still can remember leh! NVM la... I'm sure she prolly didn't get good sex that day, and blame u leh.....

  3. What stupid teacher is that? Geeeezzz! You should've told her off back then. Silly ah she!

  4. alamak, u so "geng" lar...stil can remember...though u were merely a std 3 lil girl ahh?? i could hardly remember a thing of my primary school years....sigh !!!
    anyway, itu cikgu really "terrible"... so "siu hei"/small hearted !!!

    btw, ini budak banyak pandai punya ahh......no. 1 in the class ahh, how cute...those days we were so proud of it, kan??
    me...no. 2 only... boleh jugak lar...hor??

  5. kesiannya to have such a petty teacher like that!

  6. wooooo i too had fair share of shitty teachers! that reminds me..it's blogable!

  7. hey sasha; guess what, i went through a similar situation too (but yours lagi teruk la actually). i cannot believe teachers are not aware of the impact they have on children's lives (what are they, stupid?!! or simply uncaring / oblivious?! PFTT!). i bet if u see her one day u'll go up to her and sound her, right? she deserves it! don't be too hard on yourself lah, you were only 9 yrs old back then (plus kids back then are not as daring as kids nowadays, right?!).

  8. ooooppss..dont play play with this little girl, she will remember..hahahahaha

  9. haha.. poor puan asma..

    wah no2 not bad ar...

  10. How come Puan Asma calls the shots for the positioning? Isn't it pre-determined by the total marks you get? Whoa, you must be really angry to remember this incident in such sordid detail...

  11. The old Puan Asma, if I were you I will slap her left n right,up n down. Kena sigh lol!

  12. Wah, this teacher so one kind hor. If I were you, I go home and tell my mum and dad what happened and let them go and talk to Principal.

    Last time hor, my teacher made me run round the field 3 times for something I didn't do cos she was angry my mum didn't give her niece a place in the school.

    My sister told my parents what happened cos my sister saw me crying in school and the next day, my dad went to hentam that teacher! Wahahahaha.....

  13. Wah, so long liao still remember ah? Must have been very tough on you considering you were so young.

    But hor, I think u haven't forgiven her. But it's ok, u have every right not to. How to forgive if someone doesn't say sorry.

    Who knows if u were to tag Puan Asma now, she would have said the same thing. "I nak balik ke masa TMW tolak itu library and rosakkan payung saya" :P

  14. standing library so heavy u also can push meh? she didn't think one. i know some teachers tend to be bias one. poor sasha get no1 but kena kick down to no 2 becos of name. stupid reason. no wonder u still remember.

  15. Yes, she was just just just TOO MUCH.

  16. my parents were also like yours, never there when i received prizes on stage, even on my graduation. not to say that they don't love me, but maybe they thought it's not important. i wish i could tell them how wrong they were. i swear i will not do it to ethan.

  17. Wa
    You so clever during primary school.
    Number one wor!

  18. Wow....can remember till now....really cannot simply play play with you, girl :P . Maybe, you should really forgive her lor..guess now, she is old liao..

  19. Firehorse10:06 AM

    Wah so celaka punya teacher oso got wan ah? Chey....come hug hug poor sashae, nvr mind lar as long as yunno you #1, k?

  20. You poor thing..!! i kenna framed when i was primary 3 too..! by the indian gal.. who sat next to me..! I cannot forget her..!! her name is Leela Jesudason..!! you see .. i still remember..!!

  21. stooopid teacher! i tell u..that red umbrella was probably cursed! who so siao go carry red umbrella!?!??!?

  22. what a character she have as a teacher...worst part is she tell the world about ur did..

  23. That's really terrible. Can't help but hate that Puan Asma too. *grrrr!* Wah.. u so pandai leh. Get No. 1 in class.