Friday, October 26, 2007

2 accidents in one night.

We're at Giant and q-ing up to pay money at the counter last night. Jayden was getting restless and wanted to drink the Chrysanthemum drink in the can. So we gave it to him and asked him to wait till we pay and his dad passed him to me. Suddenly, he just threw the can down and it hit me right at the leg's boney part.

"AWWWWW MY LEG!!!!!" I shouted so loud in Giant. Everyone just turned and looked at me like I'm orang kurang siuman (mental woman). I was still carrying Jayden and I quickly passed him to his dad while trying to stand up straight. Wuah painful like @#%^%$#@

Jayden insisted that he want the drink. So to distract him, Big C asked me to bring him up to the play area. Alamak sudah cacated samo need to go up to level 3 and chase after the lil fella? What to do, jalan cacated and went up. As soon as the small one saw the play area and the free rides he went "WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!" And he sat on the free ride. And after so many rounds of Ngi Ngo Ngi Ngo on the same car he decided he wanted to go to the play ground and play with the slides pulak! *headache*

Once he got down from the car, he ran straight to the slide. I can''t even catch up with him with my cacated leg. Pandai.....he stood right in front of the slide where the kids slide down.


The boy gave Jayden one FLYING KICK DIRECT TO HIS FACE! And he disappeared so fast! I don't blame him for kicking my son. It is my fault to let my son stand in front of the slide right?

And Jayden WAILED so loud (mother can wail so loud, of course son can do better right?). All the kids came and stood around him. I heard one of the boy said "Mesti sakit kan????" And after that everyone went on and play again. Like cartoon man!

Jayden? He, of course stop crying after that and want to do it again! *pengsanzzz* Why?? Why sudah kena flying kick still wanna repeat it again by standing right in front of the slide again???

So last night, mother went home cacated with swollen leg and son went home with red leg mark on his face. That's how we had 2 accidents in one night.


  1. poor things... aiyoh, summo on the same night! luckily hubby got spared ya..?

  2. etceteramommy11:50 AM

    Ouch!!!! Kesian you both. Yr leg better? Poor Jayden, luckily didn't break his nose or anything. But hor.. kids ar, like my son, the more I ask him not to do it, the more he likes to irritate me.. *slap head*

  3. Ini....KATUN BETUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    poor j.. at least, he's a tough cookie..didn't wail n wail n wail until drama!

  4. i might sound cruel but hor i laughed when i read the boy's comment (Ini mesti sakit kan?). Really like cartoon.

    hope the both of you are better now.

    eh, you went to Giant Kinrara ar?

  5. aiyo poor mommy and jayden!!! aiyoooooooo sayang!

  6. oh dear, kesian, but still so lawak + hilarious + slapstick, i cant stop grinning :D :D :D

  7. Hijackqueen2:19 PM

    What is the lesson of the day? "Let him drink lo ma no problem!"

  8. aiyoyo, like mother like son! Both kena lottery at the same place, same day, and almost same time. Big C gotta comfort the mummy who has leg injury and the son who has face injury.

  9. kesihan Sasha.. kesihan Jayden..

    never mind.. tomorrow go play again and make sure no accident.

  10. so funny the kiddies least they were "sympathetic"! ya it's really cartoon.

  11. nvm, big C kiss kiss ok liao

  12. Oh my..! poor thing..! both of you ..! Hope you are both feeling alot better by now.. :)

  13. aiyo....pain lar...
    looks like Jayden was much tougher than Mummy...

  14. OMG!!! Sakitnya!!!!!!!!!

    But, he macho ah?! Good boy!

  15. mom2ashley4:53 PM

    ouch! i feel your pain! and his!

  16. Funny enough, kids after having accidents or knock on their head, would repeat the whole process again.

    They are so forgetful that few minutes ago they had an accident :-)

  17. yikes...both incident sound very painful.

  18. Funny enough, kids after having accidents or knock on their head, would repeat the whole process again.

    They are so forgetful that few minutes ago they had an accident :-)

  19. Never mind lah...go home dhey dhey big C to rub you r foot with 'teet tar chao' ok ledi lah.

  20. That's why I let my hubby do all the running about and carrying. Next time you let Big C carry JD and you pay at the counter.

  21. So u Monday MC or not?

    Btw, my wife is keeping a bangla lover outside. That's why she's like dat. :P

  22. Wahahaha, you all cartoon lah.

    I laugh so loud until my husband turned to look at me.

    Anyway, at that moment, I am sure it was not funny. Looking back only you feel it is funny, right?

    Still limping ah? Hope Jayden's face not bongkak the next day.

  23. My daugther kena flying kick, twice, in the same playground

  24. aiyoh... painful la! flying kick on the face, so rude one? en en sure will cry out loud. Hopefully both of you are ok now.

    BTW, thatnks for dropping by my blog...

  25. Siew Ting: Yeah, he was busy looking at us and laughing at us.

    Yvonne: why??? they the do that? why they like to iiritate us? hahah

    mott: kartun leh? super kartun my son

    Theblueranger: HAHAH i think back i also laugh ler...the kelana jaya one.

    twin: Eh long time no see ! :)

    raggedyanne: Hahaha thanks

    Hijackqueen : hmm ya hor..

    Joanne : he comfort us? *LOL*

    zara's mama : So kelian

    mommy of 2 angels : yeah they are a cute bunch

    jazzmint : he laugh at us samo

    mama bok : still limping now haha

    chanelwong : he is like a rambo

    Nadia : veli pain o, yeah he's my rambo

    mom2ashley : veli veli pain but he is okay ;)

    Julian : forgetful or just wanna try avoid it haha

    WMD: Veli veli painful but, funny

    Cocka Doodle :dhey ? hahahah

    Vien : u easy la...yr hubby veli..nice ma

    adrian : MC? slowly wait la

    Judy : That moment not so funy but now its funnyhahhaha : twice? pengsan!

    Peridot&Sapphire : Cannot stop in time also. its okay la let him learn

  26. adoii... but it's great that he's so tough!

  27. you poor things! at least jayden is quick to forget pain!!

  28. ouch...double ouch!!

    kicked right into the kidding man, luckily nose never bleed, else lagi pengsan!!

    poor boy...but very strong heh!!

  29. Should ask Big C to carry him up the the play area mah, while you check out. :P

  30. you all are one injured family!!! luckily Jayden is ok.

  31. alamak! kesian
    i'm sure his face ok liao kan? lucky never break nose... ish, sometimes think of all this places with LOTS of kids, susah to jaga, so i always avoid... hahahahaha

  32. alamak... kesian juga!
    Of coz I kesian u.. but JD kena flying kick woh... isk isk isk. Kesian JD. Mana tu budak yg buat tu ah... like cartoon some more. Hahaha.

    And what about hubby? no mark no nothing.. safe pulak!?!

  33. the boy also couldn't kick J la although you put J in front the slide..
    this boy really kurang ajar.

  34. oh..poor baby and mommy!! accidents do happen but 2 in one night...I feel sorry for both of u..