Friday, March 28, 2008

His way of counting

Ok enough of the kek sum (heart ache) post.

Last night we drove along LDP and Lil J was hugging me like a koala bear -about to fall asleep.

And then he saw the public mutual Billboard with the No.1.

He told me " 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! (Yes, my anak is a broken record.)

And I replied "Yes, 1. Clever boy".

And then he.....

Poke my left breast and said 1!

Poke my right breast and said 2!

*big smile* least he knows how to count using "something".

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ice Cream + Gwen Stefani + Giggles = ??

We're in Carrefour Subang and we bought him McD ice cream. He happily sat quietly in the stroller and lick the ice cream and once we're in the car, Gwen Stefani's latest single was on the radio.

He asked me to snap my fingers and follow the song. And I did.

And he giggled and he....

Fell asleep holding the ice cream! That is what you get when you mix ice cream + giggles + Gwen Stefani. Hehe

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It was his 2nd...

and what better way to celebrate but to bring him for a holiday in a resort with mini theme park at...

In Port Dickson.

The weather was just nice...

This is how I look like at week 14 of pregnancy.

I know, my thigh looks like ellephant's thigh.

We went to the swimming pool + mini water theme park. The lil one was abit scared. I don't know why. He hung to his float DaDiDi for a while.

And he warmed up pretty fast after that.

And off he go. Playing with the slides like champion. Both Big C and I just stared at look at him roaming the area care-free, like it was his 10th time there. He's really a big boy now.*sob*

Weeee! that's what he said each time he slide down.

Focus on the Lil boy wearing blue swim diaper at the back. He went up and down all by himself. *sob sob*. I so very the Kam Thung(touched) Macam he's graduating only! Look at his DaDiDi's expression when he was sliding down. hahahah SO FARNIE!

This is what he does when he is at shallow water.

Walk or rather swim like spiderman using both hands only. Oh yeah, that's my shadow.

This was at the other pool with sandy beach (man-made of course)

And he is no longer afraid of sand like our last trip to Phuket.

Some other entertainment tools (i forgot what you call it) for the kids to enjoy. But Lil J hated this one.

The other slide that we didn't ride on. Too risky for me...

But I did managed to slide down with Lil J a few times on the other slide , Which i forgot to take pic. Smart or not? Pregnant ma... its' like that wan lo. *yeah blames it all on pregnancy*

Hehehe look at him! So blur and don't know what the parents did to him.

Back at the hotel room, he will stand at the window and said "Eyerrr Liu Liu" while pointing his cheeks. He said that those ppl are not wearing t-shirt are sexy in the swimming pool. When he was at the swimming pool, he himself is not liuliu!

Yes we brought his Elmo pilow. And he was sound asleep with his other sleeping mate, DaDiDi.

Since I was craving for Rambutan, the lil one get to enjoy rambutan too.

He likes to sit at the end of the chair while he enjoy his Rambutan.

See, I am darker abit. Can see or not?

Before we headed home, we went to the Ostrich Farm.

BIG SIGH.................................*yawn*
the Ostriches are half botak. They peck each other's back and blood is flowing out of the backside. They are always hungry. The entrance fee is Rm8 Per adult. And i don't know how to describe it better already.

Well, at least he get to see a lil bird...

And a billie goat.

We didn't managed to get him a cake on his actual birthday. We went round and round PD town to look for food and couldn't find any nice one. So alot of time being wasted there and we went back to the hotel right after dinner and slept early.

This place is not bad for short family vacation (not the Ostrich farm), maybe we'll drag the rest of the family members there next time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

OMG!!! Someone is trying to break into our house!

Background sound : *krak**krak* (trying to open our room's door)

Me: *half awake* (whisper) Dadi Dadi! someone is trying to come into our room!!!

Big C: *half awake* HUH!!! *trying to wake up*

Me: sei la (die la) How? *scared*

Background sound : *Banging door- BOOM! BOOM!* *Trying hard to open door-krak**krak*

Me: *peep from our bed and saw......*
 *UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* was jayden trying to go out of the room in the middle of the night. Don't know where he wants to go. Luckily we locked the door. More of this kinda situation can die of heart attack itellyiu....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Patient: Doctor...Doctor... Why My tummy so big wan.

Doctor: *scan left, scan right* Yeap the lil one is there.

Patient: But I am only 10 weeks now. Why so big wan?

Doctor: *scan up, scan down* Don't worry la..

Patient: You sure only got one baby ah...don't surprise me later.

Doctor: *smile* yeap. Only one.

Patient: Then why so big one?

Doctor: *poke poke tummy with finger* fat lor...

Patient: ......................*speechless*

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's an AWI party!

We celebrated Lil J's 2nd birthday yesterday in McD centrepoint Bandar Utama. His actual birthday falls on this coming Friday, 21st March 2008. We totally forgot that 20th is a public holiday. Otherwise we'll do it that time. But anyways, I am GLAD and RELIEVED that it's over. The preparation made me so dang nervous and stressed. Macam the time I kahwin like that. :P I wonder whether I will feel the same on his wedding day :P.

Awesome pic courtesy of Shannon!

Lil J was asleep when we arrived. Shannon was already doing her thing, snapping our pic the moment we're on our way up. So when he woke up and saw there were so many people and kids at the playground, he instantly played and enjoyed himself. Nadia came later and she began to work snap pics. 

Ok, I was damn blur when I arrived. Apart from Shannon, I dunno who came early. I was trying to breath in breath out (told u i damn kan cheong). Laundryamah's family, Darrius and family, Irfan and family, Rachel and family, Oscar & Mummy, Fearles+Cruz+Mummy, Ashley and family, TongTong and family came for this party. Thanks to all for coming and making it a great one for the Lil boy. He was very very happy. I am sure everyone saw his reaction towards his cake.
It was a Henry Train Cake made by my sil , mamamin. She just had her Fab 40 Birthday the night before. Thanks min ;)

When everyone was singing the happy birthday song, he was saying AWI!!AWI!!
He must be wondering where we got such a big Henry Train for him.

We usually practice with 2 candles (max) at home. But this round there's more. The boy was basically drooling just looking at the Henry Train and he managed to blow only one candle. hehe

Then he was surprised with the appearance of Birdie, who represented Mcd to give him a pressie.

But he refused to let her carry him.
Arghh!!!!!!!! let me go!!!

The party ended quite fast. It was like EAT, SING, CLAP, BYE BYE! But then my lil J enjoyed himself very much although he didn't have a good nap before that.
Chillin' with his blue shades and Thomas T from Yvonne.

These are the pressies from all the lovely aunties and uncles that attended the party and also from Ryan+Yvonne+Etcdaddy, Mott, HuisiaMom2Ashley&Aidan , Whoisbaby and also Judy. Thanks very much everyone! Noticed that most of the pressie is Thomas?

J got 2 gifts from us.
A house for his Henry and his other trains. And also another pressie on the way in September. maybe a Didi or MeiMei for him. ;)

He was very cheerful the whole night. Yeap he was so cheerful, he refused to sleep at 12.30AM! I gotto smack him a few times before he ran and hide next to his DaDiDi and slept. Phew!

Here I'd like to express my gratitude to certain ppl that helped to make this party a success:
1. My No.1 sis. Who helped me to source for Thomas party things. Boy, thomas party thing is really hard to find. And also made balloons for the kids during the party.
2. My SIL who helped to bake the cake although she's busy preparing for her own bday party.
3. Shannon and Nadia, Thanks for the awesome pics! (shannon waiting for yr pics! Shannon's pic can be viewed here. Nadia's pic can be viewed here)
4. All that came and make this party a fun party. Thanks for the gifts.
5. Those that sent gifts to lil boy. :) Sorry if I missed out any. I am damn blur now. I need to sleep and rest.
6. And thanks to Big C who paid for the party and for donating his genes to create such a lovely creature like Lil J and our coming baby J.

Okay, now I wanna go and pengsan. Bye!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just too shy to show it.

My son used to call me "Meh Meh". Then she stopped calling me MehMeh. Whenever he need something he will come close to me and asked me to do it or pull my hands and asked me to take for him. Once, her called me "Mami" and I said "Pandai" and he fast fast ran away. I guess he accidently call me.

He refused to kiss me on the lips or cheeks. But he will bring his cheeks and touch mine.

He also refused to hug me when I asked him to. He will run away, with a very shy smile.

Everyday he will wait for his father to come back, and he will be jumping up and down saying "DA DI DI!!!"

That made me think - He doesn't love me? He loves his Dadidi more than me?

And then I was browsing through my pics just now and I realised something.

Lil J is exactly like his father. Doesn't call or greet me. When he need something he will walk near me and tell me.


Of all thing, he has his dad's genes --> shy to show affection towards this woman.

But I know one thing, they love me very much,but just too shy to show it. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saya mau cerita hari ini...

Ceritanya begini.

Satu bulan yang lepas, saya pergi satu rumah la. Kononnya "gathering". Semua orang sudah sampai kecuali satu keluarga. Semua pun sudah start makan la.....Lepas itu baru keluarga itu datang and Si Suami terus duduk dan makan sambil berbual dengan orang lain.

Si isteri duduk di lantai untuk suapkan si anak no.1 dan anak no.2  yang suka makan dengan slow-motion.

Semua orang pun diam tengok si suami makan slowwwwww aje...berbual senda dengan orang, dan si isteri yang lapar dan letih masih suapkan anaks-anaksnya makan. Tiba-tiba makcik si suami berkata kepada si isteri "Adoi si isteri. Kesiannya engkau. Sendiri sungguh lapar tapi masih kena suapkan anak-anak kamu makan" sambil jeling-jeling kat si suami.

Semua orang diam dan tunggu si suami untuk bangun dan tolong si isteri.

Tiba-tiba, si suami bangun dan......................................

Berjalan ke arah tempat mengambil minuman. Selepas itu, dia balik ke tempat asalnya dan minum minumannya dan teruskan makan and berbual senda.

Selepas si isteri habis suapkan anak-anaksnya makan, barulah dia ke meja untuk makan makanan yang sudah sejuk

Begitulah cerita saya hari ini.

Apa yang saya boleh katakan selepas melihat sendiri apa yang telah terjadi, saya berasa amat bertuah yang Si suami itu bukan suami saya dan saya bukan si isteri itu. Kalau itu suami saya...habis la dia. Kan?

Sekian, terima kasih.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Liu Liu?

Big C woke up very early and went to vote last Saturday. Damn semangat. But everyday go to work also I need to wake him up dunno like how many times then only he will move. So I went to vote in my mum's area. Not many people but I was so kan cheong neh! My virgin vote! I look see, look see so many times then only I pangkah nicely. Aitelyiu, that is the nicest pangkah I ever drew in my entire life. :)

So after pangkah pangkah, we went to my sis's apartment for a swim together with my niece, Jasmine. The lil boy, enjoyed copying everything Jasmine is doing. Including the way she swim. I never know my son can float like that. Maybe can send him for swimming lesson soon.

He also tried to blow bubbles like Jasmine.

And he swim by himself with his float..

He refused his afternoon milk and I wondered why. Then he held his hands and point to his cheek and told me "Liu Liu" (shame Shame).

Then we went to Summit and Mydin for jalan-jalan. And see what they chose for themselves?
Shades. Damn cheap in Mydin. Jasmine's cost us RM4.90 and Jayden's is Rm3.90-he chose it himself :) Like Terminator right?

He also tried to follow Jasmine when he saw her putting the shades on her head.

At night, he refused his milk again. He told me "Liu Liu". Jasmine slept on his bed and he insisted to sleep with her on his small bed. So as soon as he doze off, we put him on his old matress- on the floor. Normally he will wake me up when he's awake but that day he woke Jasmine up and asked her to play with him. He refused his morning milk and told me "Liu Liu" again. So I asked Jasmine to drink cold fresh milk while I poured his milk into the cup, then only he drink the milk.O_o While he was napping, I tried to feed him milk and he took the milk! So there must be something about the "liu liu"...Jasmine went home on Sunday and after that he took the milk willingly.

Then I thought myself...alamak, my son knows how to be shy around his cousin saying that its shameful to drink milk with bottle. That's the "liu liu" he was telling me. No wonder he refused his milk la. But then how come he's not "liu liu" with his chitchit wan? anak..

Friday, March 07, 2008

He love Awi So much...

He will bring Awi to:
* Sleep.
* Bath.
* Play with other toys using right hand and hold Awi on his left.
* Eat with Awi on either one hand and the other he will hold a spoon or a fork.
* Read a book, holding Awi.
* And he even do his business holding Awi..


Nolah....... he's not potty trained. Reset-ed when he was hospitalized last time. Now he will sit on it for fun. Sometimes, after sitting for a while he will tell me "Here...this" and lie down on the floor and ask me to put his diaper on for him. I guess his bumbum is painful for sitting on the potty for too long. How do I know that his bum is painful? When he turn around you can see one big red circle on his bum! (_|_)

P/S: Don't worry about the pic. You cannot see the bebird wan. He hid it well. ;)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Turn Left, Turn Right...

You can see flaglines, buntings and banners of ppl saying " VOTE FOR ME....X". Some looked so damn farnie esp with one side of the specs so blurred like she just got out from a steam room. Some look so damn ganas, and some you will say "HUH? Who the heck is this fella. Oh I have seen his face before, 4 years ago! I wonder where he went for the past 4 years after the last electi0n.

And then you will get sms, letters, then flyers inviting you to some ceramah. Last night, there were 2 ceramahs at my housing area. One, came with nicely arranged chairs at the best spot with spotlights, and sound system and even started with Lion Dance. Another was held in front of a shoplot, very kesian with just one small stage, sound system and some spotlight. We passed by the one with the Lion Dance......*cricket sound*........ and we went to the 2nd one. The ceramah got delayed abit and there was already many people hanging around there. A van came and give away some mineral water and fried mee hoon. The ceramah ppl got no idea who the heck that guy was but obviously he was a very supportive supporter.

They announced that the previous ceramah they managed to get donations of RM35,000 in SS2 Pasar Malam. Bear in mind, it was pouring like mad on Monday night and still, they managed to get RM35,000. Last night I heard from Big C that many people gave donations too. And the other ceramah....*cricket sound*...

Jayden thought we're there for some Barney show and he started clapping his hands and after 15 minutes of listening to that DR talking, we went home. Big C walked out (damn semangat!) and came home at near to 11pm.

This morning, as usual I went to buy my breakfast and the bread seller asked me "Last night you heard the ceramah or not?" I said I came for a while but my husband stayed. He said that he stayed near to 12. He said "That CHOW MAI FUN (meehoon goreng) dun support them jek. Use our money to hire LION DANCE samo. Niamah, that's our money you know!. They always like to waste money. The ink for the nails also waste our money. Now not going to use. We must fight, if not our children will susah you know?"

So I came to work this morning and thought about what Big C and the bread seller told me. "WE ARE VOTING FOR OUR CHILDREN'S GENERATION YOU KNOW?????".

While I was driving, I saw the very familiar banners again. $Vote for me$...$vote for me$....Then I got stuck at the same spot for a very long time and my mind went off flying dunno where while thinking about what they said and I thought of this..

Please vote for me.
I no LIE to you wan.
And I am not greedy, I only want 2 chitchits. That's all.
And you can see me here 365 days. :)

Yes, for our future. I will vote. You vote too okay?