Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It was his 2nd...

and what better way to celebrate but to bring him for a holiday in a resort with mini theme park at...

In Port Dickson.

The weather was just nice...

This is how I look like at week 14 of pregnancy.

I know, my thigh looks like ellephant's thigh.

We went to the swimming pool + mini water theme park. The lil one was abit scared. I don't know why. He hung to his float DaDiDi for a while.

And he warmed up pretty fast after that.

And off he go. Playing with the slides like champion. Both Big C and I just stared at look at him roaming the area care-free, like it was his 10th time there. He's really a big boy now.*sob*

Weeee! that's what he said each time he slide down.

Focus on the Lil boy wearing blue swim diaper at the back. He went up and down all by himself. *sob sob*. I so very the Kam Thung(touched) Macam he's graduating only! Look at his DaDiDi's expression when he was sliding down. hahahah SO FARNIE!

This is what he does when he is at shallow water.

Walk or rather swim like spiderman using both hands only. Oh yeah, that's my shadow.

This was at the other pool with sandy beach (man-made of course)

And he is no longer afraid of sand like our last trip to Phuket.

Some other entertainment tools (i forgot what you call it) for the kids to enjoy. But Lil J hated this one.

The other slide that we didn't ride on. Too risky for me...

But I did managed to slide down with Lil J a few times on the other slide , Which i forgot to take pic. Smart or not? Pregnant ma... its' like that wan lo. *yeah blames it all on pregnancy*

Hehehe look at him! So blur and don't know what the parents did to him.

Back at the hotel room, he will stand at the window and said "Eyerrr Liu Liu" while pointing his cheeks. He said that those ppl are not wearing t-shirt are sexy in the swimming pool. When he was at the swimming pool, he himself is not liuliu!

Yes we brought his Elmo pilow. And he was sound asleep with his other sleeping mate, DaDiDi.

Since I was craving for Rambutan, the lil one get to enjoy rambutan too.

He likes to sit at the end of the chair while he enjoy his Rambutan.

See, I am darker abit. Can see or not?

Before we headed home, we went to the Ostrich Farm.

BIG SIGH.................................*yawn*
the Ostriches are half botak. They peck each other's back and blood is flowing out of the backside. They are always hungry. The entrance fee is Rm8 Per adult. And i don't know how to describe it better already.

Well, at least he get to see a lil bird...

And a billie goat.

We didn't managed to get him a cake on his actual birthday. We went round and round PD town to look for food and couldn't find any nice one. So alot of time being wasted there and we went back to the hotel right after dinner and slept early.

This place is not bad for short family vacation (not the Ostrich farm), maybe we'll drag the rest of the family members there next time.


  1. wow....sasha, ini macam still sexy ler...unlike me...

    Hey, dont carry Jayden too much ler...u shudnt be lifting any heavy things at the moment.

  2. i rush u like mad but end up dunno u posted... tot u oni put in multiply... hahaha

    J and HL sleeping photo... manyak awwww.... and the rambutan pics, niceeee...

  3. Seems like Lil J really enjoying himself at the pool leh...
    And yes you still look good... this is the only time you can show off your belly and fats and still feel proud.. ahahahah...

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  5. where got look like elephant legs. theirs are much bigger leh.. its normal to be 'fat' when pregnant.. so nice, can whatever u want..

  6. fun fun time...
    sasha, you look hot n sexy like Chinnee said...

  7. wah looks and sound so fun la! and he the slide looks so high up! my lil girl will be thrilled to slide down from there into the water also man...

  8. looks like a great place for family vacation

  9. congratulations sasha. u actually look great!

    and Happy Belated Birthday Lil J.

  10. sasha,
    Where's elephant? Can't see lah! Sexy mommy got lah. haha! :P

    Waiyo, now I look at Lil J hor, really grow up so much liao. I still remember when I photoshop-ped his "smiling face", still a baby. Time flies fast. Sasha gonna have the second one coming. Don't forget to start another blog for your Baby J! :)

  11. heyyy what big thighs?! nampak okay aje!

    anyways, yeah big J looks so big nowadays lah (somehow i feel your sob sob .. i feel like sob sob-ing too! emo or not?? and i'm not even pregnant!). but i guess its a good thing right coz number two's on the way and that's gonna take a lot of your energy :)


  13. etceteramommy11:00 PM

    Aiyoo... a pregnant mommy is a woman that glows! You look fab woman!

    Nice place.. aaah.. i miss holidays.

  14. u should have called me to be your tourist guide!!!

    but nevermind, there will be always a next time.........

    happy birthday lil one... ;)

  15. What a fantastic birthday for J. Love the slides. Guess I know where to take my kids next time.

  16. wwoooow so sexy as a 14 weeks preggie women leg is so sexy too .
    me 15 week and 6 days look like a plum now .

  17. awww.. am proud of J too when I saw him sliding down.. :-) he's going to be kohkoh soon.. so the cravings for rambutan really got meaning one lah! hehe..

  18. Hi there Sasha,
    What's up girl? How's everything going besides Jayden's birthday trip. You still look so sexy and beautiful eventhough 14 weeks preggie. I am not even preggie now and look like crap.
    Jayden is so independent now, glad he sure have fun outing. Boy, the sure do grow up so fast. By the next time your baby is here he will be such a great little helper helping you bring diapers and stuffs, it's gonna be so cute..
    Pls take care and have lots of fun..


  19. horni day!!! I wish i was a small kid again!!!!

    not bad huh, u took ur camera into the pool?

  20. shiok-nya get to go mini vacation. bet jayden had lots of fun at the pool there. he is so independent ... can go up the stair and down the slide himself. well done jayden!

    btw, mama you look good lar. can't really tell u preggy also.

  21. he still enjoys his rambutan, eh? lol..

  22. clearly a joyful holiday

  23. Jayden looks pro doing slide...and enjoy the pool fun.

  24. If you think this is elephant thighs, you haven't seen the real thing (mine la).

    Eh, how did you do the embossed footprints in the first pic huH?

    I especially like the pic of Jayden sliding down the slide and the other one with an attitude one with the sunglasses. Hehe.

  25. Awesome pictures..Sasha..!! you are sure looking good.. for being pregnant.. ;) and some more so energetic .. salute you .. :)

  26. AwwwW!! jayden had so much fun!! so does he know he's gona have a sibling in few months time?? =D

    sigh..poor ostrich..r all msia farms like that!? poor birds >.<

  27. Happy Belated Birthday to Jayden ... so long never blog.. so many thing happen in ur blog ...:)
    yaya... u shouldn't carry any heavy thing or carry ur boy :)
    take k and have a great pregnancy !!

  28. looks like a very good trip.

    i think kids grow up even faster when they have younger siblings. j is a kor-kor already

  29. wei, dont carry j anymore la, not good for you ler... i know hard to refrain but try lor.

    yr thigh looked like elephant ah, wait till you see mine!!! like dinosour!!!

    eh looking @ yr pics make me wanna to PD liow la... how's the room ah? clean or not cos the last time we went it was quite dirty la.. the room was full of sand!!!

  30. jayden really clever to berenang at such a young age...got talent :)

  31. hahaha....lu huby very 'kelakar' lah...now, i know where lil J's genes came from, hehe!
    wow...yr boy very bravelar playing with all the slides, considering his age!

    good retreat...i love this place too!

  32. Glad that you guys had fun! :) Awesome pics too! And yeah, I agree, you shouldn't be carrying J too oftenlah. Some more with your back like that. Take care, k?

    p/s: You're still looking sexy! :)

  33. wah, so shiok hor.

    big hip, huge arms, double chin, all i have leh, though i'm not pregnant. worry not la.

  34. Looks like a great vacation you have there. By the way, u don't look pregnant also.

  35. Walau.. why all birthdays must stay in hotel one?

    And where is your stomach? How come my stomach get so big so fast, yours.. still so nice one?

  36. Wow.. the theme park looks damn shiok and Jayden must have enjoyed himself!

    Ohya! Congratulation on your prengancy.. Take Care...

  37. Wat lar U. U still look GORGEOUS... Enjoy your pregnancy. So u will get a healtiest Baby...

  38. Pweet ....another sexy pregnant mummy. I like the daddy expression hehe! so cute! :P

  39. Jayden is so brave wo, dare to do the slide, I bet my girl cannot do it, she is very timid :(

    And you brought along the Elmo pillow too.

  40. You look great la, still very hot.
    I haven't been there and so many mothers blogged about this place in PD, got to go there one day.

  41. Tiara beach, look like a good place to bring kids there to have a short holiday.
    Nice pictures, so clear! The 1st picture so nice.

  42. ooooo...nice photos :D lil jay really enjoyed himself in the water and slide eh?

  43. Anonymous7:28 AM

    hey nice place...i wanna go too..where to find details??

    eh u didn't even look pregnant in that photo la...mana ada elephant legs? u say me izit??

  44. Wow, looks like Jayden may become a very good swimmer. He is not afraid of water.
    Nice resort.

  45. Wah, u still carry Jayden ar? Don't carry him lor, really bad. Still looking good eh at week 14?

  46. wow....pregnant still so sexy!!!!
    i so admire :)

    very nice and fun photos.
    *saw that expression on your hub's face when J slided down...so,'kan cheong'!

  47. suddenly i feel like i need a vacation too...maybe May...mmmm