Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tong Tong Chiang!

Christmas will be here tomorrow. My son has been requesting for "kissmass" song in the car. But when we're in pasar malam, you won't be hearing kissmass song anymore. You can only hear TONG TONG CHIANG song. And everywhere you turn you can see Chinese New Year Costume. Seriously, I like to look at the clothes especially girls clothes. Not that I'm drooling to get a girl it's because the clothes are so funny. You can see frills and funny looking characters and it's all pink and red. I remember that my mum use to dress me in all-pink from top to bottom. My eldest sis said I was the one that requested for pink. Seriously I hate pink cos its the colour of the kids fever medicine. :P

Anyway, we will be celebrating our cny in our new house. Yes, moving very soon. Means no line. Means no blogging. Means time for a break.

Time flies really fast. It was as thought I have just posted this picture of Jayden in his kungfu clothes.

This year we gotto buy 2 sets of chinese new year clothes. Imagine lil Justin in kungfu shirt. *LOL* He will look darn cute with his big belly. Maybe DOMII can sponsor me 2 sets of costume like this one

Then both Jayden and Justin will look like brothers cos they don't look alike. But then DOMII only carries boy's clothing from age 1-14. How? Maybe Justin can fit into 1 year old clothes by chinese new year since now he's wearing 6 months baby clothes already. (yeah, mami is dreaming here!!!)

Eh you guys wanna try and win this Kungfu baju or not? Then fast fast go over to MG's site and join la. Contest ends 5th January 2009.

Okay I'm really hibernating now. BYE! Merry Christmas and Have a very Very hAppy New Year!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's A Busy Life

The title tells it all. Super busy. Not because its festive season. We're leaving this place. So everything is going into boxes. Maid just boarded from tongkang arrived. I think my neck is abit longer now. She look okay. I know... everyone is starting to say "GOOD LUCK. Hope you get a good maid". Trust me..I also hope the same.

I'm also busy with my two bosses. Just some pictures to show our updates.
Both watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Sometimes the big boss will help abit.

But sometimes not so cooperative. He likes to tell me Don't Yike! Don't Yike!

Of course most of my time goes to the small boss. His slave mom will play with him abit like this before he doze off.

Small boss starting to grab things.
Everything goes into the mouth.

Even his dadi's neck tag. And of course my hair. But I cannot take picture, cos his grip is very hard and that can make my head senget. Cannot focus to snap pic :) And he's showing signs of turning more work soon.

Anyway, it's hard work dealing with 2 bosses. But its all worth it when they give me big smile like this...

And like this...

Anyway, until we settle down in our new place...
Merry Kissmass and Happy New Year!!!!.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The more I look at him...


the more I realized that...


He look like me when I was young.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

His Fav Sentence


Jayden: *pointing at butterfly* Bee!
Me: No ler.. it's a buh..
Jayden: B! Buh.... Buh..... Butterfly!
Me: *shy*'s a butterfly.
Jayden: You're Right!

Now, he will ask me to repeat after him and after I have repeated what he said, he'd say "You're Right!".

P/S: Son, remember to say "You're right" to me when you don't agree with me in the future, okay?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boom Boom Boom!

Nope. Not firework. It's another of our Boom Boom sick session.

Finally I'm sick. Both me and my niece got the fever viral from Jayden. Make it worst, I have tonsillitis. So I have been down with fever, sore throat and head spinning session since Saturday. We both went to the hospital to get our blood tested for dengue and good news,not dengue just some bacteria-which is good enuff to make meso damn sick.

I'm on antibiotics so I can't bf Justin for a week. Yeap, throwing my precious milk down the drain. :( And he kept looking at me... :( And smiling at me.... sigh Happy 3 months old baby Justin....but mamimi cannot nurse you. I don't know after 1 week he'll still want me to nurse him or not but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm pumping and throwing it away to keep the flow regular.

And since this fever viral can spread, I try to go near Justin less. So today I went to my mum's place. And we've been sleeping in different room.

Sigh, dun wanna say much edi. So another week of MIA for me. Adios.

Friday, December 05, 2008

One Dolli

What can you buy with One Dolli?


7-Eleven Slurpee 8oz!

Just right for the small hands but gotto becareful cos they dun have the special holey cover for this small cup so the kiddo might accidently pour the slurpeee out. And the straw with spoon is too long for this cup too. So better hijack a small spoon before you leave 7-Eleven ok?

This lil boy has been asking us for one dolli when we go out. He wanna pay. It's like as though every single thing costs one dolli only. Jayden oh... Jayden.. if only everything is one dolli...

p/s: he knows how to say one dollar, five dollar and ten dollar. Saja suka kacau us.. dunno why..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

MIA for a week

A.....some of you guys thought I was too happy camwhoring with my Justin. Nolah...I MIA-ed cos Jayden was sick for the past 5 days due to fever viral. He's much better today :) So the other day he was at home sitting by the bedside and I heard him sang...

Jayden: Dadi...dadi... I yup you. Dadi...dadi.. I mik you...

My 3 Chans...Big Chan, Small Chan & Little Chan

Yeap...definitely a dadidi's boy. But when he's at home with me and Justin (and also my niece who's here for holiday) he sticks to me like glue. And when my niece tried to pull him away from disturbing me working, he will say...

Jayden: UWAAAAAAAAAA Ting Ma...Ma....De Hua......Uwaaaaaa per rang tah shou shang...shiang kwai kwai chang tar.... Uwaaaaaaa

Muahahaha It's cute la the way he sang Jay Chou's song. Ting Ma Ma De hua (listen to mommy's words) wor.. If only he knows what he is singing. And yes, we listen to this song in our car. And Jayden requests for it over and over and over again until we gotto hide the cd. :S

This is him, kissing his brother while bathing.

Since he was sick for the past few days, he was very manja. Refused to let me bath Justin. Sometimes he will say "I want wipe baby...." and helped me to use the hankerchief to wipe Justin's face and head. Or sometimes he will purposely say " I WANT PEK PEK (poop)" when I'm about to bath Justin. So one day I was too busy to layan both, I stripped them and bath them together.

These few days, pangsai also no time. Serious....... I wanna pee also he bang the door and went into the toilet with me. I said "cover your eyes!" He laughed and put his face nearer. You say la.. pee also interrupted. Dun worry no pangsai story cos you know why? Told you edi what?! Really Pangsai also no time!