Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boom Boom Boom!

Nope. Not firework. It's another of our Boom Boom sick session.

Finally I'm sick. Both me and my niece got the fever viral from Jayden. Make it worst, I have tonsillitis. So I have been down with fever, sore throat and head spinning session since Saturday. We both went to the hospital to get our blood tested for dengue and good news,not dengue just some bacteria-which is good enuff to make meso damn sick.

I'm on antibiotics so I can't bf Justin for a week. Yeap, throwing my precious milk down the drain. :( And he kept looking at me... :( And smiling at me.... sigh Happy 3 months old baby Justin....but mamimi cannot nurse you. I don't know after 1 week he'll still want me to nurse him or not but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm pumping and throwing it away to keep the flow regular.

And since this fever viral can spread, I try to go near Justin less. So today I went to my mum's place. And we've been sleeping in different room.

Sigh, dun wanna say much edi. So another week of MIA for me. Adios.