Thursday, December 30, 2010

D.I.M: Revamp Stool/Leg Rest

We brought home some tiny stools from "somewhere" and the cover looked really old.

So I thought why not a make-over since I have extra fabric. Well actually I have a lot of it. Since I am thinking to close my Sewing Monster, I thought perhaps I should just utilize all the cloth around my house. So first step is to remove the "legs" from the stool.But someone else wanted to help. Well, since he is so sexy (cos he is buttnaked) I let him "help" for a while.
Oh yeah... that's how you remove the leg from the stool.
Then you measure the top and cut a square fabric.
Then you rip off the bottom skin.
and you use the heavy duty stapler and stapler the top. Stapler all around and secure it.

Then, cut a layer of fabric which is big enough to cover the bottom part of the stool. Flip it the wrong side and stapler all around it. When you are done, just pull the fabric over and secure the bottom of the stool. And screw the leg back on. And tadaaa...

You can't have too many of this kind of animal print in the same room (my personal opinion) otherwise the room would look so "stuffy". Initially I sat on my red sofa and placed my leg above this leg rest and asked Jayden to help me snap a pic.
As you can see, disaster happened. I think my thigh just shattered the lense.
Ah well...Probably this year I can teach him how to use my dslr.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Dad

My dad is a typical chinese dad. Never bath, fed, change, held hands,help with homework or talk very lovingly towards his own kids. We never need to ask if we can go to any party cos before you say anything, he already said "NO".

Yesterday, he was a cow that Moo-ed, a pig that oink-ed, A goat that bleated.


Last night when Justin said "Koong Koong, i want horse. Koong koong I want pig. Koong Koong I want cow. I want this that this that".

And he just said "Okay okay... mmmbekkkkk mooooooo neighh oink" until he gave up and said "Justin koong koong cannot do anymore. Very tired edi"

I just thought to myself "lou tau.. lei tou yau kum yat lor...ngek ngek ngek!"I just find it so funny that the very Ego Man that used to be so "MAN" in front of us, is on his knees, giving into every request of his grandson being anything he want him to be. Can you feel the love? So much till egoism can wait. ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally... a Doll house

When I was young, My dad bought me a Cindy Doll. Cindy doll is an imitation of Barbie and she was an Ugly doll. I think they failed badly on copying Barbie doll. So I hated her, I cut her hair, scribble her face with marker pen and finally murdered her which I totally forgot how. Anyway later I got a genuine Barbie and I was so happy. But the thing is, she had only one outfit. When I asked my parents for new clothes they brushed the idea off and said "to expensive" So my sister started to sew me Barbie doll clothes using scrap cloths and then I started to make them myself. I have Bikinis, Uniforms, Evening Dress whatever you need, I have it. Then I longed for a Doll house. I don't have to ask, cos I know what the reply would be. So it remained a wish that never got fulfilled until recently.... I was at my dad's workshop and he came back to the shop with a Doll House. He likes to go to the scrapyard to look for funny things, sometimes he will come back with antiques, nice decoration items that ppl doesn't know how to appreciate and much more. That day he came back with a Doll house for my kids! They cheered and said thank you and began to play.

Looking at them play, reminds me that I used to long for this. And now.. my dad really brought back one for them... to play....TRAINS!

So weird but who cares. The one that gave is happy, the one that received is happy. And the one that is looking here, is even more happier.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Biggest Looser

Drinking Milk...

Justin: I win! I win! kor kor loose ohdi...
Jayden: eh.. I don't want to win lah... I am the biggest looser ma...
Me: :S ( I think I watched too much Biggest Looser ohdi...)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Flying Dog

Jayden saw some birds in front of our house when we got home

Jayden: Mummy, why the birds are there wan?
Me: Cos they wanna eat the dog food lor
Jayden: Ah? Bird eat dog food? Then later they will be flying dog lor?
Me: hahahhahahahha flying dog. Joker la you!
Jayden: Hehe

Thursday, December 16, 2010


When I received the Trebellina's DVD from Parent Reviewers giveaway, I was so happy. Cos' its school holidays now and I ran out of idea or even DVDs to show to my kids and to keep them quiet while I work from home. Very happily they took it from me and started watching the dvd. And then I have a problem. I can't get them away from the TV!

They love it when the character- Rock Bassey calls out Trebellina's name "TREBELIIIIIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAAAAAAA!" and they would giggle and giggle. I have no idea what the dvd was about so I asked my kids in the car the other day. "So what have Trebellina taught you?" and they replied "I know about music instruments..Cabasa, Maracas, Wind Chimes, Bongos, Triangle, Piano, Congas, Cow Bell....."and he listed all the music instruments which some I have no idea how it looks like and what sound does it make. Even my 2 year old boy can say some of the complicated names like Maracas and that really surprised me.

Besides the sound of the different notes in music, this DVD also teaches about the creator of some of the music instruments such as the creator of piano is Bartolomeo Cristofori. I never know who created piano but my kids know that *shy*

Perhaps, I should sit and watch the DVD myself and learn something new later today:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sasha Cook: McD BBQ Roast Chicken

Normally when we eat nuggets in McD, they will give either sweet sour or BBQ dip sauce but we'll skip it.  We normally will just leave it there so that they can reuse it for some other customer. But that day, I tah pau-ed back and I found this sauce.
To throw like very "sayang" and wasting. So I thought keep it for future use. And I used it today to roast chicken.
I only marinated with the sauce (70% of the small container) it for an hour and roasted the chicken for 40 mins and then sapu another layer of bbq sauce on it before serve.

This is only experimental stage for me but it works! I think if i marinate it longer and add 2 packs of the sauce should be nicer.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Little BodyGuard

We're at Kenny Rogers the other day and a kid (probably younger than Justin) tried to snatch Jayden's Thomas train. So we tried to distract him from targeting at Jayden's train so we asked Justin to talk to him.

Justin : *big Smile* Hello. What is your name? My name is Justin Chan *big big smile*
The boy: *raised hand and wanted to smack Justin's face*
Justin: Ehhhhhhh! *show pointer* You DON'T TAH TAH ME AH!!
The boy: *raised hand and walk nearer*
Justin: YOU CANNOT TAH TAH ME!*show angry face*

And.... the boy's sister came and scooped him away.

You see, someone wanted to hit him and he is not even budging away to avoid it. Not scared at all. :S


Today while waiting for Justin's class to end, Jayden played at the playground with some other kids. Then Justin came and joined him after his class. Another boy pushed Jayden so..

Justin: *chasing after the boy* WHY U HIT MY JAYDEN YESTERDAY (he wanted to say Just now) ????? EH..... I SAID WHY U HIT JAYDEN YESTERDAY!

His classmate's mom saw and heard what he said. She said "wah this is a little bodyguard la. Can jaga kor kor from being bullied".
At sis's office and she is making a car from cardboard to entertain him


Yeah he is definitely our Little Bodyguard.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

How to spell sayang?

In the car last night.. while we're alighting from the car,I saw Jayden stroking Justin's hair/head gently while the small one was minding his own business coming dowm from the car. Jayden's face lit up while he was doing that and he was smiling. Then he saw me looking at him, he asked me
"Mami... how to spell Sayang?"


And then while we're waiting for my sis to show up, we saw this Sunway Lagoon Duck. I asked Justin to sit on its lap but the small one refused. The big one wanted to sit and then the small one started to complain and say he wanted to sit too. And the big one said
"It's okay Justin. You can sit on my lap" 
*he pat pat his own lap and opened his arms wide for his brother*


Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's too difficult!

I asked Jayden to help me to change Justin before we went out that day. At first it went smoothly..

And then the lil one started to get restless and wanted to run away.
The zipper got stucked.
The big one got panicked.
and he screamed


Now.. if i ask him to help me he'll say

"you do it yourself!".