Friday, December 10, 2010

Little BodyGuard

We're at Kenny Rogers the other day and a kid (probably younger than Justin) tried to snatch Jayden's Thomas train. So we tried to distract him from targeting at Jayden's train so we asked Justin to talk to him.

Justin : *big Smile* Hello. What is your name? My name is Justin Chan *big big smile*
The boy: *raised hand and wanted to smack Justin's face*
Justin: Ehhhhhhh! *show pointer* You DON'T TAH TAH ME AH!!
The boy: *raised hand and walk nearer*
Justin: YOU CANNOT TAH TAH ME!*show angry face*

And.... the boy's sister came and scooped him away.

You see, someone wanted to hit him and he is not even budging away to avoid it. Not scared at all. :S


Today while waiting for Justin's class to end, Jayden played at the playground with some other kids. Then Justin came and joined him after his class. Another boy pushed Jayden so..

Justin: *chasing after the boy* WHY U HIT MY JAYDEN YESTERDAY (he wanted to say Just now) ????? EH..... I SAID WHY U HIT JAYDEN YESTERDAY!

His classmate's mom saw and heard what he said. She said "wah this is a little bodyguard la. Can jaga kor kor from being bullied".
At sis's office and she is making a car from cardboard to entertain him


Yeah he is definitely our Little Bodyguard.


  1. Wow! He is tough and brave. It is quite amazing at his age.

  2. scare scare...very fierce body guard

  3. oh my...he's such a sweet di di. can he be my bodyguard?

  4. Hahaha.. Wished I had a little bodyguard just like Justin too! He is brave!

  5. lol! so brave and cute! must be very proud of him!

  6. Haha
    This sweet little thing is tough

  7. Wow! Thought normally is kor kor jaga didi. This one is terbalik. Hahahaha! Very sweet didi. :)

  8. Haha.. young one spicier than the old one. :P

  9. Awww... he must be the cutest littlest bodyguard on earth. :)