Thursday, December 16, 2010


When I received the Trebellina's DVD from Parent Reviewers giveaway, I was so happy. Cos' its school holidays now and I ran out of idea or even DVDs to show to my kids and to keep them quiet while I work from home. Very happily they took it from me and started watching the dvd. And then I have a problem. I can't get them away from the TV!

They love it when the character- Rock Bassey calls out Trebellina's name "TREBELIIIIIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAAAAAAA!" and they would giggle and giggle. I have no idea what the dvd was about so I asked my kids in the car the other day. "So what have Trebellina taught you?" and they replied "I know about music instruments..Cabasa, Maracas, Wind Chimes, Bongos, Triangle, Piano, Congas, Cow Bell....."and he listed all the music instruments which some I have no idea how it looks like and what sound does it make. Even my 2 year old boy can say some of the complicated names like Maracas and that really surprised me.

Besides the sound of the different notes in music, this DVD also teaches about the creator of some of the music instruments such as the creator of piano is Bartolomeo Cristofori. I never know who created piano but my kids know that *shy*

Perhaps, I should sit and watch the DVD myself and learn something new later today:)