Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scariest ride to Singapore!

We packed our stuff and headed to Singapore last Sunday. Everything went smoothly (at first) Jayden was sitting nicely in his car seat, slept, drank milk and all. And then he asked me to carry him (maybe his bumbum got numb for sitting too long on that seat).

Thank god, right after i put him back to his seat and he was about to fall asleep. 1 STUPID BLACK XTRAIL came right in front of us in the fast lane and hit the brakes,HARD! (his car jumped!) Not once, 3 TIMES! So Big C also hit the brakes and Jayden's pacifier flew out from his mouth. That shows how great was the impact! (but he didn't wake up la) And then the Xtrail moved to the side of our car and started shouting and showing signs asking us to move to the road side. So we slow down abit and he thought that we are really stopping for real and he stopped right in front of us.

OF COURSE we didn't stop! And he chased and started showing his middle finger and all. I grabbed my phone and started to jot down his car plate number JJJ ****, Black Nissan Xtrail. There was 3 person in the car and the driver is a Chinese guy in his 20's. His eyes looked so red like he's drunk or something. Probably high on drugs cos he sped off and drove zigzag from left to right in between cars. (it was a busy day)I was so ready to make an emergency call!

It was like a horror ride although everything happened in like few mins time. But then it was so scary, cause Jayden was on the left side of the car, exactly next to the stupid car!

Suddenly there's accident ahead of the road. I was thinking, if there's accident, please let it be JJJ****. Serves him right. I hope he hit the divider or something and not bang some other innocent car. But nope. It's not him. Dammit!

And then, there's another accident. Again, I was hoping it is that stupid car. Nope. It's not him. Dammit!

Apparently there's another Sporen car that looked just like ours along the road. Probably that mabuk fella thought our car is that Sporean car. Luckily this happened when we're about to reach Johore, otherwise it'll be a very very uncomfortable ride for us.

P/s: I found my cable! I can update pictures later! WoooHoooo!!!

Updated: Number plate being removed due to safety reason.

A Banner for Jayden's Nook

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I did this on my last day in my previous company. Mott was complaining that how come I have a nice banner and I never make one for my son's blog. So, finally I made one with his favorite toy, his lil car! Nice or not?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Videos From Spore

I don't know where I have placed my camera cable so I can't load new pictures. *sigh* BUT luckily I have downloaded a few videos into my laptop before I misplaced my cable. So here it is!

At first he liked it when we play HIDE N SEEK.But then he noticed something fishy with the camera...while Mami is being silly hiding behind the curtain..

Then he got a little bit bored cos the room is so small and you can only hide behind the curtains and next to the bed...

And my camera survived his karate chop! Waaacha!!!!!

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I'm BACK from the country just across the bridge

I was away for the entire week. Spending my time in the country just across the bridge with my lil CEO and MD(for his training). So here's what I see everyday....

See the colorful flats? That's where I had my breakfast nearly everyday.

Will update later today.... Let me get some sleep first...At the same time, please enjoy this soup prepared just for us you.

Buddha Palm Gourd Soup

Was talking to her about soup. She said she's bored with the soup that she had always prepared for her family and so happened I have just boiled this Buddha Palm Gourd Soup. Why is it called Buddha Palm? Coz Astro said so la! They said it looked like a fist.

This is how it looks like before you cook it! I got this picture from her blog, cos I remembered she blogged about it before.
So the ingredients for Buddha Plam Gourd Soup:

One Buddha Palm Gourd
Honey Dates
Dried Longan
Pork Ribs/ Chicken Bones

Boil it and you'll get this!

Both C's Liked it so much cos it's sweet. Suitable for kids who's training to eat rice. And by the way, according to Astro Wah Lai Toi Soup Series (yeah I maxed it) this soup is good for nourishing the lungs (good for smokers la?)

Friday, July 20, 2007

BoBo ChaCha

Annon said this:

Anonymous said... always talk bout ur son, pls talk some about ur BOBO CHA CHA PLS... they quite lonely....

Annon (btw leave name la...), my son is part of my life. Of course I talk more about him. I still remember I have both of them(bobochacha) at home of course. Don't worry. Anyway, here's the update on them.

Sorry BoBo's not in the mood cos it's his napping time.

And I found Cha Cha's carrier and I tried to fit her in. OMG, she gained so much weight!

By the way, if anyone wanna buy this carrier, contact me ya. I have a few extra in the store room. Different size for different weight ya. Dun worry I have colour/design for bulls males too!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boxing Chicken

I don't know why, but I received a few comments for yesterdays' post and they called this boxing chicken. So here goes BOXING CHICKEN!

Looks abit dry huh? But let me tell you.....it's juicy inside! (ignore the carrot,k?)

Hang on, let me ask my CEO to analyze whether the Boxing Chicken is yummy or not k?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Still Alive

Yeap! I'm still alive and kicking. Just felt that....errmmm I lost my momentum in blogging. That's why you don't see me blog hopping and updating my 3 blogs. So what's up you say?

I have completed a few projects of mine. First was this pressie for a lil one.
If only I can drag my lazy Asz to go to a nearby post office to mail it out! (opss notice that the J is lack of a dot...need to add a dot) This project took me so long to accomplish cos, first I used my MIL's sewing machine. And then I destroyed it with come ugly embroidery alphabets. Then I took it all out, redo and then improvised here and there Taddaaaaaa! No, if you're wondering if I sew the T, nope. I bought the white top and decorated it abit. I know how to use the machine and sew tops like this but I can't get materials like this to sew clothes. Haha..

Then my lunch yesterday...My first meal after Sunday night. I was sick on Monday , vomiting and diarrhea again. Gesssh . So I had a good nap on Monday day + night and by Tuesday, I woke up and zapped the entire house. Water are flowing in my pond..fish are swimming..Flowers are blooming (dammit forgot to water em this morning), Mozzie died cos I killed made them fainted with the insect repellent, changed the bed spread, what else? Forgot edi.

This is my project today. If it turns out nice. I'll post it. Otherwise.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shy Boy.

The other day we bought him a small lil magnetic drawing board. And he used the wrong side of the magnetic pen to write. Once he got it right both of us said WOW! at the same time and he was stoned and he smile shyly and hid his face on my chest (yeah nice place to hide ya?). So we thought maybe it was just a one-time-thinggy. But then we tried again and..

I got offered!

Yes, I got offered to be GM!

My last day with this shitty extraordinary company will be this Friday or maybe earlier!

My new company only consist of 3 ppl.

I am the GM.

Reporting to Director.

And both of us reports to CEO.

Small company , so not much layers to report to.

I guess it's more relaxing.

But small company means more work (one leg kick).

Come...Come here and read about my new offer!

Friday, July 06, 2007

What's the occasion tomorrow?

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What's so special about tomorrow? It's not only 7 / 7 /2007. it is BLA BLA BLA's 1st Birthday!!!!

One year ago, I posted this. And I only have one commentor.It was Oliviasy. Thanks Oli, it was yr first comment that made me wrote my 2nd post. And then I had only one commentor again. It was her again.And then i waited and continued to write my crap and it was my 7th post that I finally have 4 commentors. KY, Michael Ooi, Olivia and my colik and the guy that recommended me some blogs BOONTZ.

My blog finally took off when he and he pimped me (that's what nyonya said during our meet the other day - I remember you! Ah Pek Pimped You! And Lin Peh Also ma! I know.)

Okay, so it's been one year since BlaBlaBla existed. So I want to say

Thank You.

Thank You.

And Thank You , You, and You.

And Happy Birthday To You Bla Bla Bla.

Note: NOT flying to Manila this Sunday. Postponed to Wednesday. But I think they won't let me go liao. WoohOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jayden's Update

Come, let me update you guys about my son abit. Long time never cerita about him edi. Ahaks! So at the same time answer her tag to me. 7 random tags about Jayden.

He is still loving the Elmo pillow I made for him.

He is super fast. You turn around he will be gone or doing something that will make you get heart attack. Like that day i was talking to WMD, Mott And Janicepa (btw she gave birth edi). Suddenly he giggled and i turned around and he was happily running around in his play pen, butt-naked and guess what? He opened his diaper which is full of shit! Heart attack or not? I just snapped this picture too, see? He pushed big elmo and pooh down and climb onto the toyogo box to watch tv. *pengsan*

He might looked like he's not afraid of anything. Finally I found something that he is scared of. Sand!

He gives Flying Kiss - Only after we leave the person or place. Shy maybe?

Sukak his pacifier until his dad can fish him using the pacifier. Cool eh?

Drools. Thats why I want him to sleep in his own bed. Can you imagine ppl coming to our house and see our bed spread with dot dot of water like this? Ppl must be thinking..this Big C ah....*wink*

He so suka corn. My sis will bribe him using corn. My dad will ride the bicycle all the way out to search for corn. But then, he sapu everything. EVERYTHING!

So that's about it. Geessshhhh.. I'm so gonna miss him when I fly to Manila this Sunday night.....midnight. 1.30 am punya flight.....So enjoy............... *snore*

HAAHAHAH Big C asked me to type under the blanket because Jayden wanna sleep.
So here I am, blogging under the blanket and its so hottttt here!!! And i can hear Jayden telling Big C ..Chak? Chak?* Adoi!!


Overheard the other day in mix.fm. The deejays were discussing about how to inform your boss if she needs to shave her armpit. And then I went to work and didn't get to follow the outcome of the discussion.

So how?

How to tell a woman that she need to shave her armpit?

I used to have an indian colleague and she was told by her dad that shaving bulu from "ANY" part of the body will make her sick or have bad luck. *laughing inside*. And she is highly educated and she STILL don't shave any bulu from her body. Her eyebrows, her upper lips, her armpit, her ....whatever whatever la okay? You sendiri think la.

Then she began to search my armpit and she went like "WAH YOU SHAVE YOUR ARMPIT AH?" And I went like "No. " She said "THEN YOU PULL AH???" I replied "Nolah I don't pull also". Then she said "Will be sick wan la..I tell you if you remove any hair from your body". (If shaving yr bulus will make you sick and have bad luck, I die long time ago la. ). Then I replied "Sorry, I memang tadak wan". And she went like "AHHHHHH???????"


Then every person that came to our place also checked my armpit and they asked me.."How you did it. Why so smooth wan? Why no ingrown hair wan?

Eh, cannot ah? Cannot don't have armpit hair wan meh? Alien ka?

I got the genes from my mom. Both me and my brother also tadak. Cannot meh?

Then it got me thinking. I have seen her armpit before and it was bushy. Very bushy. I think as bushy as a man's armpit. So how ah, when she make love to her hubby, she kepit her ketiak or something like dat? I mean if I'm a man la, when i make love to some woman of cos I don't want to see her bulu ketiak. I think it will turns me off. How? Then I thought again....Oh i tau la. He closed his eyes. Muahahhahahahha (EFNTD again)

So go back to the question. How to tell a woman that she needs to shave? If me, I'll just send her an email , make it like a FWD email with this picture attached with the tittle : Remember to shave armpit. Cos FWD emails can go around and around although its a very old story , correct?

So, apa macam? Boleh pakai? I think can la hor....

But seriously, how to tell a woman that she need to cut her nose hair? How? EH ANSWER ME LA! MUAHAHAHA

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Mami's Promise

Come, Sasha tell you story.

Once upon a time, a mother promised her son that she will buy him Elmo T-Shirt because whenever she wears her own Elmo T-Shirt, her son will look and kiss the Elmo on the shirt. So this mother went around all the shopping malls to look for an Elmo T-Shirt. But it was either too expensive or it's too ugly.

So one day, the mother went to Kamdar to buy 4 pieces of 1/2 meter cloth. Black, Orange, Yellow and Red. But when this mother went home, she didn't get to sew because she was too tired.

And then the next day, she took out the materials and began to draw left and right and round and round. She thought that she would make a mess out of this since there's is no other guide besides her own Elmo T-Shirt, cloth and a pen.

And then she snip snip the cloth and arranged the cloth and Elmo began to look like.....Elmo. And she began to use her MIL's old sewing machine and she began to sew, and sew and sew. And then she she accidentally poke her fingers with the pins. But she continued to sew and sew while her hubby and her son is watching Barney in the room.

And finally she finished her sewing.

And she presented it to her son. And her son said thank you, by grabbing the pillow and gave the pillow a big bear hug.

And he fell asleep not long after that.
And the mother's back is senget now because she sew on the floor.

The end.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Bloody Poo

I tell you.

I just got the shock of my life last Saturday.

Jayden was playing with his cuzzie and suddenly he cried and asked me to carry him.

And then he wanted his dad to carry him.

And then he wanted me to carry him.

And suddenly I saw, from outside his diaper. It was filled with red poop.

My heart fell.

Immediately I rushed to the toilet and opened his diaper.

I was right. It was bloody red poop.

I shouted, "DADDDY!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! BLOOD!!!" I was about to cry.

Big C rushed to the toilet. My SIL, BIL and my niece and nephew who is eating chocolate that time rushed to the toilet.

Jayden cried. I wanna faint. His dad said .....

"why his poop got dots dots wan???????"

My BIL said "faster smell the poop, see whether got blood smell or not".

I lifted the diaper with Jayden struggling (who's bending down and can clearly see his kkb and he tried to reach to play with his bird at the same time) and smelt his diaper. Cannot smell anything " Pei Sak" (Hidung tersumbat/nose blocked). So hubby, SIL and BIL all tried to smell the poop. And then they said.... "No ak. No blood smell". And Big C went "what is that dot dot thing in the poop????"

My nephew stepped forward while continuing to eat his chocolate and look at the poop and gave us a big smile. We went like ??????????? Samo you can smile looking at poo poo?

And then I said "okay, since no blood smell. we wait and see for a bit more"

And then I smsed him and her. And he called and said "Aiyah..it's like dat wan. Even sometimes pee also red colour".

And she called later" Yeah, it's like dat wan. But its good. It cleanse the colon"

And we went "Phew......."

He ate too much dragon fruit.

Nolah...that's not his poop. I went and smashed some to illustrate to you guys.

Okay, false alarm of heart attack. How am I supposed to know? It wasn't written in the Book of POO by Babycare book? Anyway we always refer to this book if something is wrong, just in case. I told Big C....They should update this book with my spoon up there. Just in case, there's some more blur mommy like me out there.

If you guys wanna read this, click on it for a larger pic.