Monday, July 02, 2007

Bloody Poo

I tell you.

I just got the shock of my life last Saturday.

Jayden was playing with his cuzzie and suddenly he cried and asked me to carry him.

And then he wanted his dad to carry him.

And then he wanted me to carry him.

And suddenly I saw, from outside his diaper. It was filled with red poop.

My heart fell.

Immediately I rushed to the toilet and opened his diaper.

I was right. It was bloody red poop.

I shouted, "DADDDY!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! BLOOD!!!" I was about to cry.

Big C rushed to the toilet. My SIL, BIL and my niece and nephew who is eating chocolate that time rushed to the toilet.

Jayden cried. I wanna faint. His dad said .....

"why his poop got dots dots wan???????"

My BIL said "faster smell the poop, see whether got blood smell or not".

I lifted the diaper with Jayden struggling (who's bending down and can clearly see his kkb and he tried to reach to play with his bird at the same time) and smelt his diaper. Cannot smell anything " Pei Sak" (Hidung tersumbat/nose blocked). So hubby, SIL and BIL all tried to smell the poop. And then they said.... "No ak. No blood smell". And Big C went "what is that dot dot thing in the poop????"

My nephew stepped forward while continuing to eat his chocolate and look at the poop and gave us a big smile. We went like ??????????? Samo you can smile looking at poo poo?

And then I said "okay, since no blood smell. we wait and see for a bit more"

And then I smsed him and her. And he called and said "'s like dat wan. Even sometimes pee also red colour".

And she called later" Yeah, it's like dat wan. But its good. It cleanse the colon"

And we went "Phew......."

He ate too much dragon fruit.

Nolah...that's not his poop. I went and smashed some to illustrate to you guys.

Okay, false alarm of heart attack. How am I supposed to know? It wasn't written in the Book of POO by Babycare book? Anyway we always refer to this book if something is wrong, just in case. I told Big C....They should update this book with my spoon up there. Just in case, there's some more blur mommy like me out there.

If you guys wanna read this, click on it for a larger pic.


  1. to have the perfect baby shit.

    Feed him lots of chocolate.

    He make chocolate cake for you everytime!

  2. aiyo....scare me man when i read your post. must have drop your heart out the moment u saw it...

  3. behtahan!!!
    must give us heart attack also?
    try giving him LOTS of papaya, the poo SURE got smell one... wahahaha

  4. mua kakakakakakakaka....

    good one..submit la to the book of poo..I'm sure they've never seen dragon fruit leh!

  5. good that i won't be as panicked if it happens to ethan

  6. wow... i panic also... phhewww... lucky call him and her and then he call back and she called back again... nothing. normal. damn. im panic on your behalf too.

    and of coz, ahpek's comment, as funny as always. :)

  7. apa la having lunch u know......thot gonna see real poo, luckily no ehh!!

    sometimes when kid eats too much of heaty stuffs & drink not enuf water, they might resulted in hard stool which hurt & injure d rectum hence cause bleeding...scary leh!!!

  8. Phew! Thought for real :P

  9. wah lau! got a book some more ah?
    later will have an encyclopaedia :P

  10. EstherL4:09 PM

    eat 'Red' dragon fruit, the poo like blood, if eat 'white' dragon fruit, then the poo sure like 'ice kacang' lor..(somemore gt mini kacang merah on top) HAHAHAHA

  11. khongfamily4:22 PM

    Aisehhh...always make ppl suspense wan.

  12. Wah.. thanks for sharing. I'll probably check out the paed already knowing how blur I am... :P

  13. You got check your poo after eating red dragon fruit anot? Hehe.

  14. *puts on moms know best mode* So, that means it was the result of the dragon fruit lah? But hor, kids who are allergic to some foods can also pass out bloody poo. This is especially so if the baby is allergic to cow's milk. And mucousy green poo is also a sign for concern. Mucousy means jelly like poo. *finish with kepoh mode*

  15. ah pek: Now only u tell me ah

    Mummy to qiqi:i nearly oengsan

    Shannon: Eh this one also got smell shit smell. only my nose blocked la

    mott: Kakaka i wonder if they will pay me

    TheBlueRanger: Yeah yeah du be like lulu like me

    papajoneh : Yeah yeah. Ah pek very funnny wan

    Jacss : Yeah lor. have to watch out

    IMMomsDaughter : Phew. i also Phew

    Egghead : No la..hahaha

    EstherL : U try and see ..hahaha

    khongfamily : Haha for real wan...

    Etcetera~Mommy : Yeah dun be dunggu like me

    mumsgather : Mine nice nice black colour wan wor

    Lilian: Muahahaha i like yr 8 mode. Very informative

  16. Alamak...I almost got heart attack too when reading your post. Luckily everything's fine ;) I once experienced this too with Ashley...she had eaten purplish sweet potato ;D

  17. aiyo..gave me a scare!

  18. muahahahaha, luckily u didn't straight send lil J to the hospital. the doc will laugh the hell out of him... hehehe... :0)

  19. Oscar's Mommy10:43 PM

    aiyoh, or huet ah? cham lor, give dor dor water and lots of fibre leh... try giving him some mashed up prunes, only two a day will do the trick. oscar had this case too... damn panic me that time!

  20. ya...Red dragon fruits does that. even to adults.

  21. Aiyoooo U dem hak sei ngo laaaa..... heart also dropped liao lor... Luckily False alarm

  22. Hahaha! Dun worrylar sexy mummy as my kids used to berak the same lar. They can't digest mah so berak excatly the same out lor. Same-same to carrot too :P

  23. u arrr woman! sked the s**t out of me, no need laxative liao!!

    eh, can compare here leh, i posted this 3 months back!

    i remembered when i was pregnant i drank strawberry fanta.. i puked. i sked myself s**tless! thot i vomit blood!

    anyway, another suspens post from you!

  24. woman, scare ppl only.

    What goes in, must come out wat.

    Luckily, it is a false alarm. :)

  25. haha..havent finished saw the post i already know is dragon fruit cause my MIL told me they pee also red colour..hehe.

  26. haha yah...I"ve seen wee wee that is pinkish LOL

  27. Aiyoh..!! you shocked me lor..!! my heart sink into my stomach you know..! and stopped a heart beat lor..!

  28. Mommy to Chumsy: Ah.....sweet potato not sokeng liddis wor

    King's wife : Yeah i also neqarly pengsan

    W_W_Ho : Yeah ..hahahaah like bodoh only

    Oscar's Mommy : U ah..purposely disturb me

    shooi : My poo poo very nice wor.

    Wennnn : HAHahaha chill chiill

    Desperate Mummy : No first it was hard and nice poop. then the usus cleaner abit so semua come out liao.

    Sweetpea : HAHahAAH u also got experience like this...good good

    Malaika's mummy : Yeah go in come out but never expect same thing ma

    1+2mom : U expert ma haha

    jazzmint : Havent checked the wee wee wor hahah

    mama bok : Donch SKED! hahaha yr place got dargon fruit or not. Try and see

  29. Oh really wor, eat red dragon fruit, poo come out will be red colour? I only feed them the white dragon fruits, so far havent try the red colour. Thanks for sharing otherwise i will like u too!!!

  30. scare me also when i read your post.

    My PD told me sometimes, if the poo is green color, it could be too much iron taken from the formula..that's why after digestion, the poo become navvy green color.

  31. Aik that book is the M&B supplementary one isnt it... we also got...

    got dot dot dot dot... hahaha...

  32. You make me feel worried and laughing in the end reading the post. You naughty!

  33. Oh dear - U dont know how FAST FAST I read your post just to find out what had happened. Anyway thanks for the sharing. I also tak tahu !! And there is such a thing as book of poo ??? Amazing!

  34. Wakaka!! pink kaler mia s2#$!!

  35. I thought it was for real especially when he cried. Naughty dragon fruit.

  36. I did not know that! Thanks for the info!
    And yes, I refer to that exact same Poo Reference :D

  37. Next time use use a stick or something to probe the stool first.. see got seed or not then only panic ma!