Thursday, July 05, 2007


Overheard the other day in The deejays were discussing about how to inform your boss if she needs to shave her armpit. And then I went to work and didn't get to follow the outcome of the discussion.

So how?

How to tell a woman that she need to shave her armpit?

I used to have an indian colleague and she was told by her dad that shaving bulu from "ANY" part of the body will make her sick or have bad luck. *laughing inside*. And she is highly educated and she STILL don't shave any bulu from her body. Her eyebrows, her upper lips, her armpit, her ....whatever whatever la okay? You sendiri think la.

Then she began to search my armpit and she went like "WAH YOU SHAVE YOUR ARMPIT AH?" And I went like "No. " She said "THEN YOU PULL AH???" I replied "Nolah I don't pull also". Then she said "Will be sick wan la..I tell you if you remove any hair from your body". (If shaving yr bulus will make you sick and have bad luck, I die long time ago la. ). Then I replied "Sorry, I memang tadak wan". And she went like "AHHHHHH???????"


Then every person that came to our place also checked my armpit and they asked me.."How you did it. Why so smooth wan? Why no ingrown hair wan?

Eh, cannot ah? Cannot don't have armpit hair wan meh? Alien ka?

I got the genes from my mom. Both me and my brother also tadak. Cannot meh?

Then it got me thinking. I have seen her armpit before and it was bushy. Very bushy. I think as bushy as a man's armpit. So how ah, when she make love to her hubby, she kepit her ketiak or something like dat? I mean if I'm a man la, when i make love to some woman of cos I don't want to see her bulu ketiak. I think it will turns me off. How? Then I thought again....Oh i tau la. He closed his eyes. Muahahhahahahha (EFNTD again)

So go back to the question. How to tell a woman that she needs to shave? If me, I'll just send her an email , make it like a FWD email with this picture attached with the tittle : Remember to shave armpit. Cos FWD emails can go around and around although its a very old story , correct?

So, apa macam? Boleh pakai? I think can la hor....

But seriously, how to tell a woman that she need to cut her nose hair? How? EH ANSWER ME LA! MUAHAHAHA


  1. disgusting la!
    Why cannot see the picture ger?

  2. Oh...can already...heheehe...julia robert!

  3. Woah! "pak cham kai" BEST!!!!

  4. For hygiene purposes... yes I shaved, but I never shave my leg and hand's bulu la... LOL.

  5. Anonymous3:17 PM

    you are 1 out of 5000 ppls wor. damn nice ler no need to shave etc. bout nose hair u can hand her a mirror and tell her that there is some 'fatt choi'(vege that look like hair) hanging in her nostril. lol
    oh ya, almost forget to tell u my name is YSA

  6. siao chie, u R really funny!!!

  7. Answer to your question is very simple. Just tell her. "You need to cut your nose hair."

  8. eh sasha - i pun tadak wor! apart from the less than 8 that i have to pluck! wakakakaa!
    i have a mummy friend here and she's got the lot. i don't tell her lar, not my problem right? not that i have to cium her ketiak :P
    but if REALLY CLOSE friend, then i will tell lor

  9. "BUARKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!" vomitted after reading ur post... my whole body geh goose bump all out liao. GEEeeeeee.........

  10. dis all the sami sami mah sick lor? They all botak botak wan. Oh wait, that's why sai baba never cut his hair?

    LOL @ aceone's comment. Sei ler, sasha, you got stalker ledi.

  11. wah, u so lucky wan ar? my ex-college also tak ada bulu ketiak ler!

  12. Hahaha! Armpit don't have, whatever whatever got anot chek?

  13. Hahaha! Armpit don't have, whatever whatever got anot chek? (This question I ask on behalf of all those curious male readers!) :P


    Why? You want to tell Ms.Frower Drum her hair got nose issit?

    Her nose got hair issit?

    Sighh....not enuff sleep leh... ;-)

  15. alamak... ni soalan ah banyak susah leh...
    if to my lady colleague, hmmm sambil tunjuk hidung saya then tunjuk cermin and shake head left and right... then point to the toilet...>

    if to my guy friend, just say, "hooi, itu bulu hidung bah, panjang sudah!!". shout at them. HHHhahahaha.

  16. I heard that nose hair problem too on the radio.
    EH, you mean your brother does not have hairy problems also?

  17. why shave leh?? let it grow long long lah!

  18. maybe...when chatting with a bunch of frens that time, u bring up the topic armpit hair la.....

    then few colls talk abt it..not abt her, but abt armpit hair in general lor . she feels embarass she will go home n shave.

    how nice u no armpit hair.

    is it normal for guys to shave their armpit? got a bit of bulu nicer kan

  19. takes all sorts hor?
    When I was a teenager and started growing pubic hair, I hated it. I told my Ah Cheh that I wanted to cut them but she told me that it would be 'sueh' to do so and no man will marry me because it will take away my husband's luck. Duh??

    So, I didn't shave/pull/cut my pubic hair but what I did was pull my armpit hair nearly once a week. My sister did that, my mum did years down the line, woke up one morning, ding dong, I realised that I no longer have armpit hair. No more pulling wor. So good lei.

    Just tell the person straight to her face lah, "Oi, cut your nose hair lah, so wat tat".

  20. simon9:07 PM

    i know, buy her a nose hair plucker for her birthday. Make sure the label says clearly what it is for, to avoid misunderstanding!

  21. Eh, u serious kah u no armpit hair? First time I hear such thing leh. I always see leng luis no armpit hair but I thought they shave, not born without.

    Dun believe lar...unless got photo. hehehehe....

  22. Ooh.. simple la. Copy yr whole post and send out as fwd email. I think any oi leng 'char bor' will get it and at least pick up the mirror and check check... can oso exaggerate a bit.. with mock up sex survey results.. no bulu (nose, armpit , wherevere...) - x% to reach orgasm, nose bulu - x%, armpit - x%... bulu in nose - 0% orgasm.. !!!!! Keng mei..?

  23. Yerrr.. you're too lucky man, like my mom :P I also hate it when I happen to see some ladies with "seng char mou" unshaved / unplucked when they wanna wear something sleeveless... :S

  24. u so lucky no need to waste time/money to get rid of those unwanted hair, eh !! so envy!!

    it depends whether u r close or not to that person that need a shave...if yes, i'll just tell straight to d face but if not, i'll just turn away my face, pinching my nose blatantly in front of her....shameful of this type of "LADY" !!!

  25. hahaha...u so funny lar...

    actually...i'm curious to know to tell that someone without hurting their feelings...cos I know someone like that too...with a bunch of bulu ketiak and she LOVE to wear sleeveless mia baju...

  26. Gross! Bleh! Absolutely gross! I've got a friend, bulu kaki damn a lot, like jungle like that, and she wears miniskirt ALL the time! *pengsan*

    And oh, she has BO too. Sei lor...

  27. funny lar you, really one, want to know how to tell them lar. last time aslo i know a friend who has so much armpit hair, dunno how to tell her to shave/pull. wah u got ur mother's genes so nice, clean clean, no need to pull or shave.

  28. Holy cow!!! I know who u r talking about!!! Geesssh so GROSSSSSS!!!!! Really really turn off man!!!!

  29. Hie,
    you are one funny woman!! Love yur blog!!
    When i first moved to NZ,during my first summer here it was very hot and also alot of teachers will wear bareback and also no sleves shirt la,so one day i went to see my Dean,and she was talking with her elbow on top of the cupboard and of course can see her ketiak la, and i did not notice cause i was having an eye contact with her and when i turn and saw i go the shock of my life when i saw her bulu ketiak so long!! if am not mistaken its like 10cm like that or even longer!! and i was like..siaw ah.. and still wear bareback shirt again!!!

  30. How to tell, next birthday get him or her a shaver or a nose hair cutter. :P

  31. Why? Got sin ah have arm pit hair and nose hair?

    God created us with hair, why must make fun of it!